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Central Europe

The countries of Central Europe have been the battlefield war against Eris and her followers, who thrived in the
of the continent for most of its long history. Despite that, chaos of the war. What happened to Nemo after the war
there is history and culture aplenty. From monasteries is unknown. He was not at Ustka (see the Eastern Europe
to castles, narrow cobblestone streets to grand plazas, entry) and was not heard from after 1945.
soaring cathedrals to world-class museums, this region of
the European continent holds a special place in the hearts
of most of the Western world.
In many ways, Central Europe is similar to Western Europe In 1961, SHADOW launched Operation Inundation and
with its unique cultures, laws, history, and geography. The was able to seize several national capitals, including
people from some of the regions have their own distinct London, Berlin, and Paris. London was quickly liberated
cultures that stand apart from the rest of the country. by English heroes, and Paris was freed in a matter of days
Rather than being regarded as backward, these areas are by the French army and NATO troops, but Berlin had to be
destinations that offer a glimpse of how different cultures liberated with the help of Warsaw Pact super-operatives.
can develop over the course of history. This did not please the Western nations of NATO, who
The Central European countries have all signed trea- felt humiliated by the whole turn of events. With the
ties that allow UNISON to operate within Berlin crisis later that same year, the high
their borders, and most of their capi- command of NATO understood that
tals have UNISON offices or local it needed its own superhuman re-
representatives. All of these sponse force. It could not rely
countries require UNISON on American super-teams
agents to operate with or UNISON for a global re-
the support of the local sponse (since the USSR
authorities and only has veto power in the
operate on their own UN Security Council)
in secret. As in Western and the European Eco-
Europe, heroes in the nomic Community
region can get help was still an admin-
from the European istrative entity with
Coordinated Heroes
Organization (ECHO). Central Europe no real concept of
common military op-


Committee initiated the

& EUROPEAN Special Western Opera-

tions for Reconnaissance and

ORGANIZATIONS Defense (SWORD) directive,

mixing teams of superhumans
Belgium is a paradox. Its geographic lo- and trained specialists for specific op-
cation has made it the battlefield of Europe erations in Western and Central Europe and
for more than 300 years, and the century-long linguistic overseas European territories.
quarrel between the French-speaking Walloons and the In 1966, NATO high command moved to Belgium, as did
Dutch-speaking Flemish make the country difficult to SWORD headquarters. Since then, the composition of
govern. Yet today the country is considered one of the po- SWORD has changed many times in response to crises like
litical centers of Europe: Brussels plays host to a number of the second Operation Inundation of 1979, the Grue and
international organizations and is rivaled only by Geneva. Terminus Invasions, and other super-menaces. In 1992, an
Modern Belgian paranormal history starts in the 1940s agreement was signed between the European Union and
when the Greek goddess Harmonia allowed Jacques NATO, allowing SWORD to operate in all EU nations (even
Greindl, a Belgian resistance fighter, to find the legendary those not part of NATO) provided the organization con-
Ring of Gyges in order to oppose her sister, the goddess of tributes to the protection of the union.
strife, Eris (see Threat Report). The ring gave him the ability SWORD operations in Europe mostly involve putting
to turn invisible and cast realistic illusions. So empowered, down SHADOW and OVERTHROW cells, thwarting
Greindl became Commander Nemo, scourge of the Nazis MENACE (see under Austria, later in this entry) operations,
in Belgium. Nemo enjoyed good relations with the Allies fighting mundane and super-powered terrorism, and oc-
of Freedom but refused to be part of the team in order to casionally assisting police agencies like Europol in their in-
maintain his independence. In truth, Commander Nemo vestigations of super-crimes. SWORD is composed of four
had no time, as he was busy fighting an underground


For many, SWORD is the European AEGIS. The organiza-

COUNTESS CARAT PL7 tion also benefits from very good relations with its Ameri-
STR 0 STA 2 AGL 5 DEX 6 FGT 5 INT 3 AWE 3 PRE 6 can counterpart, UNISON, and ECHO. These agencies have
even created an exchange program that allows heroes to
Advantages: Attractive, Benefit (Alternate Identity), Benefit
2 (Socialite), Benefit 4 (Multi-millionaire), Equipment 5, Close swap locations for a while.
Attack 2, Connected, Contacts, Daze (Deception), Defensive
Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Equipment 3, Evasion 2, Fascinate
2 (Deception, Persuasion), Grappling Finesse, Hide in Plain
Sight, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative 2, Languages 2
(English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French native), Luck 2,
The presence of SWORD has made BelgiumBrussels in
Redirect, Second Chance (Triggering traps and alarms), Seize
Initiative, Skill Mastery (Technology), Taunt, Uncanny Dodge, particulara rather safe place. The city was targeted in
Well-informed. the second SHADOW Inundation in 1979, but the threat
Equipment: Cell Phone (Smartphone), flashlight, multi-tool, was quickly quashed. And while MENACE has periodically
night vision goggles, 2 knives (+1 Damage, Crit. 19-20), pepper tried to take hostages, kidnap relatives of the powerful,
spray and blackmail members of the European Parlia-
Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+13), Athletics 6 (+6), Deception 8 (+14), ment, the resulting super-battles have been
Expertise: Business 4 (+7), Expertise: Criminal 11 (+14), well handled by SWORD teams.
Expertise: High Society 7 (+10), Insight 8 (+11), Investigation
4 (+7), Perception 4 (+7), Persuasion 8 (+14), Ranged Combat: This doesnt mean that the rest of Belgium
Blowgun 2 (+8), Sleight of Hand 8 (+14), Stealth 8 (+13), is free of super-crime and superheroes. The
Technology 2 (+5), Vehicles 2 (+8) city of Liege can be quite danger-
Offense: Initiative +12, Blowgun +8 (Ranged, Damage 0), ous, but its residents can count
Knives +8 (Close, Damage 1, Crit. 19-20), Unarmed +8 on the mysterious vigilante
(Close, Damage 0)
Nemo to harass criminals and
Defense: Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 6, bring them to justice. It is not
Toughness 6/2*, Will 8 * Without Defensive Roll. known whether the current Nemo
Complications: MotivationThrills: Countess is related to the Golden Age hero
Carat cannot imagine herself retired; she has to Commander Nemo, but witnesses
commit crimes for the thrill of it, even if they
claim to have seen him turn invis-
are performed by proxies. Identity: Countess
Carat cares about her wealthy socialite ible.
lifestyle. She protects her identity and
lifestyle at any cost. Beautiful Antwerp, Belgiums
second largest city, is the European
Totals: Abilities 60 + Powers 0 +
Advantages 42 + Skills 45 + capital of diamond trade. It should
Defenses 15 = 162 not be surprising that it is the also
the birthplace and home of one of
the most feared jewel thieves in the
teams, each including two to four super- world: the famed Countess Carat.
powered operatives, ten highly trained spe-
cialists (some trained by AEGIS), and twenty to COUNTESS CARAT
thirty support operatives.
Talia Zettersberg has always lusted
Team Caliburn: The front liners and the after the finer things in life. Be it
heavy hitters. gourmet food, haute couture, or exotic
cars, nothing but the best is good
Team Tizona: The urban guerrilla spe-
cialists. Team Tizona is deployed when-
ever operations take place in a major Talias criminal career began in her ex-
city or heavily populated area. It is also clusive Swiss high school, where she
charged with protecting the European would freely borrow her classmates
Parliament in Brussels. things and revel in the thrill. By her
teens, she had graduated to pick-
Team Balmung: The extreme envi-
pocketing and grifting while also
ronment specialists. Team Balmung
managing to marry Antwerps most
has been deployed in places like
eligible bachelor and heir to a chain
the Arctic, subterranean caves, and
of jewelry stores along the way.
deep sea Atlantean outposts.
While the marriage lasted barely
Team Thyrsus: The relief and a month, it began Talias love
rescue team. Mostly composed affair with jewelry.
of field medics, it specializes in
She traveled the world,
disaster response and other
working under the name
emergencies where civil-
Countess Carat, wher-
ian casualties are expect-
ever the wealthy and their


