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Poetical Politician
Dedicated To:
Mike Capizzani
Thanks for giving me the
skills to make this

Before I begin, I think its

important that the reader knows a few
things. First of all, never accept the
worlds physical and primary appearance
as its actuality. Dig, question, rebel,
and never follow the path of least
resistance. Second thing, never trust
the system. You have your friends, and
you will never need more. In a world of
corruption and insanity, (or perhaps
societys definition of sanity), the
politically large individuals will do
anything it takes to keep power. Such a
thing leads to the third, which shall
be to forever keep open minded and
poetical. In poetry, you are free to
write, in your style, in your mind,
about your story, about your opinion.
And poetry be the purest of writings,
for nothing influences you to write
about a certain subject, or in a

certain fashion, for poetry is not for
cash as many arts have become. No,
poetry is for you, not a soul more
other than those who can feel your
words. If only the leaders and
politicians of today used such logic.
If only we had a poetical politician.


For My Own Soul

A break from the dark

A pessimistic theme my poems have,

And of that I am tired.
At least one poem should be dedicated,
To something more positively admired.

My favorite Christmas day,

A birthday with my grandma.
The first girlfriend that I had,
The best movie I saw.

People picking trash of the beach,

Churches helping the poor.
A man who won against cancer,
A toothache no longer sore.

Flowers in the woods,

Another conservation law passed in congress.
A woman stops smoking drugs,
A student makes academic progress.

Gas prices are lowered,

A new business opens and hires.
A prisoner improves once released,
A group of friends around a campfire.

People sing in church,

A marriage that lasts forever.
A song that I love,
To a divorce, a man says never.

So much positive in the world,

We just have to look around/
Negative is no easier to be found,
It's just what happens to be found.
A Poem on Poetry

So perhaps you wonder why,

As to how theres a poet such as I.
And yes, it's quite ironic at first,
But sooner or later, all emotions burst.

So why write a poem of all arts,

There is songs and paintings: both sweet and tart.
But there is no drawing or musical theme,
That can get close to filling the seem.

So why not just write books,

With chapters, paragraphs, and hooks.
There is no doubt I could write a trilogy,
It's just that such a dryness is not within me.

A poem, you see, has rhythm and flow,

And the reader will go where you want it to go.
Poetry has beat, poetry has rhyme,
Then organized in one straight line.

But thats far from all,

That was the smallest part of the haul.
It's all of the things that are intact,
And yet all of it is compact.

Thoughts fly around in my head.

And I just cant go to bed.
So I search for some paper and a pen,
And search deep within.

All at once I grab all my thoughts,

I look at my hands and they begin to jot.
The poem is assembled part by part,
And the tool of construction is simply the heart.
For a poem is locked; obvious to see,
And if it's read with heart, then its read with key.
And if you give it a little twist,
One will be exposed to more than exists.

A Ship Sails in the Distance

Through the spyglass a captain looks,

Hes looking strictly at what lies ahead.
An island in the distance, I believe,
Is what lies in his head.

When a storm is seen,

Even at a hundred miles away,
The ship will be prepared,
For multiple, sedate days

A map stays close to his side,

He never loses direction.
And if an obstacle gets in his way,
Hell be the first to make a correction.

And so he mans the ship,

Looking at what may lie before him.
But as for everything else,
The lights are very well dimmed.

A party is happening on deck,

Hey are right in stormy weather.
His first mate has died,
The parrots molting feathers.

This goes unknown to the captain,

For he is busy planning the way.
And hes not even sure if theyll make it there,
But he will hope all day.

The ship is constantly sailing,

At a very rapid rate.
For the captain is truly scared,
That they may actually be late.

Why the captain looks only straight,
It's quite unknown to me.
But he is always looking,
For something other than sea

Be Glad Because Youre You

Be glad youre not something else,

Be glad youre not a lonely book on a shelf.
Be glad that youre still alive
Be glad that you didnt already die.

Be happy that you live your childhood.

Be happy that you can do more than I could.
Be happy that its the present that youre living.
Be happy your family bonds on more than Thanksgiving.

And be happy that you can find love,

And be happy that you can return the shove.
And be happy youre more than just plain,
And be happy that youre not blood stained.

