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Weight Performance Indicators ACTUAL RESULTS

MFOs KRA OBJECTIVES Timeline per Rating Score
Obj. Quality Efficiency Timeliness Q E T Ave

Provision 1. Teaching- 1. Prepare lesson Developed lesson 5-Desired learning 5-completed the
of Learning plans and daily logs June- plans and daily objectives and making of the
Lifelong Process of activities that March 10% logs with the competencies are weekly lesson
Learning facilitate learning, following elements: 91% -100% logs/lesson plans
through (30%) including adequate achieved by the & submitted 2 days
Quality and appropriate a.contained variety students. before submission
Basic instructional of 4-Desired learning schedule.
Educatio materials anchored activities that objectives and 4-completed the
n on contextualization. facilitated competencies are making of the
(# 1,2) learning, 81%-90% achieved weekly lesson
b.plan utilized by the students. logs/lesson plans
adequate updated 3-Desired learning wd
and objectives and lapses of two days
contextualized. competencies are missing. submitted
Instructional 75-%- 80% a
materials. achieved by the day before
c.stipulated students. submission
activities 2-Desired learning schedule.
cater diverse objectives and 3-made three of
learners objectives competencies are the
are attainable. 70% achieved by weekly lesson
the logs/lesson plans.
5-have all of the students. submitted on the
four elements. 1-Desired learning date of submission
4-have three of the objectives and schedule.
elements. competencies are 2-made one of the
3-have two of the never achieved by weekly lesson
elements the students. logs/lesson plans.
2-have one of the 1-failed to prepare
elements weekly lesson
logs/lesson plans.
1-have none of the

2. Adopt, implement, Contextualized 5-Contextualized, 5-Contextualized,

utilize lessons with: localized, and localized, and
contextualization, June- 10% a.adaptation on indigenized indigenized
March text/content used. classroom
localization and classroom
b. localized setting instruction 4 times
indigenization of and lesson instruction have a week.
curriculum content, environment. achieved 90% -
strategies and c. utilized 100% of the desired 4-Contextualized,
materials. indigenized learning. localized, and
(# 1, 2) teaching materials. indigenized
d. lessons are on 4-Contextualized, classroom
the students level localized, and instruction 3 times
of experience. a week.
5-have all of the classroom 3-Contextualized,
four elements. instruction have localized, and
4-have three of the achieved 85% - indigenized
elements. 89% of the desired classroom
3-have two of the learning. instruction 2 times
elements a week.
2-have one of the 3-Contextualized,
elements 2-Contextualized,
localized, and
localized, and
1-have none of the indigenized indigenized
elements classroom classroom
instruction have instruction once a
achieved 75% - week.
80% of the desired
learning. 1-Failed to
localize, and
localized, and classroom
classroom instruction.
instruction have
achieved 30% of
the desired

localized, and
instruction have
never achieved the
desired learning.

June- 10% 5-Classroom 5-Innovative 5-Innovated and

3. Curriculum
March instructions have Classroom integrated ICT on
enrichment/ the following instruction with ICT the lesson 4 times
innovation features: integration have a week.
and a.theres ICT achieved 90% of the
intervention integration on the desired learning. 4-Innovated and
(ICT lesson. integrated ICT on
Integration). b. materials used 4-Innovative the lesson 3 times
(# 1, 2) employs ICT Classroom a week
c. emphasizes instruction with ICT .
engagement on integration have 3-Innovated and
the lesson. achieved 85% of the integrated ICT on
d. innovative desired learning. the lesson 2 times
instruction, getting a week.
rid of chalk-talk 3-Innovative
Classroom 2-Innovated and
5-have all of the instruction with ICT integrated ICT on
four elements. integration have the lesson once a
4-have three of the achieved 70% of the week.
elements. desired learning.
3-have two of the 1-Never innovated
elements 2-Innovative and integrated ICT
2-have one of the Classroom on the lesson .
elements instruction with ICT
1-have none of the integration have
elements achieved 30% of the
desired learning.

instruction with ICT
integration have
never achieved the
desired learning.

