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Watt Watchers is a free, state-sponsored program to

help schools save energy and money by getting students
involved. Students patrol their school looking for empty
classrooms with the lights on. They turn out the lights
and leave a ticket for the teacher. It may sound trivial
but…when the teacher forgets to turn out the lights an
extra 2 hours per day, at lunch and after school, for
example —it costs the district $50 every year.

Get your students involved.

Save energy,
save money,
and prevent pollution.
Sign up for a free kit today.

Watt Watchers of Texas

University of Texas at El Paso – Energy Center
P.O. Box 68660
El Paso, Texas 79968

Toll Free Phone and Fax: 1-888-US-WATTS e-mail: Internet:
Watt Watchers
of Texas
Program Manual

A Texas Tradition

2nd printing

The Energy Center

The University of Texas at El Paso
P.O. Box 68660
El Paso, Texas 79968 Phone: 1-888-US WATTS

E-mail: Fax 1-888-US WATTS

Sponsored by:
The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,
State Energy Conservation Office,
U.S. Department of Energy

Watt Watchers of T
Watchers Teexas
Program Manual
Table of Contents
I.W att W
I.Watt atchers - A TTexas
Watchers exas b. Expand Your Watt Watchers c. Zero Hero Award........... ....54
Tradition ................................3
radition................................3 Program....................................20
d. Most Improved Award .......55
a. Introduction to Watt c. Mentor a Feeder School........32 VII. It Works!...................57
Watchers..............................4 IV.. FForms................
IV orms.........................
orms................ ...........33
......... ..33
a. The $50 Bill................ ........58
b. SECO................................ . 5 a. Watt Watchers Agreement.....34 b. How Much is Energy
c. History of Watt Watcher.......6 b. Check Sheet Guide Awareness Worth?................59
II. Implementing the Watt (Instructions)............................35
c. The $20 Bill................ ........60
Watchers Program.......
Program......... . 7 c. Checksheet – Landscape......36 d. Comptroller: JT Hutchinson
a. FAQs..................................8 d. Checksheet –Portrait.............37 JHS............................................61
b. Watt Watcher Student e. Sample Tickets......................38 e. Hays Saves with Watt
Patrols................................10 Watchers ............................62
f. Sample Thank You Notes.........39
c. Tips for Starting Your f. Watt Watchers Save
g. Door Hanger Sample (3 up)...40
Patrol..................................12 $3600 Per Campus...............63
h. Blank Door Hanger Template
d. Planning Patrol Routes.......13 VIII. That’s Not All Y’all!....64
(2 up).....................................41
e. Secret Mission...................15 a. Enroll in Watt Watchers.......66
i. Blank Ticket/Thank You (6 up)...42
f. Kick off Programs/ Chants/ b. Uncle Tex...........................67
j. Watt Watchers Name Tags.... .43
k. Explanation to Faculty and c. Knowledge is Power............68
g. Teachers love Watt
d. Traveling Energy Exploration
V .Sponsor Insight..............45 Stations................................69
h. Preserving Your Kit. . ...........20
a. Recharge your Patrol............46 e. Junior Solar Sprint..............71
i. Changing Schools?.............21
b. Watt Watcher Reflections......48 f. Sleep is Good.....................72
j. Explanation to Faculty and
c. Quotes from the Sponsors......49 g. Energy Encounters..............73
h. Recycling Rangers............74
d. Notes ..................................50
k. Sample Announcement......23
VI. Celebrate your i. Real Projects.......................75
l. Sample Press Release.........24
Success..................... .. .....51
j. District Energy Council........76
III. Going FFur ur ther
urther ............25
a. Recognizing Energy k. Lighting – Myth vs. Fact.......77
a. Extend Your Watt Watchers
Champions.............................52 l. Tale of 2 Lightbulbs..............80
b. Certificate of

Watt Watchers of Texas Staff


Kirstin Wilsey and Amy Neblett

Illustrator and Art Director:

Salvador Saenz

Gwen Pratt and Steve Cook

Watt Watchers
A Texas Tradition

to Watt Watchers
att Watchers of Texas is a FREE energy The kit you receive will contain the
conservation program for Texas following:
schools sponsored by the Texas State
Energy Conservation Office/ Comptroller of
Public Accounts and the Department of 4 Watt Watchers of Texas three ring binders-
Energy. The program is designed for K-12 Use these to store your monthly patrol
classrooms, and it is so simple! Basically, records, thank yous, and tickets.
students patrol the halls of the schools reducing
energy waste by turning off lights and leaving 4 Watt Watchers of Texas lanyards and name
tickets for those that leave their lights on while tags- To identify your Watt Watcher students
no one is in the room. By doing this, a school while they are out in the halls.
could save $50 per classroom. That’s right, it 4 Watt Watcher Pencils- To use while
costs $50 per year to light an empty classroom
recording data during the patrols or just to
for two hours each school day.
promote the program at your school.
Teachers, just place the Watt Watchers
materials in a bin at your front door and assign
1 Watt Watchers of Texas Manual- This
your students a time to go on patrols manual contains all the information you
throughout the day and the work is done. The will need to get your program going and
program can be adapted to fit your teaching keep the enthusiasm high. It also contains
needs and demands. The Watt Watchers master copies of all our forms and awards.
program is designed to not interrupt daily 1 Watt Watchers of Texas CD-ROM- The paper
school activities. Thousands of students across products you receive are also on the CD.
Texas are now patrolling quickly and quietly. You can print or modify the forms and
Call 1-888-USWATTS or go online to awards we have developed from this to enroll. Once you enroll source.
in the program you will receive the free kit,
1 Set of color copies of thank you notes and
which includes all the items you will need to
tickets- We suggest you laminate these
get the program started at your school. Not
pages and have reusable tickets. We are
only will your school be provided with these
trying to save energy, right?
materials, but Watt Watchers of Texas will
provide free support for the program and a 1 Mini Poster series- a series of mini posters
quarterly newspaper with tips and articles (81/2 x 11) that promote the Watt Watcher
about successful programs and other projects program and our other projects.
your school can do. You will also have access
to all of our other programs such as Knowledge
is Power Curriculum Supplement, Sleep is Good
Monitor Power Management, Traveling Energy
Exploration Stations and many more.

Texas State Energy Conservation Office
The mission of the State Energy Conservation Office is to maximize energy efficiency
while protecting the environment.

ECO administers and delivers a variety of number of state agencies and undergone
energy efficiency and renewable several name changes. In 1999, the 76th
programs which significantly impact Texas Legislature transferred the energy office
energy cost and consumption in the to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
institutional, industrial, transportation and The primar y funding source for SECO
residential sectors. programs has been oil overcharge
settlement dollars resulting from federal court
settlements of alleged violations of price
Authority and controls in effect for crude oil and refined
petroleum products between 1973 and
Organization 1981. While the U. S. Department of Energy is
Created in response to the Arab oil the federal agency responsible for ensuring
embargo of 1973 and the resulting national compliance with the court settlements, the
energy crisis, the Texas “energy office” has state’s responsibility is to return these funds
evolved from its original function of responding to the citizens of Texas through promoting and
to state fuel shortage emergencies and supporting energy efficiency and renewable
administering federal energy conservation energy programs according to state and
grants to its current role as a statewide federal guidelines.
promoter of energy efficiency and provider of
SECO’s task is to enable Texans to enjoy
energy management services which have a
the optimal benefit from the domestic energy
positive impact on state energy expenditures
we produce, to contribute to our state’s
and local property tax rates.
growing economy through reducing a major
Beneficiaries of SECO’s services include operational cost of state government, school
state agencies, public schools, city and county districts, municipal governments, hospitals,
governments, institutions of higher education, and small businesses, to promote those
private industries, and residential energy technologies and procedures which result in
consumers. cost effective operation, and to show
individual Texas residents how an energy
Originally known as the Governor’s Energy
efficient ethic can enhance their quality of
Advisory Council (1975), the State Energy
life and that of future Texans.
Conservation Office has been housed in a

History of
Watt Watchers
nergy efficiency programs have been for lights left on in empty classrooms and
around in our schools for many years.began to get involved in other projects to stop
They come in all shapes and sizes andenergy waste, save money and prevent
with many different names, but the Watt pollution. In 2001 Watteam and Watt
Watchers of Texas program has helped Watchers merged to form Watt Watchers of
expand those Texas. This allowed us to
programs ....... put all of our resources
In 1985 the 1985 into helping students all
over the state.
Region IV
Education Region IV Education Service Center in
Service Center Houston was the site of the pilot
program for Watt Watchers of Texas.
in Houston was
the site of the Galveston ISD reduced their electric bill
pilot program by $25,000 that year.
for Watt Over 950 teachers have
Watchers of been doing the program
T e x a s .
for over five years.
Galveston ISD
was one of the Thousands of students
first schools to have learned about
embrace the
conservation and energy
program within
Region IV and efficiency.
reduced their Winter 2006, 3796 teachers in over 550
electric bill by school districts have enrolled in the Watt
$25,000 that Watcher program.
year. The next Thousands of dollars have been saved…
year, through a
contract with
the University of
Texas Permian
2007 As of Winter 2006,
3796 teachers in over
Basin, a Watt 550 school districts have
W a t c h e rprogram was implemented enrolled in the Watt Watcher program. There
for West Texas. Their program expanded to are 961 teachers that have been doing the
include over 160 school districts throughout program for over five years. Thousands of
Texas by 1993. In 1997 Texas expanded the students have watched watts, ticketed
program to cover the entire state and divided teachers, learned about conservation and
the 254 counties between Watteam and Watt energy efficiency and thousands of dollars
Watchers. Student patrols continued to look have been saved…

Watt Watchers

Watt Watchers FA Qs

What is Watt W
Watt atchers?
Watchers? When does it occur?
Watt Watchers of Texas is a FREE program Groups can patrol before and after
to your school. The Watt school, once a week, or just
Watcher patrol groups patrol during their energy unit.
assigned areas of the school, However it will fit into your
checking for energy waste in Our energy schedule. We encourage
the form of building lights. If future depends you to patrol regularly . The
students find lights on in empty on decisions more often you patrol, the
rooms they leave “tickets”; they students will more energy and money
may leave thank you notes you will save for your
make about
where their recorded data school.
energy use;
shows consistent energy What is the
efficiency. The program Watt Watchers
gives them the
focuses on saving energy costs
in the school and increasing opportunity to The training and support
student awareness of energy make a necessar y for the Watt
issues. Watt Watcher energy Watchers program are
difference now
patrols have saved absolutely free, thanks to
participating schools around by “doing
funding from SECO. When
the nation from hundreds to something” for you enroll you will receive
thousands of dollars in energy their school. a start-up kit from Watt
costs each year. Watchers of Texas. You will
Who can also receive access to the
participate? other programs sponsored
Anyone can form a Watt by Watt Watchers such as
Watcher patrol. A classroom the Knowledge is Power
during their energy unit, an energy related Curriculum Supplement, Traveling Energy
extra curricular group, or a service Exploration Stations, Sleep is Good, District
organization are all examples of groups who Energy Council, and much more.
could patrol.
Why bother?
Who offers the program? Why should administrators and staff work
The Watt Watchers of Texas program is to save energy? One answer is money.
administered by the Energy Center at the Reducing school energy costs can increase
University of Texas at El Paso. The program is dollars available in the school district budget
sponsored by the Texas State Energy for educational uses. From a global
Conservation Office (SECO). perspective, saving energy saves natural
resources and reduces associated
environmental problems.

