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Basic Form Simple Form Progressive Form Past Signification in

(*) Irregular
(Infinitive) Para la 3P.S. (He/She/It) (Ing) Form Spanish
01 A ANSWER Answers Answering Answered Responder/Contestar
02 A ASK Asks Asking Asked (t) Preguntar / Pedir
03 B BE* Am -Are-Is Being Was/Were Ser/Estar
04 B BEGIN* Begins Beginning Began Empezar
05 B BELONG Belongs Belonging Belonged (d) Pertenecer
06 B BORE Bores Boring Bored Harto/Aburrido/Persona difcil
07 B BORROW Borrows Borrowing Borrowed Pedir Prestado/Tomar/Agarrarse
08 B BREAK* Breaks Breaking Broke Romper
09 B BRING* Brings Bringing Brought Traer/Llevar algo
10 B BUILD* Builds Building Built Construir / Edificar
11 B BUSY Busies Busying Busied Ocupado (haciendo algo)
12 B BUY* Buys Buying Bought Comprar
13 C CALL Calls Calling Called Llamar/Llamado
14 C CARRY Carrys Carrying Carried (t) Cargar/Arrastrar/Transportar
15 C CATCH* Catches Catching Caught Capturar/Atrapar
16 C CHANGE Changes Changing Charged (t) Cago /Cobro /Cambio
17 C CLEAN Cleans Cleaning Cleaned (d) Limpiar
18 C CLOSE Closes Closing Closed (d) Cerrar
19 C COME* Comes Coming Came Venir /Acercarse a
20 C COOK Cooks Cooking Cooked (t) Cocinar
21 C COPY Copies Copying Copied Copiar/Sacar copia/Imitar
22 C CORRECT Corrects Correcting Corrected (id) Corregir (Evaluar)
23 C COST* Costs Costing Cost Costo (Precio)
24 C CRY Cries Crying Cried (d) Llorar
25 D DANCE Dances Dancing Danced (t) Bailar
26 D DO* Does Doing Did Hacer
27 D DRESS Dresses Dressing Dressed (t) Vestirse (Ropa)
28 D DRINK* Drinks Drinking Drank Beber (Alcohol)
29 D DRIVE* Drives Driving Drove Manejar (Conducir)
30 E EAT* Eats Eating Ate Comer/Degustar
31 E ERASE Erases Erasing Erased (d) Borrar (Ej. Pizarra)
32 E EXPLAIN Explains Explaining Explained (d) Explicar / Aclara /Justificar
33 E FALL* Falls Falling Fallen Cada/Descenso/Salto (altura)
34 E FEEL* Feels Feeling Felt Sentir (Emocin)
35 F FINISH Finishes Finishing Finished (t) Terminal/Finalizar 1
Basic Form Simple Form Progressive Form Past Signification in
(*) Irregular
(Infinitive) Para la 3P.S. (He/She/It) (Ing) Form Spanish
36 F FIX Fixes Fixing Fixed (t) Reparar/Preparar/Corregir
37 F FLY* Flies Flaying Flew Volar
38 G GET* Gets Getting Got Tener/Obtener
39 G GET* OFF Gets Off Getting Got Off Salir (Afuera)
40 G GET* UP Gets Up Getting Got Up Levantarse (cama)
41 G GIVE * Gives Giving Gave Dar/Regalar
42 G GO* Goes Going Went Ir/Dirigirse a
43 G GROW* Grows Growing Grew Crecer (Edad)/Madurar
44 H HAND IN Hands In Handing In Handed In Manos en/Tener algo que ver con
45 H HAVE* Has Having Had Tener
46 H HELP Helps Helping Helped (t) Ayudar /
47 H INVITE Invites Inviting Invited (id) Invitar
48 J JOIN Joins Joining Joined (d) Unir/Unirse
49 K KEEP* Keeps Keeping Kept Guardar
50 K KNOW* Knows Knowing Knew Conocer
51 L LAST Lasts Lasting Lasted (id) Durar (De Tiempo)
52 L LAUGH Laughs Laughing Laughed (t) Rer
53 L LEARN Learns Learning Learned Aprender/Aprenderse
54 L LEAVE* Leaves Leaving Left Abandonar / Dejar / Salir por
55 L LIKE Likes Liking Liked (t) Gustar
