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A Catalogue of Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos

Author(s): Henry Serruys

Source: Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 95, No. 2 (Apr. - Jun., 1975), pp. 191-
Published by: American Oriental Society
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This is a catalogue of MSS, tile majority of which are from Ordus, acquired mostly by
Antoine Mostaert, 1905-1925.

ANT. MOSTAERT TOLDMEONCE that he gave a had collected during his stay in Ordos (1905-
horse for one particular MS, Unfortunately, I have 1925), and in Tientsin and Peking (1925-1948).
forgotten which one that was. He used to tell In his various articles he referred to some of these
that several Mongols were on the lookout for Mss in manuscripts and occasionally quoted a few lines
private possession. He would then either purchase from them. In collecting these manuscripts he
them, which was not too easy since very few followed the tradition of his predecessors. At the
Mongols readily parted with those writings, or he headquarters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
would have them copied by somebody. This will Congregation, Scheut (Brussels), and at Louvain,
explain why so many of the texts listed below are Belgium, there are a number of Mongol aIss. These
from around 1910. were described by W. Heissig, "The Mongol Manu-
In fact among the very few pieces salvaged from scripts and Xylographs of the Belgian Scheut-
the archives of the Diocese of Ning-hsia, there is Mission," Central Asiatic Journal II, 3, pp. 161-189
a list of Mss, oral stories, and songs compiled by (one manuscript mentioned in the articles, a frag-
Ant. Mostaert, apparently very soon after his ar- ment of the Geser-qayan story, was published in
rival in Ordos judging from the unusual and lack facsimile with a brief description: W. Heissig,
of consistent transcription. Presumably this is a "Das 'Scheuter' Geser-khan-manuskript" Zen-
list of various works to be acquired (writings he tralasiatische Studien V, 1971, pp. 43-77). Several
had heard about through his "agents"). The loca- of the MNssbrought to the United States by Ant.
tion or owner of some of the texts is indicated on Mostaert were collected already before his time,
the list. The number and variety of texts on this especially by the Rev. Flor. Claeys (1871-1950)
early list show the wide range of interest of Ant. (who preceded Ant. Mostaert as superior of the
Mostaert and his informants. It is quite possible mission station of Boro-Balgasu, and after 1925
that some titles are only approximations; he had succeeded him again).
not yet seen the mSS. According to my confrere,
Rev. Jos. Van Hecken (letter of Sept. 18, 1973)
who had access to the Ning-hsia archives and made 1. Geser-iin tuuli. At KeSigtu meyiren's; at
a copy of the list, the correspondence between the baySi-lama's (Ob6-cayidam) [place name not listed in Dic-
Bishop Alph. Bermijn(1853-1915) andAnt. IMostaert tionnaire ordos].
2. Allan tobYi, at Bayan-coytu's, in Yeke
regularly makes mention of the listed MSs. Kejur [Otoy:
I believe that this early list itself is of enough Diet. ordos, p. 410a. Cf. C, Nr. 104].
interest to warrant publication here. I copy it 3. Koke Debter at Arsalang's in
here integrally in translation when necessary and 4. Boro Teiike.
with the Mongol words in standard transcription. 5. Koke Teiike, at Kesigbatu's [probably the
My own comment will be found between brackets from tiisin. Cf. C, No. 107].
6. Cayan Teiike [in a letter dated
[ ]. From hereon "L" refers to this list, and "C" January, 1950, A.
to the catalogue of Missfollowing this introduction. Mostaert wrote to the Rev. J. Van Hecken, then still
in China, that he knew of four copies of the Cayan
INTRODUCTION one in the possession of the prince of
Qanggin, but was
never able to have a copy made].
WHEN THE REV. ANT. MOSTAERT (1881-1971) 7. Namtak sang, Baruun tusalayci,
Erh-yeh, Sengger-
LEFT CHINA in December, 19-18, he brought with incin [names of persons: Namtak sang
appears on the
him a number of Mongol manuscripts which he cover of C, No. 78. Erh-yeh "Second Master" is Altan-

192 .~~~~Joutrnal
192 of the Amer-icant Orienital Society 9.5.2 (1975)

wacir, niobleiian of tJusin. His nannieappears oni the title 44. Eldeb kereglil qag qarynbay nierelii biig. 30 Ii fromi
p)age of C, No. 73; also on C, No. 143]. Qaryantu on the way to P' ing-lo [Qaryan(a)lu-yin siime:
8. Julay [cf. C, Nos. 71-74]. Otoy. Dicd. ordos, p. 339b. W. Hecissig, Die Pekinger
9. Si Mergen, at the princee of jasay's [el'. C, Nos. 57- Lamnaislischen Blockdrnzcke, Wiesbaden, 1954, p. 1 73),
59]. Nr 218].
10 Sara T'eike [Cf. L, 29, 419;C, iNo. 93]. 45. Geser-iini lanu/i [Cf. above: L, 1].
11. Regarding Qataginiar: Caqar-jalan andt Amiur-'jirya 46. S~ara leiike [Cf. above: L, 10, .13].
[two persons whio presumiably could provide informiationi 47. Oros &ayan leiike at Boro-jakiruyHis.
oni this subject]. 48. Kiik4i Teiike [Cf. above: L, 5; below: L, 69].
12. Volume-i S of Suibud( Erike, at Wu-Lamia's [Cf. C, 49. Sara Tetike, incomnplete, at Wu-lami-a's [Cf. above: L,
No. 107. Wu-lamnais thie lama Rayba jamisani, a nob)leman 10, 29, 43, 46].
of UCisin, an uncle of Altan-wa6ir]. 50. Yiian nitis-uni luin/i (samibaratai [ ?j), at Wu-laiuma's
13. Mongyot-un olan wvang-niliiledkel ?aslir, at Wu-laiina's [Cf. C, Nrs 108-121: Dai yulawanalals-ain sludlr].
[genealogical list]. 51. Kei morini jllay, or Guni. . , in \V'ang.
14 PalangSan iiliger [Cf. T'ex/es oraln ordos, pp. 21-31. 52. Kei morin fnlay, Otoy.
Cf. below: L, 54]. 53. Ulemfi iriigel. [C, Nr 60].
15. Tang ilus-tini iilger. 54. Palanggin illiger [Cf. above: L, 141].
16. Mlelekei-yin iiliger [Cf. T'exles oralix ordlos, pi) 55- 55. Taulai-yin iiliger.
91J. 56. Noyoyan Daraqa-yini nom [Tarn-eke: J)icl. ordlos,
17. Giini [sic] janu-yinisuryal [Cf. C, Nos. 28-31, 130]. P. 120].
18. Daynni-ui Debter. 57. Cayani Daraqa-yini noiw.
19. Kiisken k'ormiso['] 58. Boro dorqali(?)-yin sang [Queslioni miark in originial:
20. Kdkii kan7i-aiiiliger at T09bin's. doro,yo, doryo?: Dict. ordos, p. 152a].
21. Uile-yin l1mai [ ?yai]-yin iiliger. 59. Jiyayan-ai labun lingri-yin sang.
22. Tni-lz-u-yin suduiir[concerningr landmnarks?]. 60. Aruyun sallg.
23. Tiisirned-iin jaisay; at 01 leiljab's. 61. JBoyda bayani bbegeni-iisanzg[Cf. C, Nr 131],
24. Ulnani Teilke. In U9lsin. 62. Y'abuald-yinsanig [Dict. ordos, p. 401a: yabuaid: "qui
25. Kei-morini-a sanig. At Sangwar's [Cf. C, No. 137]. sont en voyage"].
26. Elin-ii sang. Jan [Braam: 1869-1954 ? Cf. C, Nr 132]. 63. Oglige-yin sanig.
27. Tayiyan [=- takilya~?] of Yeke Ongyon in Toll [Cf. C, 64. Tang-yanig-yin [? (wii/i, at Erkimibayar's (Saydur
Nrs 79, 80, 81, 133, 135. Toll is in tYilsin: Dicd. ordlos, tusalay6i).
p. 665a. Cf. below: L, 41]. 65. Alt1a11Debler, at the princee of Otoy's, at WVu-lamia's.
28. Erkemi-belig, soni of Soniomi-jalaniin Sara-tala [CO9sini] 66. Allan Saba [J. R. Krueger, in Mlonilmenla Serica 24,
kniows many songs. 1965, pp. 207-272].
29. Sara T'eiikeat the prince of jasay's. 67. TbrNi oldoquiesili(ar.
30. Booki of songs by TOI1Sin. 68. Mengge-yin sudur [Cf. C, Nr 691.
31. Book of sonigs by C,aqar-jalan. 69. K6iik T'eilke by Sangwar, at ITtfmmenbayar terigfllfig-
32. Tayilbuiri [C, Nrs. (88, 89]. 6's [Cf. above: L, 5, 48].
33. Perim ( ?), Otoy [Qutestionlmiark ini the originial]. 70. MoloiTn2ilj'i.
34. Arfi buirfi [Cf. T'ex/es oralix ordos, pp. 177-225]. 71. M'haidar-unlanij'i.
35. AJirya lirilldaqui: iriigel for tlie first stallioni; iriligel 72. Allani Ktiridiin uhiingyan kegesiUlii[Cf. Heissig's edi-
for thie last stallion. Erhl-yehi [Cf. C, Nrs. 65, 66]. tion, Copenhageni, 1958].
36. Erner-iin juilay [ ?]. Erh-yeh. 73. Sayin iigeiil erdeni-yini sanzg [SubhAsitaratnanidtlii: J.
37. Qonjli-yini or(lo beye. Bayan hiui-ehiang [ 2]. E. Bosson's edition: A Treasury of Aphoristic Jewels,
38. DUd(ijinar-uin sdim/r MuubWIsu. jasa-y [D(Idd/Si: Bloomington, 1969].
Dicd. ordlos, p. 158b)]. 74. Sayang-sejen laina-yin Tobbi [?].
39. K&;kiiT'eilke, at D)angsilrUmIgJ'alkiruyUis. Qanggin 75. Allanm Gerel [G. 1l{.ara's editioni, 2 vols, Budapest,
40. Tdr6Illorigsen [Cf. C, Nr 46]. 1968].
41. Sang for Qutniytni and( Sayaiig, at Ke,iigtiVs [Cf. C, 76. Erdenii I)abquriliy.
Nrs 79, 80]. 77. (Tile-yin Toli.
42. Itegi (2) about Geser [Questioni miark in tlie or-iginial]. 78. Sa inii Galaib-anisidalr.
43. ?ara Teiike at Tlimneniiljei's (Aral) [Cf. above. Aral 79. Fulrbaniyayaina-yin qoor-yi darnuyibi.
inl Otoy]. 80. Laygan-iu layilbiiri. Milayayad-un edbiig[Cf. C, Nr 75].
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 193