Yes, but why involve program as well as tickets, thank you notes,
students? patrol records, student contracts, and other
materials for teaching and motivating
Energy efficiency is ever yone’s
students and staff. Copy and distribute the
responsibility. School is a significant part of
material as freely as needed. More
the student’s world, and the Watt Watchers
information is available on our web site
program is a proven method of teaching
( For schools that do
energy efficient habits while reducing school
not have access to the internet, you can
electric bills. Our energy future depends on
reach us by phone or fax. If you have
decisions students will make about energy
questions or need additional information, you
use; Watt Watchers gives them the opportunity
can send us an e-mail message
to make a difference now by “doing
( or call us on our toll
something” for their school. All members of
free number (1-888-US WATTS). As a Watt
the Watt Watchers team will receive a
Watcher of Texas school you’ll receive a
certificate of participation.
quarterly newspaper, as well as energy
Are lights that important? information and ongoing support. And
In a typical Texas school, lighting alone remember, it is all FREE to your school.
can account for 1/3 of the entire utility bill! After we enroll, what if we
Watt Watchers has assisted hundreds of need more materials or
schools in reducing this cost. Hays CISD saved help?
more than $260,000 in the district electric bill.
Just give us a call once you decide how
As an incentive the campuses that
you are going to implement the Watt
participated were given 10 percent of what
Watcher program. We can answer
they saved. Campuses received checks questions on logistics and facts and we can
ranging from $300 to $11,000. Other also supply you with additional materials if
districts, using the Watt Watchers of Texas idea needed. You can also print many of the
along with comprehensive energy forms in this manual from our website or from
management plans, report savings of the CD-ROM.
hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Could my school
benefit from the
dollar savings?
A portion of the savings may be
returned directly to the school as
an incentive. But whether schools
receive rebates or not, students
and staff learn energy efficiency
and everyone wins. Would your school
rather pay for educational programming or
utility bills?
How can my school start
Watt W atchers?
This manual includes the sequence of
steps for organizing and implementing the
Watt Watchers of Texas
Student Energy Patrols
H 3.
ere are some steps you should take in Present the program to the teachers and
setting up your program: staff at your school – The whole school
participates in Watt Watchers and it is
very important to inform everyone from
1. Contact Watt Watchers and get enrolled! teachers and administrators to custodians
You will receive a free kit that gives you all and volunteers. Tickets are reminders to
the supplies you need to run a successful help people establish energy efficient
patrol. We also provide free support to habits. Enthusiastic and supportive staff
your program, so if at any point during the make it more fun and more effective.
setup process you need help, just give us
a call at 1-888-US WATTS! 4. Choose the students to be on the Watt
Watchers Patrol – This program is successful
2. Get support from the administration – Set at any grade level and with diverse student
up a meeting with your administrators to populations including at-risk, learning
discuss the Watt Watchers program and disabled, special education, and gifted
how it is going to benefit your school. and talented. Being a
member of the Watt Watchers
Patrol could provide
recognition to students

who rarely receive opportunities for 7. Sign Contracts – Being a member of the
leadership. The younger the students, the Watt Watchers of Texas program is a
more supervision needed. The students privilege and a responsibility to be taken
must want to participate and be able to seriously. Sponsors may want to use the
carr y out the tasks consistently and contracts provided in this manual. The
honorably. For more tips on choosing your contract underscores the importance of
patrol see the Tips for Starting Tour Patrol being on the team and is a reminder of
page in this manual. duties that students must perform.
5. Develop procedures for your building – 8. Secret Mission, Shhh – It is time to go on
where, when and how often will the Watt your first mission. Watt Watchers suggest
Watchers patrol? Consider times when making this mission a secret. The secret
classrooms are normally empty such as mission will allow you to see how much the
lunch, recess, before and after school. program is needed in your school. On
Which rooms and areas will be included? this mission you will be able to show the
Will any areas be off limits? Do you want students how to do the program without
to include doors, windows, ceiling fans, passing out the tickets or thank you notes;
computers or other energy gobblers? How you will just mark the patrol record. This
will the bathrooms, stage areas, teacher’s will give you an idea of which classrooms
workroom, offices and closets be are going to need the most help in
handled? Where will the Watt Watcher remembering to turn the lights out! Next,
patrols pick up and store their supplies? the students need to be trained. The
What extra supplies will you need? These advisor or students in charge should
are all things that you will need to decide instruct the patrol on the procedures for
before setting up your team of patrols. picking up supplies, hallway etiquette,
6. and the patrol record form.
Set up your Patrol Team – Get excited!!
The goals are to help reduce energy waste 9. Get started and keep going – Intercom
(save money) and to teach every one in announcements, such as “Watt Watchers
the school to be energy efficient (change are Watching!” arouse the interest before
behavior). It would be appropriate to patrols begin. An assembly to introduce
discuss energy production, fossil fuels, the other students to the program can be
consumption, pollution, waste and high helpful. Inform the media. Support from
cost while introducing the program. Invite the principal keeps interest high.
them to count the light bulbs in one room Occasional announcements of Watt
and multiply it by the number of rooms in Watchers patrol results; recognition of
the school, and then add other schools, rooms/grade levels which have good
cities and the whole state! The Watt records; bulletin board displays; energy
Watchers of efficiency competitions
Texas program is between areas; special
based on the notes or privileges for
idea that each winners; and pats on the
person makes a backs for the patrols and
contribution by staff are little things which
helping reduce make successful
waste. Energy programs.
10.Have questions,
benefits people,
need assistance or more
the school,
materials – Call 1-888-
c o m m u n i t y,
USWATTS or email
state and
we would love to help
11 you with your program!
T ips for Starting
Your Patrol
Choosing your patrol Charge a fine after a certain number of
tickets. The collected money could go
groups: towards a prize for the Zero Hero
Allow elections in the classroom to decide classroom.
who goes on patrol this week.
The Principal’s office is fair game.
Choose the quiet ones.
Make Watt Watcher clipboards- tape a
Have each homeroom elect two students map of the patrol area to each one.
that are not “serviced” by any other group-
Tape instructions for each patrol on the
not special ed labeled, not GT, not
other side of the clipboard.
athletically gifted.
Keep all supplies in a copy paper box
Science club, honors group, student
decorated with light bulbs.
council, environmental club are all
potential Watt Watchers! Laminate tickets- write “please return to
the Watt Watcher mailbox” on the backs.
Form a buddy team with a special ed
student and a regular ed student. Tie pencils to the clipboards.
Deal a group- write everyone’s name on Allow students to use extra class time to
a note card and “deal” patrol groups color thank you notes.
each week by picking cards out of the
Special occasions:
Have thank you days each month.
Training your patrol Announce your thank you list on the daily
groups: announcements or at staff meetings.
You train the first ones and have them train We love (heart) to save- Februar y
the ones that follow. message.
Start with a small group and rotate turns Have an energy watcher of the day for
every month or so until everyone gets a each classroom- student wears a button
chance to participate. and is responsible for turning off the lights
Practice hall etiquette. all day.
Wear Watt Watcher hard hats.
Procedures: Display graphs of your energy usage
and savings in prominent areas.
Find an exit map of your school. Separate
patrol areas based on any logical Do the Kick Off skit at the beginning of
method to you. Grade levels, hallways, the year and change it to reflect your
subject areas, etc. program at the end of the year.
Patrol as you move from activity to activity
within the school such as when you leave
your room to go to the library, gym class
or, the lunchroom. 12
Planning Patrol
The Roadmap to
Sometimes new Watt Watchers sponsors Students at Anytown Elementary School (see
are a little intimidated by starting a brand map) have 42 classrooms to patrol plus six
new program that will involve the whole portables. If they field four pairs of students,
school. A frequent stumbling point is each pair will have about twelve classrooms
organizing the actual patrols throughout the each. They can complete their Watt
school. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Watching duties in about 5 minutes. The long
Thousands of other sponsors have started hallway on the left can be done by one pair
patrols in their schools. (even though it has 18 classrooms),
classrooms 13 through 20 and the cafeteria
One helpful tool to get you started may
and offices by a second pair, the bookroom
be posted on the wall at the end of your
and classrooms 21 through 30 can be
hallway. It is the fire exit plan. How convenient
assigned to the third pair, while the final pair
to have a map of all the rooms and hallways
can handle classrooms 31 through 36 plus the
in your school so readily available! Many
six portables.
schools are laid out in a “finger” pattern with
three or four long hallways that have Keeping patrols quick, easy, and organized
classrooms on both sides. A typical approach facilitates multiple patrols. Take a look at your
is to have two students go down each hallway school’s layout and plan your patrols. You can
checking on each side of the hall. This will map a plan for success for your Watt Watchers.
require only a couple of minutes, so it may
be possible for a pair of students to cover
two hallways or extra rooms and offices in

the area. Any area with lights represents

potential savings so be sure to include
portable classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, and
other rooms. Watt Watchers patrols are very
flexible. Schedule patrols to fit the conditions
at your school.
1 3
Map of Typical School

Secret Mission
Behind P ower Lines: W
Power att
Watchers Survey

att Watchers suggests making your patrol group what you are doing. Your operation
first patrol a secret. The secret must be completely unknown to anyone outside
mission will allow you to see how your group. Make sure that everyone in the
much the program is needed in your school. group understands that the idea is to check up
On this mission you will be able to walk your on everyone’s habits as they are now – before
students through the program without passing they know what you know. That is, turning out
out the tickets or thank you notes; you will just the lights in one empty classroom two hours
mark the patrol record. This will give you an each day saves $50 over a 180- day school
idea of which classrooms are going to need the year.
most help in remembering to turn the lights out!
The Secret Mission Behind Power Lines is one So your job is to go quietly through the hallways
without causing anyone to wonder just what you
are up to. By quietly checking for wasted
energy without fanfare, you can find out just
how important it is to turn off lights and
computer monitors when they
are not needed. T h e
best times to
check are
w h e n

are likely to be
empty: before
s c h o o l ,
recess, lunch
periods and
after school.
Keep score for
the number
of empty
of the lessons in the Knowledge is Power you find
curriculum. For TEKS/ TAKS information, and add
please go to our website, them up at the end of one week. What would the savings
be if you started a WW program and changed
Don’t tell anyone outside your class or 1 5 these teacher’s habits?
Watt W atchers
Survey Instructions
Checking for energy waste in your school is very simple. All
you need is your patrol record, a pencil and a few quiet

1. Take your materials and start your energy 4. When you come to a classroom where
patrol. Your mission is to go to every energy is not being used and there is no
classroom in the school and check to see one in the room, then energy is being
if energy is being saved or wasted. saved. Put a 0 on your patrol record form.
2. When you come to a classroom where 5. After you have patrolled for a week your
energy is being used but there is no one group should start to publicize your
in the room, then energy is being wasted. program. Send out memos to all teachers.
Put an X on your patrol record form. Make announcements and posters. Do
3. one of the skits or chants included in this
When you come to a classroom where
energy is being used but there are people
in the room, then no energy is being
wasted. Put a on your check sheet.

Kicking Off the Year
Chants & Skits
After your first Secret Mission, you need to get the word out that the “Watt Watchers
are Coming”, as well as the particulars of your program and why this program is
important. Your group can do this through memos, posters or announcements, but
it is much more fun and more effective to announce these through skits and songs.
Your Watt Watchers patrol groups can perform at staff meetings, over the audio
announcements, or at school assemblies. They could even take them to a school
board meeting. The chants and songs included here work well with elementary
students and outgoing high school students. Any age group could do the skits.
They could sing their songs as they march into the lunchroom, or after school on
the way to the bus. Remember that a supportive staff is always the best way to have
a successful program.

The Classic Story of the Three Little Classrooms

Set and Cast:
Three “classrooms”- each with a chair, flashlight and a teacher. Classroom one has a few students
sitting on the floor around the chair. A few Watt Watchers on patrol (with lanyard or notebooks to
identify them). Narrator

Scene 1: Watt Watchers on patrol: The Watt Watchers

turn back to the classrooms and go to
All the classrooms are full. The teachers are at classroom number two. They see the light
their chairs with their flashlights on. Narrator on and look inside. Seeing no teacher,
explains the classrooms. they turn to the audience and gasp:
“Teacher is gone, lights are on, wasting
Narrator: “ Mrs. Straw is in her classroom teaching energy. Place an X on the form and leave
her students about housing, Mrs. Sticks is in her a ticket. Teach her off, off, off”
her classroom grading papers, and Mrs. Scene 3:
Bricks is in her classroom calling parents.”
Mrs. Bricks in classroom three: Stands up from
Mrs. Straw in classroom one: continues to her chair, turns off her flashlight and leaves
teach as the Watt Watchers come by. it on the chair. She leaves her classroom.
Narrator: “Mrs. Bricks leaves her classroom to go
Watt Watchers on patrol: The Watt Watchers speak with the counselors.”
come to the first room. Seeing the students
learning they turn to the audience and say: Watt Watchers on patrol: The Watt Watchers
“Teacher is here, students are here, leave turn back to the classrooms and go to
the lights on. Place a check on the form- classroom number three. They see the light
no waste going on” is off and look inside. Seeing no teacher
they turn to the audience and cheer:
“Teacher is gone, lights are off, saving
Scene 2: energy. Place a zero on the form and
leave her a thank you. Praise her off, off,
Mrs. Sticks in classroom two stands up from her
chair and leaving her flashlight on, places it on
her chair pointing the light at the audience. She
Narrator: “And this is the well known story of the
leaves her room.
three little classrooms. Now, what happens
Narrator: “Mrs. Sticks leaves her classroom to go
to a meeting.”
Doo--Watt-Diddy -Diddy
(Sung to the tune “Doo-Wah-Diddy-Diddy,” but you probably knew that.)