2. Students 1. Monitor and June- 10% 5. 90% to 100% of 5. Obtained an MPS 5.Submit grades,
Outcomes evaluate and update March the students of 85% to 95% in all MPS and students
students progress attained excellent subject areas progress reports 2
(30%) e.i. MPS. And use rating with handled. days before the set
results for plan identified least deadline.
interventions. learned skills, 4. Obtained an MPS
(# 3,4,5) interventions done of 75% to 84% in all 4.Submit grades,
with artifacts subject areas MPS and students
4. 80% to 89% of handled. progress reports a
the students day before
attained excellent 3. Obtained an MPS deadline.
rating, 5% to 10% of 65% to 74%
proficient, at least in all subject areas 3.Submit grades,
5% developing, w/ handled. MPS and students
identified least progress reports on
learned skills, 2. Obtained an MPS the deadline.
interventions done of 50% to 64%
with artifacts in all subject areas 2.Submit grades,
3. 70% to 79% of handled. MPS and students
the students . progress reports 2
attained excellent 1. Obtained an days after the
rating, 11% to 15% MPS of 49% and deadline.
Proficient, 5% to below
10% developing in all subject areas 1.Submit grades,
with identified least handled. MPS and students
learned skills & progress reports
interventions done. more than 3 days
2. 65%-69% of the the set deadline.
students attained
excellent rating,
proficient, 6% to
10% developing.
1. At most 64% of
the students
attained excellent
rating, 26% - 40%
proficient, 6% to
10% developing.
2. Conduct June- 5% 5. Employed at 5. Remediation / 5. Conducted
remediation/ March least 5 varied, enrichment activities remediation /
enrichment exciting yet conducted shows enrichment
programs to effective 90% to 100% activities right after
improve remediation / improvement of the assessment
performance enrichment students results was
indicator with programs among performance. obtained.
identified students. 4. Remediation / 4.Conducted
rubrics. enrichment activities remediation/
(#4,8) 4. Employed at 4 conducted shows enrichment
varied, exciting yet 70% to 89% activities 1-2 days
effective improvement of after the
remediation / students assessment results
enrichment performance. was obtained.
programs among 3. Remediation / 3.Conducted
students. enrichment activities remediation/
conducted shows enrichment
3. Employed at 50% to 69% activities a week
least 3 varied, improvement of after the
exciting yet students assessment results
effective performance. was obtained.
remediation / 2. Remediation / 2. Conducted
enrichment enrichment activities remediation
programs among conducted shows activities more than
students. 30% to 49% a week after the
improvement of assessment results
2. Employed at students was obtained.
least 2 varied, performance. 1. Conducted
exciting yet 1. Remediation / remediation
effective enrichment activities activities a month
remediation / conducted shows or months after the
enrichment students assessment results
programs among performance was obtained.
students. improvement of 295
and below.
1. Employed only 1
exciting yet
remediation /
program among

3. Maintain updated June- 5% Maintained 5. Filled in entries 5. Prepare entries

students school March classroom of students record in SF1, SF2, F137,
records, and management and to all necessary F138 etc., and be
maintains daily updated students forms once but checked on the
records with the
routine (classroom completely every scheduled date.
following elements
cleanliness, present: quarter.
classroom 4. Prepare entries
management, overall a.Prepared the 4. Filled in entries of in SF1, SF2, F137,
classroom students records students record to F138 etc., and be
atmosphere). completely and all necessary forms checked a day
( # 7, 11 ) neatly without any twice but completely after the scheduled
erasures. every quarter. date.
b. classroom is
day to day kept 3. Filled in entries of 3.Prepare entries
orderly. students record to in SF1, SF2, F137,
c. classroom all necessary forms F138 etc., and be
structuring is
3 times but checked 2 days
updated to the new
trends. completely every after the scheduled
d. maintained a quarter. date.
classroom 2. Filled in entries 2.Prepare entries
atmosphere. of students record in SF1, SF2, F137,
e. students to all necessary F138 etc., and be
decorum is forms more than 4 checked 3 days
emphasized in the
times before it was after the scheduled
completed every date.
5-have all of the quarter.
five elements. 1. Prepare entries
1. Never filled in any in SF1, SF2, F137,
4-have four of the entries to all F138 etc., and be
elements. necessary forms of checked 4 days or
the students. more after the
3-have three of the
scheduled date.

