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ISM: Product Progress Assessment

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

The product I plan on creating is a video promoting mental health awareness. I plan on including
my research work, my personal experiences, and as well as embedding a few interviews with
professionals in the medical field onto my final product.


I hope to accomplish the task of getting more people aware of the importance of taking care of
ones well being. We tend to label people who have psychological disorders as incompetent,
dangerous, and undeserving- when in reality they are people (just like us) who function


Nikon 1 NIKKOR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 VR (Black)

Sim card
Editing software (Imovie)


Sunday, April 9- 1:00 PM- Dr. Sandy Le (Forensic Psychiatrist- North Texas State
Hospital- ISM Mentor)
Sunday, April 9- 4:00 PM- Mr. Anh Nguyen (ICU Nurse- Baylor Heart Plano)
Tuesday, April 11- 7 AM- Mrs. Jillian Innis (AP Psychology teacher- Centennial
High School)
Thursday, April 13- 5:00PM- Mr. Shane Beach (EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter-
Frisco Fire Station)
Friday, April 14- 4:00 PM- Mrs. Jessica Villalobos (ER Nurse- Baylor Heart
Unconfirmed- Dr. Ha Vu (Clinical Psychiatrist)
Unconfirmed- Dr. Howard Cohen (Psychiatrist)

Description of Process
The first step is to brainstorm what to incorporate into my Mental Health Awareness Video. Start
creating an outline of the script and interview questions for the video. I have to rent a camera,
tripod, and SIM card for the interviews with professionals. The second step is to start contacting
professionals in the mental/medical field for potential interviews pertaining to my Original Work
Product. I have to confirm the time, date, and location of these interviews. The 3rd step is to
begin collecting information by conducting interviews with professionals in the healthcare field,
and decided whether or not to incorporate these responses into my project. The 4th step is to
begin placing the video together. I have to start the editing process and attain feedback from
mentor. The fifth step is to begin to add narration to the video. I have to make sure it is in sync
with the video footage being presented. The last step is to double check my work, and get my
mentors approval for uploading.


I want to be a voice of those who cannot speak for themselves. What interests me most about this
topic is the opportunity to work with people that are viewed as different in societys eyes. When
I told my parents I wanted to become a Psychiatric Nurse, they looked at me strangely and a bit
concerned, and they asked me why I chose that as my career choice. To me, their reaction shows
how most of todays society views mental illness- dangerous, unpredictable, and weak. I
personally dont blame them, because it is how the media portrays people with mental illness and
of course, that can foster stigma and discrimination towards them. Personally, I think mental
illness is sad, unfortunate, and undeserved, however, it doesnt mean they can be treated any
lesser than a normal person, because they are people who deserve the same respect and
acceptance as anyone else. So, in a way, I wanted to erase that stigma involving mental illness
and educate everyone around me about it. And to do so, I will create a Mental Health Awareness