There we were just a burnin’ up Saving the planet and a lot of done, get it done.
the lamps, mo-ney. Conservation makes us look – so
Singin’ Doo Watt Diddy Diddy, Singin’ Doo Watt Diddy Diddy, bright.
dumb, really dumb. smart, really smart. Singin’ Doo Watt Diddy Diddy,
Using up voltage, and wasting up We look good (look good). We done, get it done.
those amps, look smart (look smart) We look good (look good). We
Singin’ Doo Watt Diddy Diddy, We look good. We look smart. look smart (look smart)
dumb, really dumb. Everybody do their part. We look good. We look smart.
We look bad (look bad). We not (bridge) Everybody do their part.
smart (not smart) We knew we were blowin’ a fuse Doo Watt Diddy Diddy done, get
We look bad, we not smart. —— it done. (We’re singin’)
Everybody do their part. Yes we did, and so found some Doo Watt Diddy Diddy done, get
Before we knew it, we were ideas everybody can use. it done. (Turn out the lights!)
saving energy. Now we’re together, and we’re Doo Watt Diddy Diddy done, get
Singin’ Doo Watt Diddy Diddy, doing what’s right. it done.
smart, really smart. Singin’ Doo Watt Diddy Diddy,

Going on a Watt P
Watt atrol
This is done as a chant- the children repeat after –line by line
Good Morning! Alone) (marching)
(Cup hands around mouth) And he says Over the jungle gym
What a beautiful day. (say very quietly and ominously) (climbing)
(stretch and yawn) “Thanks for the reminder Watt Down the slide
Today we join the Watt Watchers Watchers” (roller coaster arms)
(pat legs with hands) (say loud and cheerfully) Back down the long hall
We’re so excited! Chorus (hand to forehead- searching)
(raise arms- like yippee) We have to go to the gym now Right up to the big door
(Chorus:) (pat legs) (draw the door in the air)
We’re going on a Watt patrol We march across the Tip, toe, tip, toe, - peek in the
(pat legs with hands) playground door
We’ll see who left their light on (use arms like you are marching) (tip toe and peek around corner)
(pat legs with hands) Over the jungle gym The lights are on and nobody’s
We’ll see who turned their lights (climbing motions) here
off Down the slide (hands on hips, shake head)
(pat legs with hands) (Roller coaster arms – above We will leave the principal a
We must be very quiet head) ticket
(shhh- with finger to lips) The gym is dark- nobody’s here (hang on door)
We have to go down this long (Feel around in the dark- nod Uh oh- the principal is in there
hall head in approval) (Home Alone face)
(put hand above eyes and look We’ll leave them a thank you Working at her computer
a long way) note (make typing motions)
There are classes going on (pretend to leave note) And she says
(shhh- look right and left) Uh Oh- here comes the coach (quiet and ominous)
Tip, toe, tip, toe- peek in the door (Home Alone face) “ You’re wonder ful Watt
(make tip toe gesture and peek And he says Watchers. You are saving the
around a corner) (quiet and ominous) school a lot of money and
The lights are on, nobody’s here “Thanks Watt Watchers” helping us learn to be more
(hands on hips and shake (loud and cheerful) energy efficient. You are
head) Chorus helping to save the planet!”
We’ll leave them a ticket! Now we’re going to the office (principal says loud and
(pretend to hang ticket on door (Pat legs) cheerful) Yeah !!
while shaking head) Back across the playground
Uh Oh- here comes the teacher
(hands up to face- like in Home
T eacher s Wa t t
Wa t c h e r s
eachers love Watt Watchers. There are Watchers program is a great addition to your
over 3,700 Watt energy unit. Going out into the school and
Watchers enrolled state- actually preventing energy
wide in Texas. It is a very waste really makes the
popular program. There are “Saying no is connection for many
many reasons for this like turning your students. There are also
enthusiasm. In case you are many benefits for Sponsors/
back on the
among the teachers who Teachers including
future. Every
haven’t heard about the Knowledge is Power (lesson
school has one plans) and Traveling Energy
program or you are still sitting
teacher that Exploration Stations (loaner
on the fence tr ying to
would love to be kits). More programs are
decide whether to become
a sponsor at your school – a Watt Watcher. supported to get your
here is a little information to students involved “beyond
Is it you?”
help you take the plunge. Watt Watchers” such as —
We think every school should Sleep Is Good and Junior
be a Watt Watchers school. Solar Sprint.
Read these reasons sponsors Yet another reason is – it’s
like the program and see if easy. It is also free – the
you agree. State Energy Conservation
First things first. Watt Watchers saves your Office sponsors it to help schools save energy.
school money by preventing energy waste It is also very adaptable – a wide variety of
and raising awareness about energy groups are doing Watt Watchers including:
efficiency. Many Watt Watchers sponsors 3rd graders and high school seniors, at-risk
enjoy knowing they are saving energy and and gifted & talented students, and just
money while preventing pollution – it’s a about any other group you can name. The
good feeling. Even more satisfying is program is easy to start due to a complete
cultivating an ethic of energy conservation free kit with all materials you need. Watt
in students who will apply it throughout their Watchers can also be expanded upon to
lives. save even more energy at your school.

But a close second is FUN. Watt Watchers Here is another – support. Watt Watchers
can be loads of fun. Tapping into the natural supports you with a quarterly newspaper, a
enthusiasm of your students with a program monthly E-mail Update, Toll Free phone and
that includes a role reversal (students fax, a Website, and a CD-ROM with all the
reminding adults to save energy) is fun. program materials on it.
Students like going on patrol. Students like There are many more reasons Watt
giving out tickets (and thank-you notes). Watchers love the program but there is no
Happy students make happy teachers. reason NOT to do it. Saying no is like turning
Another reason is suitability. Watt Watchers your back on the future. Every school has
fits into what you are doing. The Watt one teacher that would love to be a Watt
Watcher. Is it you?
Your Kit
Watt Watchers kit contains about $25 Watt Watchers can not supply your
worth of materials not including program with the consumable supplies, like
postage. The notebooks, lanyards, forms, that are needed to keep the program
name tags, pencils, sample tickets, forms, active. We do provide you with a set of
and manual are all essential parts of a originals in the Watt Watchers manual to
successful program. The idea behind allow you to make copies as necessary. They
providing each school with a complete kit is are also available on our website and CD-
to make it easy to get started. A new Watt ROM.
Watchers sponsor can open up the kit and
The permanent parts of your kit are also
start the program in a matter of minutes.
the most expensive parts and these are the
Well, that works for this year but, what items important to preserve. We purchase
about next year and the year after that? Can lanyards and notebooks by the thousands
Watt Watchers send a new kit every year? since they are imprinted and are cheaper
Well, I suppose we could but it would defeat in quantity. If your notebooks/lanyards get
our overall mission which is to have Watt damaged or misplaced please let us know
Watchers active on every school campus in so that we can replace your kit.
Texas. On the other hand, Watt Watchers is
We can easily supply your program with
committed to supporting our current schools
new pencils and blank color nametags
because we want you to stay active and
each fall. We encourage you to give the
even expand your energy saving activities.
pencils and paper nametags to
So the simple answer is – we will supply as
participating students along with a certificate
many kits to everyone needing materials as
of appreciation at the end of the year.
we possibly can under our budget. Obviously
Please contact Watt Watchers with your
our ability to provide kits is limited but our goal
supply request and we will get them out to
is to keep as many current and future schools
you as soon as possible.
active in Watt Watchers as possible. So,
please tell us what you need and we will do If you move to a new school we hope that
our best to supply you. you will leave your Watt Watchers kit behind
with a new sponsor you recruit to fill your shoes
On the practical side, let’s discuss the
and enroll your new school too. We will be
options you have as a sponsor. Some of the
glad to send you a new kit. During the
materials in the kit are consumable and will
transition please help us to keep your records
have to be replaced by your school as they
straight. We want to accurately account
are used. Examples of these are tickets and
for each active Watt Watchers school. Good
forms. Other materials are meant to be
records will allow us to communicate with
permanent parts of your kit. Examples of these
sponsors so that everyone is aware of the
are notebooks, lanyards, and name badge
most up to date Watt Watchers information.
holders. Still other items in your kit fall between
these two extremes. Examples of these are
pencils and name tags.

Are You Changing
f you are a Watt Watchers sponsor and are
planning a move to a new school, please
So please remember to contact us with
let us know where you are moving.
the updates and contact changes… good
Updating your information will ensure that
records will not only allow us to
upcoming Watt Watchers materials will follow
communicate with sponsors better, it will help
you. We hope you will recruit a new teacher
keep you on the list for the five-year Watt
to replace you at your old school, then
Watchers lapel pin. Good records also help
contact Watt Watchers so we can welcome
to keep funding in place for Watt Watchers
our new sponsor and make sure he or she
so we can continue to provide kits, quarterly
has all the materials needed to continue the
newspapers, toll free phone support and the
successful Watt Watchers program that you
started. We will be glad to send you a new
kit at your new school.

your Teachersand Faculty
The following letter is an example of one that can be placed in mailboxes of your
staff, posted in a workroom or read at a faculty meeting. Please modify to fit your
school’s procedures. The purpose is to inform all members of your school about
the Watt Watchers of Texas program and the procedures for your school. Remember
that to have a successful program, you need the support of your faculty and

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Watt Watchers of Texas will be coming soon to a classroom near you! Student
patrol groups will be auditing the school for energy waste in the form of building
lights. If students find lights on in empty rooms they will be leaving “tickets.”
They will leave thank you notes where their recorded data shows consistent energy
efficiency (you have turned off your lights when you leave your classroom). The
focus of the program is on saving energy costs in the school and increasing student
awareness of energy issues. In a typical Texas school, lighting alone can account
for 1/3 of the entire utility bill! Watt Watchers of Texas has assisted hundreds of
schools in reducing this cost. Watt Watcher energy patrols have saved participating
schools around the nation from hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy costs
each year.

The Watt Watchers program is a proven method of teaching energy efficient

habits while reducing school electric bills. Our energy future depends on decisions
students will make about energy use; Watt Watchers gives them the opportunity to
make a difference now by “doing something” for their school. These same students
of ten show increased self-esteem, leadership and responsibility back in their

The students will be patrolling during first lunch and after recess. They will not
enter your classroom or disturb classes already in session. The official Watt Watchers
for that day will be wearing name badges and lanyards to identify them as such.
They will leave their tickets on your door as a reminder to you to turn off your
lights when you leave your room. Please return these to my box to be reused.
Each month our energy use will be graphed outside room 104. Hopefully, this will
show that our energy use is going down. The Watt Watcher students will give an
end of the year presentation to the School Board and awards to the classrooms that
showed consistent energy efficiency. There will also be an award for the classroom
that showed the most improvement.
Thank you for your cooperation,

Amy Neblett
Watt Watchers Sponsor
Bayou Elementary
Your Watt Watchers of Texas patrol groups are doing a great service to the school.
Promote these facts to your whole school through announcements. Publicly thank
teachers who have shown consistent energy efficiency. Announce any extra projects
you may be adding to your watch, like those found in the Extend and Expand sections
of this manual. You could even give a general location of the school that needs
some extra help remembering to turn off their lights.

