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140+ YEARS OLD BRAND The TATA group is an Indian

multinational conglomerate
SYNONYMOUS WITH headquartered in Mumbai, India
that exports products and
services to 100 countries.
Founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata
as a trading company, today it
operates in more than 100
66% OF TATA SONS EQUITY countries across six continents.

HELD IN PUBLIC TRUSTS Over 100 companies , each of

them operating independently of
which 32 are publicly listed.

Foundation Consolidation Expansion

1868 to 1931 1832 to 1989 1990 onwards
A visionary In 1938 JRD Tata was He took over as
entrepreneur, an appointed as the new chairman in 1991,
avowed nationalist and chairman. He led the guided the TATA Group
a committed TATA group for the in a fast changing
philanthropist he gave next 53 years with business environment,
the path to wisdom, foresight, and and seemingly
industrialization in a grace that touched expanded the
India be seeding everyone. business.
pioneering business in
sectors such as steel ,
energy, textiles and

Indian Institute of Social Science

IISc has produced Nobel laureates, trained many of India's greatest scientists
and helped nurture some of the country's finest scientific institutions. Housed
in a 375-acre campus in Bengaluru, this trailblazing institution has 40
departments and centres pursuing R&D and teaching in all departments of
science, engineering and technology. IISc has been ranked as the number 1
college in recent government released ranking

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

The need to improve India's scientific temper and strengthen the nation's
science infrastructure were the objectives that drove scientist Homi J Bhabha
and JRD Tata, the late chairman of the Tata group, to pursue their vision of
establishing TIFR in Bombay [now Mumbai] back in 1945.

Tata Memorial Centre

The Tata Memorial Centre is a comprehensive centre for cancer research and
treatment. It is a landmark on the global health map where about 60 per cent
of patients seeking primary care are treated free of charge.

Tata Institute of Social Science

Set up in 1936, TISS is a pioneer in the field of social-work education in the
Asia-Pacific region. The Institute, which offers postgraduate and doctoral
programmes, has made significant contributions in the domains of social
policy and planning, intervention strategies and human resource

Tata Medical Centre

The Tata Medical Center in Kolkata, India, is a state-of-the-art centre for cancer
research, diagnosis and treatment.
I got up from my bed
and walked into
bathroom. Got fresh
using the material
bought from Croma Had to think which Tata
Stores. Wore the clothes Had my breakfast and Walked out of my house car to take out. Finally
bought in Westside. Put water from Tata Swach of Tata Housing, built took out Tata Manza. On
on my belt and watch Water Purifier. Enjoyed with Tata Shudh Cement weekend I may like to
from Titan ! that lovely Tata Tea. and Tata Steel. drive out the Jaguar.

DAY Dropped the daughter in
TATA DAV school. I was
wondering how she is
Lunch time. I
remembered that i need
to renew my Tata AIG

Insurance. Took care of it.
preparing for JEE online Checked my Tata Mutual
exam conducted by TCS Picked up my Tata
Fund status online.
While the driver is iOn of TCS. I think I shall Indicom phone checked

LIFE driving the car, I logged check out some useful with friends. Reached
into Internet using Tata books from Tata McGraw the office and got busy
Docomo data card and Hill books or any Tata with meetings and
review of Projects.

checked mails. Interactive lessons.

in 7

Opened my lunch pack A client came in to say Came back home tired. Told the driver to drop in
where the food is Hi! Took him out to Tata Took hot shower from airport in the early
cooked with i-Shakti dals Starbucks, which is next Tata Solar and switched morning to catch my
and Tata salt. I never door and spent some on TV connected to Tata Tata Vistara flight ! And
forget to carry Tata thirty minutes and Sky to check on what went to sleep.
Himalayan water bottle arranged for a Tata Arnab Goswami is
along ! Indigo cab to drop him making fuss about :-)
in Taj Vivanta, part of
Indian Hotels of TATA.
The Tata footprint covers the world with operations in
more than 100 countries spread across 6 continents,
and over 660,800 employees worldwide


Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover
Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Rallis Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
Tata Business Support Services Tata Communications Tata Capital Tata Africa Holdings
Tata Chemicals North America Tata Consultancy Services Tata Chemicals Europe Tata Chemicals Magadi
Tata Communications Tata International Tata Communications Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services Tata Motors Tata Consultancy Services Tata Consulting Engineers
Tata Consulting Engineers TitanX Tata Elxsi Tata Global Beverages
Tata Elxsi Tata Global Beverages Tata International Distribution
Tata Global Beverages Tata Interactive Systems Tata Motors (SA)
Tata Interactive Systems Tata Limited Tata Power
Tata Sons North America SOUTH EAST ASIA, Tata Motors European Tata Projects
Tata Steel EAST ASIA and SOUTH ASIA Technical Centre Titan Company
Tata Technologies International Shipping & Logistics Tata Steel Europe
TitanX Jaguar Land Rover Tata Technologies
JOil TitanX
NatSteel Holdings TKM Global GmbH CHINA
Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Chery Jaguar Land Rover
MIDDLE EAST Automotive
and NORTH AFRICA Tata AutoComp
Tata Capital Jaguar Land Rover China
International Shipping & Logistics INDIA Nanjing Tata AutoComp
Jaguar Land Rover Tata Chemicals International
Headquarters for majority NatSteel Xiamen
Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Tata Communications
of Tata companies, Tata Communications
Tata Communications Tata Consultancy Services
including promoter holding Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services Tata Daewoo
company, Tata Sons Tata Projects
Tata Consulting Engineers Tata Global Beverages
Tata International Tata Sons China
Tata Elxsi Tata South East Asia
Tata Global Beverages Tata Motors
Tata NYK Tata Steel Asia
Tata Interactive Systems Tata Steel International
Tata Motors Tata Petrodyne AUSTRALIA
Tata Power International Tata Technologies
Tata Power International Shipping & Logistics
Tata Steel Global Holdings TitanX
Tata Projects Jaguar Land Rover
Tata Steel Thailand TKM Global China
Tata Steel Tata Communications
Tata Technologies TRL Krosaki Refractories
Tata Technologies Tata Consultancy Services
Titan Company York Transport
Tata International West Asia DMCC Tata Global Beverages
Titan Company Trust Energy Resources Tata Motors
Voltas Voltas Tata Steel
York Group York Group
Ranked Number 1
IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings Top 100.(2016)
Offices Winner of Make in India Awards
for Excellence in the IT services category (2015)

15 Ranked 57 among Top 100 US Brands

Global by Brand Finance (2016)
TCS UK and Ireland recognized
as Company of the Year by the Top Employer Institute
Centre of
Excellence TCS Recognized as a Top Employer in 24
across its largest market (2016)
Research &
Development TCS ranked among Forbes top 100
Centers Most Innovative Companies (2016)

Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Award (2015)

Learning Winner of Best Practice in Developing Future
Leaders Award
at the Best Leadership Development Practices of Asia
Awards (2015)
Centre of
Ranked among
world Top 10 IT
services provider
129 Number of nationalities
in the workforce

First company in the world Global presence with 208

33.8% Of women in the workforce

to be assessed enterprise-
wide Maturity Level 5 on
Capability Maturity Model
offices in over 45 countries
and global delivery centers
in India, China, Europe,
15.5% Attrition in IT services

Integration (CMMI), and

North America, South
America and Japan. 37 Clients contributing
more than $100 Million

Pioneered the
Global Delivery
650,226 Number of shareholders

Model that
companies to
381.42 INR Crores investment
in CSR initiatives

operate more
829 Clients contributing
more than $1 Million

79.5% Reduction in per

capita paper consumption
We seek to build, nurture and deepen customer relationships so we are trusted
strategic partners to our customers. Our industry-segmented, customer-centric
organization is an important enabler that has ensured high levels of
accountability, superior customer service and intimacy.

Full Services Capability

TCS has been investing in building a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of
services to capture the entire value chain of IT, presenting a compelling value
proposition for global enterprises making us a one-stop shop for many key
clients, significantly deepening the relationship and boosting our share of the

Global Network Delivery Model

TCS' GNDM lets us seamlessly and uniformly deliver services to global
customers from multiple locations across India, China, Europe, North America
and Latin America. Teams separated by time zones collaborate on projects,
leveraging all of TCS' assets while subscribing to one global service standard.
For large clients expanding beyond their home markets, the scale and depth of
our GNDM capability makes us their preferred strategic partner.

Strategic Acquisitions
While primarily focusing on organic growth, TCS is also open to selective
strategic acquisitions in order to penetrate select markets, strengthen
verticals and enhance service offerings.

