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2016 October 8th - Goal Selection

Today i changed my goal, and began a new Personal Project. As i have always been interested
on the world of politics and economy, i believed that discussing about an inquiry that related to
both politics and economy would be the best method for myself to conduct the project with goal
truly based on my personal interests. Also, considering my skills, i was determined that writing a
research paper would be the best format for my product. Thus, i began searching for a topic
which have called publics interest while being related to both sides - P&E, which could be used
as a topic for a research paper.

While searching for a topic, i realized that for the audience to be easily hooked by the product
and gain interest upon the topic, it will be best to relate concept or terminology which public
familiar with, and had experience with on the topic. Furthermore, the topic should be interesting
- stimulative, in the same time. Thus, i decided to pick my topic which are related to Political
Scandals. Politicians are one of the most hated people on the community, as they have the
authority as the representative of community members. By picking Political Scandals, i will be
able to interest community members, capturing their distrust against politicians.

With the range set, i came to realize the recent scandals which have confused the nation,
turning into a chaotic situation. Thus i picked 2016 Korean Political Scandal to be the main
factor discussed in the product. Next was the goal. Although i already knew what i was going to
discuss in my research paper, i needed to make up a goal and decide the directions for my

Considering how recent the scandal was, i realized even in April of 2017 it would be hard to
discuss what kind of long-term impact the incident had. Thus, my goal was chosen - to analyze
the 2016 Korean Political Scandal, and predict the long term impact it will have on the economy.
Then, i planned on how i will build the product to be able to protect my claims from being
defeated by contrary opinions.
( )


I. Introduce brief context of the scandal, purpose of the product, and how product
will deploy the contents.
II. Examine the Term Scandal and Economy, discuss the relationship.
III. Analyze two past scandals which are contrary, and research of their short-term
and long-term impact on the economy. This will be used as reference for the prediction -
by comparing each scandals with 2016 Korean Political Scandal, i will use the
references long term impacts to make prediction.
IV. Analyze 2016 Korean Political Scandal, Research how the scandal have
impacted the national economy in short - term. Using III as a reference, predict the long
term imapct.
V. Conclude the Product.
October 16th - Criteria Selection

As i have set my goals last week, today i began to develop criteria for my product. My prediction
is that by doing so, i will be able to reflect my product in much higher, specific sense. To develop
the criteria, i first concentrated on the fact that the criteria could look like the usual MYP assessment
criteria rubric or design specifications. This was a message to me that i reference to rubrics used in
summatives. Thus, i contacted Mr.Cheng to receive the MYP assessment Criteria B Rubric in order to use
as an reference to this process.

Above are extracts i used from the Criteria B Rubrics. I couldnt apply the extracts directly to my
criteria, due to the difference between their subjects and concentrations. For instance, my
product does not require scientific investigation and background on the variables. Thus
reference was partially used. Furthermore, as Mrs.Samuelson, My Supervisor, have advised me
to use the personal project site 2019 (
sonal-project-class-of-2019/) to my fullest, i used the criteria examples as base, and modified it
so it could fit to my product. Below are the extracts of those examples.

Recognize unstated assumptions and bias.

Create original works and ideas; use existing works and ideas in new ways.
Practise flexible thinkingdevelop multiple opposing, contradictory and complementary
Create novel solutions to authentic problems.
Make unexpected or unusual connections between objects and/or ideas.
Apply skills and knowledge in unfamiliar situations.
Change the context of an inquiry to gain different perspectives.

After modifying these example criterias, i believe i created rigorous criteria.

2016 October 20th

This day, i chose what scandals i should choose to analyze, and use as reference. First off, i
began to create criterion standard for the selection. But before that, i thought of what kind of
conditions i should be aware of. To do so, i had to analyze what kind of Scandal Korean Political
Scandal is.

By the information shown to the public until current date, it can be seen that this particular
Scandal was directly connected to the highest authority - President Park - and have been
conducted in order to gain political/economical benefit. Furthermore, this case was able to be
conducted due to the modern structure of market, where Conglomerates connect to government
and gain benefit from their relationship.

Thus, I reached to a conclusion that i should limit the range of selection into three limiations:
I. Scandals that occurred during the last 50 years
II. Scandals that relates to the highest authority of the nation (President, Prime
III. Scandals that are either related to economic benefit or political benefit.

By limiting the range of selection, i believe that i will be able to reference from scandals that
have been conducted in the most similar situation. Considering the difference of early 1900s
and 00s, selecting scandals that have occurred in early 1900s would result in wrong prediction.
For instance, if i choose the teapot dome scandal which occurred in 1922 the impact on the
economy would be different in case it had occurred nowadays due to increased human rights,
new laws, and different market.

Under these circumstance, i finally chose the scandals to be i) Watergate Scandal and ii)
Lockheed Scandal.