Sample 1: Sample 3:
Did you know that our school electricity The Watt Watchers of Texas patrol groups
bill is thousands of dollars each month? will be adding outside doors to our patrols
After we started the Watt Watchers this week. We will be checking to make
patrols, our bill went down by 10% sure all doors to the outside are closed so
each month (get your actual costs from we don’t air condition the playground.
your energy manager). Over a year, Please make sure you close the door
that could pay for all new playground behind you when you enter the building
equipment. Would you like to pay or go to the portables. We will be placing
more electric bills or have more signs on the doors as a reminder to you
swings? Please remember to turn off as well.
the lights in the classroom when you
Sample 4:
The Watt Watchers of Texas patrol groups
Sample 2: have noticed that certain areas of the
The Watt Watchers of Texas patrol building are having trouble remembering
groups have been patrolling our to turn their lights off when they leave the
school for two months. We would like classroom. Could all students help the
to thank Mrs. Wood in room 227 and second floor of the North wing remember?
Mr. Thomas in room 112 for always Remember that there will be an award at
turning their lights off when they leave the end of the year for the classroom that
the classroom. Keep up the good makes the most improvement.

2 3
Sample Press Release



Kirstin Wilsey Amy Neblett
Program Coordinator 123-555-1234
1-888-USWATTS (toll free) amyneblett@buisd.k12

The Bayou Vista Independent School District is implementing

a new energy education program at Bayou Elementary School.
They introduced the Watt Watchers of Texas program on March
17, 2005. This program enables schools to save energy dollars
while students learn energy saving habits.

Students chosen to be a part of Watt Watchers of Texas patrol

assigned areas of the school, checking for lights left on in
unused areas. The Watt Watchers leave “tickets” for energy
wasters and may leave thank you notes where their recorded
data shows consistent energy efficiency.

The students actively promote energy efficiency, learn new

habits and teach others about energy conservation.

In a typical Texas school, lighting accounts for 1/3 of energy

use. Watt Watchers of Texas has assisted many schools across
Texas in reducing electric bills.

This program is funded by the Texas Comptroller of Public

Accounts, State Energy Conservation Office and the U.S.
Department of Energy.


Extend Your Watt
Watchers P rogram
Now that you have the basic Watt Watchers program down, you may want to add
extra duties. These duties can be very simple, but can make a significant impact on
your school’s energy usage.

Closing Doors- when the doors to the building are open, all the air conditioning or
heat is leaving. Have students close outside doors as they patrol. Even better is to
make signs for those outside doors saying, “Students monitoring energy use in building.
Please close door.” This serves as a reminder and advertising for your project.

Computer Monitors-
Monitors use 60-90 watts of
power when they are on-
whether they are being used
or not. When the monitor is in
sleep mode (see Monitor
Power Audit project in this
manual) the monitor only uses
2-10 watts of power. Students
could turn off monitors of
computers that are not in use.
They could go further and
place reminder signs on all

Restrooms- Students can

make a quick tour of the
restrooms and report any
problems such as dripping
faucets or running toilets to
the custodians.

Expand Your Watt
Watchers P rogram
Watt watchers of Texas has many programs to offer you. A brief summary of each
is listed below. For more information on these projects, see the that’s not all
y’all section of this manual or our website at

Knowledge is Power Traveling Energy

Curriculum Supplement Exploration Stations
The Knowledge is Power Curriculum Traveling Energy Exploration Stations
Supplement is a great curriculum (similar to a discovery box) are available
enhancement put together by Watt for teachers to check out and use in their
Watchers of Texas. These lessons are classrooms for FREE! Use it in your
designed to help add energy efficiency classroom for two weeks, call us when
concepts to your energy unit. We you are finished, and we will arrange to
sometimes forget that if we all reduce our have it picked back up at our cost. These
energy waste, we would reduce our stations include a wide variety of
overall power consumption, and our materials that can be used by the
reward will be lower energy costs and a teacher or as a center for the students.
cleaner environment. Knowledge is All stations are equipped with an
Power is a K-12 set of lesson plans. This Educator ’s Guide to explain all the
supplement incorporates reading, math, components and how to use them in your
science, language arts and writing into classroom and correlated to the TEKS. We
most of the lessons, so don’t pass up the currently have electricity, solar cooking,
chance to get plugged in if you Junior Solar Sprint, energy
teach something other efficiency, and renewable
than science! energy stations available.

Real P rojects in the Real W
Projects orld with Real Results
A listing of projects big and small geared at high school groups. A few of the projects that
could help your Watt Watchers basic program are listed below.

Lighting Audit Vending Machine A udit

This project will allow you to determine the A vending machine is basically a
savings that a school would realize if they refrigerator that takes your money. In
switched from their old lighting system to a exchange for your money, it’s supposed
new, more efficient lighting system. It could to provide cold drinks. The big difference
also encourage them to start Watt is that when a refrigerator door is closed,
Watchers of Texas at other schools. the light is supposed to go off. In this case
though, the light stays on 24 hours a day
and can cost over $140 per year. This is
money your school is paying (they pay the
electric bill) to advertise for the vending
machine. Talk to your principals about
turning off the light in the machines.

Exit Sign Audit
There are an estimated 100 million exit
signs in the United States consuming
between 30 and 35 BILLION kWh of
energy each year. Most use
incandescent bulbs, which use large
amounts of energy and require more
maintenance. The typical exit sign with
incandescent bulbs uses 2 - 20 watt
bulbs. The signs are lit 24 hours a day
and 365 days a year.
Each sign can cost
over $76 per year to
run and maintain.
There are other
options for these
signs that could be
suggested to your

Energy Encounter
An Energy Encounter is a one-day
event to provide lots of information,
ideas and excitement about energy
projects for students, teachers, and
administrators. Groups from several
schools in a district or region come
together for fun, learning and
motivation. Check the Real Projects
Handbook or call the Watt Watchers
office (1-888-USWATTS) for more

Sleep is Good Junior Solar Sprint
By implementing a monitor power
The Junior Solar Sprint program invites
management program on your
middle school students to design,
computer you can save $20 per year
build and race solar cars. The small
and lots of energy. Screen savers do
model cars are powered entirely by
not save energy; they only save your
solar energy, steered by wires and
screen. This program can be
are a team effort that is guided by
downloaded from the website
teachers. Students are encouraged
( and placed
to use math and science principles
on the school’s computers district wide
together with their creativity in a fun,
or on each individual computer.
challenging program that stimulates
District Energy Council enthusiasm for science at a critical
District Energy Council was created to stage in their education.
organize students to assist the district
energy manager. Capable students
from each high school in a district form
a committee or council led by the
energy manager. The council identifies
and undertakes projects that help the
district realize its goals of energy

Mentor a Feeder
Watt Watchers of Texas wants your help in getting all the schools in your district
watching watts! The best way for everyone to eliminate energy waste in their school
district is to make sure that the schools that feed into your school are busy watching
watts. It is simple, free and fun for high school students to go to the middle schools
and elementary schools in your district and share the message about Watt Watchers,
take the students on their first patrol and then check up on them from time to time to
make sure they are giving out tickets to those energy wasters and thanking the Zero
Heroes in their schools.

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your

feeder schools started today:
1. Contact a teacher – did you have a 3. Set up a time to meet the new Watt
favorite teacher in the elementary school Watchers –coordinate a time with the new
and middle school that you went to before Watt Watchers of Texas sponsor when you
coming to your high school? Is that teacher can go to the feeder school and teach
still teaching at that school? Or is there a the students about the new program. Help
science club or other organization in the them come up with ways to teach the
middle or elementary school that is other students, teachers and
interested in doing energy projects? administrators about this new program at
Contact that teacher; inform him or her their school. One great idea is to do a skit
about the Watt Watchers of Texas program. about the program during an assembly -
2. Contact Watt Watchers this allows everyone to learn about the
for a kit – the kits program, have fun and be excited about
are free and every the energy saving program that is starting
school that at the school.
participates in Watt 4. Go on patrol - be there to take the
Watchers needs to younger students on their first Watt
have a complete Watchers patrol. Help them design their
kit. Call or email us route and make sure they are marking their
and we will ship a charts and giving out tickets and thank you
kit for each school notes. Remind the students to keep the
where you are charts in a file so that they can award the
implementing a Zero Hero Award at the end of the school
program. year to the teacher that wasted the least
amount of energy!
5. Stay in touch – it is very important that
you contact the feeder school to make
sure that their program is running smoothly
and answer any questions they might
have. Watt Watchers would also like to
know how you and your mentoring schools
are doing so please send us an update
on your program!

3 2

Watt Watchers
As a Watt Watchers Team Member I Will:
1. Be on time for Watt Watchers Patrol
2. Gather badge, notebook, patrol records, pencil and tickets.
3. Pick up Thank You notes if it is a “Thank You” day.
4. Patrol the assigned areas quickly and quietly, and record my findings
on a patrol record sheet.
5. Leave tickets in rooms where lights are on and nobody is home.
6. Return supplies to the proper place after the patrols are completed.
7. Report problems to my advisor, if necessary.

I, , understand the Watt Watchers

Agreement. I can take responsibility for being a Watt Watcher and will
follow all Watt Watcher procedures correctly. I pledge that I will do
what I can to conserve natural resources and protect my environment.

Watt Watcher Signature Date

Advisor Signature Date

Watt Watchers of Texas

The Energy Center P.O. Box 68660
El Paso, Texas 79968
Phone toll free: 1-888 US WATTS
Fax: 915/747-5317

Checksheet Guide
The Patrol Record- Explained

MONTH: Use one patrol record for each

month (as well as one for each area). If
you have 4 areas of the school, you will
have four patrol record forms each month.
It helps younger students to write the date
above the day of the week. MONTHL
TOT ALS: Add the
ROOM: The room 3, O, 7 across the
numbers or names month for each
the students are room. This
assigned to. information should
Highlighting the be used for thank
assigned area on a you note
map then taping it distribution and
to a clipboard the calculating the
students take with Zero Hero.
them is helpful.

Add the 3, O, 7
down each
column. This daily
information gives
you an idea of
times of day when
conservation is The key to the 3,
good and times O, 7 system is
that need more listed at the bottom
concentration. of the patrol
record for quick

TIME: There are NAME: The

six time codes listed names of the
at the bottom of the students assigned
patrol record. You to the patrol
may want to come record.
up with time codes
of your own.
Month: Watt Watchers Patrol Record
Watchers Patrol T O TA L S
Room Time M T W T F M T W T F M T W T F M T W T F M T W T F 0 



daily totals

T ime Codes: Name: Record K ey:
BS 2L=2nd Lunch
BS=Before School 2L =Lights on/in use
AR =AM Recess PR =PM Recess 0 =No energy in use
1L =1st Lunch AS =After School  =Energy in use/no people

Month: Watt Watchers P

Watchers atrol Record T O T A L S
Room Time M T W T F M T W T F M T W T F M T W T F M T W T F 0 

daily totals


Time Codes: Name: Record Key:
2L=2nd Lunch
BS=Before School 2L
 =Lights on/in use
AR =AM Recess PR =PM Recess
37 0 =No energy in use
1L =1st Lunch AS =After School
 =Energy in use/no people
Sample Tickets

A note from Watt Watchers:

Next time!
For Wasted Energy TO SAVE ENERGY!!!
Lights out when you’re out! A Note from Watt Watchers

A Watt Watchers The lights are on...

o t!! Watt Watchers say!

h N For
o ! g
Y o u to
e of f!!!
tim em
If you would just turn
out the lights, you would put ’s
It rn th
a smile on my face tu
A Watt Watcher Watt Watchers say:

Next time Always turn out the lights

turn out the lights!!! 38
when you leave the room!
Sample Thank You Notes


! OO




Thanks-Watt Watchers 39
Door Hanger Sample (3 up)

Thank You
Making Our
World a
Blank Door Hanger Template (2 up)

Blank ticket/Thank You (6 up)

WW Name Tags

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Watt Watchers of Texas will be coming soon to a classroom near you! Student
patrol groups will be auditing the school for energy waste in lighting and other
areas. If students find lights on in empty rooms they will be leaving “tickets.”
They will leave thank you notes where their recorded data shows consistent
energy efficiency (you have turned off your lights when you leave your classroom).
The focus of the program is on saving energy costs in the school and increasing
student awareness of energy issues. In a typical Texas school, lighting alone can
account for 1/3 of the entire utility bill! Watt Watchers of Texas has assisted
hundreds of schools in reducing this cost. Watt Watchers energy patrols have
saved participating schools around the nation from hundreds to thousands of
dollars in energy costs each year.

