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The Lost World

In a few secluded places around the world there are sub- wilderness, or guardian spirits linked to the portals. Other
terranean passages and portals leading to a lush, secret times, a portal appears randomly, like in the Bermuda Tri-
land in which dinosaurs still live, where the two dominant angle (see Atlas of Earth-Prime: Caribbean). No matter
civilizations are long-lost populations from the Incan and how a person gets there or what they have to overcome to
the Roman empires, and where mysteries hide in ancient do it, getting there is actually the easy part, leaving, on the
Atlantean and alien ruins. other hand, is trickier. The path a character took to get here
may not lead back to the same place or the portal may have
The exact location of the Lost World is hard to pinpoint, closed up entirely! Those stable portals that do exist are
if thats possible at all, but it seems to exist in a pocket few and far between. A handful of people in the Lost World
dimension of some sort, although there have been a know of a stable portal or two (such as Zandars knowledge
number of theories put forth by visitors over the years. of a path back to Freedom City), but depending on whom
Whatever the case, the reality of the Lost World is a savage you meet, it may not be the portal you need.
realm where only the strong survive.

LOST WORLD PREMISES While the Lost World looks like a savage, jungle
The Lost World is in a dimension of its own,
world populated by dinosaurs and other
but it isnt a world of its own. Its exis-
prehistoric creatures, in truth its
tence is tied to Earths and pos-
much more than that. Within its
sibly (probably) a number of
confines is a strange mixture
other worlds. It seems to take
of people and artifacts from
bits and pieces from these
different worlds, times,
other worlds haphazardly
and races. Primitive
but, despite its apparent
humans live alongside
randomness, the Lost
dinosaurs, which prey
World has a look and
upon bands of Serpent
feel thats distinctive.
People who search
The Lost World is built
through Atlantean
on some premises
that should be taken
into account when The Lost ruins for powerful ar-
tifacts. New people
arrive at random and
its being used as a
setting for adventures.
These are not hard and
World either survive and add
to the mix or perish,
leaving behind artifacts
fast rules, but guidelines
of their own to add to the
that help maintain the feel
mystique of the place. At first
of the setting. If one or more
glance the Lost World wouldnt
of these premises doesnt mesh
seem to be a place where youd
with your M&M game, feel free to
find alien technology, magic, primi-
change it based on the suggestions
tive tribes, and civilizations from other
here, but be careful if you do; some of these
times, but those things are there and they combine
premises are central to the character of the Lost World.
to make Lost World unique.


...and its not easy to get to! Most people find their way to
Physical strength, raw power, big teeth and clawsthese
the Lost World by accident. Usually the trip is short and
are the things that define the Lost World. Anyone who
unexpected. Some people, those whove heard of the Lost
accepts that will survive; anyone who embraces it will
World and decide to seek it out, can spend a long time
thrive; and anyone who rejects it, will die. The only time
finding a way there. Oftentimes the portals are hidden un-
being from an advanced culture is a good thing is when
derground or guarded by primitive tribes, impenetrable

In the unforgiving land of the Lost World there is one rule:

Only the strong survive!
Lost World proverb



it makes you strongersuch as knowing how to build here through portals from other worlds or that escaped
traps, create explosives, or use a gun! from an alien ark. These beasts are a threat to everything
and a constant danger to anyone in the Lost World.


The Lost World hasnt been mapped, not accurately and
In addition to raw strength, some of the creatures and
not completely, anyway. Certainly the people who live
inhabitants of the Lost World have been changed by a
there know how to get around and where important
power intrinsic to the place. In this case magic could
landmarks are, but easily usable maps are nonexistent.
mean almost anything from an alien artifact that has un-
Perhaps this is simply a matter of the level of technol-
predictable effects to radioactive crystals, or actual magic.
ogy available, but its just as likely that theres something
Regardless of the source, this power source (or all of them)
about the land itself that resists mapping so that a map
changes some of the creatures exposed to it. Its possible
made one day doesnt actually reflect where things are
to find a fire-breathing T-rex, a giant ape, some other crea-
the next. Regardless, exploration and discovery of what
ture never seen before, or a young woman with the ability
lies around the next bend is an important theme in the
to cast spells. All of these draw their abilities from this
Lost World.
power source, consciously or not.


