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Teacher Name: __________________________ Date:

Demonstrating Research Skills and Prior Knowledge ____________

Teacher: Ms. Hudson

Student Name: _________________________________________

CATEGORY 0 1 2 3
Recall content Student provides Student recalls Student recalls Student is
from lesson 1 no response on very little some information successfully able to
Padlet. information from from previous recall information
the previous lesson lesson and from previous
and provide very demonstrate by lesson and put
little response on providing that fourth detailed
Padlet. information on responses on
Padlet. Padlet.
Research using Student does not Student navigates Student Student
Britannica School use Britannica online research demonstrates demonstrates
School for the tool Britannica ability to navigate ability to
allocated time. School with much online research successfully
Student does not assistance. Student tool Britannica navigate online
attempt to answer produces small and School with some research tool
any target insufficient assistance. Student Britannica School
questions. responses to target produces with little
questions. responses to all assistance. Student
target questions. produces detailed
responses to all
target questions.
Relay information Student does not Student Student Student
to classmates demonstrate demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates
understanding of some understanding of thorough
research and does understanding of research by understanding of
not participate in research by conveying research by
conveying conveying information conveying
information to information to successfully to information
fellow students. other students. other students. successfully to
Students in their Students in their Students in their other students.
group get between group are only able group are able to Students in their
0-2 Kahoot! to get between 3-5 get between 6-8 group are able to
questions correct. Kahoot! questions Kahoot! questions get between 8-12
correct. correct. Kahoot! questions