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An older unmarried woman- Spinster

Sleep enjoyed in the afternoon- siesta
Language which is confused and unintelligible Jargon
The one who has no money. Pauper
A man whose wife is dead Widower
A place where dead bodies are kept Mortuary
One whose business is to find out criminals Detectives
The government runs by the dictator. Autocracy
One who prepares plans for buildings architect
A great lover of books bibliophile
A place where fishes are kept aquarium
One who tests eyesight and sells spectacles optician

The science of animal life Zoology

one who kills animals and sells their flesh -butcher

A disease which spreads by contact contagious disease

A man who thinks only for himself egoistic

An animal living both on land in water amphibian

A building for keeping and feeding horses in Stable

A string of beads used for counting prayers Rosary

A government publication relating to order, notification, etc. Gazette

Art and science dealing with language Grammar

A vehicle to carry dead bodies hearse

A grass eating animal Herbivorous

Things of different nature Heterogeneous

The point where the earth and sky seem to meet. Horizon
Someone who is fond of entertaining guests Hospitable

A serpent with many heads - hydra

One who pretends to be what he is not- hypocrite

Worship of idols- idolatry

A handwriting that cannot be read- illegible

A sound that cannot be heard Inaudible

Incapable of being burnt Incombustible

Something that cannot be believed- incredible

Something that cannot be cured- incurable

Something that cannot be avoided- inevitable

Something that cannot be explained- explicable

The act of killing an infant Infanticide

Not limited by person or number -infinite

Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned


That cannot be satisfies- insatiable

That kills insects Insecticide

The one who is unable to pay his debts Insolvent

Something that is not applicable Irrelevant

A one who travels from place to place- itinerant

Anything which is related to youth and young juvenile

An animal of Australia with great leaping power- kangaroo

One who know many languages Linguist

The eclipse of moon Lunar

49. Animals which give milk Mammals

Handwritten book- manuscript

A person who die for his country- Martyr

One for whom the money is the most important thing Materialistic

A cinema show which is held in the afternoons- matinee

Morning prayer in church- matinee

Belonging to the middle ages- medieval

Very particular about very small details- meticulous

Someone who moves from one place to another Migratory

A person who does not believe in the institution of marriages


A person who hates woman Misogynist

A government by a king or a queen Monarchy

The practice of having one wife or husband -monogamy

Medicine which induces sleep Narcotic

One who is a new comer- neophyte

Person publically authorized to draw up or attest contracts etc- notary

One who is new to a trade or profession- novice

Article of food rich in nutrition. - nutritive

Having a lot of fat in ones body- obesity

A notice of death in a newspaper- obituary

A thing no longer in use


Out of date
All of above

The right answer is all of the above

A study of ocean- oceanography

70. All powerful, possessing complete power and authority-


71. A one who is presents everywhere- omnipresent

72. A one who knows everything- omniscient

73. An animal that eats any kind of food Omnivorous

74. One who look at the bright side of the thing


75. A person without mother and father- orphan

76. A place where orphans live- orphanage

77. One who believe in traditional values- orthodox

78. A supposed cure for all diseases or problems- panacea

79. Study of disease Pathology

80. Killer of ones own father Patricide

81. Properties inherited from ones father-


82. One who loves his/ her country Patriot

83. Payment made in consideration of past service pension

84. One who looks on the dark side of things? -pessimist

85. Lover of mankind- philanthropist

86. Study of stamp collection Philately

87. Study of words and their roots- philology

88. The study of sound

A) Phonetics
B) Acoustics
C) all of the above
Correct answer is (c)

89. The study of the body- physiology

90. One who leads others- pioneer?

91. One who copies from other writers? -plagiarist

92. A government by the rich -plutocracy

93. The practice of having many wives- polygamy

94. One who know many languages Polyglot

95. A figure with many angles or sides- polygon

96. A place where ships seek shelter- port

97. A book published after the death of its author -


98. Medical examination of a dead body -postmortem

99. A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signature-
100. Water fit for drinking -potable
101. An animal that preys on other animals-