Unlike the modern, civilized world, monsters of all stripes
Finally, the Lost World is a savage land, and survival is a
exist and are actually the dominant lifeforms in the Lost
daily struggle. The people here know that and are quick to
World. This includes everything from cavemen and pre-
recognize and separate the strong from the weak. Danger
historic creatures like dinosaurs and saber-toothed cats
lies around every corner in the form of a raptor just as it
to Serpent People and strangely mutated animals. There
lies in the sweet smile of a jungle princess who has am-
may even be alien creatures that have found their way
bitions of her own. Everyone in the Lost World can take
care of him- or herself and anyone who spends much time
here better have their wits about them and be quick on
The Lost World is linked to the Earth-Prime setting,
which means super-powered beings pop up there now
and again. If youre running a more straight-up Warriors HISTORY OF THE LOST WORLD
& Warlocks fantasy game using Mutants & Masterminds, The peoples of the Lost World each have their own cre-
you may wish to ignore or downplay the Lost Worlds ation myths or ideas about where their world came from.
links to Earth-Prime.
These include everything from the traditional beliefs of
Essentially, the Lost World is located in a pocket dimen- the Romans and Incans, to the unfathomable thoughts
sion connected to Earth via various tunnels and portals. the Serpent People have about Yig or the Dark Gods that
If that doesnt work for your game or you have some- came before. In addition, the tribes native to the land have
place else youd rather locate itmove it! There are any primitive ideas all their own. Its likely theyll never know
number of places the Lost World could be and the right
the truth of the matter.
choice is always the one that works best for your game.
Heres a list of other possible locations of the Lost World.
Feel free to use or ignore them as you please. THE PRESERVERS
The Lost World is located...
The ancient aliens known as the Preservers actually
On a world in another dimensionit could even created the Lost World to serve as a prison. When the
be another Earth in a parallel universe. Preservers first arrived on Earth they experimented
Inside the Earth (or whichever world youre using) with human life, but cared little for the reptilian Serpent
People, seeing little potential in them. In order to
On another world light years away from Earth, but remove them from the equation and ensure that they
everyone thinks its in another dimension.
wouldnt interfere with human progress, the Preservers
At the crossroads between worlds, or near it. created a pocket dimension and gathered up many of
In a rift between worlds that isnt supposed to exist. the Serpent People and imprisoned them there. Along
with the Serpent People, they deposited some of the
Inside a pocket dimension used as a power source indigenous peoples they hadnt experimented on and
for an alien or Atlantean craft.
re-created a number of creatures that had been native
In the world of dreams. to Earth, but died out due to environmental conditions.
Inside a magical gem or some other magic item They thought it might be worthwhile to have some of
the original human stock and other life-forms native to
Any of these options or something you come up with on Earth safely stored away just in case something went
your own are perfectly acceptable. The important thing
wrong with their experiment. When they were done with
is that the flavor of the setting be maintained.
their experiments, they left.



Unfortunately, they underestimated the Serpent People, have become erratic and more difficult to find. Perhaps
who used their dark arts to weaken the barriers between the barriers established by the Preservers have slowly
the dimensions and tunnel back to Earth as well as into healed the damage inflicted by the Serpent People, or
a number of parallel dimensions. They quickly reestab- the influence of interdimensional conflicts like the Ter-
lished their Empire of Lemuria and came into conflict minus Invasion, or the discovery of the Preserver Stones,
with the nation of Atlantis, founded by the humans the on Earth-Prime have had some effect.
Preservers had experimented on. The two nations fought,
which brought about the Great Cataclysm, signaling the
end of both nations. For the Serpent People it was their
final defeat. Their civilization was left in ruins, their people
No one in the Lost World actually knows its true history and,
spread in small bands throughout the world. They quickly
depending on how you want the setting to work in your
sunk into barbarism. Even their prison wasnt safe during
game, the information given here may have to change en-
the war. The Atlanteans found it, attacked, and devastated
tirely. Use whats presented here as a jumping off point or
the refuges the Serpent People had set up there, but not
feel free to change it. It doesnt really matter since theres
without heavy losses on both sides of the conflict. Atlan-
no written history of the Lost World, no scientists delving
tean and Lemurian artifacts from the time of this conflict
into the secrets of its universe, or anyone who really cares
still litter parts of the Lost World.
all that much about it. The inhabitants of the Lost World are
In the time since the Great Cataclysm, the Lost World has far more concerned with whats happening in the here and
changed very little. Life persists and, over time, even more now, and not what may have happened at the dawn of cre-
strange creatures and people have found their way into the ation.
Lost World. At some points in the past the barrier between
Earth and the Lost World was so permeable that whole por-
tions of Earth were drawn into it, seemingly permanently.
The Lost World mirrors Earths geography at an early stage
THE LOST WORLD TODAY of its development. It looks something like Earth did
during the early Jurassic period. The continents are still
In the present day of the Lost World, things are as theyve mostly linked together, with Antarctica, Australia, India,
always beenat least from the perspective of the Africa, South America, and North America clumped to-
people who live there. Dinosaurs roam the land, the two gether running north-south and Europe and Asia spread
major civilizations have an unsteady truce, and every out widely running roughly east-west in the far north.
now and again strangers from somewhere else arrive to Even in this configuration, many of the major geographi-
cause trouble. What the people in the Lost World dont cal landmarks exist, such as the Andes, Urals, and Rocky
know is that the walls between dimensions have slowly Mountains. Vast expanses of plains, forests, and deserts
strengthened over time. The portals between worlds also exist, but their locations arent necessarily consistent