jewelry congregated. Her travels took her to such places abroad and with White Rose and White Thorn and the
as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Washington, D.C. In mysterious Austrian jester Kasperle at home.
the 1980s, she ventured into Freedom City and crossed
paths with several of the most famous heroes there, in- For several years, super-humans of the Axis and the
cluding the Raven. Allies fought each other. By 1945, it had become clear
to everyone, including the champions of the Nazi Party,
Thirty years later, Countess Carat has gained experi- that Germany was losing the war. After the fall of Berlin,
ence and wisdom, moving from thrill-seeking thief to the Allies immediately tried to arrest the super-powered
seasoned criminal mastermind and mobster. She now minions of the Axis, though many managed to escape.
controls a large part of the diamond trade in Europe, Kantor and Reinholt fled to South America. Madame Blitz
both illegal and legal. Shes never been caught, but shes surrendered to the Americans, and the Valkyrie, stunned
beginning to feel the weight of her years. She has not by the loss of her powers, was captured the Soviets. For
personally performed a burglary for nearly half a decade, the next ten years, Allied powers relentlessly pursued any
and she knows her skills are fading. She has considered trace of superhuman activity in Germany and Austria,
doing one last heist, but the risk of being caught is frightened that one day the powers of the Axis might re-
too great. Instead, she is recruiting and training gifted, surface and start a third world war. The coming of the Killer
promising young girls. Next year, she plans to task each Kaiser in 1950 only confirmed these fears, and, during the
of her pupils, whom she calls Facets, with the theft of one 1960s, any trace of superhuman activity in Germany was
famous diamond as a final exam. The winner will inherit swiftly and harshly suppressed by occupying powers or
the Countess Carat name. by the German authorities themselves, who outlawed any
paranormal activity.

GERMANY In 1972, during one of its most grandiose schemes,

SHADOW took hostage all of the Olympics teams in
The Second World Warthe rise of the Third Munich, forcing the German authorities to execute a des-
adheres to Germany. perate assault, leading to the death of many innocents.
This incident finally forced the German government to
Even though the war ended 70 years ago and most of
reconsider their no superhuman policy and new free-
the people living today were not even born at the time,
doms were slowly granted to costumed crime fighters,
Germans still serve as good villains (and quite often, Nazi
primarily to counter the paranormal super-teams of the
villains) in Hollywood and the comics. Yes, Germans are
Warsaw Pact and provide additional support in case of
seen as methodical, composed, and organized, all traits
another such crisis. The first official West German (BRD) su-
that scream criminal mastermind to many authors. But
per-team, the Bundesguard (Federal Guard) was created
Germans, as far as national stereotypes go, are much
in 1980, immediately followed by its East German (DDR)
more complex, and heroes must be aware that Germany
counterpart, the Volksgeist. The two soon became rivals
has changed a lot since WWII. It has become ethnically
and enemies.
diverse, with thriving Turkish, Spanish, Lebanese, and
Italian communities, to name only a few. Politically, it is In 1989, the Berlin wall fell and Germany began reunifica-
one of the harshest countries regarding apologists of tion. The Volksgeist was disbanded, but its leader, Direktor
Nazism and war crimes. X, destroyed all files in the Stasi (East Germanys Ministry
for State Security) archives relating to his team. Most of its
A LITTLE HISTORY members retired or went into hiding. Direktor X himself
was captured put on trial for alleged crimes committed
Although German history is filled with famous heroes and while working for the East German secret services. The
rogues like the dragonslayer Siegfried, the modern super- Bundesguard, having lost its rival, began to fade as the
human history of Germany begins in the 1930s with at- Cold War waned and SWORD emerged to fight super-
tempts by the Nazis and the Thule Society to gather occult crime.
knowledge and further their Aryan cause. Among them, Reunification did bring new problems. In the former East
three ambitious young men rose through the ranks of Germany, crime rates grew. OVERTHROW appeared: a new
the Nazi party: Wilhelm Kantor, Jrgen Reinholt, and the terrorist group claiming that the fall of the Wall was not
scheming Joscha Von Weldensteyck. Each was tasked to a triumph of capitalism but a harbinger of a new future.
explore the world and return with arcane lore and trea- First limited to Germany, the threat of OVERTHROW grew
sures for the Societys coffers. Kantor was assigned to quickly and remains one of the most serious menaces in
Africa and found the ancient city of Seti-Ab in the sands the western world of today.
of Libya. Reinholt was assigned to Northern Europe and
found Ultima Thule (although this knowledge was erased In 2002, Stuttgart was nearly destroyed by an invasion
from his mind). Von Weldensteyck found nothing but of extra-dimensional demons. Rumors claimed that the
mostly insignificant artifacts in Asia Minor. Thule Society had re-emerged, but this was never proven.
Heroes from across Europe rushed to the rescue and
With the mighty bermensch, the devious Doctor Geist- drove the fiends back to Hell. This was the signal for the
mann, and the mystic Crimson Mask, the cadre soon Bundesguard to reform, just in time to fight new dangers
formed the foundation of Nazi Germanys superhuman like the cyborg biker gang Dirty Party (Dreckete Partie)
forces. At first unchecked by opposing superbeings, the and the mercenary society known as the Fables.
bersoldaten soon had to deal with the Allies of Freedom

.. his henchman Toxin Tom, or the flying thief Herr Uhu

Berlin today is the political, economic, and cultural center

of Germany. The city has its rivalsHamburg and Frank- HAMBURG
furt for economics, and Cologne for culturebut in the
heart of all Germans it remains their capital. Like Germany, The second largest city in Germany is also one of the least
it is still divided into West (modern, liberal with a touch of safe in the country. To the dismay of the locals, it is the
hippie) and East (bulky socialist architecture with a lot of home of the Dreckete Partie, a gang of cyborg bikers who
buildings currently under demolition for renovation and gained their cybertechnology from MENACE for the sole
rebuilding). purpose of spreading mayhem and chaos in Germany.