1) A long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river is called?
2) What is 3/4th of percentage called as?
Ans- 75%
3) Circumference, radius, diameter form which geometrical shape?
Ans- Circle.
4) What does an optic person deal with?
Ans- Spectacles
5) If u have pain in teeth whom do you consult?
Ans- Dentist
6)Name the device of computer having name same to that of an animal.
Ans- Mouse
7)How many years are in a decade?
Ans-10 Years
8)Whenever a person goes to an interview, would he be in an enthusiastic mood or
sad mood?
Ans- Enthusiastic mood
7)What special document do most people carry during international travels?
Ans- Passport
8)What would you call one half of the percentage?
9) What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book, that tells you where to
find specific information ?
10) At what ceremony, the students receive their degree or diploma at end of their
study ?
Ans-Graduation day
11) what is the chemical formula of water ? Or what is the name of H2o?
Ans-H2o or Water
12) Which Animal is not a mammal? Butterfly, cow or Goat?
13)How many years you study for an Undergraduate program?
Ans- 3 years
14)If you forget the way what will you buy to find your destination?
Ans-A map
15)If something is POST ,then what does Post mean?
Ans- Post means after and Pre means before.
16) In hospitals and other shops who gives medicine?
17) If you face any heart related issue whom you will contact?
Ans- Cardiologist
18) what do people wear, if they cant see very well?
Ans- spectacles
19) In which branch of science, periodic table comes?
Ans- Chemistry
20) when something comes at hault , what does this mean ?
21) After secondary education, students can study in colleges as well as.?
22) If a button has come out of shirt, what would someone most likely use to put it
back on ?
Ans-Needle and thread
23) what general part of the day is known as dawn?
Ans-morning time
24) what does king or queen wear on their head at official ceremonies ?
25) what are winter , spring ,summer and autumn?
26) what is the sweet food produced by bees ?
27) what do we call organs in our chest that we use to breathe ?
28) In English calendar, if March comes before April, then which month will come
after April?
Ans- May

IMAGE Based Questions:-

1) Two girls are doing something on laptop. What are they doing?
Ans- Browsing Internet
2) Male and female table and their designations are given. What is the name of
female employee in the table?
Ans- Elizibath (Female)
3) A windmill is given in the picture. Name this device which is used to generate
4) A telephone is circulated (Inside Circle). What is the item which is circulated?
Ans- The Telephone
5) A table with 4 to 5 rows and columns with different course names? How many
courses the student took?
6) A table is given with different years and months. What is the Preceding year of
Ans- Preceding means previous year
7) An image showing a big indoor stadium. What is this building?
Ans- An indoor stadium
8) Look at the table and find sales of which product were increasing every month. 5-6
products were given and only sales of one product was increasing every month.
9) An image of sunrise is given. What is this image showing? Dawn or Dusk?
Ans- Dawn
10) Data is table is given showing bus timing, Stations and departure and arrivals.
What was the departure time of bus from a particular station.
11) An image was given and girl was sitting and paper was in the air. What is
happening to the paper? Ans- Scattering/ Its getting scattered.
12) An image was given in which 2-3 people had glasses(funnel shaped) in their
hand.What are these people doing?
Ans- Experiment.
13) A paint in going on in background and a man is wearing gloves. Why is man
wearing gloves?
Ans-He is doing painting
14) A person was wearing goggles blue in colour. What is this person wearing?
Ans- Goggles
15) People are doing something in space on moon. Where are these people?
Ans- On the Moon.
16) A butterfly is shown in an image.How does the butterfly fly?
Ans- With wings.

