Choose Who? When my heart decided it knew just whom it'd chose.

A lifelong desperation to find one I'd call home. What rhythm shall I stride with? Which path should I freely roam? I've been down every path it·s offered and see here is not my home? The nations who have made me, in flesh and blood through kin. I looked to them for answers but wasn't one of them; cause my lineage was like lightening; it crashed within a storm. From what I've come results what had been done and ne'er forgotten to see the son it

brought to light. To the Irish I'm Unionist, that planters seed which grew. To the English I'm a Scotsman, an enemy side they knew. And what I face is who to relate, which one am I to choose? How can I choose between the lines, to weed them out when all are mine? The Gaelic Clans and Saxon hoards are one in me and I'm to score? Who was the bravest, who was the best, who is worthy enough in histories eyes for me to be proud of the ties that bind; When since so much has intertwined? Nae and no; I shan't do so how can one chose a race? When many have been mashed together and in the end made me, a fine mosaic of many bloods which meld together and flow as one..

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