Berlin is the home of the Bundesguard, but the city also The gang has fought the Bundesguard several times and
relies on the crime fighting duo of der Rter Adler (the has ended up in jail almost as often. Their benefactors
second Red Eagle, who claims to have no relation to the keep helping free them and the gang remains one of the
first) and der Schwarzer Br (the Black Bear) since the most serious threats in Northern Germany today.
larger team operates throughout the country. Rumored Typical cyborg members of the Dreckete Partie are present-
to be supported by a group of radio amateurs and field ed here. The leaders are normal characters and the Game-
informants, der Rter Adler and der Schwarzer Br often master should feel free to add a power or ability to make
clash with their arch-enemies, the bloodthirsty crime them distinctive, such as making one a construct, giving
lord, Yatagan (named for a type of Turkish sword), and another a monomolecular whip, another a chest-blaster
or a taser-hand, and so on. The rank-and-file members use
the same statblock, but dont have any unique powers or
DRECKETE PARTIE CYBORG PL7/MR8 abilities and are minions (see Heros Handbook, Chapter 8).
STR 7 STA 6 AGL 1 DEX 2 FGT 4 INT 0 AWE -1 PRE 2 When they arent using their powers overtly, gang members
Powers: Cybernetic Implants (Cybereyes (Senses 5
appear mostly human, but their cybernetics were designed
(Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Rapid (Visual))); for power, not subtlety, so observers can spot them with a
Cyberlegs (Compartments (Feature), Leaping 2 (30 feet), Perception or Insight check (DC 10).
Speed 4 (30 MPH)); Cyberlimbs (Enhanced Strength 5);
Cybernetic Enhancements (Enhanced Stamina 4); Finger
Blades (Strength-based Damage 1, Improved Critical); MUNICH
Skillware (Enhanced Skills 3 (Technology +4, Perception
+2), Enhanced Advantages 15 (All-out Attack, Close Attack 2, Munich is the third largest city of Germany, as well as the
Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Improved Initiative 2, Languages 3
(Dutch, English, French, Italian), Ranged Attack 5); Subdermal
richest. The economic heart of southern Germany, it is
Armor (Impervious Protection 2)) also one of the safest places to live on the continent. It
would seem strange indeed if the shadow war plaguing
Advantages: All-out Attack, Close Attack 2, Eidetic Memory,
Equipment 6, Fearless, Improved Initiative 2, Languages 3 (Dutch, this Bavarian capital were to be revealed to the public.
English, French, Italian, German native), Ranged Attack 5 This unseen war is actually a conflict taking place inside
Equipment: Cell phone (smartphone), sunglasses (+5 to
SHADOW. Since 1989, the terrorist organization OVER-
sight-based Affliction effects), multi-tool, heavy pistol (Ranged THROW has used the Baader University for Political
Damage 4), knife (Strength-based Damage 1, Crit. 19-20), Studies as headquarters, in close proximity to Labyrinths
motorcycle Stauffen-Mann Media conglomerate, led by Heinrich
Skills: Athletics 5 (+12), Expertise: Criminal Biker 6 (+6), Stauffen. While Taurus and Dominic Ashe enjoy a rather
Intimidation 6 (+8), Perception 4 (+5), Ranged Combat: Guns 2 positive business-like relationship at a higher level, the
(+4), Stealth 4 (+5), Technology 5 (+9), Vehicles 8 (+10) same is not true for their ground troops. To make matters
Offense: Initiative +9, Finger Blades +6 (Close, Damage 8), worse, their leaders cannot even order a truce without
Pistol +9 (Ranged, Damage 4), Unarmed +6 (Close, Damage 7) blowing their covers as members of the SHADOW network
Defense: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8, Will 4 to their unsuspecting troops.
Complications: MotivationThrills and Power: The So far, both organizations have been very careful to keep
motivation of individual members may vary, but for the most
part, the members of the Dreckete Partie are bullies who
this struggle discreet, since any incident would draw un-
thrive on conflict. Cyberpsychosis: The more cybernetic parts wanted attention to the city and their operations. But it
the gang members have, the less human they become. This would take just a tiny spark (perhaps a new team of heroes
affects their ability to relate to people severely. Enemy: The visiting the city?) for the conflict to escalate to full-scale war.
gang is wanted by national and international law enforcement
agencies. Power Loss: The cybernetics each member
possesses may be relatively easily deactivated after theyre
incapacitated or no longer resisting. Reputation: The Dreckete
Partie is known as a dangerous and chaotic motorcycle gang.
Weakness: Failsafes built into the members cybernetic Germany has a long history of heroes and villains. To
parts make them vulnerable to machine-controlling powers. much of the rest of the world, it seems like Germany ben-
Members affected by such powers suffer a -5 penalty to efited from more than its fair share, but conflict seems to
resistance checks against their effects. breed superbeings and Germany has certainly caused and
Totals: Abilities 24 + Powers 53 + Advantages 6 + Skills 20 + suffered a lot of conflict. Whether talking about the battle-
Defenses 14 = 118 fields of World War II or the tense decades dominated by


the Cold War, Germany has always had paranormals to He has been on the team since, but always rejects propos-
fight for its people. Even today, the country is host to a als of official leadership. Maglev uses the Battlesuit arche-
number of groups, teams, and solo heroes and villains. type, but add Flight at 12 ranks and Move Object 12 as an
alternate power for his Servo-Motors.
The Bundesguard is the principle superhero team in
Nedim Kavur is one of the few active German-born Turkish
Germany, as well as the largest. Usually based in Berlin,
heroes and is very proud to be part of the Bundesguard. A
the team operates everywhere in the country and has
calm and composed young man, he is able to transform into
even been known to travel across Europe for serious
a crystalline powerhouse. He is the strong man of the team.
crises, such as the Amsterdam Ascent in 2004. The team
Quartz uses the Powerhouse archetype, but he doesnt
also maintains good relations with other European heroes
have the leaping power and all his other superhuman
(teams and solo heroes alike). Team members include the
powers are in an Alternate Form.
following heroes:

Clarissa Behnke is the daughter of Sonja Behnke, a.k.a. Elms-
Despite his young age, Henning Holzschuh is the current
fauer (see Elmsfauer in The Volksgeist, following). Clarissa
team leader. Henning gained his nuclear powers after
is a practicing wiccan; she claims her powers come from the
being irradiated in the womb by contaminants from the
ancient pagan spirit whose name shes taken as her own.
Chernobyl disaster (or so it is believed). A no-nonsense
Ostara uses the Energy Controller archetype and controls
former Luftwaffe pilot, he often flies the teams plane.
light. She has 4 ranks in Expertise: Paganism.
Baryon uses the Energy Controller archetype. He uses
nuclear energy and has 8 ranks of Expertise: Military Com- RATSEL (OR THE ENIGMA)
Jutta Brandauer keeps her identity secret even from her
MAGLEV teammates. She started as a crime-fighting psychic in her
home city of Hamburg and joined the Guard hoping their
Andi Frhlich is a veteran hero and, as a result, often the de connections would make her fight against crime easier. It
facto field leader. The magnetic armored hero appeared has produced mixed results since she is often out of town
for the first time in 2002 during the demonic invasion of with the team. Rtsel uses the Psychic archetype with all
Stuttgart and immediately proved himself fit for the role. the telepathic options.