81. Efin-qoriya dalaly-a. Cayan siriig-iin fang iiile [Cf. "Fl. Claeys" and by A. Mostaert: "author: Kesigbatu."
C, Nr 75]. Heissig, Geschichte, pp. 607-608, quotes a few lines.
Facsimile of the text, with transcription and translation:
It is strange that so few of the works listed here H. Serruys, "Two Didactic Poems from Ordos," Zentralas.
were actually acquired or copied. The Catalogue Stud. 6, 1972, pp. 446-473; D. Kara, Knigi Mongol'skix
comprises mostly other works. Kocevnikov, Moskva, 1972, pp. 139, 179, n. 211.
Except for one MSbrought from Jehol, and afew 3. Tngri-dtir dab:iysan degedii-yin orogil jiil-tin labai
from Caqar (all indicated), all items listed below
dayan debter bui.
belonged to Ant. Mostaert; all were found or "Conchshell-white Book on such things as the Tombs of
copied in Ordos. It should be noted however that the Ancestors who have gone to Heaven."
the Undiisiin bsang (Nr 77) is a MS several cen- 133 x 235. Title page + 14 double leaves (7 lines per
turies old, and no one could tell where it orig-
side) + back cover. Date: 1909.
inated. Ant. Mostaert purchased it in Suiyiian The first page contains a longer title: Erfen ba ediigeki
in 1937 (he had gone to Ta-t'ung just at the time
qayad-un Saril-yi ali neretii yafar-tur orosiyulun yampar
of the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war and as
iii-iin cola erkiimfilegsen ba. basaci ober firyuyan ciyul-
the fighting came close to Ta-t'ung he went to
yan aru dorben ayimay-un Eiyulyan-u kifayar yampar
Suiyian where the Japanese armies caught up yafar-iyar sab neyilegsen aru dorben ayimay-un ciyulyan
with him). The Nrs 147-155 are also fragments tus tus fakiruysan fiyangfun ambas-ud-un sayuysan-i to-
of very old Mss, and I suppose Ant. Mostaert
dodqafu biciysen labai cayan debter:
discovered them in Ordos, but they could have
"Conchshell-white book clearly describing in what places
been written in other parts of the country. the remains of former and present emperors have been
A small number of Mss not listed here are: the buried and with what titles they have been honored,
Erdeni-yin Tob6i, three Mss which were published and also in what places the borders of the Six Southern
in fac-simile as Scripta Mongolica II (four vols.),
Confederations and the Confederations of the Four North-
Cambridge, Mass., 1956; and the Bolor Erike (Scr. ern Associations touch each other, and the seats of the
Mongol. III, five vols.), Cambridge, Mass., 1959. respective Generals and Amba's governing the Confed-
The original Mss of these publications are now
erations of the Northern Associations." Apparently based
deposited at the Library of Congress. The original on a Chinese original, presumably from the Ch'ien-lung
Ms published as Manual of Mongolian Astrology
and Divination, Scripta Mongol. V, 1969, is now
4. Semeger qabiy-a-yi senggeregiiliin biciysen bicig-iin oro-
in the possession of Prof. Fr. W. Cleaves, Harvard
University. "Book written to teach Silent Merit."
Apart from the extensive holdings in the Mon- 131 x 228. Title page + 7 double leaves (7 lines per
golian People's Republic, many lists of Mongol
side) + back cover. Date: 1907. Copyist: Erdenisang.
books and MIssin the possession of libraries in the
Pensil note: "A. Mostaert." Moral exhortations to build
United States and in various European countries
bridges, redeem and set free captured animals, show
have been published during the last twenty-five
respect for paper with (Chinese?) letters written on it,
years, and I thought that the publication of this
print and disseminate books, etc.
catalogue, too, would be a small contribution to 5. Docin terigiin bicig orosiba
this field of knowledge.
"Book in Forty Headings."
1. Jasaburi-yin siliiglel jayun siliig-iin iigiilel 119 x 263. Title page + 8 double leaves (6 lines
per side)
"Poem on Improvement: words in one hundred verses." + back cover. Date: 1909.
120 x 145 mm. Title page + 33 double leaves (6 lines The first page has a longer title: Ordos
fegiin yar gusai
per side) + back cover. Pencil note on title page: "P. tadiquyi fuse sabi nemeri taciran. d6cin terigiin bidig
A. Mostaert" (not in his own writing). No author is "Additional study(-material) for young students of the
indicated, but the last lines certainly refer to Kesigbatu Ordos Banner Jungyar. Book in Forty
Headings." Title
of Uiisin. W. Heissig, Geschichte der Mongolischen Li- is Manchu-Mongol.
teratur, Wiesbaden, 1972, pp. 606, 607, 613, quotes a few 40 exhortations, in 4 sections of ten sentences each.
lines. Probably based on a Chinese original.
2. Sin-e Jokiyaysan siliigleltii bicig 6. Ordos fegiin yar gus(a)i taciquyi sabai nemeri tacira.
"Book of Newly Composed Poetry."
maytayal bolai.
115 x 174. Title page + 15 double leaves (7 lines per "Praises. Additional study (-material) for students of
side) + back cover. Date: 1909. Pensil notes on cover: the Ordos Banner Jungyar."
194 Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

119 x 265. Title page (six lines on inside) + 5 double jiil: "do things with care"; 2. olan-i rosiyekii-yin iiil
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. Date on back "be sympathetic to the many"; 3. orosiyel-ten-diir inay-
cover: ollei cinggel biiriddiigsen zciraltu sayin ediire. laqu-yin iiil: "make friends with the humane"; 4. udq-a
A Buddhist prayer. surtal-un fiil: "instructions on meaning." Doloyan
7. Masi teyin biiged arilung suryal: ch'i-hsuin? Cf. N. Poppe, et al., Catalogue of the
"Most perfectly Pure." Manchu-Mongol Section of the Toyo Bunko, 1964, p. 279,
112 X 268. Title page + 16 double leaves (7 lines per Nr 467; W. Heissig, Catalogue of Mongol Books, Manu-
side) + back cover. scripts, and Xylographs (The Royal Library), Copen-
A Lamaist prayer; invocations of many deities; favors hagen, 1971, p. 60.
requested, very much as in the Undiisiin bsang (Nr 77). 13. Mergen kobegiin-ii iiliger bolai
8. Domoy siliig sastir bicig jiiil-iil-iin boliige (sic! = "Story of the Wise Young Man."
bdldg) orosiba 115 + 265. Title page (text begins on inside) + 10 double
"Various Chapters of the Book of Instructions in Verse." leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover.
120 x 267. Title page + 13 double leaves (6 lines per Conversation of a lama with a boy who answers all tricky
side) + back cover. Date: 1910. questions correctly. B. Laufer, Skizze der Mongolischen
Moral exhortations, mostly with Buddhist content, di- Literatur, p. 226, refers to a similar story which he assigns
vided into four sections. to the Jftaka cycle.
9. Todorqai tolii kemegdekii orogiba 14. Erte nigen Jay-tur doysin gegegen qayan-u iiliger.
"Clear Mirror." Second title: Todorqai tolii kemekii debter Tabuduyar bolog
orosiba. "Once upon a time: Story of the Terrible Enlightened
116 x 258. Title page + 16 double leaves (6 lines per Qayan. Fifth Chapter."
side) + back cover (2 lines of text on inside). 132 x 240. Title page + 5 double leaves (7 lines per
Collection of moral sayings. side) + back cover. Date: 1909 (in fact: January 1,
10. Erketii subud erike-(n)i quriyangqui debteliy. Er- 1910).
deni-yin kelkiy-e kemekil tobci. qayad-un iiy-e dary-a biiged. A minister in a clever way answers the qayan's questions.
qad noyad-un iinduiisn cadig kemekii ene bui. Cf. Nr 15.
"Register, Collection of Rosaries of powerful Pearls; 15. Doysin gegen qayan-u iiliger orosiba "Story of the
Summary called String of Jewels. Book (describing) the Terrible Enlightened Qayan."
Succession of Qayans and Origin of Princes." 115 x 268. Title page + 7 double leaves (6 lines per side) +
113 x 264. Title page + 14 double pages (6 lines per back cover. Date: 1910.
side) + back cover. Same as Nr 14, but lacks the final sentence.
Lists the earliest ancestors of the various banner princes 16. Angqayaran abubasu (fokiqu?) kogMinkiimiin-ii iiges
of Inner and Outer Mongolia (Dayan-qan's sons and im- linen bui. Sedkil uyidqu ulayan kotelbiiri
mediate descendants). Fourteen Yuan emperors and "True Words of an Old Man to be taken and considered
successors up to the 23d: Ligdan-batur-qayan, his son's attentively. Practical Teaching for when the Heart is
(Erke-qongyor) surrender to the Dayicing. The Ch'ing disconsolate."
emperors up to the Kuang-hsi emperor. Descendants of 133 x 233. Title page + 12 double leaves (text begins
Cinggis' younger brothers. Four-line stanza wishing pros- on p. la: seven lines per side) + back cover. Date: 1907.
perity to the Manchu dynasty. Pencil note on title page: "A. Mostaert."
11. No title. Incipit: Baras sarayin arban nayiman soni Exhortations of an old man to a youth. Cf. Nr 17.
nigen kiimiin figiidilegsen anu ... 17. Angqayaran abqu kogsiken kiimiin-ii iiges jidig
115 x 265. Front page (text begins on inside) + 15 "Book of Words of an elderly Man to be taken and
double leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. considered attentively."
A four-line colophon mentions the author: Tobdendampil. 130 x 320. Title page (7 lines on inside) + 10 double
Moral sayings in the form of a conversation between a leaves (7 lines per side) + back cover. Date: 1909.
person who has cut out a paper bird and let it fly away, Same as Nr 16. Variant readings; many negligent spellings.
and a second person, both appearing in a dream. 18. Giin udq-a giliig-iyer kiimiin-ii yool yosun-i seng-
12. Doloyan suryal-aca tabuduyar bo6logorosiba geregiiliigsen surqal bicig
"Fifth section from the Five Teachings." "Book of Doctrine, teaching basic behavior of man, in
121 x 230. Title page (text begins on inside) + 24 double verses with profound meaning."
leaves (7 lines per side) + back cover. 130 x 227. Title page + 1 double leaf (5 lines of "dedi-
Based on Chinese original; references to Chinese Classics cation": "Presented to Baysi Tiyen as a New Year's gift
and other works. Four parts: 1. yabudal keciyekii-yin with old 'brass' coins, with request for a remuneration."
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 195