And be glad that you held onto God,

And be glad that you're more than just a glass rod.
And be glad that one day youll lust,
And be glad you didnt lose their trust.

So fly free, and dont look back.

Dont let me stop you in your tracks.
And remember that when your out of breath,
That its only life, but not death.


I was having a conversation with a friend,

About my ground on love I did explain.
I tried to tell her I was only trying now,
And that the process was like a storm of hail and rain.
Yet, she gave a response to my paragraph,
That made me wish the discussion had been slain.

She attempted to bring out my doubts,

About falling in love at such a young age.
Saying how, if successful, it will never last,
And how young love is a play on stage.
As contradicting as her opinion was,
I continued to understand the page.

I dont understand the origin of her logic,

But I did not let the thought dismiss.
Was this investment,(expensive as she described), unwise/
Should I wait for adulthood for a first kiss?
But this girl is truly perfect,
But my advisors implies that its worth the miss.

This is, indeed, a legitimate angle,

But I will not travel on that side.
I will procure and maintain this girl's heart,
And thats the creed I will abide.
I understand the warnings of pain that may occur,
But through my spectacles of certainty, I will vide.

Diamond and Silver and Star

Oh, my diamond,
Brilliance from outside- in.
Worth so much to me,
I wish it was you I could win.

And not only is it your beauty,

But your mind is so clear.
Your hearts a prized possession,
How I wish I could wear you near.

Oh, my sterling silver,

A mineral so absolutely pure.
When I need some strength,
You are certainly the cure.

Although a uniform hue,

Youre the most colorful being I know.
And at anytime of desperation,
Your creativity will show.

Oh, my northern star,

Forever you're always bright.
You light up the world around you,
No matter how dark the night.

And you watch over us all the time,

We are never far apart.
And because your compassion always shines,
You will always be worn over my heart.

Family Member, Family Broken

I know that youve known,

Youve known it for years,
But dont expect me sitting in depressing tears.

Why did you hide it from me?

Because I was of youth at the time?
Because your tongue was sour from your lime?

Youre a cheater of love,

Both towards a family and lover,
Above your head, does guilt hover?

Do you still care about me?

I still have love for you,
But Im with very few.

Youve been doing time behind bars,

So have you sat and thought?
Or are you waiting to rot?

Should I love you or not?

Your truly family, but with a past full of sinning,
Sins that have left my life spinning.

From His Shoes

Dont trust him.

Never is he serious.
To good to follow.
Never communicates our way.
Annoying when he talks.
Not kind, not at all.
Hell never understand.
Never tested to see.
But why? Look at the rest!
Observe the characteristics!
Feast upon his hideous face!
A loner, so well pretend.
True love exist not to him.
Dont hes no one.

Dont trust me.

I laugh to cover up the dark.
I play it too safe for the mainstream.
I never was allowed such privileges.
You listen to me not, anyways.
It's no more than a laugh.
But you cant see my inside.
The outside does not count.
Have you seen my deeper side?
I know the bad, I own a mirror.
Dont lie, tell me your opinion.
It's fine, I was born with singlehood.
Do, it's worth the bullet.


A smile on my face,
Something I typically wear.
No matter the conditions or place,
Whether in frustration or prayer.

Jokes fly from my tongue,

Laughing at everything amusing to I,
Almost has me grasping my lungs,
I tease until I die.

Everything is placed in order,

My legal records are kept clean.
It is all good in the physical border,
But then theres the side thats mean.

My happiness and joy is putative,

For skin can be a deceiving cloak.
For I am truly a fugitive,
From a place where shadows choke.

An ego from which I cant escape,

Its a demon with a furious knife.
Im bound with sinful tape,
It follows me throughout my life.

Hidden inside my deathly soul,

He laughs in the lethal dark.
Like a poisoned soup bowl,
Incognito, he leaves his mark.

Far beyond our sight,

He eats my mind inside-out.
Hes stronger than all my might,
So winning is my biggest doubt.

A positive day I will display,
So that I dont have to explain to them.
Inside is not penetrated by one light ray,
Intramural, it is far beyond dim.

My ego be comparable to hell,

Where devils and demons progress.
On the outside, organization is well.
On the inside, Its a devilish mess.

I challenge you; can you see?

Can you see in the dark, or only light?
Do you truly know me?
Most significantly, will I win the fight?

