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Leanne Kelly Grade 2 Long Range Plan 2015-2016

September October November December January February March April May June
L.A. Themes- Welcome, Fall, Themes- Remembrance Themes- Winter, Family, Feelings & Themes- Spring, St. Patricks Themes- New Life,
Thanksgiving, Halloween. Day, Peace, Advent & Valentines Day Day Lent, & Easter Summer, Community &
Christmas Celebration

Emergent reading, writing, Expanding comprehension, Respect, support, collaboration, goal- Managing and organizing ideas Revising and editing,
communicating decoding, responses setting and information enhancing clarity and artistry

Math Grade 1 Review Patterns Addition/ Subtraction to Linear 3D Objects 2D Objects Data Review
100 Measurement Analysis

Exploring Liquids Hot and Cold Temperatures Boats and Buoyancy Magnetism Small Crawling and Flying

Studies Canadas Dynamic Communties A Community in the Past

Art Line, Shape, Colour and Texture Colour, movement, people and animals Art in History, Culture and Form and Function, Old and
Stories New

Health Wellness Choices Wellness Choices Relationship Choices Relationship Relationship Life Learning Life Learning Choices
Safety and Personal Health Understanding and Expressing Choices Choices Choices Life Roles and Career
Responsibility Feelings Interactions Groups roles Learning Development &
and Processes Strategies Volunteerism

Religion Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4: Unit 5: Unit 7 and 8: Unit 9: Unit 6: Unit 10:
Family Gathering Bible stories/ Advent Christmas/ Lent/ Forgiveness/ Holy Week Easter Gifts of Community
Friendships together and Gods Word Epiphany Creation/
belionging Work of

Music Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay Musicplay
Themes- Themes- Fall, Themes- Theme- Theme- Bach Theme- Going to Themes- Rain, Theme- Theme- Themes-
Names, Halloween Peace Holiday the Sea Rain, Go Away Earth Day. Music Summer Fun
Welcome Fun Easter Around the