2-have two of the

1-did none of the

4.Achieve zero June- 10% 5.100 % of 5. 100% of the 5. No students

drop-out rate. March students enrolled students per were dropped from
( # 3, 7 ) at the beginning of subjects are the list per subjects
the school year promoted at the end every quarter.
(BoSY) survived
of the school year.
up to the end of
the school year
(EoSY). 4. 1-2 students
4. 90-95% of the were dropped from
5.90-95% of students per the list per subjects
students enrolled subjects are every quarter.
at the beginning of promoted at the end
the school year of the school year. 3. 3-4 students
(BoSY) survived were dropped from
up to the end of 3. 85-89% of the the list per subjects
the school year
students per every quarter.
subjects are
3. 85-89 % of promoted at the end 2. 5-6 students
students enrolled of the school year. were dropped from
at the beginning of the list per subjects
the school year 2. 80-84% of the every quarter.
(BoSY) survived students per
up to the end of subjects are 1. More than 6
the school year
promoted at the end students were
2. 80-84% of of the school year. dropped from the
students enrolled list per subjects
at the beginning of 1. Below 79% of the every quarter
the school year students per
(BoSY) survived subjects are
up to the end of promoted at the end
the school year of the school year.
1. Below 79 % of
students enrolled
at the beginning of
the school year
(BoSY) survived
up to the end of
the school year

3. Communit 1. Participate on June- 10% 5-Participated in 4 5- Served as 5- Showed 5 or

y school advocacies to March or more leader/member and more times full
Involvemen the community. events/activities in outstandingly support in
t ( # 9, 12 ) the community performed assigned events/activities of
(20%) within the rating task. the community.
4-Served as 4- Showed 4 times
4-Participated in 3 leader/member and full support in
events/activities in very Satisfactorily events/activities of
the community performed assigned the community.
within the rating task.
period. 3- Showed 3 times
3- Served as full support to
3-Participated in 2 leader/member and events/activities of
events/activities in Satisfactorily the community.
the community performed assigned
within the rating task. 2- Showed 2 times
period. support to
2-Served as leader/ event/activity of the
2-Participated in 1 member and fairly community.
event/activity in the performed assigned
community within task. 1- Showed only 1
the rating period. time Support to
1. Served as event/ activity in
1- No participated member and did not the community.
event/activity perform any
assigned task.

2. Visit parents of June- 5% 5- Conducted 5-Has 100% 4. Met parents of

students needing March home visitation to accomplishment of students needing
academic 90-100% of set visits with academic
monitoring/ follow up.
students needing successful monitoring/ follow-
( # 8, 12 )
academic interventions. up for five(5) times
monitoring/follow- or more.
up. 4- Has 75% and
above 4- Met parents of
4- Conducted accomplishments of students needing
home visitation to visits with partial academic
80-89% of success in monitoring/ follow-
students needing implementation of up for four (4)
academic . intervention. times
up 3- 50% and above 3- Met parents of
3- Conducted accomplishment of students needing
home visitation to visits with academic
70-79% of suggested planned monitoring/follow-
students needing intervention. up for three (3)
academic times.
monitoring/ follow- 2- 25% and above
up. accomplishment of 2- Met parents of
visits with planned students needing
2- Conducted interventions. academic
home visitation to monitoring/follow-
60-69% of 1. 24% and below up for two (2)
students needing accomplishment of times.
academic visits with no
monitoring/ intervention. 1-Met parents of
follow-up. students needing
1- conducted monitoring/ follow-
up for 1 time only
home visitation to
59% and below of
students needing

3.Undertake/ initiate, June- 5% 5- Project/event/ 5- Undertake/initiate 5.Gained financial,

acts, projects/events/ March activity at least 2 activities material, & moral
activities with accomplishment in the community support from
external funding/ with full with full external
sponsorship or documentation documented results. stakeholders five
partnership. report of times from the
( # 9, 12) completion duly 4- Initiate/undertake initiated act.
signed by the at least 1 activity in 4.Gained financial,
principal. the community with material, & moral
documented results. support from
4- Project/event/ external
activity 3- Participate in stakeholders four
accomplishment some activities with times from the
with full documented results. initiated act.
documentation 3.Gained financial,
report of 2- Participate but material, & moral
completion. without documented support from
result. external
3- Project/ event/ stakeholders three
activity 1. Not participated times from the
accomplishment in any community initiated act.
with partial activity 2.Gained financial,
documentation material, & moral
report of support from
completion. external
stakeholders two
2- Project/event/ times from the
activity initiated act.
accomplishment 5.Gained financial,
with no material, & moral
documentation support from
report of external
completion. stakeholders once
from the initiated
1- No initiated act.