Signed: The Sinner, Senggebau") + 17 double leaves iz Paiicalantra, Petrograd, 1921. W. Heissig, Geschichte,
(8 lines per side) + 2 double leaves as back cover. Tiyen, pp. 16-17.
Chin. T' ien was Ant. Mostaert's Chinese name. Seng- Cf. Nrs 19, 20, 21, 23.
gebau, born 1882. His picture in J. Van Hecken, "Une 23. Qayan ecige qan kobegiin qoyayula kelelcigsen iiges-i
Dispute entre deux bannieres mongoles et le r6le jou6 namtar bolyan bicibei. Qamuy-tur kereglegdekiii erdem-i
par les missionnaires catholiques," Monumenta Serica 19, ese suruysan-dayan yumada-,san iiliger
1960, Photos 5 and 6. "Narrative of words spoken by the Qayan-Father and the
A brief introduction; moral exhortations in alliterated Qaii-Son. Story of Regret at not having learned Virtue
lines, in several sections with titles "Two Proper Wishes,"- useful for all (occasions)."
"Two Don't,"-"Three Regrets,"-"Four Thoughts,"-"Four 225 x 225. Title page + 2 double leaves (15 lines per
Warnings,"-"Five Needs," etc. Partly Chinese original? side) + back cover (13 lines on inside).
19. Cindamuni-yin cimeg First story: origin? The second story is the Keler sarmay-
"Cindamani Ornament." cin iiciken kalandaka-yin egiir ebdegsen of the Cinda-
122 x 213. 8 double leaves (9 or 10 lines per side) (covers muni-yin cimeg.
in European white paper. Sewn together with Dutch The very last four lines are a stanza of moral sayings not
translation by Jan Braam (1869-1954). connected with the Cindamuni-yin cimeg. Cf. Nrs 19, 20,
Contains the stories: Yasutu menekei, 2. Qudduy-un 21, 22.
soqor yasutu menekei, 3. Otolge sibayu, 4. t0iiken qu- 24. Olfeyilii iiliger delgeregiilkiii anu
luyana. Cf. Heissig, Geschichte, pp. 16-17. Cf. Nrs 20, "Auspicious Story told."
21, 22, 23. 131 x 230. Title page + 11 double leaves (on p. la:
20. Cindamuni-yin ciimeg Baysi Tiyen-yin sudur; text begins on p. lb: 7 lines per
"Cindamani Ornament." side; between pp. 3 and 4, a slip with seven extra lines) +
118 x 214. Two double leaves (covers of European pa- back cover.
per), in all 27 lines of text, sewn together with Dutch Pencil notes on title page: "Second chapter of Uliger-iin
translation by Jan Braam. Story of the woman and the dalai" and "A. Mostaert." Date: 1908, and "En-e egiiskel-
fox: Uqalnsar uigei ekener iinegen-diir kemegsen. Cf. Nrs yi qayulbai / uy egiiskel-yi tosiiblebei:" copied the enter-
19, 21, 22, 23. prise; verified the whole enterprise I."
21. Enedkeg-iin oron-u cindamuni-yin cimeg sastir-un Story of the young prince who lets himself be eaten by
tayilburi a hungry tigress. Cf. Nrs 25, 26, 27.
"Explanation of the Treatise from India 'Cindamani 25. Olfei-tii iiliger-yi delgeregiilkiii anu
Ornament'." "Auspicious Story told."
115 x 263. Title page (6 lines of text on inside) + 15 131 x 235. Title page (8 lines of text on inside) + 7
double leaves (6 lines per side) +- back cover. double leaves (8 lines per side) + back cover (5 lines on
Stories of: the Woman and the Fox, the Monk and the inside). Date: 1903.
Fleas, Brahman naya, the Turtle and the Monkey, the Same as Nrs 24, 26, 27.
Turtle and the Birds, the Blind Turtle in the Well, the 26. Olji-tii iiliger-yi delgeregiilkiii anu
Falcon and the Fox, the Mice and the Elephants. "Auspicious Story told."
Cf. Nrs 19, 20, 22, 23. 130 x 232. Title page (9 lines of text on inside) + 7
22. Dusul neretfi Sastir-un tayilburi cindamuni-yin cimeg double leaves (9 lines per side) + back cover.
kemegdemii Cf. Nrs 24, 25, 27.
"Cindamani Ornament, Commentary on the Treatise 27. Elikesi iigei cay-tu tabun jullaya-tu oloskiileng baras-
named 'Drop (of Nectar)'." tur bey-e-ben oggiigsen ucir anu bui
131 x 230. Title page (on inside: Baysi Tiyen-yin sudur) + "Contents: in beginning-less time, (one) gives his own
27 double leaves (7 lines per side) + back cover. Date: body to the hungry tigress with five cubs."
1907. Copied from a printed edition (keb) published at 132 x 234. Title page + 27 double leaves (text starts
Cayan ayula-yin stime, Caqar. Re this place, see Heissig, on p. lb: 7 lines per side) + back cover. Date: 1908.
Geschichte, passim. Contents: eight stories: the Woman Pencil notes on title page: "A Mostaert," and "Tiyen
and the Fox, the Monk and the Fleas, Naya Brahman, baysi-yin sudur."
the Turtle and the Monkey, the Turtle and the Birds, Cf. Nrs 24, 25, 26.
the Blind Turtle in the Well, the Falcon and the Fox, the 28. Firen qoyar silug-tii dirben bilog-tii sin-e jokiyal-un
Mice and the Elephant. suryal bui
Pages 23b-27a are a didactic poem. "Newly composed Teaching in 92 stanzas and four sec-
Cf. B. Y. Vladimirtsov, Mongol'skii Sbornik Raszkazov tions. "
196 Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

130 x 230. Title page + 13 double leaves (7 lines per The salutary effect of reading the Geser story.
side) + back cover. Date: 1908. 34. Allan toli neretii bicig
Pencil note on title page: "A. Mostaert." "Book entitled "Golden Mirror."
Aphorisms in alliterated lines. Author is Isidanjinwangjil 144 x 263. Title page + 6 double leaves (6 lines per side) +
(1854-1907). Same text with variants, in C. Damdin- back cover. Date: 1910.
suiriing, Mongyol uran Jokiyal-un degeji. Jayun belig On nature, plants, animals, etc. Moral exhortations in
orogiba, Ulan Bator, 1959, pp. 548-556: "Giing-iin Juu-yin alliterated verses.
gegen-ii altan suryal": "Golden Doctrine of His Highness 35. Altan iilkigiir (in pencil)
of the Duke's Temple" (Urad Banner), written around "Golden Key." Second title: mergen gegen-ii jokiyaysan
1903. Heissig has translated a few lines in "Ein mon- nayadum-un siliig suryal bui: "Teaching in playful verses
golischer Beitrag zur mongolischen Literaturgeschichte: composed by Mergen-gegen."
Baldan Sodnams Abriss der Mongolischen Literaturent- 116 x 261. Title page + 17 double leaves (6 lines per
wicklung" in Central Asiatic Journal 2,1, 1956, pp. 51- side) + back cover (3 lines on inside). Date: (no year)
53, and in Geschichte, pp. 575, 582-587. See my review ebiiliin segiil sarayin qorin qoyar-a bicijii teguskebei.
in Monumenta Serica 30, p. 661. Author: Danjinrabjai (?): 1803-1856. The first title Al-
This is an incomplete version: the complete text comprises tan tiilkigiir kemegdekii saslir bicig appears on p. la of
five sections. Cf. Nrs 29, 30, 31, 130. the text. Pp. la-6a are 40 stanzas of alliterated lines,
29. Giing-iin fuu-yin gegen-ii jokiyaysan suryal "Instruc- divided into 5 sections: 1. sedkil-iyen idqamjilaqu: "to
tions composed by His Highness of the Duke's Temple." discipline one's thoughts; 2. ucir-yi sinjileku: to examen
130 X 170. 1 (no title) + 23 double leaves (8 lines per events; 3. bolyamjilan kinamjilaqu: to act carefully;
side) + back cover. Comprises all five sections. The 4. degiiu kiumun-i suryaqu: to teach younger persons;
title is indicated in transcription in A. Mostaert's hand- 5. has no title.
writing. Pp. 8b-17b: erten-ii boyda-yin suryayuli-yi iiciiken sana-
Cf. Nrs 28, 29, 31, 130. yulqu-yin ucir: moral sayings, but different type of
30. Giing-iin juu-yin gegen-ii jokiyaysan suryal bolai writing than the first part.
"Instructions composed by His Highness of the Duke's Heissig, Geschichte, pp. 209-210, 234, n. 256-261, mentions
Temple." a Nayadum siliig from the hand of Danjinrabjai, but the
115 x 263. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 13 double lines quoted there do not appear in the Ordos ms.; so
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover (6 lines on inside). the question remains if the two works have anything in
Date: 1909. Has only four sections. common. Heissig, op. cit., pp. 212-213, 236, n. 285, also
Pencil note on title page: "Fl. Claeys." refers to an Allan tiilkigiir by Danjinrabjai, also known
Cf. Nrs 28, 29, 31, 130. as Sedkil-i amurayci (. amarayayci) but this, too, is
31. Ging-iin fuu-yin gegen-ii fokiyaysan suryal bolai another work. Damdinsiirung, op. cit., pp. 448-452.
"Instructions composed by His Highness of the Duke's Cf. Nr 36.
Temple." 36. Boyda mergen gegen-ii iokiyaysan [? last two syl-
111 x 262. Title page (7 lines on inside) + 11 double lables unclear] ...
leaves (7 lines per side) + back cover (4 lines on inside). 116 x 275. Title page (torn) + 7 double leaves (6 lines
Date: 1909. Has only four sections. per side) + back cover.
Cf. Nrs 28, 29, 30, 130. Slip attached by A. Mostaert: "Oiisin ms."
32. Ming-siyen-fing-iin debter orosiba Contains only the 5 sections of the Nayadum siliig (Nr 35),
"Book of Ming-siyen-Jing." but lacks some lines of the introduction. Variant readings.
120 x 265. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 11 double 37. Abidarm-a-yin yool-un yirtincii-yi iiiigiiliugci gastir
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover (one line on inside). orogibai
Date: 1909. "Treatise showing the Central World of Abhidharma."
Translation of the Ming-hsien chi "Collection of Famous 115 x 267. Title page + 52 double leaves (5 or 6 lines
Wise Men": the basic proverb-like saying without the side) + back cover. Based on the Abhidharmahrdaya-
customary explanation. sastra ?
Cf. Poppe, Catalogue, Nrs 199, 200. Cosmogony, constitution of the world, various hells with
33. Geser boyda (-yin) iiliger bolai pretas, considerations on stars, sun, and moon; measure-
"Story of the Saintly Geser." ments and age of men and gods; growing of food; rise
119 x 267. Title page + 6 double leaves (6 lines per of Maha-samadhi qayan and successors; gakyamuni,
side) + back cover. Date: Kebtii-yosun reign period: gis-qan, Altan-qayan; series of Buddhas.
1909-1910. 38. Tayilburilaysan yurban iisiig-iin bixig-iin orosil
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 197

"Introduction to the Three-Character Book with Com- story. Damdinsurung, op. cit., pp. 227-247, has a much
mentary." longer version. Many variant readings. Also Heissig,
131 x 230. Title page + 17 double leaves (7 lines per Catalogue (Copenhagen), pp. 90-92.
side) + back cover. Date: "Copy completed in 1908 in 43. Boyda suryal-un tus kerig. kobegiid degiiner
(the locality) known as Quraqu." (In South Ordos there "'Main Business' and 'Youngsters' from the Imperial
are several places known as Quraqu. See Diet. ordos, Instructions."
p. 371a: in tiisin, in Otoy; Jos. Van Hecken, "Une 132 x 230. Title page (8 lines on inside) + 32 double
Dispute ... ," pp. 279, 306. A. Mostaert, Introduction leaves (8 lines per side) + back cover (7 lines on inside).
to Erdeni-yin Tobci, vol. 1, p. 121. Date: 1903.
On the title page "Tiyen baysi-yin sudur" and "A. The book has an extra cover made of layers of paper with
Mostaert." Incomplete copy of the Mongol introduction writings on them pasted together. Lower edge and corners
of the trilingual Man-Meng ho-pi san-tzu-ching chu-chieh are badly frayed.
of 1832, but the present texts combines the introductions Contents: chapters x-xiv of the translation of the Sheng-
of 1725 and 1823. Variants. Cf. Poppe, Catalogue, Nr. 198. yii kuang-hsiin. At the end of xii, there is a note: Sabi
39. Ordos legiin yar-i gusai taciquyi Juse nemeri tararan. Caqurcaral bi6ibei. At the very end: "Altantati-yin
Ogyun tiilkiir orosiba sudur" (the former owner?).
"Jade Key. Additional study (-material) for students of There is a trilingual edition San-ho Sheng-yii kuang-
the Ordos Banner Jungyar." hsiin, 1874, and a Sino-Mongol edition, Hsin-ching, Man-
120 x 267. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 14 double churia, 1942.
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. Cf. Nrs 44, 45, 46.
Date: tumen ol6ei biiriddigsen tiigemel-iin sayin ediire. 44. Boyda-yin suryal-un orosil sudur
At the end of the text, the title is given as Oyon-u tiilkur "Introduction to the Imperial Instructions."
"Key of Wisdom." Moral exhortations. Has some lines 130 x 229. Title page + 23 double leaves (p. la has only
in common with Nrs 40, 41, and Damdinsiiurng, op. cit., the words: Baysi Tiyen-yin sudur; text starts on p. lb:
pp. 51-58. 7 lines per side) - back cover.
40. Oyon tiilkigiir kemekii. dandan gegen ayiladduysan Pencil note on title page: "A. Mostaert."
suryal. erkis-iin d6rben kelkiy-e Comprises chapters vii, v, vi (gaps in the text), and viii
"Instructions known as 'Key of Wisdom' given by (in this order) of the translation of the Sheng-yii kuang-
Dandan Gegen. Four Strings." hsiin. Many misspellings.
133 x 233. Title page + 6 double leaves (7 lines per side) + Cf. Nrs 43, 45, 46.
back cover. Date: 1910. 45. Boyda-yin suryal-un orogil sudur
Exhortations with Buddhist contents; various sayings in "Introduction to the Imperial Instructions."
alliterated lines. 130 x 228. Title page (on the inside: Baysi Tiyen-yin
Cf. Nrs 39, 41. kereglekii) + 72 double leaves (7 lines per side) + back
41. Ogyun telkigiir (sic) kemekii sudur orosiba cover.
"Book known as Jade Key." Pencil note on title page: "A. Mostaert."
122 x 175. Title page + 24 double leaves (5 lines per Chapters 5-8 missing. Variants and misspellings.
side) + back cover. Date: 1903. Cf. Nrs 43, 44, 46.
On inside of back cover: Timen 61oei btiriddiintiigemel 46. Tor6l torogsen qoyaduyar bolog
sayin ediire / oljei cinggel biiridluin uciraltu sayin edir-e "Second chapter: '(Cherish one's) own Clan !"
bicijii tegiisbe. 130 x 229. Title page (8 lines on inside) + 8 double
On p. 21a, the title is repeated as Oyon telkigiir "Key of leaves (8 lines per side) + back cover (3 lines of text on
Wisdom." Difficult to read; some lines common with inside). Date: 1907.
Nrs 39 and 40. Apart from front and back cover, there Pencil note on title page: "Fl. Claeys."
is another cover in dark blue linen sewn on, but slightly Contains chapters 2 and 3 (yacay-a kiii) of the Boyda-
smaller and obviously originally coming from some other yin suryal.
book. Cf. Nrs 43, 44, 45. L, 40.
42. Naran gerel-iin iiliger-iin debter bolai 47. Kiiiigiin cimeg erdeni-yin unfily-a subud kelkiy-e
"Book of the Story of 'Sun Light'." suryaqu biLig
134 x 227. Title page + 52 double leaves (7 lines per "Teaching Book: Pendant of Jewels, Ornament of the
side) + back cover (3 lines on inside). Date: 1910. Neck, and String of Pearls."
Mainly an account of a trip through hell. Heissig, Ge- 115 x 267. Title page + 12 double leaves (6 lines per
schichte, pp. 109-116, 119, gives the summary of this side) + back cover (5 lines on inside).
198 .Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