THE VOLKSGEIST became the vigilante Schwarzer Adler (Black Eagle), op-
erating on both sides of the wall in order to fight crime,
counter spies from the East, and help East Germans
The Volksgeist were the official (and only) super-team
escape to the West.
of the DDR. Disbanded in 1990, its members have met a
number of different fates. Direktor X erased all records of In 1988, in his fifties and feeling less needed after the start
his team from the Stasi archives and most of the members of the perestroika, the Black Eagle finally retired and remar-
went into hiding. ried. In 2003, after an OVERTHROW bombing that claimed
his new wife among its victims, Heinz recruited a young
DIREKTOR X man who had lost his parents during the same event to
become the new protector of the city of Berlin. The young
Bernd Brucker was not only the leader of the Volksgeist: man, Konrad Prinz became der Rter Adler (the Red Eagle)
secretly, even to his team, he was also the terrifying Stasi to honor Heinzs former identity. With support from Stuben-
interrogator dubbed Beichtvater (Confessor) After the burg and his small organization of informants and contacts
fall, Brucker was sentenced to a jail term of ten years, but inside the police and local government, der Rter Adler soon
not before hiding various materials taken from the Stasi became the new scourge of the citys criminals. In 2010, after
archives. Freed after serving his sentence, Brucker claims Stubenburg died from a heart attack, the Red Eagle recruit-
to have reformed and currently lives as a childrens book ed a former college athlete as a sidekick. Paul Mohr, a young
author. He is, of course, under heavy scrutiny from intel- mutant gifted with super strength, became der Schwarzer
ligence agencies and superheroes. He sometimes helps Br (the Black Bear), second protector of Berlin.
his watchers despite the distrust they all have for him.
His powers allows him to control nervous systems, so hes Der Rter Adler uses the Rooks character sheet included
able to inflict pain or pleasure with a thought and can in the Heros Handbook or in Emerald City. Der Schwar-
even control the bodies of his targets against their will. zer Br uses the Powerhouse archetype, but decrease
Strength by 3 ranks and increase Fighting by 3 ranks.
Sonja Behnke gained her powers from a strange electrical
phenomenon during a rainstorm and was drafted into the The Fable Gang, one of the largest supervillain teams in
Volksgeist. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she retired from Europe, operates primarily as a mercenary company. The
her superhero career and relocated to Cologne to raise team started in 2004 when the Snow Queen, aided by
her daughter. She returned to duty during an attempt an unknown benefactor dubbed the Storyteller (actually
by OVERTHROW to assassinate the federal chancellor in Direktor X in a new identity (see The Volksgeist, earlier
2007, and is currently the resident heroine of Cologne. in this entry), executed a prison break for the release of
Helmut Leblanc and his wife Carola. Helmut, driven by his
EISENWACHTER (OR THE IRON WATCHMAN) lycanthropic curse, had committed a series of murders
in Dusseldorf. His wife, a former army marksman, had at-
Andi Frhlich left his armor behind at the fall of the Berlin tempted to cover them up.
Wall and retired to a successful career as an engineer.
Worried about the rise of threats like OVERTHROW and Dubbing the pair the Big Bad Wolf and Red Hood, the
MENACE, he designed a totally new battlesuit and field Snow Queen also teamed up with Andreas Niehaus, a
tested it during the demonic invasion of Stuttgart. Today former OVERTHROW engineer who received the former
he is known as Maglev. Not even his old his teammates are Iron Watchmans armor from the Storyteller. With Niehaus
aware that Andi was once part of the Volksgeist, and he as the Tin Soldier, the team began to operate as mercenar-
has no desire to tell them. ies in Europe.

FANGSCHREKE Over the years, the gang accepted new members: the Frog
Prince (Alexandre Taillard de Wrms, a former French dip-
Trained in Peoples Republic of China in swordfighting and lomat turned into a Deep One by an Atlantean artifact),
Praying Mantis Kung-fu as part of an exchange program, Godfather Death (Gino Bazzatti, a non-powered Italian
Jana Korten became soon the most efficient assassin of crime-boss), Rapunzel (Nirida Shyr, a lunar refugee whose
East Germany. She disappeared without explanation weird telekinetic powers manifest as strange hair-like ten-
after the team disbanded. A woman called Ghost Mantis, drils of psionic force), the Wild Man (an exiled Morlock,
matching her description and using her trademark sickle feral and devilishly cunning mutant), Thumbelina, the
swords, has since been reported in southeastern Asia. Mermaid, and others.
Working for Dr. Sins organization, Fangschreke is appar- The new members are usually reluctant to use identi-
ently still activeand youthfultoday. ties based on children stories, but a pact struck between
the Snow Queen and the Winter Court fairies requires
DER ROTER ADLER UND DER SCHWARZER BAR member of the teams to use easily-identifiable arche-
types in order to benefit from extraordinarily good luck.
During the Cold War, after the Berlin Wall was built, Heinz Most of the team members dont believe this, but theyve
Stubenburg and his wife tried to sneak into West Germany been quite successful and the money is good. Goofy
from East Berlin. Heinz was lucky; his wife was not. Heinz names seem a small price to pay.


The team operates from an abandoned asylum near Singschwan (Song Swan) in Salzburg and Vienna, but
Dresden, formerly used by the Stasi as a clandestine in- quickly returned to America.
terrogation facility. It has since been converted into a op-
erations center. The above-ground installations include The countrys peacefulness is commonly attributed
living quarters and recreational areas, while the under- to the presence of the UNISON garrison in the United
ground complex provides communications, technologi- Nations Office in Vienna. However, the truth of the
cal, and scientific facilities. matter is that Austrias tranquility can be attributed to
the presence of two great evils, one ancient and one
The team usually finds contracts through the Storyteller more modern.
(who then contacts the team from his/her own hiding
place) or underworld contacts provided by the Frog In 1938, the Thule Society sent Joscha Von Weldensteyck
Prince or Godfather Death. to Asia Minor to search for artifacts. Although he claimed
to have found nothing, in truth Von Weldensteyck dis-
Theyve talked about joining forces with the Looking covered the Great Ark, potentially the inspiration for
Glass Gang (see Threat Report), but the Snow Queen is the Biblical ark of Noah. The Ark is an extra-dimension-
unwilling to let White Rabbit lead the combined group al storage device full of biological and technological
because he doesnt seem to care about making money, samples gathered by the Preservers. Von Weldensteyck
and White Rabbit wont allow Snow Queen to lead eliminated his team to keep his discovery to himself,
because she has no sense of fun and is so materialistic. blaming the hazards of their mission for their deaths.
Regardless, the two talk from time to time, which some- He then returned to Germany and found a power strug-
times leads to them working together and sometimes gle already in progress between Wilhelm Kantor and
sets them at odds. the bermensch. The archaeologist knew he couldnt
oppose either faction regardless of the outcome, so he

AUSTRIA hid the Ark in the Austrian Alps and waited.

After the Reich fell, Von Weldensteyck took some follow-

With similar history, culture, and language, Austria is often ers to Austria and retreated into the Ark. Over the years,
seen as Germanys little brother. It is a relatively safe place, in the strange extradimensional space, Weldensteyck and
which is at odds with the fact that the country gave birth his team studied Preserver technology. They emerged 30
to the Golden Age villains Nosferatu and Wilhelm Kantor, years later, in 1977. None of them had aged a day since
among others. The only major super-battles here oc- entering the Ark, but the world had changed consider-
curred in the late 1970s when the Maestro (see Freedom ably. After familiarizing himself with this new world, Von
City) temporarily settled here in search of Mozarts lost Weldensteyck realized the dreams of the Thule Society
symphonies. He clashed with the sonic-powered heroine ultimately amounted to nothing.


