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Rubric for Double Entry Sketchbook

4 3 2 1 0
Exceeds Meets Partially Does Not Student
Expectations Expectation Meets Meet Did Not Do
s Expectation Expectations Assignment
Quality of Student wrote Student wrote Student wrote Student wrote No Entry
responses thoughtful adequate mediocre unsatisfactory
responses in all responses responses responses with
entries. with some with little no attention or
Student attention to attention or connection to
demonstrated themes of the connection to the themes of
critical thinking unit. the themes of the unit.
and elaborated the unit.
on themes of
the unit.
Quantity of Student Student Student only Student did not No Entry
responses thoroughly completed partially complete the
completed most of the completed the assignment.
assignment assignment. assignment. Quotes were
with both direct Quotes were Quotes were incorrect or
quotes and not complete. incomplete or absent.
insightful incorrect.
Grammar All entries are Very few Multiple errors Many errors. No Entry
and grammatically errors in in grammar, Entries are
punctuation correct. grammar, punctuation, difficult to
punctuation, and spelling. read.
and spelling.
Citations All quotes from All quotes are Some quotes Quotes are No Entry
reading are present but missing or missing and
accurate with have some have many there are
no errors. errors. errors. several errors.
Difficult to find

Grade: A: 15-16 B: 14-13 C: 12-11 D: 10-9 F:8-0