“A Unique Fundraising Opportunity”
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Unique Fundraising Opportunity

Edgar Poe Symmes, III, author of several inspirational books, is pleased to present, a unique fundraising opportunity for students/schools/booster/clubs/individuals/ organizations/church groups, etc. Through the sale of the “Sports Scholarships: The Information Book” and “Mom’s Old Cooking Book”, published by Edgar Poe Symmes, III; fundraisers can earn up to $5.00 per sale of each book sold. In addition Symmes offers college Scholarships and/or bonuses which he gives back through the fundraising programs each year. “Sports Scholarships: The Information Book” The book, “Sports Scholarships: The Information Book”, is written and published by Edgar Poe Symmes, III, psychologist and author of several religious and inspirational books. He has served as a consultant on several municipal, state and national sports committees as well as a National Director for USSA Sports. He has developed, organized and managed large multiple sports complexes/facilities in the southeast United States and has served as a college scout. He also spent many years coaching and supporting youth, high school and college athletics working to assist disadvantaged prospective student athletes to successfully obtain college athletic scholarships. Symmes began learning the college recruiting process when his son and daughter were being recruited by a variety of colleges and universities for their respective sports, and quickly became frustrated by the lack of available information for parents and prospective student athletes concerning obtaining sports scholarships. Through the learning curve, he found quickly that student athletes must initiate the recruiting process themselves to ensure against being overlooked. Symmes states that “a parent must realize early that they must devise a game plan geared at marketing their student athlete and their talents to various colleges, universities and athletic programs”. “Sports Scholarships: The Information Book” is a collection of important and essential information, samples and ideas which assist parents, guardians, and prospective student athletes to be successful. Symmes says that too many talented student athletes are passed over because they sit back and wait to be noticed. Symmes states by using the information in this book, you will help create an opportunity for potential student athletes. “Take the initiative early and activate your goals!”


“Mom’s Old Cooking Book” Coming in fall of 2008 The book, “Mom’s Old Cooking Book”, is written and published by Edgar Poe Symmes, III, and brings a unique mixture of Old South, Hawaiian and Japanese recipes into a favorite cook book special. The recipes come from Mom’s favorite recipes which she brought to the Old South many years ago and as a result placed a smile on many that she has served over the years. “Good things happen to Good people!”, sounds like an excellent paraphrasing of an old adage, and it certainly applies to the “Mom’s Old Cooking Book”. Careful attention has been given to the selection of the recipes with much emphasis on the variety and the simplicity of the choices. Mom spent many hours testing and retesting the recipes found in this unique collection and whether they succeed or not will be left to the user of the cook book to decide. In the old days, both the Old Southern and Ancient Japanese expressed their gratitude for the food they were about to partake by uttering words to the effect that they accept the food gratefully without complaining about the volume or the taste. Although many miles separate the recipes, it was amazing to see and hear the response from each culture and to see how similar all people truly are when it come to good eating. Today we are extremely fortunate that Mom who is not only an expert in the culinary arts but also a housekeeper has compiled recipes for dishes that are both tasty and inexpensive. I think you will find many praises in your preparations. “Mom’s Old Cooking Book” is an excellent fundraising opportunity. It is both easy to read and simple in the preparation of extremely good dishes. Symmes states by using this unique cook book as a fundraiser, you will create a positive and fascinating potential for new cooks and mom’s everywhere.


SYPO Fundraiser Programs

“Sports Scholarships: The Information Book”
“A parent’s guide to be informed about Sports Scholarships”.

Price of Book: Cost of Book:

You’re selling price: $10.00 each Bookstore selling price: $17.00 each No Cost. Consignment until program is completed.