Buddhist and Confucian moral exhortations. needs correcting. Jen-ming ta-tz' u-lien p. 8.19). W.
48. Erie cay-un iiilen qayan kemekii-yin iiliger bolai Heissig, Geschichte, pp. 147-148.
"Story of the Uilen-qayan of early times." Cf. Nrs 55, 56.
114 x 262. Title page (text begins on inside) + 13 double 55. Li-miing siyen-seng-iin iiliger-yi bicibe
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. Date: First year "The Story of Li-niing siyen-seng."
Kebtu yosun (1909), but in fact: January 25, 1910. 115 X 265. Title page + 17 double leaves (7 lines per
First section of an epic story describing a fight against a side) +- back cover (3 lines of text on inside). Date:
monster. 1908.
49. Sanayan-u d6rben kelkiy-e Same as Nr 54.
"Four Strings of Thoughts." 56. Giin uqayatu Li-miing siyen-seng-yin iiliger bui.
140 x 238. Title page + 4 double leaves (8 lines per side) + "Story of the profoundly intelligent Li-miing siyen-seng."
back cover (4 lines on inside). 230 x 266. Title page + 7 double leaves (1-t lines per
Proverb-like sayings. Cf. Nr 50. side) + back cover. Date: 1910.
50. Sanayan-u d6rben kelkiy-e Same as Nrs 54, 55.
"Four Strings of Thoughts." 57. Si mergen noyan-iu sidkegsen kereg-iin eke toytayal.
121 x 198. Title page + 7 double leaves (6 lines per Terigiin debter bui.
side). No back cover. "Original text (?) of Decisions by the Wise Functionary
Same as Nr 49; variants. Shih. First Book."
51. Gebu mergen bithe 130 x 235. Title page (7 lines on inside) + 72 double
"Book of the Famous and the Wise." leaves (7 lines per side) + back cover. Extra cover,
120 x 263. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 7 double back and front. Date: 1908; in fact: January 10, 1909.
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. Date: 1909. Pencil note on title page: "A. Mostaert."
Manchu-Mongol phrase book. Based on the Shih Kung-an of the Ch'ing period. Heissig,
52. Abkai hesei forgon be aliha hat-i hese Geschichte, pp. 269-270; Heissig, Catalogue (Copenhagen),
114 x 268. Title page (Mongol title: Tngri-yin bosuy-iyar pp. 100-103. Cf. L, 9.
cay-i efilegsen qayan-u farliy: "Command of the Emperor Cf. Nrs 58, 59.
who by order of Heaven rules the Times" and one line 58. Si mergen noyan-ii sidkegsen kereg-iin eki toytayal-un
of text on inside) + 17 double leaves (3 lines per side) - tabuduyar biolg.
back cover. Date: December 31, 1857. "Original text (?) of decisions by the Wise Functionary
Red pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "from Shih. Fifth Book."
Qanggin; many mistaken readings." The text is Mongol 225 x 270. Title page + 21 double leaves (14 lines per
only, despite the Manchu title: list of the twelve ruling side) 4- back cover.
princes of Qanggin: 1647-1557. Cf. J. Van Hecken, 59. Sii mergen noyan-iu Sidkeysen kereg-iid-iin eki loytal
"Les Princes Borjigid des Ordos depuis leur soumission arban nayimaduyar debter.
aux Mandchoux en 1636 jusqu'A leur disparition en 1951," "Original text (?) of Decisions by the Wise Functionary
in Central Asiatic Journal 16, 1972, pp. 146-147. Shih. Eighteenth Book."
53. Liu-iii-siyen-ii terigiin debter 257 x 228. Title page + 15 double leaves (17 lines per
"Liu Yii-hsien (?). First Book." side) + back cover.
132 x 232. Title page + 29 double leaves (7 lines per Pencil note on title page in Fl. Claeys's handwriting:
side) + back cover. Date: 1910. Chinese original? "Balgasu."
54. Li-miing fiyen-seng-iin iiledegebiiri bicig-iin orosil Cf. Nrs 57, 58.
"Book of the Story of Li-miing siyen-seng." 60. Sayin yabudal-tu iriigel-iin qayan nom. tlemfi iriigel.
132 x 230. Title page + 14 double leaves (7 lines per Qoyar fiiil oro?i fuyui. ral-iu oc'ig basa bui.
side) + back cover. Date: 1907. Pencil on title page: "The book, King of Good Wishes for Lucky Events.
"A. Mostaert." Eminent Good Wishes (these) two kinds. Also: Prayer
Chinese original: Li-ming-lun by Yuan Huang (1533- to the Fire."
1606, chin-shih: 1586). One of Yian's tzu's was Tzu- 132 x 235. Title page -+ 2- double leaves (7 lines per
fan, and a book he wrote is called Tzu-fan ssu hsiin, a per side) + back cover. Date: 1909.
section of which is the Li-ming-lun. (Communication of The title Qutuytu sayin yabudal-un iriigel-iin qayan ap-
Prof. L. C. Goodrich, Ming Biograph. Hist. Project, pears in a printed version of a series of texts mostly
Columbia Univ., New York. There is a note on Yuan in from the hand of Mergen diyanci blama of Urad. Heissig,
Goodrich's The Literary Inquisition of Ch'ien-lung, Bal- Die Pekinger Lam. Blockdr., p. 141. See also Heissig,
timore, 1935, p. 153, where the date of his chin-shih "Zur Bestandsaufnahme und Katalogisierung mongo-
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 199

lischer Handschriften und Blockdrucke in Japan," in Probably from Otoy. Transcription and translation:
Uralaltaische Jahrbiicher 38, 1966, p. 86. L. Ligeti, Ca- H. Serruys, Kumiss Ceremonies and Horse Races. Asia-
talogue du Kanjur Mongol imprime, Budapest, 1942, Nrs tische Forsclungen Nr 37. (Yardung: Tib. dbyar-ston
731, 848, 1144. Also Nr 147 of the present catalogue. "summer festivals or entertainments." S. C. Das, Tib.-
The transcription of the ral-un obig with translation Engl. Diet., p. 914a). Cf. L, 35.
and commentary in A. Mostaert, "A propos d'une pribre Cf. Nr 66.
au Feu," in N. Poppe (ed.), American Studies in Altaic 66. Om sayin amuylilang-tan boltuyai kememiii. Ene
Linguistics, Bloomington and The Hague, 1962, pp. 191- jiiil-iin joriy-yi nigen icog tiidel iigei dayudan yarbasu
223. sayin kenmeiigfii
The copyist of this booklet was a nobleman of the Banner "Om I May all be Happy and Prosperous I It will be well
Wang, but it is not known if the text itself originated if one recites at one sitting without interruption this
there. sort of address."
Cf. Nr 61. L, 53. 135 x 237. Title page + 8 double leaves (8 lines per
61. Fal-un oco6g side) + back cover (one line on the inside).
"Prayer to the Fire." Shorter variant of Nr 65.
137 x 237. Title page + 8 double leaves (8 lines per 67. Unegen-ii lubsang sudulr orosiba
side) + back cover. "Book of the Incense Offering of the Fox."
Note on the title page by A. Mostaert: "Otok." 114 x 180. Title page + 9 double leaves (5 lines per side) +
Much in common with Nr 60. back cover (6 lines on the inside).
62. Tngri-yin cayajin-u bicig Transcription and translation in H. Serruys, "Offering
"Book 'Law from Heaven'." of the Fox. A Shamanist text from Ordos," Zentralasiat.
124 x 278. Title page - 10 double leaves (7 lines per Studien 4, 1970, pp. 311-325.
side) + back cover. Cf. Nr 128.
Various precepts, taboos, etc. 68. Boyda efin-ii siilde-yin sang orogibai
63. Dayiming yuwa Iowa qayan begefing qota-(n)i bayi- "Incense Offering to the Flag of the Saintly Lord."
yuluysan iliger-uin debter. yuwa(n) tayise. fing tayise 113 x 175. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 5 double
"Book of the Story of how Emperor Yung-lo of the Great leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover.
Ming built the City of Peking. The Yuan Prince. The Transcription and translation in H. Serruys, "A Mongol
True Prince." Prayer to the Spirit of ~inggis-qan's Flag," in L. Ligeti
114 x 260. Title page + 11 double leaves (7 lines per (ed.), Mongolian Studies, Amsterdam, 1970, pp. 527-
side) + back cover. Date: 1907. 535.
Pencil note on title page: "Fl. Claeys." 69. No title.
Transcription and translation (together with Nr 64) in 133 x 226. Front cover + 17 double leaves (7 lines per
H. Serruys "A manuscript version of the Legend of the side) + back cover. Beginning and end are missing.
Mlongol Ancestry of the Yung-lo Emperor," in J. G. On a separate slip by A. Mostaert, the incomplete version
Hangin and U. Onon (eds.), Analecta Mongolica. The of the beginning lines: nige cayan menggetii tirigsen
Mongolia Society Occasional Papers, Number Eight, kiimtin anu utrida tirol-degen Ingri-yin kobegiin-ii mengge
Bloomington, 1972, pp. 19-61. bui ...
64. Erte-(n)ii dayiming yuwa lowa qayan-u begefing yota- Manual of fortune telling, identical or similar to such
yi bayiyuluysan illiger-uin debter manuals as listed in Heissig, Catalogue (Copenhagen),
"Book of the Story of how Emperor Yung-lo of the Early pp. 156-157. Cf. L, 68.
Great Ming built the city of Peking." 70. No title.
115 x 264. Title page +- 11 double leaves (7 lines per 120 x 165. 9 double leaves with diagrams, badly frayed
side) + back cover. Date: 1907. and hard to read.
Pencil note on title page: "A. Mostaert." Inc. gerdey-e yal. rugini sirui. maragansiri ki.
Same as Nr 63, variants. delgeriin. idar.
65. Yardung-du uruldufu miori-dii oroysan arban ajir- adiy-a yal. sumiy-a usun. angaray-a yal.
yan-un cola ba. aday segill-iin morin-u fola-yin qamtu. adar usiun.
"Praise of the Ten Stallions taking part in the Contest arbidqu. rasiyan. . .
and Race of the Yardung (festivities) together with the
buyun usun.
Praise of the Horse (arriving) last." Manual of fortune telling from Caqar.
133 x 228. Title page + 9 double leaves (7 lines per 71. Julay-un 6d6g-iin sudur orosiba
side) + back cover (4 lines on inside). "Prayer Book for the Julay (-ritual)."
200 Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

