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4/10/2017 What are the methods to increase problem solving speed and accuracy?

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When I increase my speed my accuracy decreases
What are the methods to increase problem solving and when accuracy increases my speed decreases.
Pick new people and topics to follow and see the
speed and accuracy? How do I change this?
best answers on Quora.
How do you solve physics and maths problems faster and more accurately. What sort of How can I check if I've used the right methods to
practice can help in this end? Please suggest effective and tried methods.  Update Your Interests
solve this problem?
P.S­ I'm preparing for IIT JEE. If that helps.
How do I increase my math solving speed? What
Answer Request Follow 118 Comments 4+ Share Downvote should be done to get the hint or catch of the question

What is the Best book for IIT JEE? What book is best
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for problem solving to increase speed of calculations
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How do I improve my speed and accuracy in solving
problems from JEE point of view?
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I'm preparing for JEE I want to increase my question
solving speed, what are some tips to increase it?

11 Answers How can I increase my problem solving aptitute
especially in physics , What are the hacks and some
Anshul Jain, AIR 81, IIT-JEE 2008 Tricks you do to Solve numericals?
Written Jun 28, 2012
What is the speed of problem solving of IIT Toppers?
Skills for solving questions effectively vary widely with he topics involved and
sometimes varies even within that. For e.g. in kinematics many questions are solved
using visualization, in integrals there are many standard techniques to break the
questions. Every topic generally has a set of questions of different varieties with tricks
for each one. The key lies in identifying these tricks and identifying the correct trick
when faced with a question. The thing only thing that can really help you out in this is
extensive and exhaustive practice. Some tips that I find important are:

While studying for a topic extensively solve all types of questions you can come across
(generally available in any good tutorial from any coaching or book) and keep solving
mock tests once in a while to stay in touch of older topics. If you have time, do not
move on to the next topic without being completely confident in the current one.

Whenever you come across a question, try to solve it on your own. As a general
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estimate, do not spend more than 15-20 minutes on any 1 question in one attempt.
Instead, give repeated attempts over a period of a day or two and only then seek help.
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This helps you to think faster because no matter when you are attempting it, there is a
time limit involved and also a lot of self reliance as well. Also, for the questions you 118 Followers
require help, analyse where you went wrong and modify how you approach questions 57,466 Views
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Every question is important. If you can organize, keep a track of the questions that
taught you a new trick. Also remember, JEE loves questions with elegant solutions.
Elegance lies in how easy it is to apply a trick and the magnitude to which it simplifies
the problem. These marked questions serve as a means of instant revision as you do
not need to practice the entire question as far as you remember what the trick was.

Always solve questions down to their final answer. Many silly mistakes occur in exam
because students though well-versed in concepts and very good in identifying the
trick involved do not care enough about the mundane calculation part. So, no matter
how boring the question solve it to the last line, even though you have solved the
purpose of the question by identifying the right concept and trick

Note: All the above is applicable only after you have understood the theory involved.
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Without clarity of concept you are severely restricted in your chances with surprise­are­the­methods­to­increase­problem­solving­speed­and­accuracy 1/5