May Magnetism Not Fail

Consider me the yang,

A pessimist if you will.
Im the man of the dark,
I am most likely to be the one kill.

Surrounded by the shadows,

My past full of hate and sin.
When I hear a mean joke,
My laugh ends with a wide grin.

I once ditched my religion,

And my poems I considered trash,
But suddenly, like a phoenix,
It all raised from the ash.

Consider her the ying,

The girl who saved me.
A bright and compassionate girl,
However will I repay thee?

She is the master of beauty,

The creator of light.
Shes my star in the sky,
Wish I may, wish I might.

Just like a child,

With innocence in her eyes.
She has many lessons to be taught,
And I wish not to teach her lies.

So I ask for a miracle,

In which dont come within ten miles of I,
And so her love will probably be caught,
By some other guy.
But if physical laws hold true,
And I hope that they do act.
Then I will be in luck,
For then opposites will attract.

Me vs. Myself

I really need to go,

But perhaps I could wait.
It's based off what you know,
No, its based off your fate.

One says to end it,

The other says go on.
Do I make the slit?
It's not near the end of my dawn!

I say ask her out,

But then I say no.
I keep having my doubts,
But think of where we could go!

Do I follow my brain,
Or follow my peers?
Perhaps there will not be pain,
Or maybe there will be tears.

I know it's wrong,

But then it will be fun!
Lets smoke from the bong
No, Ill regret it when its done.

The drinking shell soon drop,

She just having fun with friends.
Is it my place to tell her to stop?
Even though it could be her end?

The party will be cool,

But it will be full of sin.
My brain is a powerful tool,
But will I be using it then?

I know the pros and cons,
And my head from my ass.
But when I look across the lawns,
How will mow the grass?

Nightly Mirror

The moon is out and the sun is gone,

Throughout the day there are many things Ive done,
In my bed I lie until after dawn,
When Im awakened by the sun.

But before I sleep I reflect,

In the night I review the day.
Into myself I deeply introspect,
And ponder of a different play.

Was there something wrong with what I did/

At the same time, was I right?
Is it an option I should rid/
Or can I sleep peacefully through the night?

Event by event, I review the ride,

Accomplishments and achievements, disappointments and
Some things I just cant decide,
So I postpone them for another set.

Everyday rings a new bell,

And I listen to them until bed.
There, I look back for just a spell,
Then I move right on ahead.

For we cant be stuck in the past,

But our past should not be out of sight.
Life moves extraordinarily fast,
So I take notes every night.

Only Since I Cannot Sing

I write poems and poems,

One thing after the other thing.
Yet I wish from a talent of another art,
I truly wish that I could sing.

Oh, if God had blessed me with a voice,

I would be making songs unstoppably,
I would sing my heart out if it was true,
But sadly, I can only produce a cacophony.

How many read literature such as this?

Of the whole world, scarcely two percent.
But how many people listen to music?
That, au contraire, leaves a much larger dent.

Every message I write on paper,

Would soar through the public on musical wings.
If I could sing to society,
Logic is what Id bring.

But alas, I sit here writing.

My words on paper, for music carries them not.
So I sit here writing poetry,
And my words sit and rot.

The Best Present: An Answer

Your love was a guess to me,

I know not of how you feel.
Perhaps it's hatred towards I,
Or fortunately you appeal.

But in a present given to me,

You answered the question I had.
An answer, a perfect present,
Its amazing, although the answer is sad.

It was disappointing at first,

But then optimism came to me.
At least, now, I had an answer.
And now I can clearly see.

All along, you have hinted towards this,

And now its been thrown as if I listened not.
But trust me, I listened all along,
And every word you said I took into thought.

I considered your logic,

And tried to illustrate the contrary.
Through a different beam of light,
But it seems your answer will not vary.

One day, youll go for it,

Although I may not be the one.
Go on, and find and live with him,
As for me, I think Im done.

The Bird That is Not on My Shoulder

The old man walks down a path,

Along beside of him are rows of trees,
And then he looked up,
And stared in awe at what he could see.

A beautiful, red bird.

It sat upon its nest.
The bird, at first, did not acknowledge him,
And so it remained at rest.

However, the old man was in contrast,

And he decided that he wanted its trust.
For he loved this bird,
And getting it was a must.