with those of Earths, simply because of where the conti- HUMAN PRIMITIVE
nents are located on the surface of the Earth and what the
weather is like, given those changes. The Lost World is lightly populated compared to Earth-
Prime. Most humans belong to scattered and often
Using this configuration gives the Lost World an alien nomadic tribes that survive however and wherever they
feel, while still being familiar enough for people to can in the wilderness. It is far more common to encoun-
grasp. It also allows Gamemasters to change the lo- ter these tribes while they are out hunting and gather-
cation of the Lost World without necessarily chang- ing, although explorers may encounter various villages,
ing what it looks like. Additionally it is easier to ad-lib settlements, cave dwellings, and even small towns in their
the locations of landmarks like rivers, plateaus, small travels.
mountains, lakes, and anything else the Gamemaster
wants to throw in. The human inhabitants of the Lost World are a hardy lot,
as they must be to survive in such savage surroundings.
Gamemasters may find the archetypes from Chapter 3 Their sole concern is the safety and continued survival
of the Gamemasters Guide useful, notably the Animal, of their band, tribe, or village, and their technical sophis-
Cultist, Dinosaur, and Monster archetypes. tication is barely beyond the Stone Age. Some human
shamans have the Artificer and Ritualist advantages.

There are, however, a few cities visitor might find in the

Equipment: knife (Damage 1, Crit. 19-20), spear (Damage 3, NOVA ROMA
Crit. 19-20)
Advantages: Equipment 2 Nova Roma is a grand, walled city built and expanded
over more than a thousand years. It was founded when
Skills: Athletics 4 (+6), Expertise: Survival 6 (+5), Insight 2
(+2), Intimidation 2 (+2), Perception 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: General Viridius Sophus and his legion found a passage
Throwing 2 (+3), Stealth 4 (+6) into the Lost World and claimed the strange new land in
Offense: Initiative +2, Spear +3 (Ranged, Damage 5), Knife +3
the name of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. General Sophus
(Close, Damage 3), Unarmed +3 (Close, Damage 2) and his men set to work on building a defensible en-
campment and reporting back to his commanders. Un-
Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 4, Toughness 3, Will 3
fortunately all of the messengers either never came back
Totals: Abilities 20 + Powers 0 + Advantages 2 + Skills 12 + or returned to report they couldnt find the path back.
Defenses 7 = 41
Regardless, Sophus continued to make the attempt for
years, as did the Generals who replaced him after he
ROMAN LEGIONNAIRE PL4 died. Finally, after nearly 100 years they stopped sending
messengers and decided to give up on ever seeing or
hearing from Rome again.
Equipment: armor (Protection 2), spear (Damage 3, Crit.
19-20), sword (Damage 3, Crit. 19-20) After the decision was made, the men of the Legion began
Advantages: Equipment 2 expanding the city. This had already been necessary, as
some had taken local tribeswomen as brides and raised
Skills: Athletics 2 (+3), Expertise: Soldier 4 (+4), Insight 3
(+4), Intimidation 4 (+4), Perception 2 (+3), Ranged Combat: families, but now the command to establish a city had
Throwing 2 (+3), Stealth 3 (+4), Vehicles 2 (+3) been given and they attacked the problem with typical
Offense: Initiative +1, Spear +3 (Ranged, Damage 4), Sword +4 Roman precision and determination. In short order theyd
(Close, Damage 4), Unarmed +4 (Close, Damage 1) cleared some of the surrounding land, expanded the
walls, and built more structures using traditional Roman
Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 4, Toughness 4, Will 3
building techniques as well as new tricks learned from
Totals: Abilities 20 + Powers 0 + Advantages 2 + Skills 11 + locals. Thanks to the influx of Lost World natives as well
Defenses 7 = 40
as the ever-expanding families of Roman stock, the city
has continued to grow. Thousands now populate Nova
UTAHRAPTOR PL7 Roma, all of them living in a city that resembles Rome
at the height of the Empire, albeit a tropical Rome with
domesticated dinosaurs carrying riders and hauling carts
Powers: Bite (Strength-based Damage 1), Hide (Protection 4), through the cobblestone streets. They are ruled by Prae-
Huge (Growth 4, Innate, Permanent), Jumping (Leaping 1 (15
feet)), Running (Speed 2 (8 MPH)), Senses (Senses 4 (Acute tor-Governor Antoninus Augustus. Even in all this time,
Olfactory, Low-light Vision, Tracking Olfactory, Ultra-hearing) no Nova Roman has declared himself Emperor, ostensi-
Advantages: Improved Grab, Improved Initiative
bly owing allegiance to far off, lost Rome, although some
consider the City of Seven Hills just as much a myth as
Skills: Perception 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+3) Mount Olympus.
Offense: Initiative +7, Bite +5 (Close, Damage 8)
Relations between Nova Roma and the surrounding ter-
Defense: Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8, Will 4
ritories are good. The city provides a stable place for the
Totals: Abilities 54 + Powers 21 + Advantages 2 + Skills 4 + tribespeople to trade and has even supplied aid to some
Defenses 15 = 54 of the tribes when needed. The Nova Romans relation-