The Watt Watchers program is a proven method of teaching energy efficient

habits while reducing school electric bills. Our energy future depends on decisions
students will make about energy use; Watt Watchers gives them the opportunity
to make a difference now by “doing something” for their school. These same
students often show increased self-esteem, leadership and responsibility back in
their classrooms.

The students will be patrolling _____________________________________. They

will not enter your classroom, or disturb classes already in session. The official
Watt Watchers for that day will be wearing name badges and lanyards to identify
them as such. They will leave their tickets on your door as a reminder to you to
turn off your lights when you leave your room. Please return these
________________________ to be reused. Each month our energy use will be graphed
___________________________. Hopefully, this will show that our energy use is
going down. The Watt Watchers students will give an end of the year presentation
to the School Board and awards to the classrooms that showed consistent energy
efficiency. There will also be an award for the classroom that showed the most

Thank you for your cooperation,

Watt Watchers Sponsor



T eachers:
Recharge Your Patrol!
Back to School means the meters are running at your school. You can slow them
down by turning off lights and other energy wasting items. It’s time to get your
energy patrols back out into the school saving energy and money for another
year. If you are wondering how to get your students energized for a new year of
patrols or are worried about getting your fellow teachers back into the routine
of turning the lights out when they leave the room, we have some keys to help your
Watt Watchers Patrols have a successful year by getting off to the right start.

Educate Your T
Your eachers
1. Consider starting your program in stealth your school participated in that small
mode. See the activity page in this effort with huge results!
manual for more information on 4. Provide your teachers with the
how to go undercover with “Knowledge is Power ”
your patrols. Curriculum Supplement.
2. Have the students 5. Share information
present the about checking out
program to the the Traveling Energy
teachers during Exploration
a conference Stations. Watt
p e r i o d .
Watchers of
Students love
Texas now has 5
teachers different stations
about things – Electricity, Solar
they are Cooking, Energy
involved in— Efficiency
give your Renewable
students the Energy, and Junior
opportunity to Solar Sprint. They have
jump start your new all been updated this
teachers. Let them summer, so if you
know that Zero Hero checked them out last
Awards will be given at the year you need to see the great
end of the year – teachers love a good things we added to them this summer.
3. Give them each a “$50” bill –
go to the Watt Watchers of Texas
website,, and
download the $50 bill that
explains if you turn your
classroom lights out for 2 hours a
day for 1 school year you will
save your district $50. Think
about the impact if every classroom in
Educate Your Students
1. Train your new students. You most likely 5. Encourage the students to take their new
have a new group of students to go on energy savings attitude home and share
patrol this year, so you need to teach the information with their parents. Energy
them about the program and how efficiency is the key to our energy future.
important it is to reduce the energy waste It starts with everyone making a change.
in your school. Take them on their first Watt Watchers of Texas sponsors, we want
patrol so that you can show them the you to have all the materials you need to be
ropes. successful. If your kit is worn or you need
2. Have the students that will be patrolling more tickets or if you don’t have some of the
do a presentation for the student body information referred to in this article, please
at your school during lunch. It is contact Watt Watchers of Texas toll free at
important for everyone in the school to 1-888-USWATTS or by email at
know that your school is actively and new supplies will
reducing energy waste and air pollution. be shipped to you.
3. Make announcements over the PA
Remember, we are here to support your
system the first few weeks of your
efforts as a Watt Watchers Sponsor. Contact
patrolling to remind staff to turn off
us if we can assist you in recharging your
unused electrical items. You might also
consider announcing the cost of
electricity at your school each month
and the savings that you have accrued.
4. Display posters in your halls about
energy efficiency.
Watt Watchers
includes 2
posters in every
issue of the Watts
Take the

posters out turn out
and unused
laminate lights
them –
they make
great energy
decorations —
and teach
students and
* money
about the
programs we
* pollution

have to

WW Reflections Article Submitted by: Eileen Berkowitz, Watt Watchers
of Texas Sponsor for Colonial Hills Elementary School in
North East Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

hen I first began sponsoring the Watt would patrol but also oversee the paired
Watcher/Watteam patrols in the early patrols.
90’s I had a twofold purpose. Of
I divided the school campus into patrol
course I wanted to teach conservation of
areas. All three campuses at which I
resources to the students, but I also decided
sponsored the Watt Watcher Patrols contained
to target a relatively untouched population.
a main building, attached outer buildings,
Many students were not even aware that they
and/or portables. The portables always
could “save electricity” both in their homes
provided the greatest challenge! The students
and at school. It was not something that
were taught they were NEVER to disturb a class,
families were automatically teaching their
so that classrooms in the portables whose
children. During the years many students have
blinds were closed could not be assigned the
reported behavioral changes in themselves
“X”, “0” or “check”. I created a “new symbol”
and their families—in school and at home!
so that the student would be able to complete
I intentionally targeted a certain population his/her patrol without interrupting the learning
from which to build the Watt Watcher Patrol. in that room and yet feel that they were
With the approval of the principal, I sent a letter completing their job. In addition I rotated the
to the homeroom teachers explaining the patrols monthly so that different students
purpose of the Watt Watcher Patrol. I asked patrolled the “portables area.”
them to nominate two students (preferably a
There was mixed reaction to the “notes” we
boy and a girl). I asked them to think of all
would periodically tape outside the rooms.
their students—and then choose their two
Some teachers were pleased, good-natured,
nominees from the “silent majority”. I specified
while others took the notes negatively. After a
that the nominees should not be at either end
while, we stopped giving both the “Thanks a
of any spectrum (academic, social,
Watt” and “Oops!” notes entirely. The cessation
behavioral, etc). I was targeting those students
of the notes also elicited both positive and
who faithfully attended school, but did not
negative reactions!
stand out in any way.
Retrospectively, I do feel that the patrols
My Watt Watcher patrols mainly were
were successful for many reasons. I am
composed of students who were not receiving
particularly pleased that I chose to structure
any special help academically, were not gifted
them as I did. A number of those students
and talented, were not elected to Student
became more involved in their middle and
Council, nor Safety Patrol. For most of them
high schools. The teachers’ awareness of
this was their first opportunity to be chosen for
saving electricity was heightened.
anything! Many, many times teachers reported
that those students showed improvement in the The support I received from the various
class—most noticeably in their attitude and level “governing bodies” was wonderful! Always
of responsibility. positive and supportive, they provided us with
the materials we needed. When funding was
For a number of reasons I chose to pair
withdrawn they continued to support us
students to patrol together. I paired first and
emotionally. I very much enjoyed sponsoring
third graders, second and fourth graders. The
those early Watt Watcher/Watteam patrols.
fifth graders were “captains” and not only

eachers and students love the Watt
Watchers of Texas program. The
following are quotes from current Watt
Watcher schools on how the program fits in “The life skills students of Lincoln Junior
their community. High love their job as Watt Watchers and
always want to do it. We as Student
Council members are so glad that the
”Our Watt Watcher Patrol of eight fifth life skills class helps us out with some of
grade students used our language arts our projects. The student council is also
block to write explanations of the happy that they love their job and are
program for all the classes in our doing such a great job at it.”
building. Each student has a grade
Ashley W., student, Lincoln Junior High,
level to patrol.
Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD
Sandi Rockne, teacher, Southridge Elementary
School, Lewisville, Texas

“Teachers do not like getting “tickets”

and keep their lights off.”
“I think the savings of last year will
Mary Lea Pfenninger, teacher, Goliad
probably double this year, if for no other
Elementary School
reason than we will have a full year
participation from all our participant
schools…I don’t know what we would
have done without the Watt Watcher “Concentrate your education on the
program. Everything is working out teachers who at first are unwilling to
really great. With our utilities accounting participate.”
program, we are able to track real
savings back to Watt Watcher activities. Dwight Mutschler, Austwell- Tivoli
Everyone gets credit for these savings”
David Furr, Salem Keizer Public Schools in
Salem, Oregon “Get a good group of students and
Saved $158,432 from July 2002 to June allow them time every day to do their
2003 job”
Margaret Grice, Ault Elementary

“What you are doing here is ver y

significant. You are really protecting the
future for future generations. We just
need to let you be the role model and “Don’t over control- let the students take
the pace setter for the rest of the state.” the lead”
Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Robert Babb, JT Hutchinson JHS
former State Comptroller,
about Hutchinson JHS in Central Lubbock ISD


Your Success

Recognizing Energy
M Most Improved Award
ay arrives in schools with a rush of
tests and locker clean-outs, but we
The classroom that made the most
need to remember to praise those
improvement deserves to be recognized as
teachers who have faithfully been conserving
well. These students (and teachers) learned
energy and the ones that learned something
the most this year. Prizes for these students
along the way.
could also include Watt Watchers stickers or
Depending on your school, you may want pencils.
to have a school wide assembly, an after
school event or just an award ceremony in Five Year L
Year apel Pins
your classroom. If you are hosting a school
wide affair, your Watt Watchers may want to
re-write the skit they performed at the kick off
program to show how the year went.
We have many awards you can give out,
all of which are summarized below. Master
copies of some of these awards are
available on our website
( and on the CD-
ROM. The others are available by calling
the office at 1-888-USWATTS.

Certificate of Watt Watchers are loyal. Teachers tend

Achievement to stick with the program after they try it. Watt
This certificate is given to every student Watchers are dedicated. They believe in
that participated in the Watt Watchers of what they are doing. That is why there are
Texas program. The certificates are signed over 950 teachers across Texas who have
by the State Comptroller. These certificates been consistently helping to save energy,
must be ordered from our office. You may save money, and prevent pollution for five
also want to give each student a pencil or years or more.
sticker. Watt Watchers of Texas established the 5
Year Pin program to recognize these unsung
Zero Hero Award heroes. The lapel pins are simply the Watt
The Zero Hero award goes to the classroom Watchers light bulb logo with the pattern of
that remembered to turn out their lights more the TX flag on them. After being a Watt
than any other. Remember that on the patrol Watchers of Texas Sponsor for five years, you
record form, the students mark a zero if the will have saved thousands of dollars for your
lights are off in a classroom. Depending on school district. You will have prevented tons
the size of your school, you may want to have of pollution from entering our atmosphere.
the Top Ten Zero Hero’s List and give the And, you will have educated dozens of
number one classroom an extra prize- students about caring for their world. Not to
pencils, posters, or a book on energy mention changing the habits and attitudes
conservation for their classroom. of fellow teachers and administrators. Those
are heroic actions.
It Works!

The $50 Bill

ou are going to get a fifty dollar bill. It
may be yours to keep or it may be yours
to pay. Here’s why. The fluorescent lights
in a typical Texas classroom cost about $25
to keep lit over an 180 day school year for
each hour of the day.
If a teacher remembers to turn out the lights
on the way out of the classroom at lunch and
after school – the district gets a $50 bill. That’s
good, it means an extra $50 is in the budget That’s bad; it means less money to operate
that wasn’t paid to the utility company. You and improve your school. Your taxes will be
get to keep this bill. Maybe it will buy a new used to pay the utility company. Sorry, no
book for your library. new book for your library.
If a teacher forgets to turn out the lights on So, as you can see, the bill is yours to keep
the way out of the classroom at lunch and or yours to pay. The choice is definitely yours.
after school – the district pays a $50 bill. And, those choices add up. If twenty
teachers at your school change their habits
– that would mean an extra $1,000 per year
your school would save. What could you do
with 20 fifty dollar bills?
Start a Watt Watchers program at your
school and stop wasting energy. Act now
so you will get the right kind of bill because,
one way or another, you are going to get a
fifty dollar bill.