He fed it crumbs and treats,

And soon the bird was soon flying to him,
Except when other birds were around,
For then his limelight was dim.

If only the bird would land on his shoulder,

Then his life would be complete.
He was determined not to let this one go,
The old man would not accept defeat.

Later, he was told a discouraging tale,

That he was not the only one trying,
For there was other men,
Who also watched the bird flying.

From there the old man knew,

That this was going to be hell.
But regardless, he was still determined,
That he would never, ever fail.

The Dark, Dark Risk

Do you dare come to my heart?

Ill warn you it's dark inside.
So grab the light you possess,
And net it leave your side.

I want to join the light,

Trust me, I really do.
But I can't do it alone.
No, not without you.

But Ill ask to stay away,

Even though help is your only intent.
Ill hesitate in great volumes,
And Ill go to every extent.

However if you heart is set,

Ill give you the key and trust.
Itll be hard turning the key,
For the lock is covered in rust.

I wish you luck on your journey,

If can convince me to let you in.
And may God help you on your way,
Youll need it to cut through the sin.

Just let me say it will hurt greatly,

If you dont come back alive.
For once my darkness engulfs your soul,
There is no chance to revive.

The Way to the Dark

I can only dream,

Of a day without pain.
I can only imagine of a seam,
Where heartbreaks are slain.

I can only wish upon a star,

And hope that it comes true.
Knowing that the reality is really far,
Knowing that granted wishes equals few.

I can only think of a day,

That disappointment was not with me.
But no matter how much I pray,
My thoughts will remain unseen.

But what if it did happen?

All of the feelings in my heart suddenly gone.
Id be stoic to all the falppn
Because I couldnt recognize anything wrong.

To cross over to the side,

Where no one can see a thing.
The shadows engulf the ride,
And along with all in it who ring.

But which path do I take,

To a side of heartless souls.
To a side where no hearts break,
And where love cant take its toll.

Vertex Fears

I do have a fear,
Its one that surrounds the world.
Theyre here and there.
No matter what degree you twirl.

They are the composition,

Od third dimensional support and build.
We I tend to approach one,
I tend to slow and yield.

They create the unknown,

For these are not transparent objects.
No, they create the shadow that many fear,
Its the cause of a negative effect.

Their angle is irrelevant,

For any angle can hide.
It can hide anything it wants,
It can be done from either side.

Anything can lie around it,

A surprise possibly unwanted.
When the item comes my why,
I always feel so haunted.

A murderer it could be,

Or a creature of devilish deeds,
A robber, a snake, a demon,
Any creation of fear is upon what it feeds.

Anything but the known is there,

The air there could be known as former.
The fear of the unknown relentlessly created,
By none other, than the corner.

For the World

The War on Wasps

Indeed wasps can sting,

So thats what their name sings.
And the fact is passed down,
Then it spreads through the town.

But the stinger is only a potential deal,

And is only used if there is a feel.
But then why do they feel the need,
To do such a nasty deed.

Why, its only a small bug,

Its death wont make the world sug.
The thing could sting man anywhere,
So its not like its unfair.

Man is much bigger than insects,

In their presence theyre likely to dissect.
So they spread the message through the hive,
For the wasps must strive.

But it's only out of fear,

That man acts dangerously queer.
So why is it that on first sight,
That they always want to fight?

But it's only one human being,

Something that all is used to seeing,
And they take everything away,
So wasps cant live another day.

A war, old and covered with rust,

And neither side's reasoning is just,
So forever go on with this hell,
For stereotypes will never fail.

Do You Vide What I Vide?

Before you lies society,

With nature crying in dismay.
Yet no one acknowledges it,
Because they are happy with artificial today.
But nature screams not quietly.

Life was once satisfactory,

Natural and artificial were in balance together.
But know, the possessed has overpowered the earth.
Who knows if birds even have real feathers?
For everything is made in a factory.

Before you lies technology,

Damaging the skies, land and aquatics,
Putative harmless things to the user,
Until the user is replaced by robotics.
Then theres a different philosophy.

Individuals are running around,

Dancing throughout this fire.
Some scramble to find the water of employment,
But here, management doesnt hire.
No, not in this town.

And it is quite ironic,

That humans are afraid.
We asked for it and edged it on,
Now we must lay in the bed we made,
And listen to the distant Sonics.