Non-linear Business Models

TCS has been building non-linear growth businesses that can enable revenue
growth without commensurate headcount growth. Non-linearity in the
existing businesses comes from productivity-enhancing tools, frameworks,
solution accelerators and managed services engagements.
TCS CSR TCS' commitment to CSR stems from Tata
Group's abiding concern for society and
environment. A concern captured in the
words of the Founder, Jamsetji Tata: In a

RESPONSIBILITIES free enterprise, the community is not just

another stakeholder in our business, but
it is in fact, the very purpose of its

TCS Philanthropy Initiatives: A Snapshot

The Akilah Institute in MercyCorps is helping to The Chong Khneas Massachusetts General
Rwanda educates young rebuild communities in Primary School, located Hospital Division of Global
women, preparing them for Japan after the 2011 nearSiem Reap, Cambodia, Health & Human Rights
rewarding careers in tsunami, as well as Nepal serves approximately 400 develops and facilitates
hospitality management, following the 2015 students, ages 6-13. research, education and
information systems and earthquake. awareness on global health
more. issues.

SPONSORSHIPS We sponsor marathons and sports teams

across the world to reinforce our commitment
towards fitness & excellence

1. Standard Charted 1. TCS World 10k Bengaluru 1. TCS Amsterdam 1. TCS New York City
Mumbai Marathon Jan 17, May 15, 2016 Marathon 2016 Marathon
A global footprint across Americas, Europe
TCS LIFE and Asia

SCIENCES Strong domain skilled workforce comprising of Physicians, PhDs, Biomedical

Engineers, Pharmacologists, Pharmacists, Practicing doctors

Engagements with over 12 of top 15 pharmaceutical companies and 8 of

TCS' Life Sciences Solutions and top 10 medical devices manufacturers
Services help Pharmaceutical,
We deliver quantifiable business value to the life sciences industry through
Biotech, Medical Devices and unmatched domain expertise, innovation and execution
Diagnostics companies to accelerate
drug discovery, advance clinical trial Our 'TCS R&D labs, Technology Excellence Groups (TEG) and Process
Excellence Groups (PEG) continually work in collaboration with the project
efficiencies, accentuate teams to provide better solutions and deployments.
manufacturing productivity and
amplify sales and marketing
effectiveness. TCS Life Sciences & Healthcare Unit Profile
With over two decades of experience People - our biggest asset. 25,000+ consultants including
in working with global life sciences
companies, in diverse geographies,
TCS, your trusted partner and 4,350+
advisor, will help you in your consultants with experience on Clinical Services KPO
transformation journey, through its
people, platforms and products/ 1,800+
services across the value chain. We Life Sciences SAP Consultants

consultants are in Medical Device engineering

Significant percentage of Domain consultants e.g. Physicians, PhDs,

Biomedical Engineers, Pharmacologists, & Pharmacists
Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences R&D BPO 2016

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences R&D Strategic Consulting, 2016

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences R&D ITO, 2016

Leader in Everest PEAK Matrix IT Infrastructure Services for Life Sciences, 2016

Leader & Star Performer in Everest PEAK Matrix Digital IT Services for Life Sciences, 2016

Leader in Everest PEAK Matrix Application Services for Life Sciences, 2016

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences Sales & Marketing Digital Transformation, 2016

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Digital Transformation, 2016

Leader in Life Sciences ITO PEAK Matrix by Everest, 2015

Leader & Star Performer in European Life Sciences ITO PEAK Matrix by Everest, 2015

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences Sales & Marketing ITO, 2015

Leader in Life Sciences Clinical & R&D IT PEAK Matrix by Everest, 2015

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences R&D Risk-Based Monitoring Services, 2015

Leader in IDC Marketscape for Life Sciences Manufacturing and Supply Chain ITO, 2015
Experience Functional

5,000+ Experienced More than 3,300 trials

Consultants: Research, Clinical executed with 90% EDC studies
& Regulatory, Lab Informatics
Clinical Data Processing for
Functional and Technical
300+ studies (125 ongoing) for
12+ Years of R&D Services 8 Therapeutic Area
200+ studies for end to end
biostatistics and programming
4,000+ documents authored
& published ; 40+ team of
medical writers and 150+

Regulatory Publishers.