Nova Roma

ship with Viracochasuyu is uneasy at best. Soon after

the Incans arrival to the Lost World, the Nova Romans VIRACOCHASUYU
tried to conquer them, but the power of Viracocha
drove them back. Since then the two city-states have Viracochasuyu is a city, but a city in the Incan concept
treated each other diplomatically and trade between of such things. It has buildings, dwellings, streets, and
them has grown. Even so, Praetor-Governor Augustus people, but considering the population of Incans in the
dislikes the fact that theres a power his Legionnaires area, very few of them actually call Viracochasuyu home.
cant overcome and hes actively searching for a way to To the Incans, a city is mostly a place of business, trade,
overthrow the Incan god, should he become a threat and government, so during the days Viracochasuyu is
to the city. lively and packed with people, but at night its streets are
nearly empty, as almost everyone goes home to the vil-
Nova Roma is a suitable place to include virtually all of the lages and townships in the surrounding hills and moun-
comic book Roman clichs in the depths of the jungles tains. Some of these villages and terraced farms are miles
of the Lost World, including gladiatorial games, marble from the heart of Viracochasuyu, but even so theyre con-
columned temples to the gods, visionary seers, grim and sidered part of the city simply because theyre within the
detrmined legionnaires, and more. sphere of influence of their god-king Viracocha.

ROMAN LEGIONNAIRE The Incan Empire was drawn here centuries ago by the
power of Viracocha, whod foreseen the end of the Incan
The Legionnaire archetype can be used for normal foot- civilization on Earth at the hands of outsiders. Viracocha
soldiers as well as for cavalry riding utahraptor mounts found the Lost World and, thanks to his power and the
(following). Officers tend to have more ranks in Expertise: weakened dimensional barriers, was able to transplant
Soldier along with Expertise: Tactics and sometimes more his mountain empire here. Since then hes stayed with
interaction skills (especially if they have political aspira- his people and defended them against invaders, natural
tions). disasters, and otherworldly threats. The Incan people are
thankful for Viracochas presence and regularly sacrifice
UTAHRAPTOR people (both Incans and outsiders) to a live volcano in his
Senior members of the Nova Roman legions lead patrols
mounted on giant, domesticated utahraptors. Theyre The citizens of Viracochasuyu show little fear while within
also used as mounts for outriders and scoutsadmit- the boundaries of their city, but are cautious when outside
tedly scouts for whom stealth is not overly important. The their gods domain. Their reliance on Viracocha has made
raptors can also be used riderless as wild animals. Utah- the Incans somewhat overconfident on their own turf,
raptors are ten feet tall, twenty feet long, and weigh 1,500 and wary about expanding beyond it, but they still know
pounds. they have to take care of themselves and most of them are
competent warriors, some of whom are trained pterana-




In the background of the Lost World only Nova Roma STR 2 STA 2 AGL 2 DEX 1 FGT 3 INT 0 AWE 0 PRE 0
and Viracochasuyu are named as being of any signifi-
Equipment: knife (Damage 1, Crit. 19-20), spear (Damage 3,
cance. That doesnt mean you have to keep it that way. Crit. 19-20)
The information in this sidebar includes suggested
names for other cities and empires you may want to add Advantages: Equipment 2
to the setting. If you add these cities to your campaign, Skills: Athletics 3 (+5), Expertise: Riding 5 (+5), Insight 2
create backgrounds for them based on unique cultures. (+2), Intimidation 4 (+4), Perception 4 (+4), Ranged Combat:
Suggestions are given below. Throwing 2 (+3), Stealth 2 (+4)

AGHARTA Offense: Initiative +2, Knife +3 (Close, Damage 3), Spear +3

(Ranged, Damage 5), Unarmed +3 (Close, Damage 2)
A metropolitan city made up of tribespeople who have left Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 4, Toughness 3, Will 3
their towns and villages to create a city all their own. This Totals: Abilities 22 + Powers 0 + Advantages 2 + Skills 11 +
would make an excellent capital city for the Lost World as Defenses 7 = 42
it incorporates all the various factions found here.


