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Dealing With Immigration

Dealing with Immigration

Kevin Muniz

Public Speaking Written Speech

Dealing With Immigration

Immigration: Dealing with those who dont Belong

How many of you remember the first day of High School? Walking in not knowing

anything, yet having an idea of what you were there to do. None of us really knew what to expect

until we finally got there and started figuring it all out little by little. But one thing we knew for

sure, that we had to do it to better our lives at some point. Or, maybe you wanted to drop out and

your parents made you stay in school.

Here is a little piece of my experience being the new kid; I was born in Puerto Rico and

lived there until I was about eleven years old. Puerto Rico happens to be US territory therefore

everyone born in Puerto Rico is a United States citizen. When the time came, my parents decided

to move because of how bad the economy was getting on the island. They decided to move to

Utah, which is where I start my immigrant story. I started sixth grade here in Utah and it was one

of the hardest times of my life from what I can remember. I spoke English but not great, I didnt

have any friends and I can vividly remember feeling completely lost while sitting on the curb at

recess one day. Needless to say it was rough, and although I am from puertorican decent I look

just like a Mexican to everyone else. To this day even some of my friends fail to recognize that

all colored (brown) people are not Mexican. I dont have a problem with being called Mexican at

all, its when the term Mexican is used as a derogatory illegal immigrant term that we start

failing as a society.

If there is something I would like you understand from my speech it would be how to

treat immigrants. Websters Dictionary has a few definitions for immigrant, but there is one

particular definition of the word that really stuck out and its to pass or come into a new habitat
Dealing With Immigration

or place as an organism. We are all a bunch of organisms put together on this earth coexist. So

we should all be taking care of each other right? Well, as it turns out it isnt always what we

would hope it would be, which is no surprise.

For our safety and the safety of our government we have set laws and rulings as to what

we should do as a country and immigration has always been a big topic of interest. Dont get me

wrong we need these laws for the safety of everyone but I believe there are different more

efficient ways that the government could go about dealing with immigration than creating a

massive stereotype for illegal immigrants. After doing some research I was able to find a few

ways that the US could benefit from having immigrants here in our country.

The subject of immigration has taken over the United States for many years. Many

people today see immigration as a very big problem that needs to be resolved, without first

looking at what benefits our country is receiving from having immigrants here. The public and

the government at some point only see people that do not belong here in the United States but

live among us illegally. When dealing with political standpoints immigration has often been dealt

with one overall topic or form of action, which is in sum Lets get them out of our country and

back to theirs. Although this is usually the most common statement, when it comes to what we

should do with illegal immigrants there are many other ways we could be benefiting from having

immigrants in our country. In the end they are people just like us, trying to find a better living for

their families and their futures. Instead of asking ourselves how do we get them out? which is

also one of the options, although not the most effective, we should be asking ourselves how do

we create a mutual agreement where both the United States and the immigrants can benefit. As

citizens of the great country we live in should be looking for proficient solutions to this country
Dealing With Immigration

instead of separating what could potentially be highly beneficial for both immigrants and the

United States.

One of the possible solutions that could actually benefit our country and immigrants both,

is to implement a better job program. If immigrants are here to make a better living and they are

willing to work for it, there are a lot of things they could do that would benefit them by having a

job and receiving and income. On the other hand helping the United States by having the

workforce to do certain jobs. Often we hear that Mexicans are taking our jobs. But in all

honestly most people do not want to be dishwashers at restaurants, they dont want to be out in

the fields under the sun harvesting, they dont want to be janitors for a living. Most immigrants

are okay with jobs like that because they simply want to get a head in life. So why not implement

a better job program that would open opportunities for immigrants in which they would not have

to be illegal yet could save us millions of dollars when it comes to the brutal measures that are

being taken to keep them out of the country like for example hiring more border patrol or

building a wall big enough to keep immigrants out of our country. These drastic measures should

not be considered when most immigrants simply want to work and we could do something to

open more jobs for them.

Another possible measure that could be taken although dramatic and controversial could

be to make the illegal immigrants that already here legal or more accepted. This was an idea by

President Obama. Although the idea of legalizing immigrants is a little far-fetched there could be

some serious benefits that come from it like increased tax revenue for the country, more jobs and

better opportunities for both immigrants and U.S citizens. It would make our economy

moderately progress by having these extra people all contributing to make a better country.
Dealing With Immigration

When immigrants move to the United States they usually leave everything behind to start

somewhere new. Most immigrants come to the U.S not even speaking English or having a clue of

how they are going to survive, all they know is that they are looking for an escape of their living

conditions back home. When thinking in terms of keeping the immigrants here in the U.S for

beneficial purposes it would make sense to have quality immigrants. Although that sounds harsh,

the U.S could look to better the economy and find common ground between immigration and

enforcing immigration laws. Instead of having less skilled immigrants in our country trying to

get ahead with life but not knowing exactly how, our country could invest in making the

immigrants we have here better immigrants, which would ensure that the immigrants that are

currently living here wouldnt always stay a permanent underclass people. When speaking on

this subject President Obama said These peopleour neighbors, our classmates, our friends

they did not come here in search of a free ride or an easy life, they came to work, and study, and

serve in our military, and above all, contribute to Americas success. President Obama has

worked on proposing several ideas in which immigrants living here in the United States could

have a better living. President Obama in regards to immigrant performance we see that the

performance of any immigrant will be or could be very valuable to the countrys economy if they

strive to better themselves.

We are a nation of immigrants, and that means that were constantly being

replenished with strivers who believe in the American Dream. And it gives us a

tremendous advantage over other nations. It makes us entrepreneurial. It continues

the promise that here in America, you can make it if you try, regardless of where

you come from, regardless of the circumstances of your birth.

Dealing With Immigration

If we look back on Americas history we will clearly see that a lot of what America has

become has in fact been through the work of not only American citizens but also the hard work

of immigrants. The sad part about all of this is that when it all comes down to it there is a higher

probability that things will not change, in fact they might get worse. It will always be a matter of

opinion, but I ask each and every one of you to please think about what the people surrounding

you are going through, see the world from a different perspective for a second, think of ways that

you could become an aide and not a stumbling rock in the middle of someone elses path. As I

said before there are many ways of addressing immigration. There have been many ideas on how

to better America.

Immigration will be an ongoing topic of controversial discussion since there are so many

ways to look at the issue. But there will always be things we can do to establish a middle ground

between government and immigration laws. It doesnt all have to be bad. If done right it could

benefit both the lives of the immigrants as well as the lives of U.S citizens. Our country needs

hard work our country has been built from hard work and immigrants are willing to do just that.

Thank you.
Dealing With Immigration


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