119 x 180. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 21 double a lama (no name) upon request of a certain Todoi (= To-
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. dai) minister of tUusin.
Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "acquired in 77. Undiisiln bsang
Jungyar, 1909." Cf. L, 8. "Incense Offering of Origin."
Cf. Nrs 72, 73, 74. One long strip of brownish paper 208 x 3875, folded ac-
72. Julay-un saculi takil cegen-ii degelii ergiikiii yosun. cordion fashion into 50 folds or "pages" 76 or 77 mm.
sun nayur-un bayar qurim kemekii fiiil orogiba wide. Title page, brown cloth. The text is written on
"Manner in which are offered the Aspersion and Offering both sides: first "page": 6 lines of text; the following
of the Julay and the Primices of Kumiss called 'Joyous pages have four lines each; "pages" 97-99 have six lines,
Feast of the Lake of Milk." and the last "page" (100) remains blank. Back cover is
133 x 228. Title page + 20 double leaves (7 lines per missing.
side) + back cover. Date: 1910. Probably from the very end of the 16th century. This
Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "uisin. Kesig- ms. was purchased by Ant. Mostaert at Suiytan in 1937.
batu." (owner)?. Facsimile, transcription, and translation: H-. Serruys,
Transcription and translation in H. Serruys, Kumiss "A Mongol Lamaist Prayer: Undiisiin bsang 'Incense
Ceremonies. Offering of Origin'," in Monumenta Serica 28, 1969,
Cf. Nrs 71, 73, 74. pp. 321-418.
73. Siin-u saculi fulay cige ergiikii sudur orosiba 78. Qutuytu cambutib-un yerii-yin iindiisiin-ii bsang ke-
"Sutra of the Aspersion of Milk and the Offering of the mekii orosiba
Julay." "(Book) called 'Incense Offering of Origin' for the Gen-
113 x 265. Title page + 18 double leaves (7 lines per erality of the Blessed Jambudvipa."
side) + back cover. Date 1910. 132 x 226. Title page + 20 double leaves (7 lines per
Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "Altan-wacir, side) + back cover.
alias Erh-yeh." Pencil note by Ant. Mostaert: "Namtak sang" (Cf. L,
Variant of Nrs 72 and 74. 7).
74. Julay-un saculi takil ergiikiii yosun sin-ii qurim A modern version with many changes of the original
kemekii orogiba. Ondiisun bsang.
"Banquet of Milk (being the) manner in which are offered 79. Sayang erke secin qung-un sudur
the Aspersion and Sacrifice of the Julay." "Sutra of Sayang-erke-secin qung (-tayiji)."
115 X 267. Title page + 17 double leaves (7 lines per 135 x 228. Title page + 5 double leaves (6 lines per
side) + back cover. Date: 1910. side) + back cover (4 lines on inside).
Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "Ciusin. Jalan Pencil notes on title page: "A. Mostaert,"- "Cutsin."
meyiren." (owner of original copy from which this copy Given to A. Mostaert by the Uuisin tayiji Tobeindorji in
was made). 1936.
Cf. Nrs 72, 73. Transcription and translation in A. Mostaert, "Sur le
75. Boyda-yin iriigel-iin yamu yosu fang iiile-yin debter culte de Sayang Secen et de son bisaieul
Qutuytai Secen
"Book of Functions, Rites, and Ceremonies 'Good Wishes chez les Ordos," in HJAS 20, 1957, pp. 534-566. Cf. L,
for the Saint'." 27, 41.
128 x 268. Title page (6 lines on inside) + 17 double 80. Ongyon-u sang takily-a orogiba
leaves (6 lines per side) + back cover. Date: 1909. "Offering of Incense and Sacrifice at the Ongyon."
Note in ink by A. Mostaert on title page: "acquired in 98 x 240. Nine double leaves, unbound: title on outside
Jungyar in 1909. 1. milayayad-un ocog; 2. dalaly-a; of first leaf; text begins on inside: 15 lines. Other leaves
3. qorin nigen-e miliyayud-un qoni-yi...; 4. cayan sOi- have 14 lines per side. Last side, only 9 lines. Back
rug-un Jang iuile." Prayers of the Darqad at Cinggis- cover. Given to A. Mostaert in 1936 by the uiisintayiji
qan's sanctuary at Edjenkhor6. Cf. L, 80, 81. Tobcindorji, secretary of the banner administration.
76. (inggis-qayan-u 66cg takil iiiledkiii yosun. iiiles iir- Transcription and translation: A. Mostaert," Sur le culte
gen-e biityiiyi kemegdekii orosibai de Sayang-Secen ...," in HJAS 20, 1957, pp. 534-
"(Book) called 'Speedy Achiever of Affairs;' Manner of 566.
performing Prayers and Offerings to Cinggis-qayan." Cf. Nr 81, 134, 135. Cf. L, 27, 41.
140 x 228. Title page + 8 double leaves (8 lines per 81. Ongyon-u sang takily-a orosiba
side) + back cover (7 lines on inside). "Offering of Incense and Sacrifice at the Ongyon."
Prayer to Cinggis-qayan represented as a Lamaist deity 113 x 183. Title page + 6 double leaves (8 lines per
According to the colophon, this text was composed by side) + back cover.
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 201

Variant of Nr 80; cf. Nrs 134, 135. Cf. L, 27, 41. Pencil note by A. Mostaert: "Ctisin."
82. Title missing Addresses in alliterated verses to be recited at marriage
112 x 151. Title page (badly torn, illegible) + 20 double ceremonies. Not identical, but has much in common
leaves (10 lines per side) + back cover. with Qonfin debter in Damdinsuirang, Mongyol uran....
Incipit (la): rurban erdeni-diir itegen morgiimiii. lb is pp. 87-96.
blank. Treatise of diseases and their symptoms; in Translation and transcription in H. Serruys "Four Man-
24 sections. Badly worm-eaten in places. uals for Marriage Ceremonies among the Mongols," in
Given to A. Mostaert by Jos. Nols, who acquired the Zentralas. Stud. 8.
ms. in Jehol Province. Cf. Nrs 87, 88, 89, 90.
83. Bilig-un fula kemegdekii sastir orosiba 87. Qurim nayir-un iriigel bilig-iin dangsa
"gastra called 'Lamp of Intelligence'." "Book of Good Wishes and Omens for a (marriage)
129 x 226. Title page + 11 double leaves (7 lines per Celebration."
side) + back cover. 110 x 260. Title page 4- 12 double leaves (6 lines per
Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "Ch'ien-lung ?- side) + back cover (five lines on inside).
incomplete; succession of the Bancen and Dalai-lamas." Pencil note: "Fl. Claeys."
If the basic text dates from the Ch'ien-lung period, this Wishes and speeches read at a wedding ceremony.
copy is very recent: both paper and handwriting re- Transcription and translation in H. Serruys, "Four lan-
semble the other mss. dating from around 1910. uals. . ."
Cf. Nr 84. Cf. Nrs 86, 88, 89, 90.
84. Bilig-un fula kemekii teiike debter 88. Tayilburi-yin debter anu
"Story Book called 'Lamp of Intelligence'." "Book of Explanations."
225 x 264. Title page + 20 double leaves (13 lines per 114 x 260. Title page + 6 double leaves (6 lines per side) +
side) + back cover. back cover (5 lines on inside).
A pencil note by A. Mostaert on the title page says that Pencil note: "Fl. Claeys."
this ms. contains two works: 1-10a: incipit: rurban cay- Speeches describing the presents offered at a marriage
un qamuy burqan biikiii-yin mon cinar. yurban kolgen-ii ceremony.
iSi onol yarqu-yin oron ... Is a cosmogony: history and Much in common with Nrs 86, 87, 89, 90.
description of the Buddhist world. 2. 10a-20b is another 89. Eriigel (sic! read irigel)-yin tayilburi anu
version of the Bilig-iin lula. A. Mostaert collated this "Explanation of Good Wishes."
text with another ms.: Tobcilan iiigiiliigsen bilig-un fula 112 x 255. Title page + 5 double leaves (7 lines per side)
kemekii teike. Ch'ien-lung 22d year (1751): several ad- + back cover (1 lines on inside).
ditions on paper slips, and many interlinear corrections Pencil note in Fl. Claeys's handwriting: "Brug" (meaning
and insertions. the Mission station of Hsiao-ch'iao-pan, South Ordos).
85. Kkir kkir qayan-u tayufin suidur orosibai. Ariki-u Poetical description of presents offered at a marriage
aci iire-yi nomlaysan qoyaduyar (corr. in pencil: orosibai) ceremony.
qoyar Jiiil (reading of last two words uncertain) Cf. Nrs 86, 87, 88, 90.
"Story of the Khir-kkir qayan." - "Instructions on the Transcription and translation in H. Serruys "Four Man-
consequences of wine." uals..."
225 x 262. Title page + 35 double leaves (14 lines per 90. Beri bayulyaqu-dur keregsekii qonfin suldur
side) + back cover (one line on inside). "Handbook for the Qonlin to be used when a bride is
la-15a conversation with a lama who explains various brought home."
facets of the Buddhist way of life. The Khir-kkir qayan 225 x 264. Title page + 20 double leaves (14 lines per
story begins on p. 16b: dreams containing conversations side) (+ additional lines on separate slip written by A.
between a Brahman, a lama, and a yogacari, mainly on Mostaert) + back cover. Microfilm of this ms. listed in
the sufferings of living beings in the time of affliction Heissig, Catalogue (Copenhagen), pp. 136-138.
(cob-iin cay). 32b-35b: on wine and warnings against Same text with many variants, in Damdinsiiurung, op. cit.,
it. Author (of last section only?): Jarliy-iyar erkiimjileg- pp. 87-96: Qonfin debter.
sen sajin-i manduyuluysan amitan-i jiryayuluyci boyda Transcription and translation in H. Serruys, "Four Man-
Jibcungdamba qutuytu-yin gegegen. uals..."
86. Qonfin sudur bolai 91. Jii-diyen sing cin-quyi kemekii bicig firyuyaduyar
"Handbook for the Master of Ceremonies." debter
232 x 284. Title page + 14 double leaves (14 lines per "Book 'Chi-the-Fool brings Ch'in Kuai to heel.' Sixth
side) + back cover (3 lines on inside). Chapter."
202 .Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