A city originally founded by Hindu mystics. Unfortu- Like the Nova Romans, the Incans have good relations
nately their association with the Aryan concept brought with surrounding tribes, although their penchant for
them to the attention of Nazi occultists who found their human sacrifice keeps most people away. In general the
way here and wiped out the founders. Now this small Incans regard the Nova Romans with distrust, but they
Nazi outpost struggles to survive by using tribeswomen
know they wont do anything while Viracocha livesand
as breeding stock while searching for Atlantean artifacts
theyre certain will give them the power to return home their god is as eternal as the sun.
and rejoin the Third Reich. Incan warriors patrol their mountain empires borders
BELOVODYE from the backs of their domesticated pteranodon mounts
(see Chapter 3 of the Gamemasters Guide under Dino-
Founded by a nineteenth-century Christian sect from saurs).
Russia. This is a peaceful city of quiet contemplation. More
than a few citizens of Belovodye take it upon themselves VIRACOCHA
to wander the Lost World and spread the Good Word.
Viracocha is the avatar of the Incan sun-god who serves
HSI TIEN as a protector of the empire of Viracochasuyu. He is a PL
X character (discussed Chapter 3 of the Mutants & Master-
A Chinese city of artists and warriors who still believe minds Gamemasters Guide) and his power is nearly limit-
strongly in traditional hierarchy and manners.
lesswithin the mountains and lands surrounding Vira-
cochasuyu. Beyond that range, however, he has limits, so
JANAIDAR he doesnt leave the area of the city. Because hes never
left Viracochasuyu in living memory its not clear how
So named by the Kirghiz people who settled here
much power the living god loses when he does, but it
around 1000 C.E. after finding a path to the Lost World
in the Tian Shian Mountains. The original settlers were must be significant enough to keep him within Viraco-
one of the fabled forty tribes of the Kirghiz. They live a chasuyu. Indeed, that Vircocha is limited to the city is itself
somewhat nomadic life, but built the permanent city of a closely-guarded secret, known only to his loyal priest-
Janaidar for protection. It sits empty much of the time, hood, although many citizens of Viracochasuyu suspect,
but during times of trouble it overflows with people. as do the canny Nova Romans, who have observed how
the Incan city never expands beyond a certain point, and
KALAPA have wheedled some choice hints from careful observa-
tion (and bribery) over the years.
A Tibetan city settled by monks and servants. They think
of the Lost World as the Pure Land of their teachings and
call the entire area Olmolungring. Kalapa is an incredibly
impressive mountain city with well-guarded paths and
buildings that hang off the sides of the mountain. It is Since the Lost World is made up of basically one single
a beautiful place almost always shrouded in clouds or landmass that stretches across one side of the globe,
covered in snow. theres really only one body of water, at least from the Lost
Worlds inhabitants perspective. They call it the Shadow
Sea, not because it is dark, but because they can see the
don riders. Their terrestrial leader holds the title of Willaq shadows of all the creatures swimming in itand given
Umu, or High Priest. He runs the day-to-day workings of how varied and abundant life is in the Lost World, thats
the Empire and often confers with Viracocha on important a great many shadows. The sea teems with life, from the
matters. smallest fish to whales, kraken, and even aquatic dino-
saurs like the plesiosaur.



The sea itself doesnt have a single personality; depend-

ing on the day, time, location, and weather, it is calm, THE SLAYER PL8
choppy, threatening, or downright dangerous. Most of
the coast-dwelling people of the Lost World know how to
read the sea thanks to a lifetime of exposure to it while Powers: Jumping (Leaping 1 (15 feet)), Jungle Training
(Movement 3 (Sure-footed, Swinging, Trackless (visual))
fishing, both from the shore and from handmade boats.
Only the major civilizations sail the high seas for purposes Equipment: heavy pistol (Ranged Damage 4), sword (Damage
3, Crit. 19-20)
of trade, but their ships are becoming a common enough
sight in some parts of the world that some of the tribes Advantages: Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 3,
are starting to do the same, albeit on a smaller scale. Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Intiative, Inspire, Languages
2 (Latin, Quechua, English native), Leadership, Power Attack,
Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Ranged Attack 3, Takedown,

HEROES OF THE LOST WORLD Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 4 (+8), Expertise: History
A savage place, the Lost World does have a few heroes of 7 (+8), Expertise: Tactics 7 (+8), Insight 5 (+8), Intimidation 5
its own, who rise above (+8), Investigation 4 (+5), Perception 5 (+8), Ranged Combat 4
(+8), Sleight of Hand 1 (+5), Techology 2 (+3), Treatment 2 (+3),
the tribal conflicts and Vehicles 2 (+6)
the politics of the great
Offense: Initiative +8, Pistol +11 (Ranged, Damage 4), Sword
+9 (Close, Damage 7), Unarmed +9 (Close, Damage 4)