Areas Assets

Lab Informatics Discovery & Clinical

Sample Management Reference Architecture

Bio-Informatics Bio-Suite & Bio-Appliance

Computation Chemistry NGS - Personal and Meta

genomics Platform
CDTE: Transformation Solution
Genome Data analysis
Clinical Services Cloud
Clinical Ops and CDM Platform
Clinical Analytics Clinical IIP: Analytics Platform
Portfolio Management ASTeR: CT Operational
MDR & MDM Analytics Framework

Clinical Data Repository Investigator Portal -

Clinical Portal
Site & Patient Rcrtmt Optz

TCS Positioned as Leader and Star Performer in Life Sciences

ITO and Peak Matrix Assessment by Everest Group
Experience Functional Areas Assets

Working with 18+ leading life Pre-Built Processes for Spend Customer Relation TCS Customer Engagement
sciences companies in Sales Tracking Management Platform
and Marketing Unique industry specific Pricing Pharma Analytics Solution
1,700+ Sales & Marketing solutions built in Digital Payer Marketing Listening Platform
associates including Industry Marketing, Sales force
experts, physicians, techno- automation ,Analytics etc. Channel Management myHealth Wallet
functional Extensive experience of all Commercial Reporting Managed Healthcare Analytics
Across businesses - leading ERP, CRM, SFA, EMM, Physician Spend Management Data Model & Dictionary
Pharmaceutical, Biotech, WCM, DAM, MDM, CMS,
Internet of Things Aggregate Spend Analyzer
Medical Devices & Diagnostics, and Business Intelligence &
Consumer Health, Biologicals, Data warehouse etc., tools,
Master Data Management
Integration Accelerator
Animal Health, Pharmacy/Retail technologies and applications
and Commercial Data Vendors

TCS ranked as leader in IDC Worldwide Life Sciences Sales & Marketing IT Outsourcing Market
TCS has been designated as a Leader in the Business Analytics Services Market by IDC


Experience Functional Areas Assets

15+ Large active MFG & SCM 25 MESA COC Certified Control Systems Ingration Pharma Manufacturing Lab
Customers Consultant, 15 ISA 95 Certified Manufacturing Execution Rereference Sematic Model-
More than 25,000 + Supply Consultants SOA based to achieve OpEx
Quality Management Systems
Chain, Manufacturing, Consult, Design , Develop, Guided Operations
Quality Management Implement & Support Laboratory Information Mgmt.
Model- Guided & integrated
Consultants, Functional and solutions in Plant Automation Enterprise Asset Mgmt. Manufacturing Operations
Technical & Manufacturing Operations,
Supply Chain
Serialization/UDI workflows
17,000+ EIS Personnel Remote Monitoring &
E2E Supply Chain Management Manufacturing Integration ,
15+ Years of Supply Chain Intelligence & Analytics Diagnostics- remotely
& Transformation
& Manufacturing Services
Packaging Engineering Monitoring & Diagnostics of
Experience Manufacturing Optimization & geographically spread process
Transformation per S-95 Process Analytics equipment.
700+ projects executed within
Control Systems Integration IoT in Manufacturing & Ops Supply Chain Optimization MOT- Manufacturing
and Manufacturing execution Predictive Analytics Demand Planning & Application Landscape
systems Forecasting Optimization (Rationalization)
& Transformation tools &
R&D Lab for Materials and Warehouse Mgmt. & Logistics framework
Process engineering Inventory Management
While significant improvements in DNA sequencing technologies are
leading to the generation of vast amounts of genomic data, clinical
interpretation of such data i.e. linking of DNA sequence anomalies or

variations to the phenotypes and clinical conditions, still remains a
tremendous challenge.

The genome interpretation process, is encumbered by the many steps
required to assemble raw sequences, perform quality assurance checks,
create DNA annotations by integrating information from a multitude of
sources and prioritize variants relevant to the phenotypes of interest.

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') Genomics Research Services enable life

sciences organizations to derive actionable insights by providing state of
the art sequencing and analysis services enabled by TCS tools, algorithms
and platforms. We ensure that sequencing experiments meet acceptable
quality benchmarks and data quality can be traced back to individual lab

Our focus is to use comprehensive data integration and analytics

techniques to accelerate genomic interpretation in drug
discovery and clinical research efforts.

Our Bioinformatics pipeline for the automated execution of genome as

well as metagenome sequence analysis, includes a combination of open
source and proprietary algorithms deployed on our in-house or client
software platform.
OUR TCS' Genomics
Research Services

Strategy and design- Option analysis, study planning, protocol

development and execution methodologies

Sequencing services- Nucleic acid extraction, library preparation

(including custom library design) and sequencing

Genome analysis- High quality reproducible genome data analysis

with biologically meaningful interpretation

Marker identification- Multivariate, model- based and data mining

approaches for potential biomarker candidates

TCS supports various applications such as target resequencing,

transcript profiling, miRNA sequencing and microbiome profiling (16
S rRNA sequencing) with sample processing from different samples:
frozen tissue, blood, saliva, FFPE, stool etc.

