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Manufacturers of :
•Water proofing compounds and
•Specialty chemicals

Automobiles Sector

Three Wheelers Heavy & Commercial Vehicle

Two Wheelers



Fixing electromagnet to Placement of ring on three
flywheel in automobiles wheeler engine head

Bonding head light reflector in

End cap to paper bonding in Oil seal sealing in automobiles
automobile filter

• Easy mixing ratio 1:1
• High strength
• very low volumetric change during the
curing process
• Better thixotropy


Super Strength in armature coating .

BONDTITE (RAPID) Radiator leakage repair End cap to rotary screen Bonding 6 Ring pasting in engine head repairing Oil seal placement in three wheeler engine .

• 1:1 mixing ratio. Features • Sets in 10 minutes. • Allow faster assembly. • High strength 7 .

BONDTITE (METALLIC) Radiator leakage repairing Fuel tank leakage repairing 8 Smoothening of welded area Hole or crack filling on gas kit in cars .

Features: • 5 mins pot life. • Reduce consumption of paint • Improves finish of painted surface/object 9 . fast curing • Metallic color • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio • Easy application with spatula • Machining is possible after 2 hrs.

Bondtite Metallic for radiator leakage .

BONDTITE (FAST & CLEAR) Back view mirror pasting in 4 wheelers Logo pasting in automobiles Headlight glass fixing in automobiles Indicator fixing .

• Clarity. • High strength 12 .Features: • Two component 1:1 mixing ratio. • Fast Curing • Pot life is 5 min.

BONDSET (FAST SETTING) Leakage Repairing Engine oil leakage repairing Leakage repairing in automobile industry Repairing of machinery parts .

hence easy to apply. • Good coverage.Features: • Easy to use – 1:1 ratio. • Surface can be smoothen with the water wetted cloth. 14 . • Soft & pliable.

BONDSET (AUTO) Leakage Repairing in silencer Oil tank leakage Engine head repairing Repairing of machinery parts. .

• Color matches with cast Iron/ steel casting. • Powder coating can be done over cured surface • Machinable • Easy mixing ratio. • Possessing high hardness after full curing. sets in 5 minutes after mixing. • Giving good temperature resistance. 16 .Features: • Fast setting.

GASKETBOND Gasket sealing in machine engines Gasket sealing in two wheeler engines over flange over flange Gasket sealing in car engines Gasket sealing in tractor .

• Possibility of reuse of gasket after applying GB again. • Better flexibility. • Easy removal of gasket after curing of material. • Applied material remains flexible with time. • Oil resistance. 18 . • Change of gasket is easy.Features: • It has excellent gap filling tendency and can withstand temperature up to 120°C. will not damage the surface during gasket removal. • Easy to apply as it is single component and fast drying.

RESIGRIP Gasket sealing in motorcycle engines Sealing of transmission case covers Oil filter Base Gasket sealing in automobile .

Features: • Excellent gap filling • Excellent flexibility • Fast drying • Excellent oil and fuel resistance 20 .

RESIBOND 330/770 For making gasket over flange Sealing of metal flanges in automobiles For replacing Gasket For engine gasket sealing 21 .

Features: • Excellent gap filling • Excellent flexibility • Fast drying • High temperature resistance • Excellent oil and fuel resistance 22 .

HEXON For leather seat cover in bike For interior work in truck For Leather upholstery Fabric pasting in Bus interiors .

Features: • Good color ( light yellow) • Fast drying • Excellent grip strength ( good tack strength ) 24 .


RESIMET BEARING RETAINER Retaining bearings in four wheelers For fixing bearing into hub Fixing bearing in steering of car For fixing bearing in wheel of motorcycle .

 6-Gives more coverage in comparison of other compound system.  4-can be dismantle.  7.  11.solvent free  8.Medium strength  3-Reduce machinery cost due to less critical machinery tolerance.  10. RESIMET BEARING RETAINER  Application Features:-  1.RM BR 844 5 ml contains 110 droops (approx). it starts setting.Excellent Anticorrosive properties  9-It provides lubrication while pressing bearing & after 15 -30 min.  5-good gap filling (0.Temperature resistivity of RM BR 844 is -55°c to 150 °c incase of Epoxy it is -90 ° c to 100 °c. .Single component  2.25 mm) tendency.

RESIMET THREAD LOCKER For nut bolt locking in machines For nut bolt locking in mono block pump For nut bolt locking in engine head For nut bolt locking in towers .

2-Resimet thread Locker -944 is a single component good strength anaerobic adhesive which work only metal products.Resimet -TL-944 avoid loosing of nuts due to high vibration in the Generators. 5. 9. 10. 3-It can be used in place of mixture of two component (R+H) and Quick (cyano).Avoid nut to be rusted / corrosion .Esay to open nut in future with the help of wrench / spanner . 12. . 4. Threads don’t get damaged while opening bottle for all size of threads. TECHNICAL FEATURES 1. RESIMET TL-944 is given clear and fast assembly .1 mm ) 11. which is not get from two component (mixture of resin and hardener).RM TL-944 is takes less time in comparison with two components epoxy system. 6.Increase life of Generator and Generator parts 8-No need to use double nut / tab washer / split pins .RM-TL-944 is given good gap filling between (0. 7.Temperature resistivity of TL-944 is -55°c to 150 ° c and cyano have only 0 to 90°c .Resimet tl-944 is a designed to offer you more reliability and cost –saving over conventional assembly methods.

RESIZEN Welded joint sealing in automobile For sealing various roofing panels in buses Bus body panel mounting Welded joint sealing in four wheeler .

31 . weather & temperature resistance. • very high initial tack. • Excellent water. • Thixotropic paste. Features: • Single component adhesive for bonding multiple substrates. • Quick drying and excellent product for panel mounting.

ZENOX Car wind screen pasting Side glass fixing in Volvo Bus Car rear screen pasting Pasting metal panel on bus body .

• Fast curing. 33 .Features: • Flexible bond with good strength. • Excellent gap filling tendency.

FILL-X AUTO Dent removing application in automobile Scratch removing present on automobile Surface finishing of metal Dent covering and repairing .

non yellowing • Fast setting • Low cost • Hi filling capability • Easy sandability (Machinability) • Dry cement colors can be added as per requirement 35 .Features: • Bright white color.

VETRA For micro crack filling on body For Indicator Pasting Repairing of mud guard 36 .

low drifts adhesive • Single component for quick bonding. Features: • Low/Medium viscosity. wood. plastic marble & glass 37 . • Excellent adhesive for porous/non porous surfaces like leather.

AMROW Repairing of mud guard Repairing of Head light cover. Repairing of Car broken bumper Joining ABS pipes in Engine 38 .

Features: • Very fast drying • Single component hence easy to apply • Transparent • Excellent strength 39 .