Defense: Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 9, Toughness 6/4*, Will
7 *Without Defensive Roll
Complications: MotivationAdventure: Slater is a daredevil
Professor Michael
who lives for adventure.
Morgan Slater was born
and raised on modern-day Totals: Abilities 64 + Powers 7 + Advantages
21 + Skills 26 + Defenses 16 = 134
Earth where he attended
West Point, served his
country during wartime, beard, and prematurely gray
and eventually went on to hair that he wears collar-length.
become a professor of mili- He stands six feet tall and wears
tary history. Slater is an ornate golden armor (which
unparalleled outdoors- is mostly for show) gifted
man and daredevil, so it to him by Viracocha.
surprised no one when Hes armed with both
he decided to make the a sword and his trusty
trek across the Himalayas. sidearm, a magical
The trip was hard and he likely talisman to the
would have made it across, but unmarked he- primitive cultures
licopters attacked his team. Everyone but Slater of the Lost World.
was killed in the first pass, so he ran, pursued by
armed men. After a long chase he ducked into a
cave complex. He was lowering himself into
the caverns with his climbing gear when
pursuers cut his ropes and he fellinto LORD
another world.
A l e x a n d e r
When he woke, he was in the Lost Zandar Chal-
World with no idea how hed gotten lenger is a man of
there. Since that time, Slater has be- two worlds, born and
friended the people of Viracochasuyu, raised in the Lost World
where they have taken to calling him as royalty, descended
The Slayer, a corruption of his last from good English stock of
name. Slater has yet to return to Earth Earth. His ancestor, Professor
and hes not sure if he wants to. The Lost Challenger, discovered the
World may not be as comfortable as home, lost plateau in South America
but it offers challenges and opportunities that serves as a gateway to the
unlike anywhere else. Lost World, initially beleiving that
the whole of the Lost World was con-
Slater is a confident, dignified, and incredibly healthy man
tained there. Zandar has
in his mid-40s. Hes both a competent fighter and leader
visited Earth on several oc-
with a knowledge of tactics and history that he uses to
casions, but considers the
good effect in both roles. He is a powerfully-built man
Lost World his true home.
with green eyes, a gray Van Dyke-style mustache and



of the week supervillains and would-be world conquer-

STR 4 STA 4 AGL 9 DEX 4 FGT 9 INT 0 AWE 6 PRE 4 The following are some Lost World adventure ideas suit-
Powers: Jumping (Leaping 1 (15 feet)), Jungle Training able for an M&M superhero series set primarily on Earth-
(Movement 4 (Safe Fall, Sure-footed, Swinging, Trackless Prime:
Equipment: knife (Damage 1, Crit. 19-20) Lost World Rescue: Someone has gone missing on Earth,
accidentally stumbling through a portal into the Lost
Advantages: Agile Feint, Animal Empathy, Defensive Roll
World. It may be a friend or loved one of the heroes, an
2, Equipment 1, Evasion, Great Endurance, Improved Hold,
Languages 4 (Latin, Quechua, and several tribal languages, important public figure, or the heroes themselves might
English native), Luck, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Takedown, be the lost ones who encounter the portal. The primary
Tracking, Uncanny Dodge (hearing) challenges of the adventure are to find the missing
Skills: Athletics 4 (+13), Athletics 6 (+10), Expertise: Survival 10 person(s), survive in the savage Lost World, and figure out
(+10), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 4 (+8), Perception 6 (+12), a way to get back home.
Ranged Combat: Throwing 4 (+8), Stealth 4 (+13), Treatment
4 (+4) Against the Overlord: A powerful villain has seized
Offense: Initiative +9, Knife +9 (Close, Damage 5, Crit. 1920), control over one of the cities of the Lost World, or perhaps
Unarmed +9 (Close, Damage 4) the entire realm. This is typically an evil sorcerer (see the
Defense: Dodge 12, Parry 12, Fortitude 9, Toughness 6/4*, Will archetype in Chapter 3 of the Gamemasters Guide) but
9 *Without Defensive Roll could also be a mad scientist, dimensional conqueror, or
a jumped-up nobody who has discovered some ancient
Complications: Motivation
Responsibility: Zandar has a artifact (or usurped the power of a character like Viraco-
legacy of responsibility to the cha). The heroes are called upon to help the oppressed
Lost World and its people. people overthrow the villain and restore freedom. This
Totals: Abilities 80 + Powers 9 may be complicated by the villains powers rendering
+ Advantages 19 + Skills 25 + all other super-powers useless in the Lost World,
Defenses 14 = 147 perhaps even transforming visitors into more
appropriate native forms (see the Super-
Powers and the Lost World sidebar).
The Jungle Lord is a
forceful presence, a Lost World Invasion: Like the previ-
necessary survival trait ous adventure concept, except the
on his home world. He villainous overlord goes on the
tends to speak to animals offensive, opening one or more
much as he would to portals to Earth-Prime and
anyone else, and sending forth an army of
they respond to him soldiers, perhaps riding
in kind. Zandar is or backed by dinosaurs
62, powerfully built, and savage creatures,
and perfectly pro- and wielding mystic
portioned. He has or alien technology,
brown eyes and to conquer the Earth!
shoulder-length The heroes have to
black hair and help fend off the inva-
rarely ever sion, find a way to close
wears more than the portals, and perhaps
a loincloth, hide boots, and a neck- carry the fight to the Lost
lace of dinosaur teeth. Visitors World itself, aiding the resis-
from Earth find him surprisingly tance in overthrowing the villain
articulate, and he speaks perfect and restoring balance.
English, albeit with a slightly
odd, unidentifiable accent.
ADVENTURES The Lost World has a slightly more
realistic flavor than some fantasy
The Lost World is an exotic setting for settings, but it can accommo-
change-of-pace adventures where date a wide range of
the normally urban superheroes are power levels if need be.
fish out of water in a savage jungle At its heart, the Lost World
fantasy world. Its a great oppotunity
to do something different from the scheme
Zandar fits the Man vs. Nature