Instead of pursuing the dead goals of the Thule Society, strange properties, Master Menace and his staff do not
Von Weldensteyck decided he would complete the work age while in the Ark. Von Weldensteyck, born more than
the Preservers began. Combined with Nazi ideals of eu- 100 years ago, is physically only in his 40s. The Ark is cur-
genics, Von Weldensteyck believed by using the Preserv- rently hidden in a warehouse in downtown Vienna. Thanks
ers knowledge, he could combine the best aspects of all to his understanding of it, Master Menace and his minions
creatures on Earth to create the ultimate racebeginning can open dimensional doorways to it from all around the
with himself and his followers. From there, it was only city as needed.
natural that he and his new race would take control of
the lesser beings populating the planet. He founded the
Multi-Eugenic Network for Acquiring Control of Earth, or INNSBRUCK
MENACE, a force for evolution through struggle.
Centuries ago, Austria became home to a refugee from
His hybrid apex-human followers have infiltrated institu- ancient Greece: the satyr Marsyas. Marsyas barely escaped
tions and the underworld. They sell technology theyve from Olympus with his life after being caught trafficking
derived from the Preservers artifacts to criminals and with demons. The corrupted satyr settled in the moun-
super-villains. In order to keep their technological ad- tains of Tyrol, giving birth to the legends of Krampus, the
vantage, MENACE keeps an eye on mundane scientific punisher of bad children. Soon, the satyr met the man-bull
research. Whenever necessary, MENACE agents steal or Taurus who brought the demonic fey into his Zodiac Cabal
sabotage research projects that might bring unwanted as the Capricorn. For centuries, the satyr was the loyal
breakthroughs. companion to Taurus, corrupting and subverting humans
like the Knights Templar (who called him Baphomet) for
Von Weldensteyck, now known as Master Menace, runs the glory of the Zodiac. Marsyas met his fate during the
the organization. To the outside world, MENACE is an or- 18th century at the hand of Daedalus, who scattered the
ganization that provides high-tech weapons and experi- ashes of the satyr on a swath of ground near Innsbrck.
mental treatments to anyone who can meet their price. Two centuries later, the vampiric count Varney Orloff ac-
Their true purpose, however, is to provide criminal orga- cidentally found the resting place of Marsyas when he
nizations and rogue governments with tools to promote sensed evil energy radiate from the ground.
evolution through struggle. In addition, when someone
approaches the organization looking for something more Orloff called in the Thule Society, which quickly seized the
exotic, Master Menace is happy to lift them out of hu- opportunity to acquire more power. They built a secret
manity and into his new race... whatever form that might concentration camp at the precise spot of Marsyass
take for that subject. death. For years, the Society sacrificed hundreds of inno-
cents there, feeding the corruption in the soil with their
Master Menace used political manipulation and pressure suffering and using the dark energies to power their own
to get the U.N. to choose Vienna as its fourth worldwide unholy rituals. As the war drew to a close, the staff dis-
office. With bribes and blackmail, several of his followers mantled the camp and went into hiding, leaving the site
were nominated to high-level positions on the U.N. staff abandoned and undetected for 60 years.
in Vienna. Master Menace knows that one day heroes
will challenge him, but he maintains a stable of unsus- Recently, a mysterious mystic only known as der Hexen-
pecting fall guys (who actually think they are members meister reoccupied the derelict site. Hoping to resurrect
of MENACE) and creates supervillains (like the Dreckete Krampus, the sorcerer performed some rituals and dis-
Partie (see earlier in this entry)) to keep the authorities covered that the sacrifice of evil souls was actually more
busy and spread as much conflict as possible. efficient than sacrificing innocents. In order to acquire
sacrifices, he started abducting (and sacrificing) some of
Most of the world believes MENACE has been defeated the most prominent members of the Austrian criminal
and dismantled at least four times in the last twenty underworld. Local heroes and the mob are all are trying
years. Each time a new group has taken up the name. to figure out whats going on, but Marsyas has already
The current, public incarnation of MENACE includes the gained sentience and will be resurrected soon. Der Hex-
Dreckete Partie (see earlier in this entry), a biker gang em- enmeister believes he will control the demon, but Marsyas
ployed by Master Menace as enforcers and eventual fall has other plans.
guys. Master Menace himself spends most of his time in
the Ark, experimenting, researching, collecting informa-
tion, and planning. THE NETHERLANDS
Depending on whom you ask, the Netherlands is either
HQ:THE ARK 27 POINTS a land of freedom and plenty, or a modern Sodom and
Size: Minuscule/Awesome Toughness: 18 Features: Gomorrah where one may smoke pot and visit the pros-
Communications, Computer, Dual Size, Holding Cells, Infirmary, titutes of the famed Red Light District. Visitors should
Laboratory, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Sealed, be aware of a couple pieces of information: first, a large
Secret, Security System x2 (DC 25), Self-repairing, Teleport portion of the country is fairly conservative. Second,
(Portal), Temporal Limbo x5 (1/64th outside time), Workshop
Dutch legislation has restricted activities like pot smoking
to only Dutch nationals in recent years, and has taken
The Ark resembles a pod or capsule just a few yards long
other initiatives (some under pressure from the European
on the outside, but is much larger inside, including a
Union) to address prostitution and recreational drugs. It
complex of rooms, corridors, and laboratories. Due to its


remains one of the most freethinking countries on the humans reclaimed the land above the complex from the
continent, but is not so different from Belgium or Portugal sea and settled in a small village right above the forsaken
in its policies. city.