56 L LISTEN TO Listens Listening Listened (d) Escuchar
57 L LIVE Lives Living Lived (d) Vivir
58 L LOSE* Loses Losing Lost
59 L LOOK AT Looks At Looking At Looked At Mirar/Observar/Examinar
60 L LOVE Loves Loving Loved (d) Amar/Querer
61 M MAKE * Makes Making Made Hacer/Fabricar
62 M MEAN* Means Meaning Meant Significar/Quiere decir/Valor medio
63 M MEET* Meets Meeting Met Reunin (Congregar)
64 M MEMORIZE Memorizes Memorizing Memorized (d) Memorizar/Recordar
65 N NEED Needs Needing Needed (id) Necesitar
66 O OPEN Opens Opening Opened (d) Abrir
67 P PAY* Pays Paying Paid Pagar
68 P PLAY Plays Playing Played (d) Jugar
69 P PRACTICE Practices Practicing Practiced (t) Practicar
70 R RAIN Rains Raining Rained Llover/Lloviendo (mojarse)
71 R READ Reads Reading Read (id) Leer
72 R REMEMBER Remembers Remembering Remembered (d) Recordad
73 R REPEAT Repeats Repeating Repeated (id) Repetir/Rehacer 2
Basic Form Simple Form Progressive Form Past Signification in
(*) Irregular
(Infinitive) Para la 3P.S. (He/She/It) (Ing) Form Spanish
74 R REVIEW Reviews Reviewing Reviewed (d) Revisar/Examinar/Evaluar
75 R RUN* Runs Running Ran Correr/Carrera
76 S SAVE Saves Saving Saved (d) Salvar / Rescatar /Ahorrar
77 S REST Rests Resting Rested Descanso/Detenerse/Reposar
78 S SAY* Says Saying Said Decir (de significado)
79 S SEE* Sees Seeing Saw Ver
80 S SELL* Sells Selling Sold Vender
81 S SEND* Sends Sending Sent Enviar (un Correo)
82 S SICK Sicks Sicking Sicked Enfermo/Caer enfermo (Baja)
83 S SING* Sings Singing Sung Cantar/Entonar (letra)
84 S SIT* Sits Sitting Sat Sentarse
85 S SLEEP* Sleeps Sleeping Slept Dormir
86 S SPEAK* Speaks Speaking Spoke Hablar
87 S SPEND* Spends Spending Spent Gastar (Dinero o Cosa)
88 S STAND* UP Stands Up Standing Up Stood Up Levantarse
89 S START Starts Starting Started (id) Iniciar / Arrancar
90 S STAY Stays Staying Stayed (d) Quedarse / Permanecer
91 S STOP Stops Stopping Stopped (t) Alto / Parar / Interrumpir
92 S STUDY Studies Studying Studied (d) Estudiar
93 S SWIM* Swims Swimming Swum Nadar (incluso asociado a bao)
94 T TACH* Teaches Teaching Taught Ensenar
95 T TAKE* Takes Taking Took Tomarse algo (cosa) / Llevarse
96 T TALK Talks Talking Talked (t) Conversar / Charlar
97 T TELL* Tells Telling Told Decir / Informar
98 T THINK* Thinks Thinking Thought Pensar / Reflexionar
99 U UNDERSTAND* Understands Understanding Understood Entender / Comprender
100 U USE Uses Using Used (d) Usar / Utilizar
101 V VISIT Visits Visiting Visited (id) Visitar
102 W WAIT Waits Waiting Waited Esperar/Quedarse en espera
103 W WAKE* Wakes Up Waking Up Woke Up Despertarse
104 W WALK Walks Walking Walked (t) Caminar / Pasear
105 W WANT Wants Wanting Wanted (id) Desear / Querer
106 W WASH Washes Washing Washed (t) Lavar(se)
107 W WATCH Watches Watching Watched (t) Observar (TV)
108 W WEAR* Wears Wearing Wore Ponerse Ropa / Vestir
109 W WIN* Wins Winning Won Triunfar / Ganar
110 W WORK Works Working Worked (t) Trabajar / esforzarse
111 W WRITE* Writes Writing Wrote Escribir / Componer 3
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