2016 October 23rd - Watergate

This day i began my investigation upon Watergate Scandal. Considering how product should be
easily approached by various type of audience - who may not even have any background
information of historical contexts of scandals, the product should be able to provide them
background information thus they could easily understand the assumptions made and
synthesize with the impacts of the scandal suggested later. Thus, the first step i took in
investigating Watergate was to define what type of scandal it was and understand the historical
context of the incident.

Q) What kind of Scandal was Watergate?

A) Watergate was a political Scandal which involved Richard Nixon, President of the
United states, bugging other presidential candidates office to gain advantage in the

Q) What kind of benefit was aimed?

A) Nixon aimed on gaining political benefit - an advantage over the opposition

Then, i organized the chronology of Watergate which i have obtained from
( into a simple timeline on table form.

Nixon, Richard. President Nixon's Resignation Speech. Washington D.C., White House.

Alan J. Pakula director. All the President's Men. April 4, 1976.

. , , : * . Inha university, 2014.


A brief chronology of Watergate

2016 November 8th
Investigation on Impact of the Watergate Scandal

To investigate Impact of the Watergate Scandal, i first searched for papers and journals that
may have had a similar topic. In the end, i was unable to find any on the range which i can
reach. Thus i approached from another perspective, and laid my hands on similar topics, such
as the Connection between Presidents approval rate and the Scandal. Even though they are
written based on completely different topics, i was able to use them - analyzing and planning the
structure of the paper, and furthermore understanding how actual professionals/University
Students analyze and present their claims.

Next, i began to research for the actual impact of the Watergate Scandal. For Today, i
investigated about how the resignation of Nixon Resulted in the weakening of dollar currency
and aggravation of the recession.

First, i investigated the short term impact of Nixons resignation. I concentrated on the point
which is right after Nixon Resigned. As Nixon resigned from his seat earlier than expected, void
of leadership was shortly created. Speedily, the president was replaced to Gerald.R.Ford, but of
course there were impact from the void of leadership and sudden change of government.

Then, i researched on how the void of leadership and the sudden change of president
influenced the national economy. The result i obtained was that the void of leadership led to
degradation of United States political powers which ultimately resulted in virtual loss in the
vietnam war, and furthermore that the sudden change of presidency resulted in aggravation of
of recession due to failure of Ford, even though the economy was healing.

Below are the graphs i used to strengthen my argument, which was able to prove my claims on
two point: 1) The economy was healing, but 2) Recession only aggravated (Unemployment
rose).[Reference: (]

2016 December 11st

Investigation of Lockheed Scandal

After i have finished the investigation of Lockheed Scandal, i moved on to the

investigation of Lockheed Scandal. As Lockheed Bribery Scandal was a global
Scandal which occurred in various countries - including West germany, Italy, Japan,
Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia, i decided to choose one country and concentrate on
analysis of that one country.

In the end, i chose Japan to be analyzed on the Lockheed Bribery Scandal, due to
the fact that it will be better for my prediction in case the scandal that occurred in
the past was placed in more similar condition.

First off, i myself had to research the case to understand what the Scandal was
about, and what kind of Scandal it was.

Q) What kind of Scandal was Lockheed Bribery Scandals?

B) Lockheed Bribery Scandal was a Global Scandal which Lockheed, a defense
industry, bribed several governments officials in order to lobby the consumption of their
newest product, L-1011 Tristar, to avoid bankruptcy.

Q) What kind of benefit was aimed?

B) Lockheed and government officials both aimed for economic benefit. Lockheed
aimed for economic attention to escape their poverty, and government officials aimed
bribe for private uses. Some used them for their slush fund.

Then i organized the chronology as i previously did in Watergate Scandals.


Beck, Paul J., et al. The impact of the foreign corrupt practices act on us exports. Managerial

and Decision Economics, vol. 12, no. 4, 1991, pp. 295303., doi:10.1002/mde.4090120404.

Tiefer, Charles. "The 10 Worst Things About Lockheed Martin's Alleged Lobbying Fraud." Forbes. Forbes
Magazine, 31 Aug. 2015. Web. 31 Mar. 2017.

Hunziker, Steven, and Ikuro Kamimura. Kakuei Tanaka: a political biography of modern Japan. Singapore: Times
International, 1996. Print.

Dec. 26th - Checking on the personal project & Recording of the 3rd Personal
Project Meeting on 12.6
Recording on the 3rd PP meeting
Created Online process journal, Shared with Supervisor.
Made an academic honesty form, keeping track of Personal Project
Indicated what is needed to be added or fixed
Discuss how the outcome would look
Discussed how i would manage my time and schedule- resulted in
winter break
Continued Research on Japans Lockheed incident

After these actions, we discussed about what may be more needed to be added or
should be fixed on my project. Since we have already discussed the format of my
personal project - research essay - we then discussed about the outcome and the
amount of the work. I predicted it to be about 50 pages of A4, with font size 12.