267 x 226. Title page + 32 double leaves (14 lines per Oral Literature in Mongolia: The Addresses," in Monu-
side) + back cover. menta Serica 31.
The title is Chinese: Chi Tien hsing Ch'in Kuei. The 96. r'trban ulus-un lobEi bicig bolai
text comprises a murder story, and a journey through "Book 'Summary of the Three Kingdoms'."
hell, and a meeting with Chi Tien who brings the dead 248 x 210. Title page (16 lines on inside) + 3 double
back to life. On Mongol versions of the Chi-kung chuan, leaves (16 lines per side). No back cover. Fragment from
see Heissig, "Die Schwanke des 'Verriickten' Saydar," the Chinese San-kuo chih yen-i.
in H. Franke (ed.), Studia Sino-Altaica. Festschrift fiir 97. Erteki ba ediigeki-yin erdeni-yin IobEi. terigiin debter.
E. Haenisch, Wiesbaden, 1961, p. 101, n. 49; also Heissig, "Precious Summary of Early and Contemporary (events).
Geschichte, pp. 186, 222, 269, 270, 326, and Heissig, First Book."
Catalogue (Copenhagen), pp. 94-95. 225 x 267. Title page + 19 double leaves (14 lines per
92. Angq-a yirtinc'ii toytayaysan kemjiy-e didig side) + back cover.
"Book of the Measure of the Original Establishment of Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "Author is
the World." Kesigbatu jaryuci of uiisin."
247 x 197. Title page + 25 double leaves (17 lines per Facsimile and summary of contents in W. Heissig"
side) + back cover. Date: 1909 (in fact: January 25, Kesigbatus Chronik Erdeni-yin Tobci," in Zentralasiat.
1910). Studien 4, 1970, pp. 313-428; also Heissig, Geschichfe,
Pencil note on title page in Fl. Claeys's handwriting: pp. 601-603.
"Balgasu." 98. Erdeni-yin Tobci. Qoyaduyar debter.
93. No title "Precious Summary. Second Book."
145 x 241. Front cover + 44 double leaves (8 lines per 230 x 268. Title page + 19 double leaves (15 lines per
side) -F back cover. side) - back cover.
Inc.: Om suwasti siddam .iri yurban erdeni... Continuation of Nr 97. Completed in 1905.
Date: 1935. Facsimile in Heissig, Zentralas. Studien 4, 1970.
Ink note by A. Mostaert on front cover: "Fragment of the 99. Amzzyllang-tu siikawati-yin oron-u leiike
Sira teiike of Sayang Secen. Ordos ms." Contents: from "History of the Place Happy Sukhavati."
Cinggisqan's funeral to Molon tayi]i being entrusted to 227 x 260. Title page + 26 double leaves (14 lines per
Moliqai-ong of the Ongliyud (Sayang-secen, Schmidt side; 26a has two lines written with the brush, and 4
Geschichte der Ost-Mongolen, pp. 106-107-170-171. Cf. lines in pencil in which appears the title Bilig-iin toli) +
L, 10, 43, 46. back cover. Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page:
94. Toli bicig-iin debtiiling labai cayan debter "Bilig-in toli." Cf. Heissig, Peking. Lam. Blockdrucke,
"Register of the Mirror-Book. Conchshell-white Book." p. 111, Nr 124; 3long. Handschriften, Blockdrucke, Land-
226 x 267. Title page -F 24 double leaves (14 lines per karten, Wiesbaden, 1961, Nrs 494, 495, 496. Poppe,
side) + back cover. Catalogue, Nr 72a; Ligeti, Catalogue, Nr 870.
Inc.: qayan-u biciysen toli bicig-iin ded debter... Cf. Nr 100.
Contents: Mongol definitions of 'Governmental titles 100. No title
and Names' taken from the Manchu-Mongol Qayan-u 217 x 208. Fragment of double leaf + 23 double leaves
bicigsen manju iigen-ii loli bicig, second chapter. Chinese (13 lines per side) + fragment of double leaf.
title on cover: Ch'ing-wen chien (although there is no Inc.: (Siikawati)-yin oron-du yegiidkel iigei nom-iun bey-e
Chinese in the book !), printed ed. 1717. olfu ...
95. Olan uiil-iin foriy-ud-un debtelin Corresponds to pp. lb-23a of Nr 99. Contains a fragment
"Registrar of Addresses for Various Occasions." of section 1; abbreviated text of sections 2 through 9,
230 x 265. Title page + 16 double leaves (14 lines per and a small fragment of section 10. From Caqar.
side) + back cover (6 lines on inside). Date: 1910. 101. No title
Collection of addresses for various occasions: the banner 226 x 265. 1 (11 lines on inside) + 29 double leaves (11
prince's presence at a religious ceremony; the prince's lines per side) + back cover (3 lines on inside). Date:
return from Peking; a princess's return from a pilgrimage; 1910.
reopening of the banner government for business after Inc.: Om suwati siddam yurban cay-tin sayibar oduysan
the New Year's recess, etc. Brief description, with samples, biikiin-ii min cinar yurban k6lgen-ii e?i onol-un degedii
by A. Mostaert, "L'Ouverture du Sceau et les adresses nom-ud yarqu-yin oron ... (has nothing in common with
chez les Ordos," in Monumenta Serica 1, 1935, pp. 315- Nr 84 in spite of identical initial lines).
337. Historical composition somewhat in the vein of the Altan
Transcription and translation: H. Serruys, "A Genre of Tob6i: long series of rulers of India and Tibet; the Mongol
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 203

period and the rise of the Manchus up to the Yung-cheng Cf. J. G. Hangin, "The Turned Manuscript of Injanasi's
era. Hsi-Hsia are called Miniyay; some details regarding Koke Sudur," Central Asiatic Journal 15, 1971, pp. 192-
the cult of Cinggis-qan, and various other facts. Nothing 199. Hangin, Kike Sudur (The Blue Chronicle). A Study
about the Twelve Tiumed and Altan-qan. But mentions of the First Mongolian Historical Novel by Infannasi,
the printing of the Kanjur and the Tanjur in the K'ang- Wiesbaden, Asiat. Forschungen Nr 38). Heissig, Ge-
hsi period. schichte, pp. 283-290, 307-323.
102. Dai Yuwan kemekii yeke qayad-un teiike bolai 107. Yeke lMongyol-ln sal ....
"Story of the Great Qayan's known as Great Yuan." 240 x 277. Title page + 35 double leaves (12 or 13 lines
240 x 290. Title page + 31 double leaves (14 lines per per side) + back cover (13 lines on inside).
side) + back cover (7 lines on inside). Date: 1935. Pencil note by A. Mostaert: "Subiud Erike. 1835. In
Cf. Nr 103. Ordos known as Koke teiike." Cf. L, 5.
103. Dai Yllwan gurun-i han-i bithe Facsimile of this text (variants) has been published by
"Book of the Qan's of the Great Yuan Dynasty." W. Heissig, Die Fam. u. Kirchengeschichtsschreibung II,
261 x 225. Title page + 35 double leaves (18 lines per side) 1965, pp. 1-70, from a lithographic edition published in
back cover. Date: 1910. Mukden, 1927.
Contains no Manchu in spite of the Manchu title; same 108. Dai ylwan ulus-un sudur terigiin debter orosiyulbai
-+ as Nr 102, with variants. "Chronicle of the Great Yuan Dynasty. Book One."
104. Allan tobci-yin terigiin debter 230 x 252. Title page + 58 double leaves (14 lines per
"Golden Summary. First Book." side) + back cover.
225 x 267. Title page - 28 double leaves (14 lines per The Dai yuwan ulus-un sudur in 14 vols. is the translation
side) +- back cover. Date: 1910. of the Manchu Dai yuwan gurun-i suduri, itself based on
Pencil notes by A. Mostaert on title page: "author: the pen-chi of the Yiian-shih and additional materials.
Mergen gegen, Urad."- "Ch'ien-lung 30th year (1765)." The Manchu text was completed in 1644 and printed in
Heissig, Peking. Lam. Blockdrucke, pp. 123, 127, mentions 1646. Cf. Li Te-ch'i, Man-wen shu-chi lien-ho mul-lu
a printed edition of this work: Kalgan, 1942. Heissig, Union Catalogue of Manchu Books in the National
Familien-II. Kirchengeschichtsschreibung I, Wiesbaden, Library of the Library of the Palace Museum, Pei-p'ing,
1959, pp. 171 sq.; Catalogue (Copenhagen), p. 5 (photo- 1933, p. 40, Nr 925.7.
stat copy). According to a note by A. Mostaert, this Mongol text
Cf. Nr 105. was copied around 1910 from a copy in the possession
105. Allan tobci-yin qoyaduyar debter of the lama Raybajamsan (Wu Lama) of tiisin (a photo-
"Golden Summary. Second Book." graph of this lama in Erdeni-yin Tobci, Scripta 3long.
226 x 265. Title page + 39 double leaves (14 lines per II, vol. I, photo 9, and in J. Van Hecken, "Une Dispute. . ."
side) - back cover. Date: 1910. Monumenta Serica 19, 1960, photo 3. Poppe, Catalogle,
Pencil note by A. Mostaert on title page: "end is incom- p. 228, Nr 333, lists a ms. copy of the Manchu version of
plete." 1644.
Cf. Nr 104. This volume covers the pre-Yfian period and the time of
106. Yeke yuwan u lus-un mandiysan tfri-yin kike suldur. Tayitsu (T'ai-tsu), Temuiin.
Qoyar debter. D6rben b6log 109. Dai yuwan ulus. .... qoyaduyar debter
"Bleu Chronicle of the Rising Government of the Great "Chronicle.... Book Two."
Yiian Dynasty. Two books in four sections." 236 x 282. Title page + 42 double leaves (13 lines
245 x 279. Title page + 32 double leaves (14 lines per per side) + back cover.
side) - back cover. Covers: Tayisung (T'ai-tsung) and first successors.
1-8b: nigediiger bolog; 8b-16a: qoyaduyar boilg; 16a- 110. Dai yuwan uhlus. . . yutlyar debter
25a: yutagar b6olg; 25a-32b: ditiiger bolog. Final note "Chronicle.... Book Three."
in red, three lines: taciquyi fuse-i gingguleme arga. slrrya- 238 x 285. Title page + 39 double leaves (13 lines
yulli-yin kibegiin keciyenggiiilen bicibei. orin ninggltn da per side) + back cover.
genggenbuha. Note by A. Mostaert on title page: "ins. Sisu qayan (Shih-tsu): Qubilai).
acquired at Edjin Khoro in 1918." 111. Dai yuuwi,anulls .... dofiiger debter
Much briefer version than the printed ed. of Kalgan, "Chronicle.... Book Four."
1945 (the only edition-incomplete-available to me). 238 x 284. Title page + 32 double leaves (13 lines per
There exist several editions of this work: in 12 chapters, side) + back cover.
Peking, 1929 (1930?); lithograph, K'ai-lu, 1940; Koke Chih-yiian 3d year.
qota, 1957. 112. Dai yuwan ulus .... tabtayar debter
204 Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