How Much is Energy
Awareness Worth?
att Watchers is about getting people program had about a 4% lower annual
to think. Your role as a Watt Watcher energy use than those schools that did not.
is to get everyone in your school to On average, this saved $0.095 +0.055 per
consider energy in their everyday life. If square foot per year. We estimate that the
everyone is aware of the consequences of average energy awareness program can
using energy they will be more careful how save a typical facility $5,000 - $12,000 in
they use it. There is value in knowing that annual operating costs.” Florida Solar
leaving the fluorescent lights on in a Energy Center
classroom costs money and creates Implement Watt Watchers at your school
pollution. Think about this -if half of the 2.7 and document the savings. Contact Watt
million teachers in the U.S. turned out their Watchers at 1-888-US WATTS (879-2887) or
classroom lights on the way to lunch it would by e-mail at and we
save $34 Million dollars every year. If energy will help you figure out how much your Watt
is not considered it will be wasted. Watchers program is saving for your school
But what do the experts say about the district.
actual value of getting everyone to think
about energy? Can a dollar figure be
attached to Energy Awareness? Yes. It
makes common sense that if energy
is not considered it will be wasted
and that if people stop and think
they will save energy. Here’s what
a couple of sources have to say
on the subject:
“Simple behavior changes
alone save some $7,000 per
school. That’s a lot of bake
sales.” Alliance to Save
Energy (ASE) President, David
“Many schools and districts
around Florida now administer
energy awareness programs to
reduce their energy consumption
through more vigilant operation of
controls and improved operation
and maintenance practices. Our
analysis indicated that these
programs have a small, but
statistically significant impact on
energy use. Schools which had such a
The $20 Bill
you can save $20 per monitor each year...

If all of the estimated 1.2 million computer monitors

in Texas schools were enabled for monitor power
management, Texas would save...

$ 20
every year

re the computers in your school wasting computer monitor power management. Just
energy? Screen savers DO NOT save put your school’s computer monitors to sleep
energy! A typical monitor uses 60-90 after ten minutes of inactivity. You can use
watts. While in sleep mode a monitor uses free Energy StarÒ software to capture
only 2-10 watts. Why waste energy when no savings at individual computers or utilize your
one is using your school computers? You can network to put all monitors to sleep at once.
help your school save energy, save money, Sleep is Good. Contact Watt Watchers of
and prevent pollution by implementing Texas for details.

Click on the PC
Power Management
link at the Watt
Watchers website

Comptroller Strayhorn
Visits JT Hutchinson JHS
By Bryan Williams, Lubbock Avalanche Journa (Spring 2003)

hen someone says “lights out” at recommended to legislators $3.7 billion in
Hutchinson Junior High, it’s for a savings, including $1.7 billion in state
good reason. general revenue funds for the upcoming
two-year budget. Texas’ budget must be
On Friday, the Central Lubbock School’s
balanced, according to the state
conservation efforts attracted the attention
of State Comptroller Carole Keeton
Strayhorn, a person with passions for Suggestions include increasing health-
education and for saving money. care costs to state employees, having Texas
join a multistate lottery, merging the Texas
Strayhorn helped recognize students for
Railroad Commission and the Public Utility
their energy-saving efforts.
Commission, postponing a Medicaid
The school is involved in Watt Watchers, registration rule and having private
a program encouraging students and staff companies operate a lodge in the Davis
to turn off lights and computers in rooms Mountains and a tourist railroad in East
that aren’t being used. Texas, both overseen by the Texas Parks and
The 800-student school has cut its utility Wildlife Department.
costs about 12 percent, which is estimated Strayhorn said more education dollars
to save $6,000 for the school year, said should go directly into the classroom.
Hutchinson Principal Mike Bustillos.
“What you are doing here is ver y
“There’s a lot of money spent on utilities significant,” Strayhorn said Friday at
overall,” Bustillos said. “If we don’t make a Hutchinson. “You are really protecting the
conservation effort, it’s easy for things to be future for future generations. We just need to
left on unnecessarily.” let you be the role model and the pacesetter
The school also has a paper recycling for the rest of the state.”
program and has increased use of Watt Watchers is a state-sponsored
paperless communications. Bustillos said program to help school districts save energy
Hutchinson has 70 percent of its allotment funds, primarily by having students look for
for paper and copier use remaining with energy waste in the halls and classrooms,
less than half the school year left. especially with lights being left on.
He said the efforts are squeezing more Strayhorn said the 2001 Legislature left 75
out of a tight education dollar. percent of Strayhorn’s cost-saving
Strayhorn, a former schoolteacher, is a recommendations on the table; however,
strong proponent of belt-tightening. she said she believes lawmakers this time
around will be more receptive to cost-saving
With the state facing an almost $10 advice from her and others.
billion projected shortfall, Strayhorn has

Hays Saves with District energy
savings exceed
Watt Watchers $260,000

O n November 16, 2004 the Hays

Consolidated Independent School
campuses. “As an incentive to the campuses
for participating, we give them 10 percent
Districts issued the following press of what they save,” he said. Campuses
release detailing the more than $260,000 received checks ranging from $300 to
in energy reduction savings for their district. $11,000. “This is no small task,” said
The efforts at HCISD are tremendous and in Joe Graham, member of the
the upcoming issues of Watts News, the Watt School Board. “The
Watchers staff will bring you more details on campuses deserve
the efforts at HCISD. every bit of
The Hays CISD Board of
Trustees learned on
Monday that efforts
by campuses to
reduce and
manage energy
have resulted in acknowledgement.
savings of more We certainly
than $260,000 appreciate their
in the district efforts.”
electric bill. “We
saved $260,000
at our existing
campuses, after
absorbing two
rate increases,”
said Carter
Scherff, Hays
CISD Chief
Officer. Scherff We saved $260,000 at
attributed the
savings to two our existing campuses, after
primar y initiatives: The Watt Watchers
program, which provides educational absorbing two rate increases...
information for elementary and middle
school students about energy and provides
Carter Scherff
incentives for them to watch energy usage Hays CISD Chief Financial Officer
at their school; and regulated, scheduled
temperature and humidity levels at the

Watt Watchers Saves
$3,600 Per Campus
U sing Watt Watchers, Salem Keizer Public
Schools in Salem, Oregon saved just
under $159,000 in energy usage and
utility costs from July 2002 through June 2003.
How wonderful it would be if every school in
Texas could save that much, too! Salem Keizer
saved $158,432 by implementing Watt
Watchers in forty-four of their schools. According
School officials are expecting to significantly to Utility Coordinator David Furr and Utilities
increase the savings for the 2003/2004 Conservation Specialist Kathleen Hill, forty-four
school year. schools, more than half, enrolled in the program
“I think the savings of last year will probably in the middle of the school year. The savings,
double this year, if for no other reason than we though significant, really only reflected six
will have full-year participation from all of our months of savings. Sixteen of the district’s schools
participant schools…I don’t know what we did not participate in the program last year.
would have done without the Watt Watchers The schools that did not participate in the Watt
program. Everything is working out really great. Watchers program still enjoyed a savings of
With our utilities accounting program, we are $10,675 due to the other conservation
able to track real savings back to Watt Watchers measures in the district; however, it was
activities. Everyone gets credit for these considerably less than the Watt Watchers
savings.”-David Furr schools.

The $158,432 are equivalent to saving $.05 puppet show that promotes the district’s new
per square foot in the forty-four Watt Watchers waste and energy reduction program. “The
schools. The average cost savings for Watt Wartville Wizard Goes to School” is a skit aimed
Watchers schools was $3,600 per campus and at teaching students how not to waste energy
$667 per campus for non-Watt Watchers schools. and water, and the proper way to dispose of
trash. Both programs are offered to the
The district has approved a $400 stipend for
elementary schools in the district. Hill has
those schools that participate in the Watt
additional activities for the schools, including
Watchers program. To receive the stipend, each
Energy Jeopardy, energy raps and songs.
school must complete initial audits by the end
of October. Once the initial audit is The district’s Watt Watchers program is
for their program. An additional $200 is given obviously extremely successful. With Kat Hill
in April to ensure that program deliverables are out at the schools sharing her information, her
met. The Watt Watchers schools send a parent time, and her passion – Watt Watchers is off to
newsletter home with the students and present a tremendous start in the district. Some of the
Watt Watchers information to the school’s parent reasons for this success at Salem Keizer Public
club. Hill assists teachers in all aspects of the Schools include:
programs and enjoys being at the schools with
District administration support for REAP in
the students. So far, fifty-one of the district’s
the district;
schools have enrolled in this year ’s Watt
Watchers program. information technology department
support for the initiative to put the district’s
Through the district’s program called the
computer monitors to sleep; · tracking utility
Resource Efficiency Action Program (REAP), many
savings and benchmarking the district’s
energy efficiency measures, reminders, and
schools for Energy Star labels;
programs are introduced to the schools in the
district. Some of the programs that are new this and being aware of opportunities such as
year to the Salem Keizer Watt Watchers program taking the lights and ballasts out of the
include “R Marks the Spot” and “The Wartville vending machines.
Wizard goes to School.” “R Marks the Spot” is a

That’s Not All

Enroll in Watt
Watchers of Te xas
Get your Change It is that
free kit the World Simple!

Getting a Watt Watchers program started in Teachers, just place the Watt Watchers
your school is so simple. All you need to do materials in a bin at your front door and
is order the FREE kit! Your kit comes complete assign your students a time to go on patrols
with 4 name badges, 4 lanyards, 4 throughout the day and the work is done. The
notebooks, 4 pencils, the forms, a CD-ROM, program can be adapted to fit your
and a program manual all to help you get teaching needs and demands. The Watt
started saving energy and money for your Watchers program is designed not to
school today! interrupt daily school activities. Thousands
of programs across Texas are now patrolling
Your students will patrol the halls of the schools quickly and quietly.
to see where energy is being wasted. When
they locate a classroom or office that is empty Join us today!
and the lights are on they will leave a
reminder ticket … “Oh, No—You forgot to turn The Watt Watchers staff is here to support you.
your lights out when you left the room!” If they We have a quarterly newspaper, lesson
notice classrooms that consistently turn the plans, energy kits for loan, and several more
lights out they leave them a thank-you note energy-related programs. To learn more
… “This room is First Rate— Thanks for Saving about Watt Watchers or to sign up and
Energy for our School!” receive your free kit, please contact us:

It is that simple. Toll Free Phone/Fax: 1-888-US WATTS (1-888-

Your students and your entire school will learn
a valuable lesson about energy efficiency e-mail:
and its benefits that will last a lifetime. Your Visit our website:
students will change habits and attitudes
about our environment while saving money
and preventing pollution. You will change
the world for the better.

It’s Free!-It’s Simple!
-It Works! -start your program today
Watt Watchers of Texas is a FREE energy efficiency program for Texas schools
sponsored by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, State Energy Conservation
Office, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The program is designed to help school
districts save energy and money by getting students involved. It is simple and effective!
Students patrol the halls of the schools reducing energy waste by turning off lights
and leaving “tickets” for empty classrooms with the lights on. Turning out the lights
in a classroom during two unoccupied hours per day (lunch & after school) can save
$50 over a school year.

Get started. But that’s not all Y’all!

Sign up for a free kit. Call 1-888-USWATTS or go on- In addition to student energy patrols that find
line at http// to enroll. You will waste and raise awareness, Watt Watchers also
receive a free kit which includes has additional programs for your
a set of 4 Watt Watchers binders, school:
4 name badges and 4 name tags Traveling Energy Exploration
with 4 lanyards, 4 pencils, Stations – free loans of hands-on
program manual, CD-ROM, plus a kits for classes
supply of forms, sample tickets
Knowledge is Power – an energy
and thank you notes. Everything
efficiency curriculum supplement
you need — open your kit and get
started today! Not only will your Sleep Is Good – a computer
school be provided with all of the monitor power management
materials listed above program
(approximately a $25 value), Watt Junior Solar Sprint – a model solar
Watchers will provide free support race car project
for the program, including: Energy Encounter – a one day
WATTS NEWS — Quarterly workshop for high school students
Newspaper District Energy Council – students
Toll Free Phone & Toll Free assisting energy managers
Fax support line Recyclin’ Rangers – school wide recycling
Website and e-mail support awareness program

E-Mail Update – Monthly news for Watt Benchmarking – compare your school district
Watchers energy use nationally

Workshops – Watt Watchers sponsors regional

workshops Watt Watchers of Texas
Conferences – Watt Watchers attends
1-888 US WATTS (1-888-879-2887)
educational conferences – see you there.
CD-ROM with all the materials to have a Sponsored by the Texas Comptroller of Public
successful program Accounts,
Five Year Lapel Pins for dedicated Watt State Energy Conservation Office, and the U.S.
Watchers sponsors Department of Energy
Watt Watchers Certificates for participation,
Zero Hero and Most Improved Watt Watchers
Knowledge is Power
Watt Watchers of Texas has developed an energy efficiency curriculum supplement
for grades K-12 called Knowledge is Power. These lesson plans on energy
conservation and energy efficiency are correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge
and Skills and include starter activities, extensions and discussion questions. The
lessons range from coloring pages and school lighting surveys to cost effective
buying and appliance surveys. Knowledge is Power covers a broad subject range
including math, science, social studies, and language arts.