Then in the last few minutes, we planned my time managing skills over the winter
break. Due to uncertainty following the school life, i plan to finish Lockheed Scandal
over the winter break of 12/17~1/9. Mrs.Samuelson advised me to not over trust
myself, as there can be other incidents that bothers my project. Thus, i created a
schedule on Google Calendar to keep me aware of which part i should be working

[Planning future progress]

Checking the process of the Product, i realized that i need to increase my speed of
investigating. Considering that there is approximately four months left, i would have
to finish the Lockheed Case at least in three weeks, probably during the winter
break. By doing so, i would be able to balance my schedule, and prepare for
summatives without being chased by Person Project work.

On the other hand, i should keep on my monitoring on the case of 2016 Korean
Political Scandal. As it is a Scandal that is ongoing, it is rather important for me to
keep track of the Scandal and collect reactions of public to incident that occur. This
will support me in the future when i develop prediction of long term impact of 2016
Korean Political Scandal.
Jan 13

2016 Korean Political Scandal

As i have been monitoring Koran Political Scandal since it was first officially introduced to the
public since september, i first used the resources i have monitored and collected until this date
to reconstruct my understanding. But as information was overwhelming and due to how recent
the scandal was, i believed that there may be some questionable information that have turned
out to be wrong. Thus, i searched for most recent, credible chronology of this case.

The most credible source i found was Bloomberg, A secondary source - a collection of already
well known information of the scandal. It is a news site which operates on the united states. The
particular article i used from the site was (
016-12-09/south-korea-on-the-verge-of-impeaching-its-president-timeline), and it was written by
reporter Sohee Kim and Sam Kim. The article - chronology, was posted on December 9th. The
existence of this Article was due to the fact that american audience required a chronology to
briefly skim through and understand how the 2016 Korean Political Scandal was deployed.
Which, i believe is the reason the author chose the format of chronology to outline the
information. The main reason i chose this source is that due to this is just a layout of incidents,
there are little possibility that authors perspective, thus remains neutral and credible. But again,
the source has limitation that there is no reaction to the incidents recorded nor it is just a partial
extract of the whole scandal, this source may be deployed to emphasize one sides preference.
After that, I rearranged the chronology i have obtained just as i did in previous two scandals.
Feb 20

Researching short term for the Korean Political scandal

Today i began researching for the Short term impact of the Korean Political Scandal. As i have
been cautious of the chronology in previous stage of the project, once again i searched for a
credible source which shows short term impact of the Scandal. Before that, i created a criteria to
apply on the incidents choosing whether it is the short term impact of this particular scandal, or
was just a impact of other incidents. Below are the Criteria which i have developed.

I. The Impact should not be one that relates to former events.

II. The Impact must be connected to economy of the nation

Researching, i was able to find four short term impacts of the Scandal.
Impeachment of President Park passed
Suspicion over Jae Yong Lee, degradation and ceased operation of samsung
Increase of uncertainty in Business
Increase of possibility of being selected as currency manipulator

Today, i concentrated in the second short term impact increase of suspicion over Jae Yong
Lee, the Vice-Chairman of Samsung. To develop understanding of the economic impact of
this development, i realised that there are two factors i must investigate before the
investigation of the economic impact.

I. The former influence of Samsung in Korea before the case

II. Influence of Jae yong Lee on Samsung

I) is important for the amplitude of Samsungs influence can provide me with the
information of In where have Samsung been operating their business, and how will
degradation of Samsungs company image will affect their influence.

II) will implicate on how Samsungs operation will be changed in the future, due to the
suspicion over their Vice Chairman. Furthermore, as currently Lee is arrested, i will have to
monitor how his status as a arrested chairman will affect Samsung.

To conclude, today I finished classifying the factors i must investigate to understand the short
term impact of the 2016 Korean Political Scandal.

, . " ." (n.d.): n. pag. .
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Ja-Young, Yoon. "Effect of Choi Soon-sil gate on bourse limited." Koreatimes. N.p., 27 Oct. 2016. Web. 31 Mar.
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Web. 31 Mar. 2017.
March 10th

Prediction on the case

As my goal was to analyze past scandals and by comparing and observing their short/long term
impacts predict the long term impact the 2016 Korean Political Scandal, I first created a table
listing the impacts of each scandal.

By doing so, i was able to deploy the impacts of two types of Scandals, which each relate to:
I. Economic Benefit (Lockheed)
II. Political benefit (Watergate)

Since 2016 Korean Political Scandal shows both aspect of I) and II), i thought that to predict the
Long term impact of 2016 Korean Political Scandal, i must first analyze what incidents occurred
after the past scandals, and indicate what was the results of those incidents, and develop a
certain pattern for each type of scandal.


Evans, John. Suppression of Labour Rights in the Republic of Korea and the fundamental values

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