Advanced and patented genomics analysis solutions in the areas of

text mining, variant or gene prioritization algorithms, and meta-
genomics analysis algorithms.

Access to a state-of-the-art genomics laboratory for sequencing and


Strong Digital capabilities, specifically in Big Data, Analytics, Cloud,

Data integration, and Visualization to develop context-specific

Large scale transformation experience and ability to handle

scalability and standardization requirements for Genomics research

TCS, under the aegis of its Co-Innovation Network (COIN ) program,

has been investing in Genomics research in collaboration with
University of California, Berkeley. One of the goals of the research
program is to develop tools to interpret genetic variation and apply
those techniques for identifying rare genetic disorders.

TCS has solved rare Genetic Severe Combined immunodeficiency

(SCID) disorders by identifying putative disease-causing variants.
Some of this work is published in prestigious journals such as New
England Journal of Medicine. According to Prof. Steven Brenner at
University of California, Berkeley, Our studies with TCS are having
profound implications in the clinic for the families of diagnosed
children, and influencing the use genome analysis methods in
research laboratories and clinical practice worldwide. This
groundbreaking work is helping to redefine how genetic diseases
and traits are diagnosed and analyzed.
TCS APPLICATION At TCS, we have years of
experience in providing
DEVELOPMENT services to the software
and professional services
& MAINTENANCE industry.

SERVICES Our efficient ADM processes,

with CMMi (R) iQMS
frameworks drive operational
efficiencies and our delivery,
aligned to business metrics,
helps meet your objectives.


Architecture Consulting Billion+ Revenues
End to End Application Development and implementation
Project Change Management and Release Management
Application Rationalization and Legacy Modernization
TCS Associates


L1 Support Managed Services
L2 and L3 services
Support, Maintenance and Enhancement
Application and Platform Administration
System and Database Administration Innovation Labs
Regulatory and Legal Changes
Tools Assets and Solutions

Engagement Differentiators Value Delivered ADM Focus Areas

Solution accelerators, reusable assets, migration Application Rationalization ERP
tools etc. like Mastercraft (code generation), Cost Optimization CRM
SOLAR (SOA framework) Customer Experience SCM
(ITS)Advanced testing tools like the Automation and Productivity Web, Portal and Collaboration
award- winning Intelligent Testing System Mainframe/ Legacy Application
CMMi (R) iQMS frameworks for operational and Enterprise Content Management
delivery excellence Business Intelligence
SOA Integration and Middleware
Business Process Management
Open Source Technology
Database Management
Key Products Developed in Lab:
TCS Clin-e2e (CTMS and CDM Application) also

available in hosted environment

End-to-end Clinical Data Management and Bio-

Statistics Cloud Based Platform
The Life Sciences lab provides an environment to ideate,
architect, design and develop innovative domain solutions Clinical Data Transformation Engine (CDTE)
and offerings using new technologies. It focuses on:
Clinical Portal Based on MS Sharepoint
Developing new pharma business solutions and offerings
Evaluating industry leading COTS products MDM Solution Accelerators for Clinical and Pharma
Performing POC for Pharma customers Sales master data management and others
Demonstrating Business processes across pharma value chain
Competency development PIRA (Pharma Industry Reference Architecture),
which captures the pharma business process
along with Application and Information Architecture
Reference Model.
Won SAP Pinnacle

TCS Awards 2016

Won RunSAP
IN Partner of the

SAP year 2016

Leader in the
gartner Magic
Quadrant for
ENHANCE providing SAP
AMS for 2014
Template Rollouts
Application Development
Business Centric End-to-End
Application Implementation PACE
Management TCS Vertical Solutions
Shared Services Landscape Harmonization
Run SAP Operations Instance Consolidation
Technical Factory Analytics Solutions
ABAP Data and

Associates across the Globe INNOVATE

HANA Solutions for

260+, 90%+ industry vertical
Cloud/Platform Solutions
CSAT Customers across
Mobility - End to End
12 Industry Verticals,
48 from Fortune 50

Relationship with SAP :
Strategic Partner & Customer.