6.Profession 1. Propose/ conduct June- 5% 5-Action 5-Action 5-Action Research/

al classroom innovation March Research/Classroo Research/Classroo Classroom
Development (e.i. Action research, m Innovation fully m Innovation has Innovation had
implemented in contributed high perfectly met the
(20%) school with significant impact in desired timetable
research.) complete the profession. of implementation.
( # 10) documentations.
4-Action 4-Action Research/
4-Action Research/Classroo Classroom
Research/Classroo m Innovation has Innovation had met
m Innovation fully contributed the desired
implemented in significance in the timetable with one
school without profession. lapse on
documentations. implementation.
3-Action Research/Classroo 3-Action Research/
Research/Classroo m Innovation as Classroom
m Innovation just mere completion Innovation
merely completed. has improved the completed on the
profession. school year but no
2-Action time for
Research/Classroo 2-Action implementation.
m Innovation on Research/Classroo
mere estimate or m Innovation 2-Action Research/
until proposition projection has Classroom
merely develop Innovation
1-unable to make ones cognition. projection was
Action submitted within
Research/Classroo 1- Action the school year.
m Innovation. Research/Classroo
m Innovation 1- Action
projection gives no Research/
contribution. Classroom
projection was
never submitted.

2.Participate June- 5% 5-Partcipated 4 5- 5-Re-echo on

seminar/ training March seminars within Seminars/trainings seminars/trainings
within a year/ the school year participated re- participated with
Enrolled at Masters
(national, region, echoed with complete
( # 13 ) division, district), complete documents of
plus enrolled documents of outputs, a week
graduate outputs, plus after the seminar.
studies. enrolled graduate
4-Partcipated 3 studies. 4-Re-echo on
seminars within seminars/trainings
the school year 4- participated with
(national, region, Seminars/trainings complete
division, district). participated re- documents of
3-Partcipated 5 echoed. outputs, a month
seminars within 3- after the seminar.
the school year Seminars/trainings
(national, region, participated with 3-Shared to peers
division, district, complete inputs gained from
school). submission of seminars right after
2-Partcipated 3 outputs. the seminar.
seminars within 2-Re-echo on
the school year 2- seminars/trainings
(national, region, Seminars/trainings participated still
division, district, participated shared laid on table.
school). to peer teachers. 1-Re-echo /Sharing
1-Partcipated 2 on
seminars within 1- seminars/trainings
the school year Seminars/trainings participated not
(national, region, participated only planned.
division, district, until certificates.
3. Receive special June- 5% 5-Received special 5-Received special 5-Received special
awards/ citation/ March awards/ citation on awards/ citation/
recognition for recognition in exemplary recognition in the
the performance in national/regional
( # 13, 4 ) national/regional the level.
level. national/regional
level. 4-Received special
4-Received special . 4-Received special awards/ citation/
awards/ citation on recognition in the
/recognition in exemplary division/district
the division performance in level two times.
level. the division level. 3-Received special
3-Received special 3-Received special awards/ citation/
awards/ citation on recognition in the
recognition in exemplary district /school
the district level. performance in level two times.
the district level. 2-Received special
2-Received special 2-Received special awards/ citation/
awards/ citation/ citation on recognition in the
recognition in exemplary district /school
the school level. performance in level.
the school level. 1-unable to
1-unable to 1-Unable to receive Receive special
Receive special special citation on awards/ citation/
awards/ exemplary recognition.
recognition. performance.
4.Serve as June- (5%) Served as: 1. Served as: 1. Served as: 1.
demonstration March demonstration demonstration demonstration
teacher/ school teacher/ 2. school teacher/ 2. school teacher/ 2. school
publication/ creative publication publication adviser/ publication adviser/
work/ resource adviser/ 3. creative 3. creative work
3. creative work
speaker. work designer/ 4. designer/ 4.
( # 13, 10 ) resource speaker/ resource speaker/ designer/ 4.
5.facilitator on 5.facilitator on resource speaker/
special events. special events. 5.facilitator on
5- had executed 5- had executed two special events.
four of the above of the above with 5- Performed any
4- had executed productive impact of the above with
three of the to our end user preparations very
above with concrete ready before the
3- had executed evidences. set of time.
two of the above 4- had executed two 4- Performed any
2- had executed of the above with of the above with
one of the above productive impact preparations ready.
1- had executed to our end user. 3- Performed any
none of the 3- had executed one of the above with
above of the above with few items missing
productive impact as part of
to our end user preparations.
with concrete 2- Performed any
evidences. of the above with
2- had executed one some items
of the above with missing as part of
productive impact preparations.
to our end user. 1- had executed
1- had executed none of the
none of the above.
Plus Factors shall be
stipulated: (e.i.,
ership with output. )
Numerical Rating

Descriptive Rating

Ratee Rater Approving Authority