Example of Air Leakage at Home

Lessons · Students learn how to stop air
Available: leaks in the home by installing
switch plate and plug sealers
Secret Mission Behind and making draft dodgers. This
P ower Lines: W att
Watt will help the students become
Watchers Survey better energy savers and use
math, science, social studies
· This lesson allows students to
survey the school for energy and reading skills.
waste or savings to determine The PPay
ay Me Game
if being Watt Watchers will
save energy and money for · Students will use play money
their school using math, to understand the dollar cost of
science, social studies and their energy bills by using math
reading skills. and science skills.

Energy TTrip
rip Tick et
Ticket How Much Energy Do YYou
· Students learn about wasting
energy, conserving energy, · Students will do a home energy
energy crisis and what to do survey, which will help them
about it by doing these hands determine which appliances in
on, minds on, classroom activity using social their homes are energy gobbler appliances. They
studies, math, science, and language arts skills. will work on utility math problems and a
comparison of the results using science, math,
Conserving Electricity: TURN IT OFF! social studies, reading and writing skills.
· Students learn why saving energy helps reduce Incandescent vs. Fluorescent - Battle
air pollution. They will also learn how electricity is of the Bulbs
produced and sent to homes, schools, and
businesses using science, social studies, and · Students will learn how to be energy efficient at
language arts skills. home. They will do a home energy survey for
fluorescent lights and compare the wattage use
Energy Home Survey of a compact fluorescent light and incandescent
· Students conduct home energy survey and answer light using math, science, and social studies skills.
questions to learn about appliances and air leaks Knowledge is Power is very easy to access. You
in the home. Students discuss ways to save energy can download the lesson plans on the Watt
and develop a plan to start saving energy at home Watchers of Texas website at or
using science, social studies and language arts order a copy of the lesson plans by calling the Watt
skills. Watchers toll free number, 1-888-USWATTS or email
us at

T raveling Energy
Exploration Stations
The Traveling Energy Exploration Stations are boxes with lessons and lab supplies
boxed together ready to set out for your students. The stations also come with
resources like books, videos and posters and an Educators Guide to help the teacher
through this energy filled exploration.

Station Junior Solar
– This station includes Sprint Station
books, videos, posters, – Working in teams, your
and 10 hands-on activities students can build model
that assist the student and solar cars and hold races.
teacher during a unit on They will have lots of fun
electricity. We have also while learning about solar
included a Watt’s Up energy. The station
Meter- this device allows includes 10 solar panels,
students to plug an plus wheels, transmissions
appliance, like a hair and many other parts that
dryer, into the meter and you will need to assemble
do calculations to your model solar car. The
determine how much it station provides great
costs to use the instructions from the
appliance. This activity National Renewable
and many more truly Energy Laboratories on
enhance your unit on how to use the Junior Solar
Electricity. Sprint program in your
classroom. The station also provides
Solar Cooking Station instructions on how to hold a solar car race
– Solar Cooking is one of the most exciting at your school and how to order more
renewable energy activities that you can do materials if you would like to have your own
with students. The station contains books, set of Junior Solar Sprint materials.
videos, 4 ready-to-use solar cookers,
cooking utensils and a complete set of
Renewable Energy Station
– Building a solar water heater is one of the
designs to build 7 solar cookers in your
many things that you can experience in your
classroom. With the designs that we have
own classroom when you check out a
provided for you, your students can cook
renewable energy station! Renewable
anything from a s’more, hot dog, cookies or
energy can be an incredible hands-on
even a roast! Remember the key to solar
learning experience for students and with this
cooking is the sun – so plan this station into
station every classroom in Texas can share
your renewable energy lesson and make
that opportunity. Books, videos, models,
sure you get it during the sunny time of year.
hands on activities are just some of the items

Energy Efficiency Station
– This station was created to enhance the To reserve a Traveling Energy Education
Knowledge is Power energy efficiency Station for your classroom, fill out a
curriculum supplement. The lessons included reservation form and fax it back to us.
in the station include Air Leakage at Home, Reservation forms can be found on our
Cost Effective Buying, Energy Trip Ticket, Tale website, on our
of Two Light Bulbs, the Pay Me Game and so CDROM and in most of our newspapers. Be
much more. sure to give us alternate dates you would like
to have the station in your classroom, and
These stations can be checked out from Watt to send in your reservation form early since
Watchers of Texas for two weeks at a time. we have a very high demand in the spring
The box will be shipped to your school at our months.
cost. Don’t worry about using up the supplies Watt Watchers of Texas
in the box, we will refill them when they get Web:
back to our office. Then we will have the box Toll Free: 1-888-USWATTS
picked back up at your school, once again Email:
at our cost. There is no cost to you at all, no
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Junior Solar Sprint

he U.S. Department of Energy’s
Watt Watchers is presenting JSS workshops
National Junior Solar Sprint (JSS)
Program is a classroom-based, hands- to middle school teachers in Texas. The
on educational program. workshops are designed to encourage
teachers to get involved in JSS and bring
The primary goals of the JSS the program to their
program are to: middle schools.
1. Generate enthusiasm Teachers will learn to
for science and build a model solar car
engineering at a and race it against the
crucial stage in the other teachers in the
e d u c a t i o n a l workshop. All the
development of
information teachers
young people
need to start a JSS
2. improve students’ program in their district
understanding of is provided during the
scientific concepts
workshop. The model
and renewable
energy technologies;
solar car is given to the
and teacher at the end of
the workshop so that he
3. encourage young
or she can take it back
people to consider
technical careers at
to his or her classroom
an early age. and get the students
excited about the
The JSS program invites middle school project.
students to design, build and race JSS cars.
The small model cars are powered entirely Watt Watchers has a JSS traveling
by solar energy, steered by wires and are a exploration station available for teachers
team effort that is guided by teachers.
to check out for their school or district.
Working in teams of 2-4, each team is The station is available for teachers to
provided with a kit consisting of a solar check out for up to 6 weeks. This station
panel and a motor. The students design will allow teachers to have a set of model
the chassis and the transmission and then solar cars so that your class can work in
build them out of an assortment of teams to build cars and then have a solar
materials. The finished car must have a car race of their own. When the race is
removable solar panel. Students are completed, take the cars apart and return
encouraged to use math and science the station to Watt Watchers.
principles together with their creativity in a
fun, challenging program that stimulates
For more information about the JSS
enthusiasm for science at a critical Traveling Energy Station or the teacher
stage in their education. workshops please, contact Watt Watchers at
Sleep is Good
The computers in your school are wasting energy. You can help your school save
money. Implement computer monitor power management.

What Y’All Need to Remember: Use free Energy Star software to capture
Screen savers DO NOT save energy! savings.
A typical monitor uses 60-90 watts. Utilize your network; put all monitors to
While in sleep mode a monitor uses 2-10 sleep at once.
watts. Turn off your monitor at night.
Your Energy Star features may not be Save energy, save money, prevent
enabled. pollution.
Some actual examples from districts that already set their monitors to sleep:

District A District B District C

# of computers 3,000 10,000 15,000
% of monitors enabled 55 0 50
% of monitors enabled after mandate 100 100 100
Cost of electricity per kwh 7.5¢ 5.8¢ 6.0¢
Hours monitors are used per week 9 9 9
Days monitors are used per week 5 5 5
% of monitors turned off night
and weekends before mandate 35 35 35
% of monitors turned off night
and weekends after mandate 65 65 65
Current energy use (kWh) 953,620 5,522,790 5,087,745
Future energy use (kWh) 349,479 1,164,930 1,747,395
Energy savings (kWh) 604,141 4,357,860 3,340,350
Current energy costs $71,522 $320,322 $305,265
Future energy costs $26,211 $67,566 $104,844
Monetary savings $45,311 $252,756 $200,421
% of savings 63 79 65
If all of the estimated 1.2 million computer
monitors in Texas schools were enabled
for monitor power management, Texas
would save up to $20.5 million each year!

All in a day’s rest…

To download the free Energy Star EZ Save and
EZ Wizard programs, click on the PC Power
Management link on the Watt Watchers Website.
The computer monitor power management
campaign, Sleep is Good, is a national effort by
EPA/DOE to promote energy savings in computer
monitors. Watt Watchers is helping Texas schools
take advantage of the program.
Close Encounters of
the Energy Kind
n Energy Encounter is a one day event These student groups are at your campuses
to provide lots of information, ideas, everyday of the school year and they can
and excitement about energy projects and will be your eyes and ears on that
for students, teachers and administrators. campus to help reduce energy waste. If you
Groups from several different schools in a are interested in assisting with an Energy
district or region come together for fun, Encounter in your area, we would be
learning, and motivation. It is a great way pleased to organize a workshop for your
to pick up energy project ideas for Student schools.
Council, Future Teachers of America, National
Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of To Register for an Energy Encounter or to find
America, your Science Club or other group. out how your school can host an Encounter
please contact Watt Watchers at 1-888-US
The students attending the Encounter will be
WATTS or check the Watt Watchers website
participating in Real Projects that we have for a schedule of
chosen from the Real Projects with Real
upcoming Encounters.
Results in the Real World Handbook. These
projects, or as we like to call them Missions
Please give us a call if you have any
are projects that they can learn to do at the
questions or if your school or school district
Encounter and then go back to their schools
would like to host an Energy Encounter.
and do. The missions include Vending
Machine Audits, Classroom Lighting Audits,
Watt Watchers of Texas
Computer Audits, Mentoring a Watt Watchers
Program, and much more. Stduents will
1-888 US WATTS or 1-888 WATTEAM
report the information about their mission to
the other students attending the Encounter
so that everyone learns how to do all the
projects completed. Students will also hear
presentations from school district Energy
Managers to help them understand that the
projects they do on the campuses make a
REAL difference.

All this, and more, is condensed into one full

day that includes handouts, prize drawings,
and a little frivolity along with serious savings
sessions to help your group encounter
energy and emerge efficient.

Energy Managers are much needed for

these workshops. Students in your district are
doing energy projects and we would like you
to know what they are doing. The encounter
also gives you a chance to work with them
to do projects that would benefit everyone.
Recycling Rangers
Watt Watchers wants you to take action and start Talking Trash at your school!
Too much paper is put into the trash can - it should be placed in a recycling bin that is
emptied regularly. Too many cans and plastic drink containers are placed into the
trash can-they too can be put into recycling containers and taken for recycling.