Industry Solutions

Users supported globally
leveraging GNDM Multi
lingual SAP capabilities


The rapid march towards digital enterprises has put significant

pressure onInformation technology (IT) to be more agile.
What does ignioTM achieve
Biotechnology organizations lookto IT to lead the technology
transformation in order to keep up with, or evenleapfrog the for your enterprise?

ignio is a leader in enterprise cognitive automation for IT

Operations. With over30 years of IT expertise through its
lineage with Tata Consultancy Services,ignio brings
ignioTM integrates silos of information to
unprecedented levels of contextual intelligence to understand the enterprise context
transformingenterprises. ignio binds together disparate yet
interconnected business applicationsand their underlying
infrastructures to perform actions autonomously and drive
smart decision-making.

Provide holistic visibility of the infrastructure supporting ignioTM accelerates actions by taking and
businessand IT operations
operationalizing decisions
Over 85% reduction in time required for root cause analysis

Eliminate automation that does not scale or cannot respondto


Prevent and predict operational risks using cognitive analytics ignioTM empowers people to do more by
unleashing human creativity and ingenuity
Our dedicated and customer centric
support model and global, industrialized
delivery capability, complimented with

INFRASTRUCTURE our technology agnostic transformation

DNA, positions us uniquely in the
Infrastructure Services market place. In

SERVICES addition, due to our transparent and

flexible work culture we have been
rated highest among peers in gaining
customer satisfaction and confidence.

Facts & Figures

$2 33% 200+ 6 25+ 28,000+ 100+

Billion Y-oY Fortune Patents in IS Global Associates. Global
Business. growth. 500 clients. Transition and Delivery DC migrations.
Transformation Center in
frameworks. 9 Countries.

Enterprise-Wide Triple Certified. (ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and ISO 9001). Support 250K MIPS and 1PB of Mainframe.

Enterprise Transformation Services

Tools & Enablers

Global Partners & Alliances

Verizon IBM CISCO Digital Realty NetApp Oracle HP Microsoft SAP
VMware AT&T EMC2 BMC Software Hitachi Service Now
The TCS Digital Enterprise Services & Solutions (DESS) unit is focusing on
TCS DIGITAL providing solutions and services around the ive key digital forces:


Mobility & Pervasive Computing
Social Media & Community Network
SERVICES AND Digital Marketing

Analytics & Big Data
AI & Robotics
Cloud & Utility Computing
TCS ANALYTICS TCS' advanced, industry-specific analytics solutions, many of
which areproprietary models, are developed in our analytics
centers of excellence by ateam of expert statisticians, analysts

AND INSIGHTS and domain experts. They help customersanalyze their

operational, business and external data to gain insights into

customer needs, competitor activity and business risks and
thus become more agile and responsive to disruptions in the

Facts & Figures Engagement

Performed 650+ analytics implementations for
Global 2,000 companies
Strong domain expertise
Rich domain expertise across products like Oracle Customized solutions
BI, MS BI, and SAS Social Listening capability
Services include supply chain analytics, risk analytics Location specific intelligence with our
customer analytics and financial insights GIS capability
Propriety Analytics Platform
Dedicated Centers of Excellence that come up with Enhanced ROI with specific business
innovations in analytics and insights. insights
Capability to process and analyze massive volumes
of business data and derive actionable insights
Internet of Things, offers unique
opportunities for enterprises to hyper-

TCS IoT connect people, processes and systems.

However the IoT ecosystem is quite
fragmented and requires customers to
SERVICES deal with multiple vendors. Addressing
this challenge, TCS has developed

AND a comprehensive set of service offerings

and assets, to help customers unlock
business value. Advantages include:

SOLUTIONS Future Proof and High Performance

Solution leveraging TCS assets and best
of breed partner ecosystem

Use of open industry leading standards

Our Service offerings include the following
Flexible architecture supporting various
IoT Consulting: TCS has a comprehensive IoT framework that covers areas patterns of connectivity
from understanding business needs to the IoT development and execution
strategy with a clearly defined roadmap. Secure solution by integrating
components of Industry leading security
IoT Implementation: The offerings include Sensor Data Analytics, Mobile players
apps for Sensor data, Machine learning & AI and Sensor Applications Cloud
Backed with strong technology focus on
deployment. Our services include integration and implementation of
Digital technologies to help customers
partner products, and system integration.
deal with rapid developments in
IoT Management: Services include, device management, end to end
security, Big data services, Cloud enablement and APIfication of sensor data.

