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Verbs and Adverbs

Complete the sentences using adverbs below, use each word once only.

1. Nibbles crept _____________ across the carpet towards the open door and _________ sneaked through
while no one was looking.
2. __________ Sue edged over the ice as she talked _________ to her dog clinging to a tree.
3. Eliots car skidded ____________ across the road as it went out of control and the others watched
4. Yesterday they __________ ate their dinner so they could get to the concert __________.
5. The birds flew __________ towards the cliff top and sat ________ on a ledge.

Quietly comfortably quickly immediately noisily

slowly gently easily silently promptly

Write your own sentences using a noun, verb and adverb from the box. (Noun) (Verb) (Adverb)
Noun Verb Adverb

Sally Rain House Car Cat Dog Poured Ran Rolled Shouted Noisily quickly silently loudly
Billy Mrs Smith Lizard Birds Scratched Laid slept Swayed Gently happily Sadly slowly
Everyone Tree Michael Fish whispered Swam leapt Waved Greedily Easily spookily Slowly
Wizard Elephants Helen Leaves rustled Walked ate Watched angrily Suddenly excitedly
stopped Jumped shopped Fell sat Quietly Calmly cheerfully

Complete the following sentences using verbs and adverbs from below, each word should only be used

6. Nibbles ___________ _____________ across the carpet towards the open door and _________
___________ through while no one was looking.
7. __________ Sue __________ over the ice as she __________ _________ to her dog clinging to a tree.
8. Eliot skidded ____________ across the road as his car went out of control and the others ___________
9. Yesterday they __________ __________ their dinner so they could get to the concert __________.
10. The birds ___________ __________ towards the cliff top and _______ ________ on a ledge. 11. The
bear __________ ___________ for salmon in the river whilst the hunters _________ __________ in the
12. ____________ she __________ her hair as __________ ____________ for her friends to arrive.
13. Peter __________ ___________ the winning goal and the rest of the team ___________ __________
to celebrate with him.
14. George ________ _________ in his tank where it was ________ warm.
15. David _______ __________ on the rocks as the others continued _____________ on their journey.
Rowdily Crept slowly quickly edged talked rushed
calmly watched waited disapprovingly quickly ate promptly
flew greedily swiftly comfortably sneaked silently fished hid
leisurely brushed patiently scored eagerly noisily slept
easily happily pleasantly sat excitedly quietly perched


Check out these examples of metaphors. Underline the two things being compared in each example. Next
to the example write down what the metaphor means.

The snow is a white blanket.

The hospital was a refrigerator.
The classroom was a zoo.
America is a melting pot.
Her lovely voice was music to his ears.
Life is a roller coaster.
The alligators teeth are white daggers.
Their home was a prison.
The slide on the playground was a hot stove.
His heart is a cold iron.

Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions beneath in full sentences.

The Sea by James Reeves What was your opinion of the

The sea is a hungry dog, poem? Giant and
grey. Explain what you thought and
He rolls on the beach all day. why.
With his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws
Hour upon hour he gnaws
The rumbling, tumbling stones,
And 'Bones, bones, bones, bones! '
The giant sea-dog moans,
Licking his greasy paws.

And when the night wind roars

And the moon rocks in the stormy cloud,
He bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs,
Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs,
And howls and hollos long and loud.

But on quiet days in May or June,

When even the grasses on the dune
Play no more their reedy tune,
With his head between his paws
He lies on the sandy shores,
So quiet, so quiet, he scarcely snores

Comprehension Questions:
1. The whole poem is a metaphor. What two things are being identified?

2. Giant and grey. What two qualities of the sea is James Reeves highlighting?

3. What are some of the qualities the sea and a dog have in common?

4. Can you suggest why the poet writes bones four times in the one line?
5. Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs What is the sea doing?

6. And howls ands hollos long and loud. What aspect of the sea is the poet describing?

7. With his head between his paws . What does this dog-picture tell us about the sea?

8. In the last two lines of the poem, the poet uses quite a number of s sounds. What picture of the sea
do these sounds give you?
9. What is the rhyme scheme in the poem?

10. Which visual images in the poem did you most appreciate, and why?

11. How many examples of onomatopoeia did you detect in the poem? List all the words you found.

12. Which poetic device did you feel most contributed to the poems meaning: onomatopoeia,
extended metaphor, or rhyme? Explain.

Into Action: Re-reading and Questioning

In your book draw up and fill in a chart like this one with your observations and questions about The
Sea. Re-read the poem, and think about whats clearer to you the second time. Continue re-reading until
you can answer all your questions, or as many as possible.
For example:

Questions Observations Answers

How are the sea and a dog The sea is compared to a large, Both the sea and a dog roll on
similar? hungry gray dog. the beach.

Extension Tasks:
Transform the text in some way, for example:

Retell a story in the first person not the third person

Retell a story from the perspective of a different character in the story
Present as a newspaper item.
2. Re-write the poem adding an adjective in front of every noun / an adverb to every verb