candidates must take up mock tests regularly before the final exam.1k Views · View Upvotes · Answer requested by Akhyansh Mohapatra Related Questions Upvote 75 Downvote Comments 2+ When I increase my speed my accuracy decreases and when accuracy increases my speed decreases. candidates should develop the ability to solve the questions quickly with utmost accuracy. Keeping in mind the difficulty level and stipulated time during the exam. Here we will focus on how to improve you approach to IIT-JEE: Your goal should always be to increase the number of marks not the number of attempts. What are the hacks and some Tricks you do to Solve numericals? What is the speed of problem solving of IIT Toppers? Candidates appearing for JEE must improve their problem solving speed to complete the paper on time and earn good­are­the­methods­to­increase­problem­solving­speed­and­accuracy 2/5 .4/10/2017 What are the methods to increase problem solving speed and accuracy? ­ Quora tricky questions (always there in JEE) and also developing skills to solve existing Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Sunil ones. you can’t spend all your time only on one subject. Students must also interact with fellow candidates (who are also appearing for the same exam) to compare their performance with them. done those in which you were confident and marked those which you think you will do later. pressure handling (solving two more questions in last five minutes).g. Try various all India test series to know where you stand. our JEE experts always recommend clearing basic concepts in the first place for advanced problem solving in the exam. what are some tips to increase it? How can I increase my problem solving aptitute especially in physics . Allot 45 minutes to each subject i. Remember to take care of cut-off of each subject. As per our expert JEE counsellors at Kshitij Education India. Ardent traveller. not loosing nerves even if you have been able to solve just 1 out of the last 10 questions). choice making (which questions to do and which to leave) and a lot of other factors. Always keep an eye on your watch. To improve the speed of solving questions in JEE Main 2017. Since you have only 3 hours and 3 subjects. you must have at least read all the questions of that subject. This way you will easily complete Upvote 4 Downvote Comment https://www. Influencer How do I change this? Written Nov 17 How can I check if I've used the right methods to solve this problem? How do I increase my math solving speed? What should be done to get the hint or catch of the question quicker? What is the Best book for IIT JEE? What book is best for problem solving to increase speed of calculations and clicking power? How do I improve my speed and accuracy in solving problems from JEE point of view? I'm preparing for JEE I want to increase my question solving speed. IITJEE is a scientifically designed exam which not only checks your analytical and intellectual abilities but also requires ability to perform in adverse conditions (e.quora. Try to give as many sample tests as you can and track your average problem-solving speed. many candidates lose about 12 -14% of their marks as their concepts are not clear. Hence. 31. Deepali Gupta.e.

. one minute per question) and start solving. for the remaining time try to solve the Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Sunil marked questions to increase your marks.e. How do I improve my speed and accuracy in solving https://www.C. At the end check your score and analyse your performance as to what How can I check if I've used the right methods to solve this problem? mistakes you made and what steps you need to avoid them in future. Let us take an example of thermodynamics from H.quora. problems from JEE point of view? The subject wise and topic wise weightage for IIT-JEE is given below: I'm preparing for JEE I want to increase my question solving speed. How do I increase my math solving speed? What should be done to get the hint or catch of the question For more tips on IIT-JEE PREPARATION you can go through my answer: quicker? https://www.quora. Don’t stick to any question for long time. When I increase my speed my accuracy decreases Since you might have done this chapter earlier as well so keep a timer of 60 minutes and when accuracy increases my speed This will surely improve your examination temperament. Best technique for revising through a chapter is to quickly go through its theory .. What are the hacks and some Tricks you do to Solve numericals? What is the speed of problem solving of IIT Toppers? Upvote 4 Downvote Comment https://www. Verma’s book and suppose it has 60 object Do not take any break during this course of time. what are some tips to increase it? Mathemathics How can I increase my problem solving aptitute especially in physics .. look Related Questions at few examples and then switch to objective questions. Now.4/10/2017 What are the methods to increase problem solving speed and accuracy? ­ Quora your paper in 2 hours and 15 minutes. are few motivational quotes to boost you up and your performance.quora. How do I change this? (i.. What is the Best book for IIT JEE? What book is best for problem solving to increase speed of calculations and clicking power?­are­the­methods­to­increase­problem­solving­speed­and­accuracy 3/5 .

Do you have a visual picture of Newtonian mechanics? The calculus? Do you thoroughly understand the derivative and the integral? Can you rotate a curve in your head and see the volume created? Can you picture electromagnetic forces at work? Quantum mechanics. Dept Rank 1 @CSE- IITB 2010-14. I don't know exactly how to describe how I went about it on my end. AIR 5. I have to preface this by saying I don't know How can I increase my problem solving aptitute especially in physics . Indian Institute of Science Education and­are­the­methods­to­increase­problem­solving­speed­and­accuracy 4/5 . BS­MS Physics. but my intuition tells me that there is no substitute for knowing everything so well that it becomes intuitive. I put that box somewhere around here solving speed. What are the hacks and some how difficult the IIT JEE is--I've only heard legendary stories. I doubt that our exams are nearly as rigorous as the IIT JEE. 14. MSCS@CMU Written Jul 31. at least at the level of electron shells? How are you with the concept of wave-particle theory? Does the exam get into linear algebra? Vectors and matrices? When I learned calculus. Don't tell me you didn't already know this was the only way. Tricks you do to Solve numericals? The best I can offer at first glance is to do what you can to fully understand the math What is the speed of problem solving of IIT Toppers? and the physics so that you can visualize the systems at work. Pune (2020) Originally Answered: What are some methods to increase my problem solving speed? Stop asking such questions on quora and get down to practising and revising. 2012 Based upon your reply in the comments. Hold on. AIEEE 2010. Have you tried walking through the proofs of the concepts you are studying? 19. I was able to master American exams through deep internalization of the underlying math so that I could visualize what was happening. How do I change this? How can I check if I've used the right methods to solve this problem? How do I increase my math solving speed? What should be done to get the hint or catch of the question quicker? What is the Best book for IIT JEE? What book is best 2. The more thoroughly you intuit the underlying structures.1k Views · View Upvotes · Answer requested by Anshul Roy Upvote 111 Downvote Comment 1 Upvote 4 Downvote Comment https://www. what are some tips to increase it? Written Jun 25.3k Views · View Upvotes for problem solving to increase speed of calculations and clicking power? How do I improve my speed and accuracy in solving problems from JEE point of view? I'm preparing for JEE I want to increase my question Rich Rodgers. 2013 · Upvoted by Tushar Gopalka. IIT-JEE 2010. AIR 1. physics and chemistry.4/10/2017 What are the methods to increase problem solving speed and accuracy? ­ Quora Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Sunil Related Questions When I increase my speed my accuracy decreases and when accuracy increases my speed decreases. the more fluent you will be when asked to apply that knowledge.quora.1k Views · View Upvotes Upvote 30 Downvote Comments 1+ Vipul Singh.

