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Ix The Fox and the Goat A fox had fallen into a well and could not find any means to escape. Eventually, thirsty goat sppeared. and upon noticing the fox, he asked him whether the water was good and plentiful Pretending that his situation was not precarious, the fox replied, “Come down, my friend. Ihe water is so good that I can't drink enough of it. Besides, there Such an abundant supply that it can't be exhausted. ‘When he heard this, the goat did not waste any time and promptly leaped down into the well. After he quenched his thirst, the fox informed him of their predica- Ment and suggested a scheme for their common “If you will place your forefeet upon the wall and bend your head. Til run up your Back and escape ‘Then [il help you our. ‘The goat readily agreed to this proposal, and the fox took advantage of his friend's back and horns and nimbly propelled himself out of the well. Following his escape, he made off a: fast at he could, while the goat yelled and reproached him for breaking their bargain. But the fox turned around and coolly re. marked to the poor deluded goat, “If you had half as much brains as you have beard, you would never have gone down the well before making sure there was = way Up. I'm sorry that I can't stay with you any longer. but Ihave some business that needs my attention,” Look before you leap te]