Due to the size of the country, the Dutch superhuman In the 1980s, Jerris Trent, the man who would become the
scene is rather small, being limited to Ajax and a handful Terra-King, began his rise to power. He repeatedly subju-
of other heroes and villains (except Ondersdam, see fol- gated, absorbed, or destroyed the tribes of Sub-Terrans
lowing). This doesnt mean the country hasnt had its share and Morlocks. But every war has its refugees, and several
of the supernatural, including Bernard Fokke, the cursed tribes of fleeing Sub-Terran people fell under the sway of
captain of the Flying Dutchman in the 18th century, and a charismatic Morlock mutant: the future Wild Man of the
the famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing in the Fable Gang (see earlier in this entry) had learned of the At-
1890s. lantean complex from ancient writings. A clever tactician,
he knew the potential of such a location. Leading his fol-
World War II didnt produce superhumans in the Nether- lowers on a long, frustrating search, he eventually found
lands like it did in other countries, but a few heroes like the abandoned city, where the Morlock king organized
Jakob Van Helsing, grandson of the famous Abraham, a thriving community of several thousand followers with
battled the vampiric minions of the Nosferatu and even the ultimate purpose of overthrowing the Terra-King. He
Dracula himself on more than one occasion. even used Atlantean technology to genetically alter some
For most of the second half of the 20th century, the of his fellow Morlocks and Sub-Terrans, making them
country saw no superhuman activity. This changed with more intelligent and less prone to react with violence.
the appearance of the paragon Ajax (named not for the The Wild Man, aware of the existence of the human city
mythological character but for Amsterdams main soccer above, instructed his people to create hidden passages
club, for which the ancient hero is the mascot) and by the into Amsterdam. These paths and tunnels served as a way
2004 event called the Amsterdam Ascent. Today, paranor- to acquire resources and as escape routes.
mal activity is quite high in Amsterdam (although not at The Terra-King finally grew tired of skirmishes with the
the same level as New York, Freedom City, or even London) Wild Mans followers and after allowing a number of his
but mostly hidden from the public eye. Similar activity is followers to be captured in hopes of one escaping to give
almost nonexistent anywhere else in the country. him the location of his enemys base, he was able to plan
his attack. Terra-King launched a massive assault on the
AMSTERDAM, VENICE OF THE NORTH ancient Atlantean hide-out. Outnumbered, the Wild Man
ordered his followers to take the only remaining option,
The postcard picture of Amsterdam is well known: an old, fleeing to the surface with instructions to seize power
incredibly dense city with canals, bike paths, and tram- from the humans.
ways where no sane person dares to drive a car, inhabited
Amsterdam found itself invaded by thousands of Sub-
by the most tolerant people on the planet. Although the
Terran and Morlock refugees, some hostile and others
people are very open, the city has changed a bit since the
only seeking escape. Ajax intervened, and SWORD, the
Ascent took place ten years ago. Unknown to most of the
Bundesguard, and the Brigade Fantastique were called
population, 20% of the citys residents are non-human.
in as reinforcements. Despite the chaos, Ajax was able
Amsterdams origins are fuzzy. It apparently grew from a to figure out what was going on and prevent wholesale
small village near a dam on the Amstel River. The area was slaughter across the city. The heroes defeated and locked
still at the bottom of an unnamed bay on the Rhine delta up the Wild Man (who shortly escaped and joined the
thousands of years ago when Atlanteans built a mysti- Fables) and stopped the attack of the Terra-King. The
cally- camouflaged underground aquatic complex on the Sub-Terrans and Morlocks, uncomfortable with living
site for use as a base of operations for the North Sea and aboveground, mostly returned to their hidden city. Most
an outpost for subterranean explorations. likely because of the powerful spells concealing the sub-
terranean outpost, the people of Amsterdam believed
As the Atlantean-Lemurian war progressed, a party of the Ascent was resolved with few long-term effects. This,
Atlantean survivalists took up residence in the hidden however, was not the case.
outpost, planning to use it as a refuge in case of a Le-
murian victory. This faction expanded the complex to an Ajax understood all too well what it was to be an outcast
arcology capable of housing several thousand residents, (see Ajax for more information), and decided to help the
complete with water-recycling technology and food pro- hapless subterranean civilians start new lives and peace-
duction facilities. fully exist below Amsterdam and the people who knew
nothing of the new city under their feet. Ajax helped them
Unfortunately, Morlocks found and invaded the city a few establish their own realm, called Ondersdam, which
years after its completion and the Atlanteans were forced is ruled jointly by some of the more intelligent and ad-
to evacuate and destroy the base by collapsing the un- vanced members of both races, with input and guidance
derwater entrance after filling the tunnels with toxic gas. by Ajax.
The Morlocks retreated and sealed the tunnels to escape
the fumes. Sealed from both sides and disguised by pow- Over the past decade, by virtue of this agreement and
erful magicks, the underground city was forgotten by all under the tutelage of Ajax, Amsterdam has become
and left abandoned for thousands of years. In that time, something like a superpowered Casablanca to those


sdam, are afraid of others getting their hands on Atlan-

AJAX PL13 tean technology and have petitioned to open a small
STR 15 STA 15 AGL 4 DEX 2 FGT 8 INT 4 AWE 2 PRE 3 embassy nearby in a facility on the bottom of the lake
named the IJsselmeer.
Powers: Cosmic Energy Channeling Armor (Removable;
Cosmic Blast (Ranged Damage 12), Enhanced Abilities While Ondersdam is part of Amsterdam and vice versa,
(Enhanced Fighting 3, Enhanced Stamina 5, Enhanced Strength 5),
they are also their own entities. Most people in Amster-
Flight Booster (Flight 6 (Stacks with Flight 4; total Flight 10 (2,000
MPH)), Immortality Circuit (Immunity 1 (Aging)), Improved dam know their city has changed since the Ascent, but
Invulnerability (Impervious Toughness 12, Regeneration 2)); the changes have only made the city more interesting,
Cosmic Flight (Flight 4 (30 MPH)); Ultiman Invulnerability with strange sightings and rumors of a hidden world ex-
(Enhanced Stamina 8, Enhanced Strength 8, Immunity 11 (Life isting alongside Amsterdam. The citizens of Ondersdam,
Support, Starvation and Thirst)); Ultiman Psionics (Comprehend
2 (Languages; Speak, Understand All), Mind Reading 2) have as little contact with the city above as possible. They
prefer to stay in their city below unless they need some-
Advantages: Benefit (Alderman), Chokehold, Close Attack
thing only found aboveground. There are a few people
3, Connected, Diehard, Fearless, Improved Grab, Inspire 2,
Interpose, Languages 4 (Arabic, English, French, German, (including some in the criminal underworld) from Am-
Russian, Spanish, Dutch native), Luck 2, Power Attack sterdam who have established connections with people
Skills: Expertise: Art 2 (+6), Expertise: Geography 4 (+8), in the city below, but to the average citizen, Ondersdam
Expertise: History 4 (+8), Expertise: Philosophy 4 (+8), Expertise: is unknown.
Politics 6 (+10), Expertise: Tactics 6 (+10), Insight 8 (+10),
Investigation 4 (+8), Perception 9 (+11), Persuasion 7 (+10), Ajax protects both cities and tries to keep both communi-
Ranged Combat: Cosmic Blast 8 (+10), Technology 8 (+12) ties satisfied while simultaneously keeping crime
Offense: Initiative +4, Cosmic Blast +10 (Ranged, and smuggling under control. Ajax also serves
Damage 12), Unarmed +11 (Close, Damage 15) as an alderman on the city council of Amster-
Defense: Dodge 11, Parry 11, Fortitude 15, Toughness 15, dam (in his heroic identity) and helps with
Will 11 day-to-day problems in the city. Slingerklok
and Dulle Griet (see following) help him on a
Complications: Identity: Ajax maintains his secret
identity as a social worker, but he finds he has less regular basis, so often that the three
and less time to dedicate to it. Motivation have been nicknamed de Nacht
Acceptance: In secret, Ajax longs to be Wacht (the Night Watch, after
accepted somewhere for what he the famous Rembrandt paint-
truly is. He has always felt like a
fish out of water no matter ing) by the Dutch media.
where he goes.
Responsibility: Ajax feels AJAX
responsible for the people
in Amsterdam, human or The year was 1943. The Nazis
otherwise. were everywhere in the
Note: Without his Cosmic Netherlands, including the
Energy Channeling Armor
Amsterdam Kommandan-
to properly regulate and
direct his innate cosmic energy, tur, celebrating one of their
Ajaxs Strength and Stamina drop victories with Dutch col-
to 10, Fighting drops to 5, he only laborators. With a bag full of
has Flight 4, and doesnt have his papers stolen from the Nazis
Cosmic Blast. These things combine
to make him only PL 11. carefully hidden under her
evening gown, Bloeme had
Totals: Abilities 48 + Powers 113 +
yet to fulfill the remaining
Advantages 19 + Skills 35 +
Defenses 19 = 234 part of her mission: sneaking
out of the party and deliver-
ing the documents to the Dutch
in-the-know. Citizens under-
Resistance. Every exit from the hotel
ground and above gener-
was heavily guarded, but perhaps there
ally do not mix, but there is
was a way. this tall muscular Nazi officer
a small amount of back-and-
called Der bermensch. A smile, a wink,
forth between the two cities.
some seductive talk, and soon the big
On the surface, low-powered
blond was escorting her to his car. The
mutants have started their
mission was a success.
own community, while con-
spiracy theorists who believe The story should have stopped there,
the Ascent was covered up but morning sickness a few weeks
in order to hide... something later told Bloeme that it was far
come to test their theories. from over. The brief encoun-
Some of these are scientists ter required for her escape
driven by rumors to investigate what- had resulted in pregnancy.
ever technology or artifacts are hidden below the Nine months later, Jan Wit-
city. The rulers of Atlantis, who are aware of Onder- teveen was born of unknown