Short Answers Questions

Paying at the counter after shopping check out

First story of the basement/building basement

Fed up Negative feeling

Who do you call in case of leaking pipeline plumber

Editorial section Writers opinion

Microscope is used to see Micro -organism /Living things

Transfer quickly from computer to computer virus

Democratic government people vote

what do you get when you buy something receipt

Agriculture based country farming economy

Stars or planet astronomy

Dead remains of plants fossils

Business and advertsing public relation

what do you need to see thing which are far away binoculars

Who to visit if you have fear of crowd psychologist

Means of travelling in developed countries public transport

Washing clothes laundry

Who is more playing football men

Living things Biology

Month between september and november October

Thing most people use in theor home Bed

Main difference between a wrist watch and a clock Size

Where we store meat Freezer

Most important document while driving Driving licence

some helpful answer short questions which for the PTE-A Exams:

1. Paying at the counter after shopping check out

2. First story of the basement/building basement
3. Fed up Negative feeling
4. Who do you call in case of leaking pipeline plumber
5. Microscope is used to see Micro-organism
6. Transfer quickly from computer to computer virus, Downloading
7. Democratic government people vote
8. What do you get when you buy something receipt
9. Agriculture based country farming economy
10. Stars or planet astronomy
11. Dead remains of plants fossils
12. Business and advertising PR means public relation
13. What do you need to see thing which are far away Binoculars
14. Magnify minimal objects microscope
15. Who to visit if you have fear of crowd psychologist
16. Means of travelling in developed countries public transport
17. Washing clothes laundry
18. Who is more playing football men
19. Living things Biology
20. Month between September and November October
21. Thing most people use in their home Bed
22. Main difference between a wrist watch and a clock Size
23. Where we store meat Freezer
24. Most important document while driving Driving license
25. Where we can buy floor Supermarket
26. For X-ray radiology
27. Volume of water liters
28. Hand joint with arm wrist
29. wall clock and hand watch their relative sizes
30. City Urban area
31. When moon covers sun -solar eclipse
32. Orbits the sun Planet
33. Football in-charge referee
34. cardiologists heart
35. event placed in time order a timeline
36. sea water different from fresh water Salt
37. University courses orally or written assessment
38. washing clothes in the bathroom
39. protect motor bike riders Helmet
40. leap year 366 days
41. fitness more exercise
42. Europe is home to United kingdom
43. arrival at hotel reception or check-in
44. job title building designer architecture
45. watches a sport event spectator
46. climb to roof ladder
47. dont feel like eating appetite
48. improve health n fitness diet and more physical exercise
49. What is the name of ground military forces? Army
50. What is someone that cant see called? Blind
51. What do you call the middle of something? Center
52. Whose job is it to treat people that are ill or have an injury at a hospital? Doctor
53. What is the process of teaching and learning called? Education
54. What kind of book is written by a person about their own life? Autobiography
55. What is the red liquid that flows through a body? Blood
56. What is the payment of a students education by an organization called?
57. What is piece of paper with official information written on it? document
58. What is the name of a building where you can borrow books? library
59. Who is a person that makes bread, cakes and pastries? baker
60. What organ controls your speech, feelings, body movement and thoughts?
61. What piece of equipment shows a person what direction they are traveling?
62. What is a series of events that happen in your mind while you are sleeping?
63. What is that person belongs to an organization called? member
64. Who cuts mens hair? barber
65. What is it called when two or more people are speaking to each other?
66. What is a violent conflict between two or more countries? war
67. What do you call the number of people living in a specific area? population
68. What do you call a person that cant hear? deaf
69. What is the day that someone is born? birthday
70. What plan shows how much money is available and how it will be spent?
71. What is the name of a system of government in which the people elect their
leaders? democracy
72. What planet do we live on? earth
73. What is the job of someone that looks after your teeth and gums? dentist
74. What is the time period before noon is called? ante meridian
75. What is the time after noon called? post meridian
76. What organ do cardiologists specialize in? Heart

