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Universiti Tenaga Nasional

College of Business Management

and Accounting

Group Assignment Normaisarah Abdul Manaf (1M)

Asset Liability Management Room: AB-2-23
FICB 263 (3 Credit Hours) Tel: 09 455 2020 Ext: 3131
SLT: 126H Fax: 09 455 2006
Special Semester, Academic Year 2016/2017 Email:

Prerequisite: Siti Fara Fadila Binti Abdul

Financial Management (FICB 113) Razak (2M)
Room: AB-2-23
Tel: 09 455 2020 Ext: 3131
Fax: 09 455 2006


Students should be able to:

1. Familiarize with the Malaysian banking system and subsequently able to apply the
knowledge obtained in class.
2. Develop the ability to interpret and analyze the banking knowledge.

General Guidelines:

1. Form a group consists of FIVE (5) members for each group. Once the group members have
been finalized, NO change of group members is allowed.

2. Each group must select ONE (1) of the Malaysian banks for the analysis. NO group will
replicate the same bank.

3. The report must be typed using Microsoft Word and bind in A4 paper with 1.5 spacing
throughout text (justify). No hand written is accepted for the writings and graphs.

4. Marks will be given for the clarity and quality of your explanation and discussion. Your
professionalism in terms of the presentations of your analysis is heavily counted in the report.
There is no strict format for the report.

5. The date of submission of a complete report of your group assignment on 12th APRIL 2017
(Wednesday) before 5.00 pm.

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Question 1

(a) You are required to download the banks annual report (for the period 2008-2016).
Students are required to calculate the financial ratios which have been listed down as
follow. (Please show all your workings)

RATIOS 200x 201x 201x 201x 2016

1 Total Loans / Total Deposits
2 Operations Expenses / Operating Income
3 Net Profit / Total Income
4 Net Profit / Total Assets
5 Total Loans and Advances / Total Assets
6 Non-Performing Loans / Total Loans and

(b) Students are required to evaluate the banks performance based on trend analysis.

Question 2

Discuss the following statement and give your opinion on it.

Electronic banking will replace branch banking since electronic banking is more efficient
and effective than branch banking.



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