The weird stories vibe of the Lost World has just as ecclectic a collection of sources as the comic book feel of Earth-Prime,
including primitive magic, dinosaurs, jungle adventures, alien ruins, Atlantis, and ancient history. Depending on the type
of story you want to tell, the Lost World setting may or may not interfere with the powers of heroes visiting from other
worlds. Power interference or nullification might be caused by anything: ancient Atlantean technology, spells woven
millennia ago, passage between dimensions, the alignment of the stars and planets of the Lost World, or what have you.
What really matters is, if youre looking to do a jungle survival story, then the heroes might need to be deprived of some
of their amazing powers, at least for a while. Award the players hero points for the Power Loss complication, and continue
right on with the story.
In the same vein, being in the Lost World may grant some characters powers, or enhance some existing ones. Cer-
tainly, its an ideal setting for those with nature-based abilities, especially concerning plants and animals, and being
able to talk to or control beasts takes on a whole new dimension when youre surrounded by dinosaurs! Exposure
to the dimensional crossing, or to weird science or magic in the Lost World setting, can also spark latent powers or
lead to temporary or even permanent changes to existing ones, which also coincidentally suit the overall theme of
the adventure.
The lack of technological infrastructure may de-power some characters, even if the group as a whole doesnt encounter
problems. A technopath focused on controlling machines, for example, will find few examples of working technology
in the Lost World, and those reliant on radio waves, much less the Internet, are also in for a disappointment. Award the
players of these characters hero points for the complication and encourage them to find novel stunts to spend those
points on during the game.

concept so the characters humanity should be central to

the story. Not that the characters should be pedestrian; THICK AS THIEVES
they can and should be remarkable, but remarkable on a
human scale. There arent many large cities in the Lost World, but those
few that support a significant population could easily play
Heroic characters may find themselves on the run from host to a game focusing on a group of thieves. The charac-
a number of challenges they encounter, at least until ters may operate on their own or work for some form of a
they can find some way to outmaneuver or outsmart Thieves Guild if the city is large enough to support such an
their opponents, especially if its one of the larger organization. The players could also be bandits, perhaps
beasts found in the Lost World. Cinematic characters in the style of Robin Hood, supporting a small community
find surviving a bit easier. They still wont be able to with their loot. Day by day they eke out a living, waiting
stare down a T-rex, but they wont show quite as much for a good time to strike against their oppressors, most
concern when they encounter one. These characters likely the Nova Romans. Games like this may even include
walk the edge between normal but highly trained, and characters leaving town to find a particularly irresistible
nearly superhuman. piece of treasure somewhere out in the ruins.
The following are broad frameworks for a Lost World series
of swords and sorcery adventure in the setting, many of SWORDS FOR HIRE
them also suitable for inspiring adventures or mini-series
for visiting heroes from other worlds (like Earth-Prime). Mercenaries, sell swords, heroes for hire, whatever you
want to call them, thats what the characters are in this
TO SAIL THE SEAS OF BLOOD series. Theyre well trained, well armed, and looking to
make some coin. The Incans, safe under the protection
The characters have their own ship and sail the waters of Viracocha, dont need much protection as long as they
of the Shadow Sea, preying on merchants from Nova dont stray far from the city, but when they do they may
Roma, villages near the Incan city of Viracochasuyu, need hired guards to keep them safe. The Nova Romans
and anyone else they happen to find on open waters. have their own military, but theyre not above hiring out-
They might be true pirates, raiding to make themselves siders to go on clearly suicidal missions when needed. Its
richer, or they may be gold-hearted rebels who only inevitable in this sort of game that the characters end up
attack ships belonging to their enemiesor belonging taking on a mission for someone who doesnt have their
to the enemies of whoever theyve thrown their lot in best interests at heart, or whose true plans the characters
with. just cant go along with once they learn of them. Perhaps
an Incan priest hires the heroes to guide him to some
This framework requires the pirates to have some place ancient ruins that hold an alien crystal that will allow
they can offload goods, but whether its a secret cave, a him to overthrow Viracocha and establish a new, darker
pirate haven, or one of the larger settlements is left to the empire under his control, for example.
players and GM to decide. Their secret haven could even
be Freeport (described in the Freeport: City of Adventure
sourcebook from Green Ronin Publishing), which they
reach via a secret sea route out of the Lost World known Whether outsiders or natives, the heroes are all captured
only to them (and perhaps a few others). and enslaved as gladiators, most likely in the arena of