Digital ReimaginationTM SERVICES Things
Products and Services
Reference Architecture
Connected Intelligence
and Insights
Integration and Implementation of
MANAGEMENT & Partner Products
Device Management SECURITY Big Data Analytics & Visualization
End to End Security SERVICES Cloud Deployment
Big Data Services Mobile Apps leveraging Sensors
Cloud Services Machine Learning Algorithms
APIfication of Sensor Data System Integration
TCS Co-Hosting
TCS has extensive
experience in helping Role-based

options customers develop and Access
implement optimum cloud
solutions. To help navigate

PRIVATE the challenges and reap

the benefits of cloud
computing, TCS defines

Environment its client's business needs, Integration
Provisioning with ITSM
assesses the underlying
capability Tools
technology components
(such as infrastructure,
applications, processes,
policies, etc.), and deploys
the best suitable cloud
computing environment.
Our cloud services have a
License & Show back &
judicious blend of
Utilization Chargeback
management business models and model
technology innovation. We
have strategic alliances to
support our cloud strategy
- including public cloud

Uniqueness in bundling applications,

infrastructure services and providing
flexibility to handle the legacy platforms,
ably supported by technology innovation

Solutions IaaS | PaaS | Hosted VDI | Hosted SAP HANA | Hosted TCS IP Public Cloud

VPDC (Shared Dedicated Private

Hosted Multi-Talent Cloud
Solutions Cloud)
Hosted Colo for Legacy & Tailored Infrastructure
Managed Compute & Virtual Infrastructure
Managed Storage & Backup
Managed Network & Security

High Availability | Scalable | Secured | Hybrid Cloud Integration

Mobile App Stores,

Mobile User Application Mobile Mobile
Strategy & Application Promotion &
Experience Development Mobile Analytics
Architecture & Maintenance Testing
Networks Ad

Mobility is a global phenomenon that is transforming the world in many We help our customers gain
ways. Smartphones and tablets are the new battleground for attracting significant competitive
consumers to brands and engaging with them, turning customer service into advantage by increasing their
24x7 anytime, anywhere, contextual interactions. Mobility liberates IT
workforce productivity, growing
services from the desktop, transforming business into a fast, efficient, and
flexible process. TCS' mobility services cover all aspects of enterprise and their revenues, and leveraging
consumer-facing mobility. We begin with a rigorous analysis of your mobility to create new business
processes and business needs and provide comprehensive services including models. Our global team,
mobility strategy, application development, testing, and security. In addition, headquartered in the heart of
we can provide mobile analytics and integration with ad networks. Silicon Valley, has provided over
650 mobility solutions to more
The following is an overview of the specific services available in each of these
than 250 companies in 20
A few recent awards and
Research &
Clinical Trials
Manufacturing Sales & recognitions include:
Development & Distribution Marketing

n Functional Testing n Niche Testing TESTA award for the Leading

Requirement/Design Inspection ERP Testing (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft etc.)
n System (Integration)
n Data Migration Testing
Vendor for Assurance
Core Testing n Regression Testing
n End-to-End testing
n Browser Compatibility Testing
n Data Warehouse/ Business Intelligence Testing
n Accessibility, Security, Usability, A/B Testing and more
n Beyond Functional Testing
Digital Assurance
n Performance Testing n

n Big Data, Mobility & Cloud Testing

Informatica award for
Innovation Award Partner
eTst Consulting eTst Support

n Test Process Consulting


n Test Automation
recognizing TCS' TDM
Test Consulting n Test Strategy Consulting n Test Data Management, Data Masking solution for
/ Support n Test Centre Set-Up n Environment, Release & Conguration Management
n Test Tool Fitment Consulting n Performance Engineering Support Comcast
n Test Data Management Consulting

n aVlidation Services n Audit & Compliance Services ATI award for Excellence in
n Assessment (Risk, GxP etc.) n Infrastructure Qualication Framework Design and
n Computer System Validation n Inspections & Reviews

n Qualication of tools n CAPA Tracking

Implementation for its Test
n Retrospective validation n ITGC Audit Automation tool eRAFT
Validation & n Process validation n Audit Support (Internal & External Audits)
Compliance n Validation Consultancy, Planning & Execution n FDA Compliance Audit & SSAE16 Support
Services n IQ/OQ/PQ Protocol development n Training and Qualication of Personnel CA Technologies award for
n SOP development n Global Regulatory Aairs compliance

n Document Management n Policy and Procedure Management

Innovative Enterprise
n System Retirement n Continuous Compliance Management Solution for TCS' Intelligent
n Global Regulatory Aairs compliance
Testing System (ITS)
TCS Ranked as leaders in independent testing and validation
services by leading analyst firms like Everest, Gartner,

ASSURANCE NelsonHall and Ovum, TCS offers one of the most

comprehensive portfolios, addressing both business and
quality challenges for its global clients. We empower