Before you lies the people,

The creators of such things.
Suffocated by the pollution,
And waiting for employment to ring.
Veins pop from their pupils.

How sad it's non- fiction,

Every second we sink a fleet,
We consume suicidal substances,
We juggle our rabbits feet.
Yet, we create no warmth with all the friction.

Before you lies life,

A term from behind death hides,
So now my question is,
Do you vide what I vide?
Before you, lies life.

Souls in Safety

They dont play the game,

And so they stay safe from the loss.
They keep to themselves,
Leading always to a winning toss.

Their hearts dont extend far,

Thats if they extend at all.
Perhaps theyre afraid of what they heard,
Or maybe it's from a previous fall.

No matter the form of the game,

Whether its family, friends, or foes,
Whether its a lover or new man,
These souls will always be on their toes.

I have, too, played such hell,

It always seems fun at first,
All the possibilities of the gamble,
Theres a determined thirst.

Then we gamble all we have,

And we leave with an empty heart,
I leave always thinking,
Why ever did I start?

But if a soul remains heartless,

Then he or she cannot lose the round.
Yes, he or she may miss out on a lot,
But no misery will be found.

I would like to join them one day,

Those who dont face the shove,
Those who may not be caring,
But who never plays the game of love.

Along With the Dinosaurs

Its a value, so meaningless today,

An importance, no longer here to stay.
And such a thing will not return,
No matter how much you pray.

Sat goodbye to marriage dreams,

For they are not what they seem.
Such things never last,
Such commitments never redeemed.

Now a kiss is worth only dust,

For now its only about lust,
And not even the kind the matters,
Its no more than a pleasurable must.

Holding hands is no more than just a show,

For one day the couple will be foes.
Theyll leave each other out to rot,
Like garden rakes and garden hoes.

So how would I know such a thing?

I dont wear a wedding ring.
I have never had a true relationship,
Yet Ive felt the sting.

Left by all the players and fools,

Using love as controlling tools,
And then left out to dry,
Disobeying loves laws and rules.

Consider me the legitimate third line,

Who can distinguish between cruel and fin.
Like me? There is very few,
For not many take the time to mine.

I know it's terrible to think,
That something so significant and distinct,
That what once held the world together,
That love, is now extinct.

Just One More Than Its Over For Good

A freshwater pond sits surrounded by trees,

Its water makes one feel refreshed and cool.
Those who live in the pond make it that way,
For instant thought is theyre tool.

Many birds dive down to take a sip,

Most of them too young to do such a thing.
For not one of these birds know what the water brings.

Once for dare,

Once for fun,
Once for popularity,
Once because the drink is gone.

Pollution infects the water,

And the crocodiles within it are without minds.
The poison destroyed them,
So theres no telling what well find.

Not far away the clean lake lies,
Birds such as me claim it as home.
But the depressing thing is,
This is where the crocodiles like to roam.

They eat the feathered innocent creatures,

But theyll eat the sickened ones too.
And sometimes theyll even eat themselves,
Because thats what the pond makes them do.

Eagles from the pond of purity,
Scout the opposite side.
These tall, honorable creatures,
Have their eyes open wide.

And when they see a bird over there,

Immediately towards the bird they fly.
Sometimes they manage to safely capture the bird,
Other times the birds and/ or eagles die.

I sit and watch it as it goes on and on,

It seems that they never learn.
Perhaps they just dont care,
But one day it will come back and burn.

Perhaps the moment is worth it,

But Ill never give it a try.
Because whether or not theyre guilty,
It's not cool to see the birds die.

The Shadows Have a Conscience

Sedentary in the corners of the room,

They sit there, listening to what you say,
And only waiting for our next move,
They are there every day and every night.

Although they are inanimate,

That doesnt mean they cant think too.
One does not need a brain or heart,
To do everything we do.

In fact, I enjoy theyre presence,

Its nice to have someone there.
They understand your how your feeling.
And always judge you fair.

They know the meaning of every suspiration,

They know if your saturnine or sedate,
And they understand if youre feeling hate,
They know who and when you want to date.

It's okay to speak to them,

Although they will not respond,
If you accept them as your friends,
Then soon youll have a stronger bond.