father. But Jan was not a normal kid: he was stronger and Lost in a city where almost no one spoke his native lan-
tougher than any other child, and soon he displayed the guage and unable to travel back to his own time, Elmer
disturbing ability to guess what other people were think- returned to the Netherlands and, at Ajaxs request, helped
ing. Believing himself a mutant, the young Jan was dev- with the Ondersdam situation. Elmer adopted a costumed
astated years later when his mother finally told him the identity as Slingerklok (Pendulum), the towns mystical
truth of his birth. While he sought and found his biological expert.
father, Superior was less than willing to accept him. His
father harshly rejected Jan, calling him a hindrance and Slingerklok uses the Mystic archetype; however, add
potential weakness he wouldnt allow himself. Detect 2 (space-time disturbances, radius) and Compre-
hend 4 (Objects 2, Spirits 2), plus, as one of his arrays alter-
Superior telepathically instructed his son to seek Ultima nate effects, add Summon 6 (Active, Controlled).
Thule, the city of his people (because he did not want
to see the youngster wander unchecked). The Ultimen
welcomed him as a lost relative, and for many years Jan
studied the culture and technology of the hidden city. He Coming from a long line of vampire hunters, Margreet
even built a suit of armor that allowed him to harness the Van Helsing learned how to stake a bloodsucker before
cosmic power inside him. her first driving lesson. Her ancestor Abraham had hunted
As the years passed, Jan noticed he was not seen as a and fought Dracula across Europe and her grandfather
normal member of the race. People were kind, but talked Jakob had destroyed countless minions of the Nosferatu
down to him because of his relatively minor powers. before being killed in the line of duty in South America
Finally, during a dispute where harsh words were ex- in the 1960s. Her father Hendrik hunted Dracula after the
changed, someone called him the half-blood son of Lord of Vampires resurfaced.
a traitor. Hurt deeply, Jan decided to leave the city and In retaliation, the vampire turned Hendriks young siblings
wander the world to find his true place. For most of the Hannes and Gerda into the undead monsters later known
1980s and 90s, Jan drifted from location to location, often as Hansel and Gretel of the Fable Gang (see earlier in this
living a normal life, but sometimes adopting a heroic entry). The pair were finally put to rest at the cost of Hen-
identity. In Canada he was known as the Prime Ranger. In driks life. Since then, Margreet has sworn to stake Dracula,
Argentina, el Caballero Andante. In New Zealand, Cosmic relentlessly hunting any supernatural threat around the
Spirit. And in Spain, Maximo, the identity in which he had world, even earning the nickname of Dulle Griet (Mad
a hand in defeating the dragon Sugaar. After his mother Meg) in the Dutch occult world.
passed away, he returned to Amsterdam and took the
name Ajax. The Amsterdam Ascent forced him to assume Dulle Griet uses an arsenal of mystical weapons gathered
the position of mediator and peacekeeper, which he by her family over the years, ranging from stakes and
maintains today. blessed guns to holy water grenades.

Ajax appears to be a tall blond man in his thirties. He Dulle Griet uses the Crime Fighter archetype. She has Ex-
possesses most of the physical attributes of the classic pertise: Occult and Expertise: Magic both at 8 ranks. She
Ultiman, but lacks their cosmic energy control. He must also has 10 additional points of magic-related equipment
rely on his costume to channel his inner energy to better (holy water, silver bullets, and so on). As a Feature, all her
effect. attacks have the Holy or Magic descriptor, due to bless-
ings and rituals she performs over her equipment.
Elmer van den Borre had just completed the pentagram
to summon Casriel, Angel of Saturn and guardian of the Banks, mountains, neutrality, and chocolate create a sim-
Rivers of Time, when the authorities knocked at his door. plistic caricature of Switzerland, but there is much more
In the year 1654, the colony of Nieuw Amsterdam was far to the country. Many international institutions have their
from a haven for sorcerers like him. All he wanted was to offices in Geneva, and Switzerland is one of the most
travel one month backwards in time and save the love of militaristic countries in the world. A majority of its young
his life who had drowned in a tragic accident. Until that men are conscripted and undergo military training. Militia
day, he had always refrained from using time magic. The members keep personal weapons at home as part of their
militia had spotted him buying components for the ritual, military obligations, so Switzerland has one of the highest
but the great spirit was already summoned and awaiting gun ownership rates in the world. Switzerland is also a
van den Borres request when the men rushed in to stop country of science and research and is the home of CERN
him. The next thing Elmer knew, he was in an immense (European Council for Nuclear Research), which operates
city of stone, noise, repulsive fumes, and strangely dressed the largest particle accelerator in the world, the Large
people. He was accosted and then chased by men in blue Hadron Collider, near the French border.
uniforms and fought back with spells that panicked wit-
nesses and caught the attention of a superhero. After the Despite a couple of major hostage crises in Geneva in
altercation, Elmer realized he wasnt 35 days in the past the 1990s (an attack on the UN office by OVERTHROW
but 350 years in the future, in the same town, now called and an attempted plane hijacking by the Power Corps),
New York. Switzerland exhibits almost no paranormal activity. The


