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Muscle Contraction Project

Due: Thursday, February 2nd

Worth: 100 points Test

Your mission is to come up with a creative way to teach how muscles contract to a
freshman student. You should not dumb down the material, but rather find a
creative medium to help the student learn the concepts. Some of the acceptable
formats could include: a song, a rap, a comic, a cheer, or a board game. Other
ideas may be acceptable, but should be approved by Thursday, January 26 th. You
may choose to work with a partner, but then you must turn in a log of what each of
you contributed to the project. This log must be signed by you both. Some
concepts/terminology that should be included in your project are listed below. In
order for the concepts/terminology to count for your assignment, each must get
more than mention in your project. Note that all the words in the category must be
used appropriately to attain that letter grade. If you do the project and cover
muscle contraction from the motor neuron through the muscle cell, you will receive
50 points. Each word you use appropriately in a category (showing its function/role)
will add 2 points. The bonus words will add 1 point each up to 10 points. You must
get all words in the previous category to receive full credit for the next category.
Otherwise, you will only receive half credit.

D Words: ATP
Muscle Cell Sodium
Motor Neuron ADP
Calcium Synaptic Cleft
Thick Filaments Troponin Complex
Thin Filaments
Bonus Words (for that high A):
C Words: Phosphate
Actin Cross Bridge
Myosin Aceylcholinesterase
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Cisterna(e)
T Tubules Ion Pumps
Sarcolemma Myofibril
Zone of Overlap
B Words: Troponin
Acetylcholine Tropomyosin
Receptors Active Site
Lock and Key Relaxation
Action Potential Sarcoplasm
Sarcomere Endomysium
A Words: Perimysium
Multinucleate Voluntary
If you want to know how muscles work in your bodies,
So you can exercise, like do some Pilates,
First you need acetylcholine to dump in the space
Between your motor neuron and muscle cells, to race
Onto the receptors it fits like a key
To unlock the muscle cell and then they say, wee
The message travels across the membrane
Called the sarcolemma in this refrain
(acceptable - explaining)

Today I want to teach you something new

About your muscles and all of it is true.
First you have filaments, and then you have calcium,
And dont forget the epi- and the endomysium.
(not acceptable only listing)