For what you transfer to them,

They will never give it out.
Theses individuals are trustworthy,
And that is proven without doubt.

Perhaps theyre just space holders,

And take where there is no light.
But always keep them close,
They watch over you in the night.

These are very introspective things,
And theyre always listening to thee,
The shadows are waiting for your opinion,
And through their conscience, you will see.


The fact that all people are created equal,

Has repeatedly been submitted.
But what about how everyone is unique?
Hasnt that also been admitted?

Both guidance statements contradict each other,

So one of them is incorrect.
It is the statement all are equal,
That cannot legitimately connect.

For if we were born equal,

There would be no significant ones,
No could sing better than the other,
And no one could have more fun.

Thus, we take different religious paths,

And we are different races.
And we stay segregated,
Because of the look of our faces.

But then again,

There is one thing that we share.
The one thing that is equal,
The one thing that is fair.

And it is love,
It is mutual among us all.
Perhaps we take it all the way,
Or maybe we come short and fall.

But love is there,

It's just how much of it we use.
And because of its mutuality,
Just maybe, the world will fuse.

Like a tree, light dependent

How do I smile?
How do I laugh with glee?
How does happiness show,
When darkness engulfs me?

I am clearly not a producer,

Of such excitement and light.
So where do I get my energy,
To light up my night/

I absorb it from the environment,

From all others who emit.
All others who possess such optimism,
Those whose bulb is always lit.

Thats why Im depressed,

When I sit alone with only i.
When I do nothing but ponder,
When I only grieve and sigh.

A car without fuel is fine,

Until it needs to be started.
So I move when with others,
And stay sedentary once weve parted.

So consider me a tree,
I must have light to grow.
But I dont produce the light I need,
So when in the dark, nowhere is where Ill go.

The Incomparable Life

Life is compared to much,

Again and again, metaphor and simile.
We use the to describe life,
But theres far too much for anything else to be.

Life is a was, a battlefield at least.

Life is a mountain different to all.
Life is a box of chocolates and a bowl of soup.
But nothing else stands as tall.

We live life day by day,

So why is it so hard to understand?
To hard to understand the complexity,
To complex for life to be a rubber band.

Nothing can compare to life in whole,

Every simile only covers a part.
It could cover religion or hardships,
Or forgiveness and heart.

Life cannot be compared

To inanimate objects or events.
Such things are much too simple.
Has lifes wrath not been sent?

Life is like life itself,

Not one other thing can compare.
Life is too large to be shrunk,
Youll only be misguided if you dare.

Economy, politics, and crime,

Environment, animals, and war.
Science, health, law, and death,
Birth, love bonds and love tore.
We cant live in simplicity,
When life is anything but.
Lifes not a box of candy,
Lifes not a layered nut.

Lifes not an ocean,

Lifes not a highway.
Lifes not a walk in the park,
Lifes what we live every day.

Rebellion of the Generation

Its a small number once you count,

But its only those who understand.
Which would explain the high absences,
And why were not in command.

Its ten against the universe,

A ratio easy to contravene.
But all the rebels hypothecate,
In the name of what they believe.

We remonstrate with our life long theme,

Leaving all querulous and outraged.
All because we correct the malapropism,
That has begun to overage.

We are a proud democracy,

For we have definition to our insurgency,
We have witnessed the world crisis,
And we are only responding in urgency.

It is us who take the time,

To figure out the world in all.
We defined the undefined,
And allow all people to walk tall.

Love and compassion has crashed,

And now it's gone for good.
But if youll join hands with us,
Well put it back as it should.

Religion is an excuse misused,

We call ourselves followers; how Ludacris!
If that is the truth,
Then alone we have lost to this.

We battle discrimination and hate,
Using the opposite to hopefully win.
Were trying to defeat evil,
Were trying to destroy sin.

Its true that politics is fine,

Until money and power corrupts,
Then its a fight for the keystone,
And then all hell erupts.

All we do is deliver the meanings,

Yet they are thrown back in our faces.
But we dont let them walk off
To all their sinful places.

We declare war on you, modern society,

Go ahead and keep us as extramural things.
Well keep coming to the walls,
Until forever we make justice ring.

We want back love a religion,

We want the world undivided.
It will take time, but wait and see,
Soon, youll face regicide.

