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Oulayma Conteh CON16477753, UAL 2017

Project Proposal Title: The Bond Between Brother, Sister and I

Section 1 Progress and Achievement

The most valuable thing I have learnt from foundation is to accept both my successes in a project and
my failures, as not everything will go to plan hence these failures can provide the opportunity to
improve the outcome by challenging yourself and finding an alternative solution to the problem.

Section 2 Context
The projects that had the greatest influence on
my project proposal were: The Alchemy of
Design and A Strange Truth. Because of these
I could understand the processes behind
producing the types of videos I enjoy viewing in
everyday life, all the research and planning they
entailed, the editing and character
developments, those aspects really intrigued
me. Artists like Krist Yu influenced a lot of my
work as I am fond of how she achieves a
simplistic yet aesthetic feel in her videos and
how she creates a relationship between
videography, typography and graphics

Section 3 Project Proposal Aims, Methods and Realisation

The theme I have taken an interest in is relationships More specifically sibling relationships and how
they influence and affect us both positively and negatively, in both a mental and physical way. I have
chosen to explore this relationship as it is a topic that I strongly associate with. I will conduct extensive
research on the varying types of relationships that can affect us, such as healthy sibling rapports or
sibling rivalries to gain further understanding of these bonds and to gain different people's
perspectives and venture down sibling-like relationships e.g. best friends.

Obtaining this information will take the form of primary and secondary research. Primary research will
take the various forms of photographic and sketch series or more structured methods such as
interviews and questionnaires and unstructured methods which involve normal conversations as
unlike interviews which are very rigid and less organic, conversations will enable me to gain greater
insight into their perspective on the subject, giving me the opportunity to gain a wider scope of
information. I will collect my secondary research through looking at artists that interest me, reading
multiple studies by psychologists like Judy Dunn who has a study called Siblings - Friends or Foes?,
possibly visiting galleries and watching TedTalks by speakers like Jeffrey Kluger.

Through having initiated my research process I have begun to generate some vague ideas on what I
want to produce as an outcome to the stimulus. I want to produce either a short animation or a hybrid
of film and animation. Because of the topic, I could make an animation based on a narrative I
construct or an information video using the information I have researched and gained, this can give
me the opportunity to explore and use different techniques like frame by frame animation or

Section 4 Evaluation
Oulayma Conteh CON16477753, UAL 2017

I will evaluate my work through an online blog where I will track what I do throughout the progression
of the final project and critically analyse the methods and techniques I use. I will also record my idea
generation and any experimentation I do in my sketchbook. Once the project is complete, I will
critically evaluate the project.