I see that I paper? the JEE online on the 9th of have scored 340 in JEE Mains Sameer Stan Agarwal.quora.. FIRSTLY CONGRATULATIONS !! Well you as I had not given much tests as I had lost Chemistry: Questions were of the have a chance at it but it maybe possible 1 month due to a fracture bu. Know 'behind the scenes' of every concept. Upvote 4 Downvote Comment https://www. How can I check if I've used the right methods to solve this problem? 7. some steps that can be done in head and don't solving speed. JEE 2017 getting AIR 1? Written 18h ago BREAKER! Gave JEE mains CBT today. day came for which I was studying for the I just talked to a friend of mine. care for whether you get AIR 1 or no. Cracked JEE with ease. what are some tips to increase it? need any pen and pencil should be avoided... 2012 for problem solving to increase speed of calculations and clicking power? Keeping in mind the current structure of IIT JEE. How can I increase my problem solving aptitute especially in physics .. Fucked up April? 2017. I was very tensed and nervous views. Physics: Physics was tougher Read In Feed Read In Feed Read In Feed than off.. How do I change this? Practice many types of problems. Practice many­are­the­methods­to­increase­problem­solving­speed­and­accuracy 5/5 . 2013 Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Sunil Originally Answered: What are some methods to increase my problem solving speed? Thanks for the A2A! Related Questions Make your concepts strong. loves Science Ask or Search Quora Written Jul 31.. rejected IITs with ease. same level as offline paper. 9th April The Written 17h ago Pranav Saraswat. 6. wanderer What is the Best book for IIT JEE? What book is best Written Jul 22.very strong. When I increase my speed my accuracy decreases and when accuracy increases my speed decreases. Are there chances of me JEE 2017 Shivam Kumar Jha. it helps you a great deal.4/10/2017 What are the methods to increase problem solving speed and accuracy? ­ Quora Yash Bajaj. I'm preparing for JEE I want to increase my question Apart from solving the problem fully. I'll put his Updated Fri last 2 years. Firstly and moderate questions were just wait for final answer key. Easy you may not end up getting AIR 1.3k Views · View Upvotes · Answer requested by 1 person How do I increase my math solving speed? What Upvote 6 Downvote Comment should be done to get the hint or catch of the question quicker? Anugrah Agrawal. And don’t ubiquitous. What are the hacks and some The main aim while solving a problem should be just to get to the right answer whle Tricks you do to Solve numericals? answering the question and then later on analysing if the same question has some What is the speed of problem solving of IIT Toppers? better approach that can be used to solve the problem. If you can just eliminate some options by some analytical method and How do I improve my speed and accuracy in solving problems from JEE point of view? calculations in your head. one should be more analytical in the approach.6k Views · View Upvotes Upvote 2 Downvote Comment Top Stories from Your Feed Answer written · Exams and Tests · Topic you Answer written · Exams and Tests · Topic you Answer written · Exams and Tests · Topic you might like · Wed might like · 18h might like · 17h After matching with the answer How was the JEE Mains 2017 What was the difficulty level of key of Resonance.