Our weapons are inside us,

It's considered soul and heart.
And once we use our potential,
Well keep the world from falling apart.

Lets join hands for once,

Environment and man, share a seat.
Uniform, our rebellion is successful,
But divided, we accept defeat.

Lifes Hardwiring

Are our decisions made by us?

Or does destiny control it all?
Perhaps we dont control our play and fuss,
Or how we love or walk tall.

Everything happens for a reason,

And maybe the reason is simpler than we think.
It could be more than just the season,
And maybe our conscience doesnt have a link.

But we must consider every side,

It's possible were on our own.
Maybe theres just certain events we must abide,
And everything in between is our zone.

Or it could be completely loose,

We have no true outside guide.
Theres the possibility were like a goose,
In our own direction we glide.

We really dont have any proof,

This question is quite the dancer.
But maybe one day- POOF!
Well finally have the answer.

The One Who Owes

All because he wont pay,

Is it worth a single day?
Are finances really more significant,
Or is it just made to look that way?

A near lifetime without a family member,

One that will always be remembered.
The experience with such a family part,
Its absence could make one timber.

I be not one of such a mess,

But there are people who can confess
To such things, ones that are close to me,
And those individuals I pray for God to bless.

To act as if one does not know,

As to why the one who owes wont show,
When it is quite self-evident,
That the one who owes has been made a foe.

For the moment the one who owes steps on the site,
The setting will become a fight.
The past debts are of concern versus the moment,
No wonder why the one who owes chooses flight.

I, too, would live in fear,

Being able to do nothing more than shed a tear,
Knowing the others are after,
No matter how much to the heart theyre near.

Then there are those who help the one who owes hide,
And automatically the hiders are on the bad side.
And the bads will be bad for life,
Even far after they have died.

So I ask, what will money buy?
It seems to just spend to me, so Ill sigh.
Theyll just never truly comprehend,
But maybe they will, when the one who owes dies.

Leaf, Insignificant

A leaf falls off a tree,

It dries and crinkles away.
The wind blows it beyond what I can see,
And process repeats multiple times a day.

Soon the leaf will be replaced,

And the tree will continue to grow.
No matter how many losses are faced,
The ecosystem will never know.

The leaf is blown into the air.

Because no one will care.


Theyve been down this road before,

Theyve had their hearts mended and tore.

They know what theyre saying,

They know when troubles a laying.

Theyre aware of our negative choices,

Theyre holders of our future voices.

Kinder than this generation we own,

Responding wisely to our daily moans.

With respect and guidance, they only motivate,

Regardless of their tone, the hope well do great.

But how about us, only the tracers.

It is them who finished first as racers.

Yet it is the inexperienced who know,

We look to the wiser as foes.

Such poor folks must face our wrath,

In turn for their kindness, we laugh.

Their hearts full of compassion and knowledge,

But we believe we can live off college.

We get a degree and think we have it all.

But in the major of good morals, short is how we fall.

My apologies to those before me,

Please acknowledge that I can see.

My respect to all of those of age,
And whose tears flood the page.

Why must the young act as life welders,

When we know that title belongs to the elders.

Rewind the Years

You beg for knowledge,

Your curiosity brings you near.
There are many things you dont understand,
And lots of arbitrary things you hear.

I wish I had such ignorance,

For comprehending life is so sad.
I sometimes beg to regain,
The innocence that I once had.

The real world is most frightening,

And there is always violence to be found.
Illegal items are always flowing,
And theres killings all around.

Love is something abstract,

But youll find it heavily concrete,
For there will be times in life,
When love will knock you off your feet.

I come to school to learn,

But Im more likely to get shot.
It seems that publicity,
Has another lesson it hasnt taught.

And so I beg of the,

Stay a child while you can be one.
For once youve aged in years,
Life, youll see, is far from fun

The Hateful, The Hated, The Hypocrites

In the bible of Christianity,

Its against God for two men to lust.
Homosexuality is contrary to biblical sanity,
Two women married will lose Gods trust
Strongly agreed it is a sin,
Thats the end of it, Amen.

But what else does the book say?

To forgive and love all created.
No matter their religion or birthday.
Has this not been premeditated?
So why are many against them so?
Against their own religion do they not go?