Nova Roma. They must survive bouts against fierce op- number a young noble or military leader from Nova Roma
ponents and savage creatures (ranging from lions to di- or one of the chosen of Viracocha, or even royalty from
nosaurs), honing their fighting skills and ability to work an as yet undiscovered city-state (see the More Cities
the crowd while searching for a means of escape, perhaps sidebar for some ideas).
even leading a full-fledged slave rebellion. This framework
often leads into a Day of the Sword or Swords Against As a twist on this concept, perhaps theyve been exiled
the World series (following). from their place of origin and have to fight their way
back to gain their birthright. The characters may be
from elsewhere and banished to the Lost World, so that
DAY OF THE SWORD they cant come back and claim their rightful place. This
storyline works particularly well with the Lost Worlds
Revenge is always a good motivation. In this case the penchant for attracting people from unusual places and
heroes are denizens of the Lost World who have lost times. In this case the characters could have originated
something (or someone) due to the actions of another. from a sword and sorcery world, sent here to die. They
The villain could be anyone from a local warlord flexing have to find their way back to their home world and
his muscles, to a Nova Roman commander gone rogue, crush those responsible. This same storyline works well
or even a shaman or dark mage who has overrun the for a modern day series with some changes; the charac-
area with mind-controlled dinosaurs. No matter who it is, ters fall prey to the machinations of an ambitious senior
reaching the villain should only come only at the end of a executive at their parents company and find themselves
long quest for revenge. If you really want to shake things kidnapped and deposited in a world theyre completely
up, perhaps the ultimate villain is a big name in one of unfamiliar with, while the exec uses their disappearance
the main cities. That way the characters not only have to as an excuse to take the reigns of power at the corpora-
deal with the person theyre after, but they also have to tion, for example.
deal with his friends and colleagues in the citynone of
whom want to see their friend a head shorter. SWORDS AGAINST THE LOST WORLD
JEWELED THRONES OF THE EARTH The characters are likely a ragtag band whove banded
together because of their unusual backgrounds and out-
Most of the Lost World is wild and unclaimed, so it only sider statuses to survive as best they can in the Lost World.
makes sense that someone might want to carve out a They may be an ecclectic group of outsiders and exiles
piece of it for themselves. Whether the characters are from from different cities, tribes, and even places beyond the
the Lost World or some other world like Earth-Prime, they Lost World. This sort of series shares a number of things in
might want to create a place where they feel more com- common with the Swords for Hire framework and its epi-
fortable. For characters who dont originate from the Lost sodic nature may be even more appealing to some players
World its not likely theyll feel particularly at home in an and Gamemasters.
Incan or Nova Roman settlement.

A common variant of this framework includes elements STRANGERS IN A SAVAGE LAND

of The Prodigal King (following), where the characters
become involved with one or more supporting cast char- The heroes are from somewhere other than the Lost World
acters who have a claim to nobility or leadership in the Lost (Earth-Prime, most likely) but find themselves exiled in
World, helping them to regain their heritage, and perhaps the strange and savage realm. They have to learn how to
establishing long-term friendships or romantic relation- survive in their new surroundings (perhaps picking up
ships along the way. This includes the classic jungle prin- new skills and abilities alongh the way) and either quest
cess story where a noble womanoften the exiled daugh- after a way to return home (which could be the focus of
ter of a despotic villainfalls in love with one of the heroes an entire series on its own) or accept that theres no way
(although it can just as easily be a jungle prince). back and find their place in the world, settling into a dif-
ferent type of series framework. The heroes may benefit
THE PRODIGAL KING from their foreign ways and knowledge, presuming they
can get certain things like advanced technology to work
in the Lost World (see the Super-Powers and the Lost
This is a particularly good series framework for charac-
World sidebar).
ters from the Lost World. They could count among their




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