SERVICES organizations across domains to optimize overheads,

realize first mover advantage and improve customer

TCS is the only IT services firm to have TCS offers assurance services across the testing value cycle,
been rated Leader in Quality Assurance including test consulting and advisory, test services
services by ALL leading analyst firms: (functional & nonfunctional) implementation and
managed services for test environment and test data
Leader in Everest's PEAK Matrix for management. We continually redefine testing and QA
Independent Testing Services for second paradigms to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. Our
consecutive year in 2015. library of domain-based reusable business functions and
proven engagement model founded on the twin pillars of
Leader in Ovum's Outsourced Testing
product and process quality enable us to deliver certainty
Services report in 2015.
to our
Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for clients.
Application Testing Services, Worldwide in
2014. With specialized test environments and labs, TCS drives the
delivery of assurance in a non-disruptive, agile, and
Leader in NelsonHall's Overall Software automated manner, making the entire development
Testing Services report in 2014. lifecycle more efficient.

Market forces that drive the need for 1. Clinical Data Management
constant differentiation through 2. Regulatory Affairs
Innovation have always existed. The 3. Risk Based Monitoring
difference today is the pace that 4. Biostatistics and Statistical Programming
necessitates a shift in the dynamics of 5. Medical Writing and Publishing
how we execute the innovation life
cycle. No organization can claim to COIN leverages synergies across
have a monopoly on the 'thought to an entire ecosystem including:
execution' life cycle.
One of the earliest to embrace Venture Capitalists
collaborative innovation, we have the Academia Institutes
experience to participate in and Strategic Alliances
manage new models of research Tata Group Companies
collaboration: IP sourced from open Key Clients
communities, technologies wrapped
in process bundles, and investments
based on subscription rather than
ownership. We give you an ecosystem
perspective to innovation linking not
just to our own innovation labs but to
entities such as alliances, start-ups,
academic institutions and multi-lateral
organizations as well, to bring truly
collaborative innovations for your

TCS' COINTM has gained a global

footprint in collaborative innovation.
We work with partners in the USA,
Europe, Asia, Israel. TCS' Innovation
Labs along with our COINTM partners
have developed several path breaking
ideas over the past couple of years,
many of which have been successfully
transformed into solutions.

COIN TM leverages
synergies across an entire

Venture Capitalists
Academic Institutes
Strategic Alliances
Tata Group Companies
Key Clients
TCS BIG DATA TCS' broad array of sophisticated big data solutions are
developed in our centers of excellence and labs by a team
of experts. They help customers analyze large

SOLUTIONS volume's of structured and unstructured data to gain

business insights as well as manage risk and complex
operations better.

Engagement Differentiators Facts and Figures

Strong industry expertise
Customized solutions 500+ experienced associates & 50+ customer engagements
Strategy consulting capability 6 Patents filed and 14 in progress.
Hadoop capability
Propriety data migration tools
Faster time to market & lower TCO Dedicated Big Data team headquartered in Silicon Valley.

State-of-the-art Big Data Labs and Centers of Excellence.

Wide range of unique, in-house big data connectors and

solution accelerators.

Over 20 alliances with leading research universities and

product vendors.
REGIONAL CENTERS. PRODUCTS. Roche Pharmaceuticals, a leading research
focused healthcare company for over 110
Astra Zeneca aimed to ensure that it met Customers in biotechnology tend to quickly years, was looking for an IT partner to
regulatory and safety standards through outgrow traditional sales channels like e-mail provide solutions for data management and
scientific excellence and effective global and phone. QIAGEN wanted to engage with clinical programming. After a thorough
processes. The company wanted to its large international customer base with a search, they selected TCS based on TCS'
streamline and standardize all patient safety savvy and seamless online platform. They approach to managing work, commitments
and regulatory process workflows across its also sought to boost sales by migrating their to quality and delivery, and the ability to
seven regional centers, and decided to specialized suite of products to a self-service enhance processes as TCS delivers on-time
partner with TCS to implement this industry web shop. The platform had to be high quality work. Roche today believes that
first solution where safety and regulatory convenient, user-friendly, and personalized TCS goes out of the way to build
maintenance activities were integrated. while still supporting a wide spectrum of relationships and puts people first. Roche'
capabilities and the latest web store executives stated on record the level of
features. passion shown by the TCS staff and the
intangible benefit the company has gained
is the long term relationship with TCS.
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Experience Certainty.
Experience TCS.
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