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March of the Machines Vault Doors (V)

A One Page Dungeon by Rusty Gerard Some areas are sealed by massive adamantium doors enchanted against knock spells. Only a
greater passkey talisman can unlock them.
Long, long ago an artificer built a mountaintop Mechanical Timer Doors (TA, TB, TC, TD)
factory and mining complex operated by Some doors open and close on timers. They also
clockwork automatons. When the artificer died can be opened by any passkey talisman.
the workshop was forgotten. Centuries later, a A-type: open on all odd hours (e.g. 1:00 1:59)
clan of gnomes settled the area and prospered. B-type: open on all even hours (e.g. 2:00 2:59)
Meanwhile, aarakocra had roosted in the C-type: locks for 3d6 +5 minutes after closing.
workshop and kobolds occupied the mines. D-type: These doors are disabled and can't be
Then jealous humans drove the gnomes opened without finding replacement parts to
underground, who in turn pushed the kobolds repair them.
to the deepest recesses of the mines below.
Collapsed Tunnel
The Factions This tunnel was an exit but is now sealed.
The aarakocra call their roost the Aviary, the
gnome territory is called the Hearths, and the Kobold Tactics
kobold home is called the Warrens. The kobolds are outnumbered by the gnomes
Bold kobolds go topside to steal aarakocra eggs and must rely on guerrilla tactics. They pass
The gnomes supply the aarakocra with traps to unseen through secret passages and use the Steep
try to keep the kobolds out of the Aviary. Switchbacks at the bottom of the mines to
The gnomes secretly want the aarakocra's jump between points in the vast gnomish
territory, but currently have a peace treaty. hearths.
The gnomes and kobolds have fought many Random Encounter Table
battles in the mines and laid traps everywhere. While in the Warrens, roll 2d4 +2 every hour.
The kobolds have stolen a litter of cave bear While in the Hearths, roll 2d4 2 every hour.
cubs they plan to train to hunt and eat gnomes. While in the Aviary, roll 2d3 +1 every hour.
The cave bears are looking for their cubs. 0-1: Surveillance Eye
DRX-0579 is the last of the intelligent Karrarrik, Chieftain of the Aarakocra Gnorbert carries a wand of color spray (20 2: 1d4 +4 Gnomes
automatons. It attempts to repair the other Neutral Good. A stern, no-nonsense warrior. She charges) and a ring of protection +2. 3: 2d4 Gnomes
machines, but most of the tools and spare parts it wears light armor and carries a quiver of 6 4: 1d3 +1 Aarakocra
needs have been looted by the kobolds. magical javelins +1. Beezil, Master Egg Thief 5: Maintenance Worker DRX-0579
Lawful Evil. A charismatic kobold thief, wily and 6: 1d3 +1 Aarakocra
DRX-0579 co-exists with the aarakocra, and 7: 3d3 Kobolds
they tolerate each other. Maintenance Worker DRX-0579 full of bravado. He carries 4 potions: gaseous 8: 3d3 +3 Kobolds
Lawful Neutral. A large (10' tall), highly logical, form, invisibility, healing (x2), a clockmaker's 9: Surveillance Eye
Adventure Seeds emotionless being; always making a loud ticking toolkit which he uses to disarm gnomish traps, 10: 1d2 Cave Bears
The PCs have been beseeched by the aarakocra, noise. Has infravision (120'). Speaks Common and a lesser passkey talisman.
or they seek a MacGuffin in the dungeon. with a metallic voice. Carries a greater passkey Random Trap Table (d6)
talisman and the artificer's design notebook. It Surveillance Eyes 1: Spring-loaded hammer (melee, resets)
2: Whirling clockwork saw blade (melee, resets)
As Time Passes can speak with the Surveillance Eyes and ask Unaligned. Infravision (120'). Small, immobile 3: Razor wire mesh trap (never misses)
DRX-0579 will repair disabled doors, broken them what they have seen. devices programmed to detect intruders and 4: Fusillade of darts (multiple targets)
surveillance eyes, etc. Meanwhile the kobolds are sound a shrill alarm to alert guards. Only fights 5: Programmed Illusion (harasses non-gnomes)
disabling and cannibalizing others. Both the Gnorbert, Gnome Illusionist in self defense, shooting red laser beams from its 6: GM's choice
gnomes and kobolds will upgrade their traps Chaotic Neutral. A grinning, half-mad trickster. glass eye when provoked (2d4 dmg). Any Copyright 2016 Rusty Gerard, licensed under

with deadlier ones. The aarakocra will stay on the Spells memorized: hold person (x2), humanoid accompanied by DRX-0579 or the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-
ShareAlike License (CC BY-SA 3.0).
defensive unless goaded by the players. phantasmal force (x2), and greater invisibility. bearing any passkey talisman may pass freely.