"Chronicle ... Book Five." leaves (7 lines per side) - back cover (7 lines on inside).
239 x 285. Title page + 22 double leaves (13 lines per Date: Dec. 1909-Jan. 1910.
side) + back cover. Translation of the first chapter of the Li-Fan yuan tse-li
Chih-ytian, 12th year. (list of Mongol Banners).
113. Dai yuwan ulus .... firyuduyar debter Cf. Nr 123.
"Chronicle... Book Six." 123. No title
238 x 285. Title page + 39 double leaves (13 lines per 235 x 282. Cover + 24 double leaves (14 lines per side) +
side) + back cover. back cover (10 lines on inside).
Chih-yaan, 16th year. Partial table of contents of the Li-Fan yuan tse-li;
114. Dai yuwan ulus ... doloduyar debter fragments of translation of chapters 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 16.
"Chronicle... Book Seven." 124. No title
238 x 280. Title page + 17 double leaves (13 lines per Diirim "ordinance" of Otoy, 1923.
side) +- back cover. 279 x 237. Front page + 11 double leaves (16 lines per
Cengsung qayan (Ch'eng-tsung). side) + back cover (3 lines on inside).
115. Dai yuwan ulus . .. nayimadlyar debter Transcription and translation, with facsimile, in H.
"Chronicle... Book Eight." Serruys "A Socio-political Document from Otoy," in Mo-
238 x 280. Title page + 15 double leaves (13 lines per numenta Serica 30.
side) + back cover (11 lines on inside). 125. One sheet. 250 x 200. Receipt from 1909 accom-
Usung qayan (Wu-tsung). panying registers of the Banner of Namsarai, Tusiyetu-
116. Dai yuwan ulus ... isiidiiger debter qan, to be delivered to the Li-Fan yuan in Peking. 8
"Chronicle .... Book Nine." lines on Western paper.
238 x 280. Title page + 28 double leaves (13 lines per See H. Serruys, "A Receipt from Outer Mongolia from
side) 4- back cover. 1907," Acfa Orientalia Hung. 24, 1971, pp. 331-335,
Jinsung qayan (Jen-tsung). with facsimile.
117. Dai yuwan ulus ... arbaduyar debter 126. Arban tabuduyar rabyiing-un doiin naiman-duyaron...
"Chronicle... Book Ten." Prognostication for the year 1914. 213 x 225. Sixteen
239 x 280. Title page + 48 double leaves (13 lines per lines of text. See H. Serruys, "A Mongol Horoscope of
side) + back cover (7 lines on inside). the Year 1914," Central Asiatic Journal 18. 1974. 175-9.
Ningsung qayan (Ying-tsung). 127. Qoyar kiimiin nigen lam-tilr qamlu neyileged ...
118. Dai yuwan ulus... arban nigediiger debter Two sheets of thin Chinese paper (635 x 243), 38 and
"Chronicle... Book Eleven." 40 lines of text respectively. A didactic poem by Kesig-
240 x 281. Title page + 21 double leaves (13 lines per batu. Facsimile, transcription, and translation in H.
side) + back cover (12 lines on inside). Serruys, "Two Didactic Poems from Ordos," in Zen-
Wengsung qayan (Wen-tsung). tralas. Studien 6, 1972, pp. 425-483. Daminsiiriing, op.
119. Dai yguwan ulus... arban qoyaduyar debler cit., pp. 557a-560a, has a longer version of this poem.
"Chronicle... Book Twelve." HIeissig, Geschichte, pp. 604-605.
240 x 281. Title page + 31 double leaves (13 lines per 128. Onege-ii sang
side) - back cover (5 lines on inside). "Offering of the Fox." 625 x 258.50 lines of text; variant
Sun-ti qayan (Shun-ti). of Nr 67.
120. Dai ygzu,an iilus... arban yulrbaduyar debter 130. Abural-un oron biikiii nigen deger-e quraysan. ..
"Chronicle .... Book Thirteen." "All places of salvation united together..."
238 x 278. Title page + 25 double leaves (13 lines per 850 x 150. One sheet of brown European wrapping
side) + back cover (8 lines on inside). paper, 84 lines, in two sections of 52 and 32 lines respec-
121. Dai yuwlan giiriin-ii suidur. arban dirbediiger debter tively. Marked at the end: "giiRigediii:" "incomplete."
"Chronicle... Book Fourteen." Fragment of Isidangcinwangjil's poem: Nrs 28-31.
131. Naiman luus-un qayan-ul sang. aayan ebiigen-ii
238 x 280. Title page + 23 double leaves (13 lines per
sang. rafar usun-u sang
side) + back cover.
"Offering to the Eight NAgarAjas." - "Offering to the
122. Iadayadu mongyol-un tior-yi Jasaqu yamun-u qauli-
White Old Man." - "Offering to Earth and Water."
yin terigiin debter 720 x 359. 26 + 15 + 8 lines.
"Rules for the Office administering the government of See A. Mostaert, "Note sur le culte du Vieillard blanc
the Outer Mongols. Book One." chez les Ordos," in Studia Altaica, Festschrif fiir Nik.
121 x 265. Title page (7 lines on inside) + 15 double Poppe, Wiesbaden, 1957, pp. 108-117. Cf. L, 61.
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos 205

132. Boyda efin-ii sang oro?iba 143. Letter from the tayiji Altan-wacir, tuisin, to A.
"Offering to the Saintly Lord." Mostaert.
530 x 260. 42 lines. Cf. L, 26. 151 x 240. 8 lines.
Cf. Poppe, "Opisanie Mongol'skix 'Samanskix' rukopisei Cf. H. Serruys, "Two Mongol Letters," in Zentralas.
Instituta Vostokovedeniya," in Zapiski Instituta Vosto- Studien 5, 1971, pp. 95-104: facsimile, transcription,
kovedeniya Akad. Nauk I, 1932, p. 174; B. Rintchen, Les and translation.
Matiriaux pour l'Etude du Chamanisme mongol I. Sources 144. Red paper slip 68 x 198, addressed to Nom-un
littdraires, Wiesbaden, 1959, pp. 59-60; W. Heissig, Mon- baysi Tiyen, accompanying the gift of a horse and a
golische Volksreligiose und Folkloristische Texte, Wies- qaday. No date.
baden, 1966, pp. 151-153. 145. Bayar-un iiy-e-i degedi orosigedbe (?)...
133. Jiyayan-i tabun tngri-yin sang kemebesi Prayers and anointings at a wedding.
"Offering to the Five Gods of Destiny." 207 x 1132. 79 lines, poorly written, and hard to read.
235 x 273. 15 lines. From Caqar.
134. Kii nom-un tib-un ayar-aca blam-a idam burqad 146. Erkim qongyor cinu yeke bayar-un buyaniu amur
ba ... sayin-yi asayun yedekel bariba. lici medegiilkii anu
280 x 270. 19 lines. 135 x 249. 12 lines. Letter signed "Mongqay minu bey-
Note by A. Mostaert: "Takilya of Yeke ongyon: 17th of e." Very hard to decipher.
the 4th lunar month." Cf. Nrs 79, 80, 135.
135. Kii nom-un tib-un ayar-aca blam-a idam burqad Fragments of mss. on pothi-like leaves. (In these texts,
ba ... -n-, -y- are rarely marked; c, j are not distinguished.
568 x 256. 25 lines. Variant of Nr 134. Written with reed calamus)
Note by A. Mostaert: "Kesigtii-secen" (owner). 147. Qutuytu sayin yabudal-un iriiger-in
qayan kemeg-
136. Sar-a noqai-yin irugel bui dekii orosiba
"Good Wish of the Yellow Dog." "King of Good Wishes for blessed and lucky Events."
100 x 260. 7 lines. ca. 270 x 78. Text in quadrangle of ca. 196 x 56: 4
137. Kii morin sang kemebesi leaves: Title page + 6 pages of text: 1 (back side of title
"Offering to the Wind-Horse." page), 2ab, 4ab, 17a (end of text). 17 lines per page.
585 x 260. 21 lines. Cf. L, 25. Cf. Nr 60.
138. Oom sayin amuyulang-tan boltuyai .. . 148. Erdem bikiin-ii sudur orosiba
663 x 287. 29 lines. "Sutra of all Virtues."
Text of an address from Ousin. Transcription and trans- Ca. 233 x 72; text in quadrangle of ca. 184 x 50. 2
lation in A. Mostaert, "L'Ouverture du sceau..." Mon. leaves: title page, lb (back side of title: 17 lines), 2ab
Serica 1, pp. 317-320. This text was communicated by (14 lines each side).
Tobcindorji, secretary of the Banner. 149. No title
139. Tere &ay-tur enedkeg-iin badsala ulus-un uryuyuluy- Ca. 302 x 100; text in quadrangle of ca. 225 x 70. 9
5i neretii qayan (?) torolki ... leaves (1 to 10: incomplete, and sequence
900 x 287. 59 lines. List of Indian kings, pre-Yuan, uncertain); 19
or 10 lines per side.
Yuan, and post-Yuan emperors down to Coyeas-un Jiri- Inc.: Ulegsen odon-iyar tiirgen-ii kol-i bari ...
ken qutuytai secen qung-tayiji of the Ordos.
Leaf 10 has only one side written: end of text
140. Letter from a Christian Qalintai (?) with the rank (but on
lOb there are traces of 3 lines completely
of Jalan to Bishop Alph. Bermijn, 1908. 367 x 243. 14 erased). Old
fashioned writing, with erasures and corrections with
141. Letter from a Christian named Kesigbatu (born
Contents: on statues and images? I fail to understand
1891; not the writer from tiUsin) to Nom-un baysi Tiyen
the text.
(i.e. A. Mostaert): New Year's wishes, and news about
activities of brigands; apparently around 1930-1931 150. No title
(comm. J. Van Hecken). Ca. 303 x 100. Text in quadrangle of ca. 248 x 69:
256 x 263. 16 lines. 21a-29b, 24 lines per side.
142. Letter from the tayiji Norbusang to Nom-un baysi Inc.: dayisun anu aday-a bolai. birqas badi-yin dayisun
Ga (Fl. Claeys). 208 x 347. 13 lines. Date probably anu. anggira kiged bod gray buyu. sukir-a-yin
around 1905. See H. Serruys," Two Mongol Letters," anu. adiy-a sumiy-a bolai...
in Zentralas. Studien 5, 1971, pp. 95-104: facsimile, With charts. Astrology?
transcription, and translation. 151. No title
206 Journal of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

Ca. 304 x 100. Text in quadrangle of ca. 253 x 75. Abkai hesei forgon be aliha hat-i hese, 52
5 leaves: 8 pages: lb-5a, 24 lines per page. Beginning Abural-un oron biikii nigen deger-e quraysan ..., 130
incomplete? End seems complete. On p. lb: three Altan Tobci, 101
moveable disks (with words on them) turning within Altan Tobci-yin terigiin debter, 104
circles marked with the names of the 12-year cycle. Altan Tobci-yin qoyaduyar debter, 105
Inc.: bariydabasu ulus irgen-e ftid boloyad. siitii oi modod Altan toli neretii bicig, 34
sokiraqu bolon... Altan tulkigur, 35
Divination ? Amuyulang-u siikawati-yin oron-u teiike, 99
152. Cay-un lokiyal-un sudur orosiba Angq-a yirtincii toytayaysan kemjiy-e cidig, 92
"Sutra on Conjuction of the time." Angqayaran abqu kogsiken kiumun-iu uges cidig, 17
Ca. 303 x 100; text within quadrangle of ca. 241 x 68. Angqa aran abubasu [jokiqu ?] koggin kiinin-ii iiges inen
3 leaves, 5 pages: lb-3b (23 lines per page). bui. Sedkil uyidqu ulayan kotelbtiri, 16
153. Coytu bayilduyai-aca leyin biiged ilayiuyci iindiisiin- Arban tabuduyar rabyuing-iin d6oin naiman-duyar on. *.,
ii qayan-i delgerenggiii-e dayiluysan Coytu fula kemekii 126
sastir-aca yutayar b6log-iin delgerengyiii tayilburi orosiba Ariki-u a6i ure-yi nomlaysan, 85
"Extensive commentary on the third section of the Book Baras sarayin arban nayiman soni nigen kumiin jigtidii-
called 'Illustrious Lamp vastly overcoming the qayan- legsen anu..., 11
of-origin, Perfect Victor in a celebrated Fight'." Bariydabasu ulus irgen-e jud boloyad. sutu oi modod
Ca. 303 x 98. Text in quadrangle of ca. 218 x 70. sakiraqu bolon . . ., 151
Text: lb-2b (3 pages: 24 lines per side). Bayar-un iiy-e-i degedii orosigedbe (?)..., 145
154. Naran saran-i tiiidkiii raqu-yin iindiisiin ene bui. Beri bayulyaqu-dur keregseku qonjin sudur, 90
sayin mayui onoqu Bilig-un jula kemegdeku sastir orosiba, 83
"Root of Raqu, hindrance of Sun and Moon. To under- Bilig-iin jula kemeku teuke debter, 84
stand good and evil." Bilig-un toli, 99
Ca. 304 x 100. Text in quadrangle of ca. 251 x 72. Boyda ejin-u sang orosiba, 132
Text: lb-4b (5ab missing), 6a-10a (16 pages: 2.1 lines per Boyda ejin-u sulde-yin sang orosibai, 68
page). End complete. Boyda mergen gegen-ii jokiyaysan .. . 36
155. Biitiikii odod-iin tokiyal Boyda suryal-un tus kerig. kobegud deginer, 43
"Conjunction of Stars." Boyda-yin irugel-un yamu yosu jang uile-yin debter, 75
Ca. 303 x 98. Text in quadrangle of ca. 247 x 69. Boyda-yin suryal-un orosil sudur, 44, 45
Text: lb-71a (leaves 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 Bitituku odod-iin tokiyal, 155
are double: uridu and qoyitu: four pages each 1) (24 lines Cay-un tokiyal-un sudur orosiba, 152
per page). Leaves 2, 16, 21-29 are missing. Cayan ebiigen-ii sang, 131
INDEX OF AUTHORS' NAMES Chi-kung chuan, 91
Altan-wacir (letter, 143 Ch'ing-wen chien, 94
Cindamuni-yin Cimeg, 19, 20
Dandan-gegen, 40
Cinggis qayan-u 6o6g takil iiiledkiii yosun. iiles tuirgen-e
Danjinrabjai, 35
butuyci kemegdeku orosibai, 76
Injanasi, 106
Coytu bayilduyan-aca teyin buged ilayuyci undusiin-u
IsidanjinwangJil, 28, 29, 30, 31, 130.
Jibcungdamba qutuytu, 85 qayan-u delgerenggiii-e dayiluysan coytu jula kemeku
Kesigbatu, 1, 2, 97, 98, 127 sastir-aia yutayar bolog-fin delgerenggiii tayilburi oro-
Kesigbatu (letter), 141 siba, 153
Dai yuwan gurun-i han-i bithe, 103
Mergen diyan6i, 60
Dai yuwan gurun-i suduri, 108-121
Mergen-gegen, 35, 36, 104
Dai yuwan kemeku yeke qayad-un teiike bolai, 102
Norbusang (letter), 142
l)ai yuwan ulus-un sudur, 108-121
Qalintai (?) (letter), 140
Dayiming yuwa Iowa qayan begejing qota-(n)i bayiyu-
Tobdendampil, 11
Yuian Huang, 54 luysan iiliger-un debter. yuwa(n) tayise. jing tayise, 63
Dayisun anu aday-a bolai..., 150
Doysin gegen qayan-u uliger orosiba, 15
Doloyan suryal-a/a tabuduyar bolog orosiba, 12
Abidarm-a-yin yool-un yirtinicu-yi uiijgulugdi Sastir oro- Domoy siluig sastir bicig iiil juiil-in boltige (!) orosiba, 8
gibai, 37 Docin terigiin bicig orosiba, 5
SERRUYS: Mongol Manuscripts from Ordos27 207