If we cannot forgive them,

Then we cannot forgive any crime.
We cannot forgive liars, rapists, or the grime,
The murderers, cheaters, burglars, not at any time.
Therefore, we should hate every soul dead and alive,
From their sins, no one can be revived.

You, thus, say we should hate ourselves,

The world's hate is now explained.
The hateful justify by pulling the book from the shelves,
The hateds poor lives upon are rained,
The hypocrites smile at the gay-man's hearse,
But worship Gods universe.

24 lines of lies

The sky,
So clear.
Oh, the grass,
So green.
Ah, the trees and bushes,
So sturdy and vivid.

The mountains and hills,

So tall.
Oh, the mammals,
So plentiful and care-free,
Ah, the birds,
So musical.

The fish,
So clean.
Oh, the bodies of water,
So fresh.
Ah, the plains and deserts,
So fine and flat.

The men and women,

So cooperative and conservative,
Oh, the Earth,
So virgin.
Ah, the space beyond,
So natural.

Alas, the truth,

So opposite.

Unconcluded, the Snake

On a sidewalk in a park I sat,

Pondering on matters as I do.
I sat alone in this sunny place,
Which was typically inhabited by few.

Then upon the path I sat,

A creature slithered its way towards me.
It was when it was a foot from my thigh,
That I looked at and pondered about thee.

I extended my arms towards the reptile,

And the rope of scales hissed towards my limb.
It was then a smile crept upon my face,
Where typically one would be grim.

Im sorry man has abused your kind,

But I be the one who means you no harm.
Will you please accept my apology?
I asked as it slithered up my arm.

Into my lap it struggled,

I imagined this snake was of elder age.
I understand you're scared you were only scared,
And not in desire of murderous rage.

This was your land at one time,

Till man came and conquered your birth place.
Now man thinks youre the ones of evil,
Because you resisted and defended your native face.

So consider me not of man,

For I will take the time,
To expand my heart to you,
While all others just go lime.

The snake was now a stiff coil,
And from there it never moved itself again.
So I picked it up and carried it,
And to the pile of leaves I ran.

Once the putative devil was covered,

I turned and walked the other way.
Again, I sat down and pondered,
will there ever be a day?

The Thinking Marching Band

In a mutual band we participate,

Were to bands with different fates.
And many other bands have arose,
But it's only you we oppose.

You have percussionists of prostitution,

We have drummers of constitution.
And you try to join the ring,
But we repel from everything.

Your murderers play the winds,

And baton wielding burglars at both ends.
And your emblems are scars on your wrists,
But ours is a revolutionary fist.

And our trumpet players once played all alone,

And every last performer's heart was once a stone.
But we stood up and filled the seam,
You're just too scared to leave the mainstream.

We are both bands of depression,

But please join us in this succession,
Help us make this band roar,
And your hearts will not remain sore.

And we fought for many dusks and dawns,

But you feel as if you cant go on.
But well teach you to play with heart instead of hand,
At any time, you welcome to the Thinking Marching Band.

The Poetical Politician

And I will take the stand,

Speak to world in which we live,
Lead this rebellion of the generation,
Progress the thinking marching band.
This speech and poem and purpose.

And Im not afraid to rebel and repel,

For every war on wasps,
For every snake that lies unconcluded,
For every mans heart thats gone stale.
This purpose and speech and poem.

And to avenge those who understood,

Every leaf, insignificantly fallen,
Every last soul in safety,
Every elder that ever could.
This poem and purpose and speech

And to rewind the years,

What is now 24 lines of lies,
What is now along with the dinosaurs,
What is now considered the one who owes in tears.
This speech, poem, and purpose.

And to against the life of sins,

To go against the division of the hateful, the hated, and the
To go against the reaction of just one more
Then its overfor good, let's throw it in the bin.
Oh, this poem, this purpose, this speech!

Let's bring out or mutual love,
And stop comparing to the incomparable life,
And stop the spread of financial corruption,
And stop people from falling off the wings of doves.
Oh, this purpose, this speech, this poem!

Do you vide what I vide?

The negative of the now,
The positive of the past,
The future yet to take a side.
Oh, this art. And this truth. And this life story.

I speak of only truths to thee,

And on my grave and under God I swear,
This act of acknowledge and announcement
Is advertisement for you to follow me,
Through this campaign and war and moral.

The poetical Politician.