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Bowman 1

Olivia Bowman

World Literature 1

7 March 2016

#1 Original Poem:


1.) The waves of the ocean, not smooth at all,

2.) Turning and twisting never too calm.
3.) As the harsh winds blow and some will fall,
4.) Its okay, theyre no longer a bomb.

5.) The waves of the ocean, crash and boom,

6.) While lightning cracks and strong rain pours.
7.) As the skies grow dark and become gloom,
8.) Things fade away theyre no longer yours.

9.) The waves of the ocean, a colorful blue,

10.) See the beginning of moon, and start of the sun.
11.) They hold all our secrets that we knew,
12.) The ones that we kept from someone.

13.) The waves of the ocean, can hide or be seen,

14.) It depends on the day what comes out and play.
15.) As the tide pulls closer, and things get lost in between,
16.) The sea chooses who to betray.

17.) The waves of the ocean, not smooth at all

18.) Until finally, sometime, they are calm.

# 2 Poetic Devices:


2. Internal Rhyme: Line # 14-- day and play
3. Perfect Rhyme as well as end rhyme: Line #1 and #3-- all and fall, Line #2 and

#4-- calm and bomb, Line #5 and #7-- boom and gloom, Line #6 and #8--

pours and yours, Line #9 and #11-- blue and knew, Line #10 and #12-- sun
Bowman 2

and someone, Line #13 and #15-- seen and between, Line #14 and #16-- play

and betray
4. Extended Metaphor: Throughout the poem, the metaphor relates waves of the ocean

to the emotions of people.

5. Symbolism: Ties things together like oceans and storms to peoples emotions.
6. Alliteration: Line #2-- Turning and twisting, never too calm.
7. Anaphora: Line #1, #5, #9--The waves of the ocean,
8. End-stopped line: Line #2, #4, #6, #8, #10
9. Onomatopoeia: Line #5-- crash and boom.


The poem Waves, that I have created is so much more than just about the ocean that I

have always loved. It is about emotions and people. Purposely, the poem is written to be an

extended metaphor. The waves of the ocean, represents the emotions of people. Like the ocean,

emotions are not always smooth. Every human has their ups and downs. The waves, are

what sets the theme of the poem and really what it will be about. In the first stanza, the harsh

winds show a relationship between the things that cause waves, to the things, words that people

say, that cause emotions to vary. Some emotions and thoughts build up in the human brain and

cause a person to fall. This was left up for interpretation for the reader to decide what someone
Bowman 3

can fall into. However, because of this they are no longer a bomb waiting to explode, which

could mean that someone falling could be a positive thing.

In the second stanza, when emotions crash and boom things get more stirred up and

eventually lead to strong rain or tears and crying. Within an ocean storm, the skies grow dark

and become gloom. With emotions, this is usually when depression can start to begin due to

this. When things fade and are no longer yours, is when the mind is full of thoughts and

emotions causing it to be hard to identify what is real and what is not which is why some

thoughts are not yours.

The next stanza talks about how the ocean is the first to see when the sun comes up and

the last to see when the moon goes down. At some points, emotions and thoughts can keep you

awake at night causing people to see the sun set and then rise. It also reiterates that things are

no longer yours by saying they hold all our secrets, so this shows that things that are true can

withheld, like secrets that you never told anyone.

Finally, in the last two stanzas the waves can hide or be seen same as emotions. Some

people hide their thoughts while others share them. The tide pulls closer signifies thoughts

drawing more and more into a persons mind causing them to get lost in between what is real

and not. The sea represents the mind and how it is the deciding factor to determine what is real

or not, which can lead to thoughts and emotions changing and being betrayed.

Other poetic devices that are in the poem include alliteration which adds an emphasis to

the words turning and twisting in the second line. Which allows readers minds to turn and twist

along with the poem itself. This also occurs with the use of anaphora. Mentioning the waves of

the ocean, draws the reader back into the metaphor. The use of crash and boom in line five, an

onomatopoeia, brings the sound into words allowing a picture to be thought off.
Bowman 4

Rhyme is also a big part of this poem. Specifically, three different types of rhymes which

include internal, perfect, as well as end. They all add to the poem by creating some consistency

to expect. When it comes down to the poem itself, being an extended metaphor is really what

creates the tone. The poem shows how emotions can get out of hand and cause many other

thoughts. Eventually, a person must overcome difficult emotions and relax and breathe. That is

when the waves are finallycalm.