Dusul neretiu lastir-un tayilburi 6~ndamnuni-yin 'i~imeg Kkir-kkir qayan-u tayu)in sudur orosibai, 85
kemegdekiu, 22 Koke sudur, 106
DuCrim,124 Kojke teutke, 107
Ekilegi iugei &ay-tu tabun juijaya-tu oloskuileng baras-tur Kuijuguin 6imeg erdeni-yin unjiliy-a subud keikiy-e sur-
bey-e-ben ojggulgsenu6ir anu bul, 27 -yaqu biiig, 47
Enedkeg-uin oron-u 6indamnuni-yin 6imeg sastir-un tayil- Li-Fan yUAantse-ii, 122, 123
burl, 21 Li-mninglun 54-
Erdeim bilkUin-il sudur orosiba, 148 Li-inuing hiyen-seng-uin ulledegebulri biZig-uin orosil, 54
Erketul subud erike-(n)ul quriyangqui debtelily. erdeni-yin Li-niiilng hiyen-seng-uin uiliger-yi Wiibe, 55
kelkiy-e kemekui tob6i. qayad-un tiy-e dar-y-a bilged. Li-iUt-hiyen-uiterigutn debter, 53
qad noyad-un tinduAsun6adig kemekul ene bul, 10 Mlaytayal boiai, 6
Erkiini qongyor 6iniu yeke bayar-un buyantu amnursayin- Masi teyin bUAgedarilung, 7
yi asayun yekedel bariba. ]k6i medeguilku anu, 146 Mlergen-gegen-Uijokiyaysan nayadum-un siliug suryal bui,
Erte 6ay-un ulilen qa-yan keinekui-yin tUligerbolai, 48 35
Erte nigen la-y-tur. doyhin gegegeii qayan-u uiliger. tabu- Mergen kobeguin-ftihlger boiai, 13
du-yar bdlog, 14 MNing-hisienchii, 32
Erte-(n)ut dayiming yuwa Iowa qayan-u begejing yota- Ming-hiyen-ling-Uin debter orosiba, 32
yi bayiyuluysan uhliger-tindebter, 64 Naimnan iuus-un qayan-u sang, 131
Erteki ba edulgeki-yin erdeni-yin tob6i. terigiin (lebter, 97 Naran gereli-Un illiger-Uin debter boiai, 42
Erteki ba eduigeki-yin erdeni-yin tob6i. qoyadu-yar debter, Naran saran-i tUlidkbliraqu-yin UindilsUlnene bui. sayin
98 ma-yui onoqu, 154
Erten-ui boyda-yin sur-ya-yuii-yi UNuken sanayulqu-yin Nige 6ayan iienggetiu tordjgseni kumuiin anu urida t6roi-
u6ir., 35 degen tngri-yin kobeguin-ft mengge bul.. 69
Gebu mergeni bithie, 51 Ogun teikiguir kemekul sudur orosiba, 41
Geser bo-yda (-yin) ulliger boiai, 33 Olan julil-uin joriy-ud-un debteiin, 95
Guin udq-a ?i1iug-iyer kflmuln-ti yool yosun-i senggere- Om sayin anu-yuian-tan boltu-yai kemiemuli. ene j"uiiii-n
guiuigsen surqal biig, 18 jori-y-yi nigen io&ogtuldeli ugel dayudan -yarbasu sayin
Guin uqayatu li-mulng giyen-seng-yin ulliger bul, 56 kemejflguli, 66
Gfing-fin Juu-yin gegegen-iA altan suryai, 28 Om suwati siddain yurban cay-un sayibar odu-ysan bUikun-
Guing-Uinjuu-yin gegen-Uijokiya-ysan sur-yal, 29 Utmon i~inar-yurban koigen-ui eli onoi-un degedul nomn-
Gutng-uinJuu-yin gegen-il jokiyaysan suryal bolai, 30, 31 ud -yarqu-yin oron . .., 101
F'adayadu mongyol-un librt-y j'asaqui yamun-u qauli-yiii Om suwasti siddam uir -yurban erdeni .. ., 93
teriguAndebter, 122 Ongyon-u sang takily-a orohiba, 80, 81
('ajar usun-u sang, 131 Oom sayin amnuyuiang-tan boitu-yai . .., 138
Pal-un ol6ig basa bui, 60 Ordos 'egUAnyar gusai ta&iquyi juse habi nenieni tai6iran.
Pal-un 666g, 61 dojcin terigUin biig, 5
-'urban iiay-un qamuy burqan bUik[ii-yin mon 6iniar. Ordos legUin yar gus(a)i taiquyi sabai ner-neri Wnira.
yurban kolgen-ut iii onol yarqu-yin oron ...., 84 ima-ytayal boiai, 6
r'urban erdeni-duir itegen .. . mbrgumlnl, 82 Ordos leguin yar-i gusai Waiquyi juse nemeri Waaran.
rurban uius-un tob6i bolai, 96 ogyun tlkikur orosiba, 39
IruAgel-yintayilburl odu, 89 Oyon tlekigUr, 41
Jasaburi-yin siluAglelja-yun sililg-QisiUlgOlel,1 Gyon tUilkigilrkemekut dandan-gegen ayiladdu-ysan sur-yai.
Jii-diyen sing ?iin-quyi kemekiu bEig liryuyaduyar deb-ter erkis-Uin dorben kelkiy-e, 40
91 Oyon-u tUllkUir,39
.Jiyayan-u tabun tngri-yin sang keinebesoi, 133 Oljei-tU Uiliger-yi deigeregUilkoi anu, 25
Julay-un 666g-Uin sudur orosiba, 71 Oijeyiilu Uliger deigeregUilk0i aniu, 24t
JYulay-un sauli takil ~egen-Ul degejul ergulkti yosuni. suni Giji-tt Uiiger-yi delgeregUilkUi anu, 26
nayur-un bayar qurim kemnekOl'iil oro'hiba, 72 Qa-yan ec'ige qan kobegUin qoyayula keielkigsen Uiges-i
Julay-un sa?~ulitakil ergtukbi yosun sUin-Uiqurini kemekot namtar boi-yan biibei. qamuy-tur kereglegdekoiA er-
orohiba, 74 dem-i ese suruysandayan yumnda-ysan Uiliger, 23
Kii morin sang kemebesiA, 137i Qayan-u biigsen manju Uigen-Uitoi Wiig, 941
Kii nom-un tib-un ayar-a6a blam-a idam burqad ba ... Qayan-u bi6iysen toil biig, 94
134, 135 Qonlin debter, 86, 90
208 ~~~~Journal
208 of the American Oriental Society 95.2 (1975)

Qonlin sudur bolai, 86 Toli biig-iln debtulling labai 6iayan debter, 94

Qoyar kimirninnigen jaii-tur qamtu neyileged.. 127 Tdrdl torogsen qoyadu-yar b6l6g, 46
Qurim nayir-un irulgel bilig-an dangsa, 87 Tzu-fan ssu-hstin, 54
Qutu-ytu cambutib-un yerul-yin tindilsCin-ti bsang kemekuA Olegsen odon-iyar tulrgen-ii k6l-i bari.. 149
orosiba, 78 Olei-nji irtigel, 60
Qutuytu sayin yabudal-un irtiger-tin qayan kemnegdekUi Uliger-tin dalai, 24
orosiba, 147 Ondlistin bsang, 77, 78
Receipt, 1909, 125 Onege-tu sang, 128
Sayang erke se6in qung-un sudur, 79 Onegen-ti ubsang sudur oroliba, 67
San-kuo chih yen-i, 96 Yardung-du urulduju mtrirfi-dti oroysan arban ajiryan--u
Sanayan-u dorben kelkiy-e, 49, 50 6o1a ba. ada-y segill-tin morin-u 6ola-yin qamtu, 65
Sayin yabudal-tul iriugel-uinqa-yan nom, 60, 147 Yeke mong-yol-un sal . .. , 107
Semeger qabiy-a-yi senggeregilltin bi6i-ysen bhig-fin oro- Yeke yuwan ulus-un mnandu-ysant6r8-yin hike sudur.
gil, 4 qoyar debter. d6rben btdlig, 106
Sheng-yti kuang-hsuln, 43 Yiren qoyar silulg-tuld6rben b6ldg-ttl lin-e jokiyal-un sur-yal
Shih kung-an, 57 bui, 28
Sira tei.ike, 93
Subud erike, 107
Sulkavati-yin oron-dia yeguldel Ulgeinonil-un bey-e ollu ... Cii-kurng chutan
Chi Tien heing Ch'in Kual
Stin-fi sa6u1i julay 6ige ergtikiii sudur oroliba, 73
Sar-a noqai-yin irilgel bui, 136 Li-ming lun j
Si mergen noyan-u iidkegsen kereg-uin eke toytayal.
Li To...hij
terigtun debter bui, 57
Si mergen noyan-u sidkegsen kereg-un eki toytayal-un Man-ohiou shu-chai lien-ho mu-lu 5
tabuduyar bolbg, 58
Sii mergen noyan-u iidke-ysen kereg-uid-un eki to-ytal
arban nayirnadu-yar debter, 59 Man.4Msngho-Pi san-tzu-.Ohing ohu-obiLehA
Sin-e jokiya-ysan silhigleltil bic'ig, 2
Tayilburi-yin debter anu, 88
Tayilburilaysani yurban tistig-uin biig-Un orosil, 38 M~ing-hsien chii
Tere 6ay-tur enedkeg-Uin badsala ulus-un uryuyuluy&i
neretti qayan t8r61ki .. . , 139,
Shang-yff kuiang-hziln
Tngri-dar dab?iysan degedti-yin orolil itlil-iin labai 6ayan
debter bui, 3
T'Iion 1t7
Tngri-yin bosuy-iyar ~,xy-i ejilegsen qa-yaii-u jarli-y, 52
Tngri-yin 6a-yajin-u biig, 62 Tzu-fan ssu-hieUn 4 )L~t -id)
Tob6i1an Pijfigfihligsenbilig-uin jula kemiekul teulke, 84 -
YUan Huang N
Todorqai toiil kemegdekfi oroliba, 9

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