Here are some simple steps for generating a teacher conference schedule so that
some trash talk at your schools and getting you know when they are not teaching in
a Recycling Rangers program started! the room – we don’t want to ever interrupt
a learning environment.
1. Contact Watt Watchers for more
6. Educate the Staff – let the Rangers
information on Recycling Rangers.
educate the staff about the recycling
2. Conduct an Audit – who is recycling at program. Teachers like to learn from
your school? Is someone responsible for students and students like to teach
taking it from the classroom to the bin? teachers!
There are many questions that you need
7. Kick Off your Program – do
answers to before you get started.
announcements to remind teachers that
3. Based on your audit determine what you today is pick up day – have your bins
will be recycling. Contact the recycling ready. Put up posters to educate the
representative for your district and find out school about recycling. Raise awareness!
what they will accept through the
8. Continue to educate the school.
recycling program. The district may only
Education about the program that will
have a plan to recycle paper.
keep it strong for many years to come.
4. Get Support. Make sure that you talk to Never assume that teachers and students
the administration about the program know what is going on. Keep them
before you start recycling. You don’t want informed.
to start the program and then not have a
9. Tell your story – write articles/summaries to
place to dispose of it or not have support
share with the district media office. Send
from the administration.
your story to Watt Watchers – schools learn
5. Organize the Collection Procedure. Using from what other schools are doing, so
a fire drill map of your school to create a share your story!
before and after school
10. Contact Watt Watchers for support and
procedure for picking up
ideas. We are here to help you.
recycling. Make it easy on
you and your patrol
This program is very
group. If you are
much like your
going to collect
Watt Watchers
during school, use
Patrol except that
students are managing
trash instead of turning off
the lights. But the

really cool
thing is you can
do both at the
same time!!
Real Projects in the
Real World
W att Watchers of Texas is here to monitors, etc. … and presenting that audit
educate Texas students about how to the administration in your school or district.
to be energy efficient in and out of Another project: getting other Watt Watchers
school. For many years Watt Watchers has programs going in your district. You know
been giving organizations and clubs ideas how much it has helped your school, so why
for projects they can do in their schools and not spread the information to the schools that
communities. We don’t expect you to do it feed into your high school. It is a very simple
alone and that is why Watt Watchers has project for your school because you already
developed the real projects in the Real world know how to run a successful Watt Watchers
with Real Results Handbook – so that you can patrol. You just need to locate your old
make a resolution to improve your school and middle school and elementar y school
community by doing projects that make a teachers and share the program with them
real difference. and then train their students. So, between
the Real Projects and Short and Simple
This new tool includes instructions on doing Projects you should have more than a year’s
a Lighting Audit, a Soda Machine Audit, and worth of activities at your fingertips with this
much more, in your school. These are great handbook. Watt Watchers will update
projects that have the potential to save this handbook every year to give you more
thousands of energy dollars for your school project ideas so that you can see real results
and it can all be started by a simple student in your school. Send us your ideas so we
audit of the lighting system, computer can include them in future editions.

Over 50 years ago, a mythical American icon America helped with the war with rolled up sleeves
named “Rosie the Riveter” and a can-do attitude.
inspired millions of World War
Watt Watchers chose Rosie as
II women to join the workforce
a symbol for our High School
to help defeat our wartime
Projects handbook because we
enemies. Rosie the Riveter
think students can step up and
appeared on a famous poster
go beyond their traditional
urging women to take factory
roles just like Rosie did.
jobs to build bombs, airplanes
and practically everything Rosie got a makeover to turn
else. These women took over her into our “Rodeo Rosie.” Be
roles traditionally held by men like Rosie --Get the handbook
and proved what gutsy, that supports strong, self-
productive women workers sufficient, patriotic, and plucky
could accomplish. They students across Texas who are
changed some old ideas ready to roll up their sleeves
about a woman’s place being and use their can-do attitudes
in the home. Strong, self- to help save energy for their
sufficient, patriotic, and schools, you can change some
plucky women all across old ideas about a student’s
place being in the classroom.

75 Y’all can do it!

District Energy
istrict Energy Council organizes Watt Watchers wants to work with energy
students to assist the district energy managers to implement District Energy
manager. Capable students from Council in their district. Watt Watchers will
each high school in a district form a work to identify selected students in the high
committee or council led by the energy schools of the district to participate in the
manager. The council identifies and program. The students and energy manager
undertakes projects that help the district will be trained in a workshop facilitated by
realize its goals of energy efficiency. For Watt Watchers to get the program started.
example, students mentored by the energy
Watt Watchers will work with several school
manager may decide to get involved in
districts across Texas each year to assist in
computer power management,
implementing District Energy Councils. If you
implementing Watt Watchers district-wide,
would like to learn more about the program,
promoting district energy policy, exit sign and
please contact us.
soda machine audits, posting campus energy
data or other projects. One
important function of the District
Energy Council is to widely publicize
energy programs and encourage
energy awareness throughout the
school district. Each student carries
out the projects in their own school
and feeder schools.
Often, students feel helpless and
un-empowered when attempting
big energy efficiency projects.
Having an energy manager as a
mentor increases their confidence.
Likewise, energy managers have
goals and energy projects that they
do not have time to pursue.
Forming links with students expands
the energy manager’s capabilities
and provides a public relations
vehicle for district energy policy.
Also, when students present certain
ideas they have a better chance
of being accepted. Teaming
students and energy managers
holds the potential to tap
synergistic resources that would
otherwise be unavailable.

Myth vs. Fact
requently Watt Watchers is asked These teachers may be surprised to learn
about the advisability of turning off that their “facts” are actually myths. But there
fluorescent lights. The inquiring is a small kernel of truth within the myths,
teacher (almost always a new Watt Watchers which is probably how these ideas
sponsor) is a little apologetic and quickly persistently hang on year in and year out.
explains that there are just some difficult A surge of electricity does occur and extra
teachers that insist that the school district will wear that shortens the life of fluorescent
lose money if they turn out the lights every bulbs is caused by switching them on and
time they leave their classroom. off. Nevertheless, every lighting expert will
agree that turning off the lights when you
Some of these teachers state that they
will be out of your classroom for 10 minutes*
know that frequent switching of fluorescent
or more is the smart choice. Period. What’s
lights will cause premature failure of the bulbs
a poor teacher to do?
and end up costing the school district more
in bulbs, labor, etc. Furthermore, they There is no real controversy here.
elaborate, an electrical surge occurs when Sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade our
fluorescent lights are switched on and this knowledge base along with the technology.
surge will consume much more energy than We just need to get all the facts. Half truths,
could ever be saved by turning out the lights. it seems, create energy myths. The electrical

surge is extremely short and insignificant. The Here is a list of references about lighting
wear on the light bulbs is far outweighed by myths. Watt Watchers can supply you with
energy savings when the lights are out. Very hard copies of the referenced articles on
simple. But I’m afraid we will have to do our request:
homework and document these facts.
One recent review of this
Watt Watchers recommends issue is at:
simply compiling
documentation and providing
it to the “myth-bound teacher”
in a scientific and non-
threatening manner and then follow this menu chain:
asking for the same from them. If every Home >Topics >Lighting
Since there is no evidence >Operation and Maintenance
supporting the myths it will put teacher in >LIGHTS OUT: Does turning off
them in a difficult position. Be Texas turned fluorescent lights for x amount
gentle with them; they are of time shorten the lamp life or
out the lights at use more energy?
operating on the best
knowledge they have. Science lunch and after The Environmental Protection
is squarely on your side. school... Agency (EPA) created a
Manufacturers base the program called GreenLights to
expected life of fluorescent
it would save assist corporations in improving
bulbs on an average 3-hour 175 MIllion k lighting efficiency. The program
“strike.” That is, they test them by Wh and $14 has evolved into the EnergyStar
continuously switching them off Buildings program and is jointly
and back on every three hours
million every sponsored with the Department
until half of the bulbs fail. An year. It would of Energy. GreenLights and
average life in hours is be the EnergyStar Buildings
expected in bulbs that recommend that lights be
experience 8 on-off cycles per equivalent of switched off in unoccupied
24 hour period. This fits nicely taking 23,465 rooms. The Fall 1997 EnergyStar
within almost all patterns of Buildings and GreenLights
cars off the Update includes an article on
usage for offices and
classrooms. road. energy myths about
occupancy sensors. Myths
The occupancy sensor
number 4 and 5 address frequent switching
industry has grown to be a very large
and electrical surges.
segment of the energy retrofit market.
Occupancy sensors are automatic switches EPA GreenLights training covers the myths
that turn off lights after 5 to 10 minutes of no and includes a pie chart that shows energy
motion in a room or hallway. The time delay to be 90% of the total cost of owning and
is chosen based on cost effectiveness. operating a lighting system. The example
they provide is for an efficient T-8 system
Please help Watt Watchers catalog the
where the energy costs are very low and they
existence of lighting myths. As you encounter
use 7 cents per kWh (below the current
them, please give us feedback on what
national average of 8 cents). Even in this
happens in your school. And send any
system energy accounts for 90% of total cost.
articles you may see about energy myths.
Materials (replacement bulbs) are 6%.

Labor to change the bulbs is 3%. And, last IEEE Transactions On Industr y
but not least, EPA calculated 1% of total costs Applications, Vol. 24, No. 3, May/June 1988
for properly recycling the old bulbs. Abstract- Based on side-by-side cost
comparison of different switching options,
The Illumination Engineering Society (IES)
including a combination of parameters
is the standard bearer of the lighting industry.
biased against frequent switching, this study
The IES Handbook is the basic reference for
reinforces the idea that it is
all lighting professionals. The
economical to turn
handbook recommends that
fluorescent lamps off when
fluorescent lights be turned
they are not needed.
out if a space is unoccupied
Background information to
for 5 minutes. (IES Handbook,
explain the calculation
8th Edition, 1993, Chapter 30,
p. 856)
Energy procedures and a sensitivity
Managers analysis are included.
James C. Elledge has a
Question and Answer column agree:
and search for “switching
in Today’s Facility Manager
Magazine called Tricks of the The best course fluorescents”
Trade. He tackled the lighting of action is to The Lighting Design Lab
energy myths issue. His turn out the sponsored by the
response: the electrical surge Northwest Energy Efficiency
is 1/120 of a second and lights when you Alliance has an article at
energy savings and leave. http://
calendar life of bulbs is more
important than the number of articles/switching/
hours a bulb lasts. He also addresses the switching_fluorescent.htm that has the
environmental benefits of turning off the lights. longest recommended time to wait before
switching fluorescents.
Economics of Switching Fluorescent
Lamps by Louis A. Carriere And Mark S. Rea North Carolina Division of Pollution
Prevention and Environmental Assistance
(DPPEA) Has a four page analysis posted

*Actually, the experts all say 5 minutes. Watt Watchers

chose 10 minutes to eliminate any potential for nit-picking
and allow for a spirit of compromise. Most school energy
managers recommend turning out the lights whenever
you leave the room regardless of how long you think you
will be gone.

Tale of 2 Don’t be tricked...
A 50 cent lightbulb

costs more than
a $20 lightbulb!

Let’s compare...on one hand we have a 75w the energy it

incandescent bulb just like we all have in our consumes into heat
homes. It is what we have used to light up our and only 10 % of the
lives since Thomas Edison invented it over 125 electricity is used to make
years ago. It uses 75 Watts of electricity and light. The CFL is 4 times
produces 1200 lumens of light. Maybe it is more efficient and
time to rethink that old standby. produces more lumens of
On the other hand, the funny looking light per Watt of electricity.
lightbulb is a Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb The CFL is a Smart Bulb and
or CFL. It is just like the long tubes we see in the incandescent is a
schools and stores -exceptthe tube is spiral Dumb Bulb. So why
shaped or “folded” to be more compact. This doesn’t ever yone have CFLs
bulb uses 20 Watts of electricity and in every socket?
produces 1200 lumens of light. Old habits are hard to change. Most people
How is it possible to produce the same amount don’t consider the cost of energy for light
of light with only ONE-FOURTH of the electricity? bulbs (or other appliances)- they just look at
Try this simple test: Carefully touch the top of the cost to buy the bulbs. Cheap bulbs seem
an incandescent bulb -BE CAREFUL it is hot! like a good deal. CFLs are more expensive
Now compare the temperature to a than incandescent bulbs but they pay for
Compact Fluorescent Light bulb -it is much themselves through lower energy use. Check
cooler. The incandescent bulb turns 90% of the chart to see how much you can save.

Bulb Type 75W Incandescent 20W CFL

Lumens Produced 1,200 1,200

Purchase Price $0.50 $20.00

Life of the Bulb 750 hours Up to 10,000 hours

(or 1/2 of year) (or 6.8years)

Number of Hours Burned per 4 hours per day 4 hours per day
Day (1,460 hours/year) (1,460 hours/year)

Number of Bulbs Needed to ~13 1

equal life of CFL

Total Cost of Purchasing Bulbs* $6.50 $20.00

Kilowatthours (kWh) (1000 Watt 75Wx10,000 hrs=750,000 20Wx10,000 hrs=200,000

hours) Watt hrs/1000=750 kWh Watt hrs/1000=200

Total Cost of Electricity (10 cents

x kilowatt-hour) $75.00 $20

Total Savings using a CFL com- $55.00 ---

pared to an incandescent

it on! be efit
n ll. from
Pass teacher that weo them to enroschool.
a u
g atchers
ou now nco
k ers? E Watt W
o y
D tt Watch ld be a
Wa school shou


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