Oath Fellowship (Eidgenossenschaft), the countrys only whose great power dwarfed even the heroes of ancient
super-team, was formed in the 1980s, but disbanded due times. Stealing a book of the mans prophecies, Taurus
to inactivity after only a few months, its three members re- abandoned his vendetta against Daedalus and used the
turning to civilian life. In terms of superhuman activity, the cryptic quatrains contained in the book to take over the
country is eerily quiet. There are no local superheroes and world from behind the scenes. The man-bull schemed and
there are no supervillains, not even the occasional visiting plotted over the next four centuries, creating cults and
foreigner, despite the country being one of the richest in secret societies devoted to himsuch as the Illuminati
the world. Most of the Swiss attribute this tranquility to and the Carbonariand infiltrating otherssuch as the
the efficiency of their police, the presence of the UNISON Freemasons and the Thule Society. He accumulated vast
Garrison in Geneva, and, to a lesser extent, the existence wealth and influence. In the 1910s, Taurus finally settled
of private militias employed by Swiss corporations. at his current home in Switzerland, overseeing the small
countrys rise to financial power.
The truth is far more unsavory. It is well known that the
Nazis once hid a large part of their stolen gold in the Swiss In the 1930s, Europe saw the rise of the first modern su-
banks protected by the legendary secrecy and neutrality perheroes. Taurus understood that the age of heroes
of Switzerland. When Wilhelm Kantor fled Germany after Nostradamus told him about was beginning. He also un-
World War II, he used this money to finance the creation derstood very clearly that he had to control such beings,
and operation of SHADOW. That organization is only one of direct them, and even create them if needed. The first two
the criminal organizations secretly using Switzerland as a he recruited became the German agent Doppelganger
place to consolidate power and money. The various mafias, and the French vigilante Belphegor (see the Western
OVERTHROW, rogue states and their petty dictators, crimi- Europe entry). When France surrendered, Taurus simply
nal masterminds none of them is dumb enough to draw ordered Belphegor to switch sides and join the Axis. The
attention or cause trouble here. The criminal underworld Allied powers won the war, but Taurus was still in an excel-
came to a consensus that is still in effect today: Leave Swit- lent position: Europe was mostly empty of super-beings
zerland alone or face retribution. Most of the criminal op- and he had plenty of time and resources to extend the
erations taking place in Switzerland are conducted the old- Labyrinth internationally.
fashioned way: in expensive suits. No noisy super-battle
has occurred in the Swiss Alps in decades. Today, the Labyrinth has influence in almost every part of
the world, especially the United States. Taurus still keeps a
While the agreement in the underworld to leave Swit- close eye on Western Europe, however, due to his Zurich
zerland alone explains the lack of super-criminals in the base. He has agents and allies in every country. He trades
country, it is still odd the country lacks any superheroes. with the Morlocks and Serpent People in Ondersdam. He
Yet Switzerland hasnt attracted any heroes as permanent has infiltrated organizations like NATO and the UN. He has
residents or defenders. The reason for that is the Labyrinth. even infiltrated some European hero teams to stay ahead
of any initiative against the Labyrinth. (Who exactly is
From his lair near Zurich, Taurus controls his organiza- on Tauruss payroll is up to the GM. The most likely can-
tion, and the last thing he wants is to dodge heroes flying didates are Baroud from la Brigade Fantastique, Rtsel of
above his home. It is estimated that Taurus controls or the Bundesguard, Cro-Magnon, and Grifo.)
can exert pressure on almost 30% of the Swiss economy
through infiltrated agents, dummy corporations, proxies, The conflict with OVERTHROW in Munich is annoying to
favors, and so on. The Labyrinth has agents scattered Taurus, but manageable. So are most of the superhero
throughout the country. Most are informants reporting teams on the continent. The worst enemy of the Labyrinth,
any unusual activity (economic or otherwise). If superhu- however, is MENACE. The two organizations look similar as
man activity is suspected, Taurus sends a team of special they both rely on misdirection and conspiracies, but their
investigators. If the problem is confirmed, it is dealt with goals are opposite each other. MENACE wants to obliter-
discreetly and efficiently. The old bull is extremely careful ate modern society and rebuild something new from the
with these operations. Any mistake could bring unwel- ashes. The Labyrinth wants to subvertbut maintain
come attention to his base. the system to its own ends. The Labyrinth has no use for
unchecked bands of ravaging super-beings, and MENACE
In the late 1540s, while disguised as a normal person, the has no room for a rival in its schemes for world conquest.
man-bull met the seer Nostradamus in Venice. The immor- So far the conflict has remained covert, but matters could
tal was intrigued by the predictions of the astrologer who easily escalate into a full underworld war.
claimed that a time would come when economics would
be the true power in the world, surpassing royalty and For a more complete look on the Labyrinth, see Freedom
politics. Nostradamus also foresaw the coming of beings City.



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not embody the Product Identity and is an enhancement Game Content You are copying, modifying or distribut- Coast, Inc.
over the prior art and any additional content clearly iden- ing, and You must add the title, the copyright date, and
tified as Open Game Content by the Contributor, and the copyright holders name to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE System Reference Document, Copyright 2000, Wizards of
means any work covered by this License, including trans- of any original Open Game Content you Distribute. the Coast, Inc., Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook,
lations and derivative works under copyright law, but spe- Skip Williams, based on original material by E. Gary
cifically excludes Product Identity. (e) Product Identity 7. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use any Gygax and Dave Arneson.
means product and product line names, logos and iden- Product Identity, including as an indication as to com-
tifying marks including trade dress; artifacts; creatures patibility, except as expressly licensed in another, inde- Modern System Reference Document, Copyright 2002-
characters; stories, storylines, plots, thematic elements, pendent Agreement with the owner of each element of 2004, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Bill Slavicsek,
dialogue, incidents, language, artwork, symbols, designs, that Product Identity. You agree not to indicate compat- Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman, Charles Ryan, Eric Cagle, David
depictions, likenesses, formats, poses, concepts, themes ibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Regis- Noonan, Stan!, Christopher Perkins, Rodney Thompson,
and graphic, photographic and other visual or audio rep- tered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing and JD Wiker, based on material by Jonathan Tweet,
resentations; names and descriptions of characters, spells, Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Richard Baker, Peter Adkison,
enchantments, personalities, teams, personas, likenesses another, independent Agreement with the owner of Bruce R. Cordell, John Tynes, Andy Collins, and JD Wiker.
and special abilities; places, locations, environments, such Trademark or Registered Trademark. The use of
creatures, equipment, magical or supernatural abilities or any Product Identity in Open Game Content does not Mutants & Masterminds, Copyright 2002, Green Ronin
effects, logos, symbols, or graphic designs; and any other constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Product Publishing; Author Steve Kenson.
trademark or registered trademark clearly identified as Identity. The owner of any Product Identity used in Open
Product identity by the owner of the Product Identity, and Game Content shall retain all rights, title and interest in Advanced Players Manual, Copyright 2005, Green Ronin
which specifically excludes the Open Game Content; (f) and to that Product Identity. Publishing, LLC; Author Skip Williams.
Trademark means the logos, names, mark, sign, motto,
designs that are used by a Contributor to identify itself or 8. Identification: If you distribute Open Game Content Silver Age Sentinels d20, Copyright 2002, Guardians
its products or the associated products contributed to the You must clearly indicate which portions of the work of Order, Inc.; Authors Stephen Kenson, Mark C.
Open Game License by the Contributor (g) Use, Used that you are distributing are Open Game Content. Mackinnon, Jeff Mackintosh, Jesse Scoble.
or Using means to use, Distribute, copy, edit, format,
modify, translate and otherwise create Derivative Mate- 9. Updating the License: Wizards or its designated Mutants & Masterminds, Second Edition, Copyright 2005,
rial of Open Game Content. (h) You or Your means the Agents may publish updated versions of this License. You Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Steve Kenson.
licensee in terms of this agreement. may use any authorized version of this License to copy,
modify and distribute any Open Game Content originally DC Adventures Heros Handbook, Copyright 2010, Green
2. The License: This License applies to any Open Game distributed under any version of this License. Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Steve Kenson.
Content that contains a notice indicating that the Open
Game Content may only be Used under and in terms of 10. Copy of this License: You MUST include a copy of Mutants & Masterminds Heros Handbook, Copyright
this License. You must affix such a notice to any Open this License with every copy of the Open Game Content 2011, Green Ronin Publishing, LLC; Author Steve Kenson.
Game Content that you Use. No terms may be added to You Distribute.
or subtracted from this License except as described by Mutants & Masterminds Atlas of Earth-Prime:
the License itself. No other terms or conditions may be 11. Use of Contributor Credits: You may not market Mediterranean, Copyright 2015, Green Ronin Publishing,
applied to any Open Game Content distributed using or advertise the Open Game Content using the name LLC; Authors Daniel Eymard.
this License. of any Contributor unless You have written permission
from the Contributor to do so.