From McMillan:
1. Which section of news paper gives the editor an opinion? editorial
2. what instrument used to examine very small thing microscope
3. What is the destructive program that spread from comp to comp a virus
4. what term used for animals that gives birth to mammals
5. System of government where people vote for people democracy
6. piece of paper that you bought an item a receipt
7. What you call the document that tells your qualification and work exp? CV,
curriculum vitae, resume
8. How would you describe economy largely based on farming? agricultural, rural
9. What is the study of stars and planet called? astronomy
10. In business and davit what is PR stand for? public relations
11. What emergency service called at see? coastguard
12. Name a month fall bet April and June? May
13. what word describe moving a website from internet to your comp downloading /
14. What is called a picture doctor take to see inside body? an X-ray
15. What crime has someone stealing from shop committed? shoplifting
16. If someone feeling ill they will say they are feeling under the ___ what?
17. [under the weather Feel sick, poor health, tired or exhausted]
18. Who is person in-charge of a football match? the referee
19. Last game in sporting competition that decide champ? the final
20. What is the general term for painting at country side or natural view? landscape
21. Found in office (a printer and other two options)? a printer
22. There are two types of sporting contests: one is amateur; and other is ___?
23. Where would you find the whale (tropical forest, ocean)? ocean
24. Coat had a stain on it where would they take? a dry cleaners
25. What are the things that hens lay called? eggs
26. The people who use ___ to obey the rules and protect the public from criminals
are called? the police
27. On what geographical location would someone be living if their country is
surrounded by water on all side? an island
28. What general part of the day is known as dawn? a sunrise
29. [Part of the Day: DawnTwilightSunrise, Morning, Daylight / midday-afternoon,
Evening, SunsetTwilightDusk, Night]
30. What are the people that plant food, raise crop are commonly known as?
31. If a button has come off a shirt, what would someone most likely use to put it
back on? a needle and thread
32. What appliance do people use to keep their food cool and preventing from
spoiling? fridge
33. To crossover from one side of the wide river to another without using boat, what
is usually required? a bridge
34. What is a painting of a persons head is called? a portrait
35. Where do we find urban area in a city or country side? in a city
36. What we call it, when moon completely blocks out the light from the sun? a
solar eclipse / an eclipse
37. What point of the compass is directly opposite east? west
38. Where does u pay for your purchases at the super market? (at the) till /
39. What does u call an apartment that is beyond ground level (a basement
apartment or a penthouse apartment)? a basement apartment
40. What features do pianos and computers have in common? a keyboard
41. If you are feeling fed up it is positive or negative feeling? a negative feeling
42. I am fed up with being put down and made to feel stupid]
43. What we call a period of ten years? a decade
44. A specialist who repairs leaking water pipes is called a ___? plumber
45. A famous canal links the meditation sea with the Indian Ocean, is it the Curran or
Suez Canal? the Suez canal
46. Where would you keep the meat you wish to keep frozen at home? in a freezer
47. What is the most imp doc you would have to show if you would to hire a car? a
driving license
48. Where would you go to work out on a trade mill? a gym / gymnasium
49. What piece of equipment would you use to go diving in a sea, an aquaplane or
an aqualung? an aqualung [ aqualung a portable breathing apparatus for divers ;
aquaplane a board for riding on water, pulled by a speedboat]
50. Where would you most likely go to buy some flowers (a bakery, a florist or a
super market)? a supermarket
51. which hospital dept you go for x-ray (radiology or cardio) a radiology
52. Where would you go to see an exhibition of sculptures? to an art gallery / to a
53. Would you measure volume of water in liters or kilos? liters
54. Whats the joint called where your hand is connected to your arm? the (or your)

Offline Practice PTE-A Exam:

1. What organ do cardiologists specialize in? (the) heart / hearts
2. If telescopes are used to locate distant objects, what instrument is employed to
magnify minuscule objects? (electron) microscope / microscopes
3. Which kind of punishment for a crime is the less severe, an imprisonment or
community service? community service
4. How many sides are there in a bilateral agreement? two
5. Which is the longest: a decade, a millennium or a century? a millennium
6. A manufacturing process releases noxious gases. What is the most important
safety measure for workers at this plant ensuring good ventilation, or appropriate
footwear? (ensuring good) ventilation
7. A list of events placed in time order is usually described as what? a chronology /
a timeline
8. If a figure is hexagonal, how many sides does it have? six
9. What key mineral makes sea water different from fresh water? salt
10. In the animal kingdom, is the purpose of camouflage to attract a mate, to find
food or to hide? (its) (the purpose is) (to) hide

Where we can buy floor Supermarket

For X-ray radiology

Volume of water litres

Hand joint with arm wrist

Diving Sea aqua lung

for earth/place aqua place

Personal paiting of the face portrait

City urban area

When moon covers sun -solar eclipse