Potential Revenue for Fundraiser:
Sample 1: Sample 2: Sample 3: Sample 4: Books sold: Fundraiser Profit: Books sold: Fundraiser Profit: Books sold: Fundraiser amount: Books sold: Fundraiser amount: EPS Donates: To Fundraiser Fundraiser Profit for Books Sold: 100-299 300-499 500-699 700-899 900-Up $3 Profit for each book sold. $3 Profit for each book sold. $3 Profit for each book sold. $4 Profit for each book sold plus (1) $500 Scholarship. $5 Profit for each book sold plus (1) $500 Scholarship. 100 each $300 300 each $900 500 each $1,500 700 each $2,800 $500 Scholarship


__“Sports Scholarships: the Information Book” __“Mom’s Old Cooking Book”
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SYPO Fundraiser Program Agreement
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Address: P.O. Box 3162, Gulfport, MS 39505 Website:

This SYPO Fundraiser Program Agreement (“Agreement”) is made this ____________day of ________________, 2_____, by and between Edgar Poe Symmes, III (“EPS”), and _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ an individual/group and/or organization/school having an address of ____________ _________________________________________________________(“Group”), and a Federal Identification Number of _________________________________________. WHEREAS, Group is a Non-profit group, as defined in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. WHEREAS, EPS provides sales opportunities and services for the Group. WHEREAS, Group has requested that EPS permit Group to engage in fundraising for civic, charitable, or educational purposes through the conduct of EPS book sales in their communities. EPS and Group agree as follows: 1. Group will conduct book sales in their communities, events, or locations from time to time and otherwise in accordance with EPS instructions. Sales will be conducted in a safe, courteous, and efficient manner following all pertinent group, organization or school policies. 2. The term of this agreement shall be from ______________, 2____ until ________________________, 2_______unless sooner terminated in accordance with the terms of this agreement. 3. In consideration of the conduct of sales, Group shall receive profits based on the number of books sold in accordance with the following tables:
100-299 300-499 500-699 700-899 900-Up $3 Profit for each book sold. $3 Profit for each book sold. $3 Profit for each book sold. $4 Profit for each book sold plus (1) $500 Scholarship. $5 Profit for each book sold plus (1) $500 Scholarship.


4. All sums of money received by Group from the sales will be turned over to EPS on the allotted agreed upon dates. EPS will calculate revenue payable to Group based on number of book sales. Paid revenue shall be reduced by any number of consignment books missing, damaged, or destroyed occurring in the course of the sales. Revenue due to Group will be paid approximately seven (7) days following the completion of the Group’s activities. 5. Group shall conduct all sales as scheduled by the Group to do so. In the event Group fails to conduct sales within the scheduled time frame, EPS shall have the right to cancel this agreement without further obligation to Group. 6. EPS shall provide all books to be sold by Group. Group shall be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of books in Group’s possession. 7. Group shall comply with all rules, regulations and policies established by EPS for the conduct of sales in their communities and/or schools as well as all other applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. 8. EPS may terminate this agreement in the event Group shall fail to observe or perform any provision of this agreement, which notice shall be effective immediately. 9. Group shall indemnify and hold EPS harmless from any and all claims, litigation, damages, losses, expenses, (including attorney’s fees) arising by reason of Group’s activities or any breach of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement, and for injury or damages to any persons or property, by reason of any of the foregoing. 10. Group shall be responsible for any damage to any areas caused by its members during the sale of these books. 11. EPS shall provide a training program if requested by the Group. No additional compensation shall be payable to Group for such training time. 12. Group represents and warrants to EPS that it is, and shall remain through the Term, a non-profit, tax-exempt entity as defined in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be signed by their duly authorized representative the day and year first set forth above.

Edgar Poe Symmes, III

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By: ________________________ Name: _____________________ Title: ______________________

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Name of Organization: _________________________________________ Organization Tax ID Number: ___________________________________ Organization Address: (This is where check will be mailed) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Group Leader Name: __________________________________________ Contact Telephone Number: (Day) ______________________________ (Night) _____________________________ Alternate Leader Name: ________________________________________ Contact Telephone Number: (Day) ______________________________ (Night) _____________________________ Group’s Purpose? _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Has your organization had previous experience with SYPO Fundraisers? ______No ______Yes; When? ________________________