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Date of birth : 31/08/1991

Address : Xuan Lai Commune - Tho Xuan District - Thanh Hoa Province.

Mobile : 01649 780 103/0944 296 276.

Email :

Desire to learn career development, professional capacity-building, skills training and short-term
team leader.

July 2014: Graduated from Hanoi University of Technology

Major: Electronics and Telecommunications

January 2017:

- Currently: Staff Development 2 -FSU11-F500 (FSOFT) -Site Cau Giay -TP Hanoi.

The main task:

Research project F500: JAPAN client - monitoring chat-bot system.

-Learn Cloudera system -Big data, Flatfom, the monitoring equipment of the system,
-Installation, configuration, virtualization for devices, VM ware-linux server -Centos, data center
storage system monitoring.

- Monitoring the system of robots, rotbot answers automatically push the parties to monitor the
bug fixes, send reports, set up monitoring process, fix errors.

-Follow up periodic system maintenance plan, replace inventory update device.

May 2016 - November 2016: Work in control room VSTV K + (Playout)

Mission :

- Coordinate with the department: director, ingest, studio, tranmission broadcast live,
management of image & sound quality, broadcast list.

- Troubleshooting & maintenance of the system when required, logo, output signal, run message,
popup, graphics, time-time code, dow & error file.

- Optical network management: optical, vtvcap, netnam, intercom.

- Live Streaming, Sports Newsletters, live football matches from the studio, or streaming from

- Insert the faded logo combination law anti-piracy law wave K +.

July / 2014-October 2016: Sever Manager: (Telecommunications Management)

Position: Staff

Mission :

- Managed base station of Vietnamobi - Headquarters No. 2 pagoda. Scheduling maintenance,

replacement of inventory equipment, telecommunication stations.

- Protection survey -make reports, adjust direction and angle.

-Test systems involve the telecommunications source part -acquy, parameter settings -test and

- Get data files, micro SDH transmission, manage data on the server.

- 3G streaming and optimization - BSC station broadcast, RBS stream for NOC management.

- Monitoring quality of service -Test and wave measurement, ensure enough capacity &
committed bandwidth.
- Troubleshooting workstation related problems, fix errors, measure the wave test.

Trained skills:

Detects the failure of telecommunication equipment and fault fixes as well as the microwave-
tranquility tran- sion.

The art of customer communication, project planning, teamwork, innovation.


Fluent in MS Office.

Ability to communicate and give good presentation.

Ability to work independently or in team, team spirit and work under pressure.

Love to work, willing to learn, confident, active

Good organization, high responsibility.

Ability to solve and analyze problems well.

Hobby :

Watch TV commercials, automotive magazines, books.

Get information on new models.

Listen to music, news on CNN, BBC World, surf the web.

Sports: football, volleyball, badminton ...

Yours sincerely!