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Name: Erin Moore

Directions: Students will login to their class account on the blog. On the blog the teacher will upload a post
that requires students to commentAND
teachers post. Students
BLOGwill be asked to provide
CREATION TOOLS a picture that
represents how they felt about the Cold War. Students will also give an explanation of how it makes them
feel and why. After the student has completed the picture and brief paragraph they will click on the website
link in the post uploaded by the teacher. The link will take the student to an interactive website with social
studies activities for the student to complete.

Grade Level: Fifth Grade

Content Area: Social Studies
Technology Used (check all that apply):
Blog Wiki Other Website Creation Tool (list):
Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed:
SS5H5 Discuss the origins and consequences of the Cold War.
Brief Description of Learning Experience: The Cold War standard will be addressed, and students will
be learning about democracy. Students will post a comment on the teachers blog and then play educational
games online. Students will create a blog comment on a blog post that includes a picture and a brief
paragraph. The project will be introduced during class as a homework assignment. It will take about 30 to
45 minutes to complete. Teachers and parents will care about the project the student is creating because it
promotes higher order thinking. It also provides evidence of student learning outside of the classroom.
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Student Engagement/Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): What LoTi would this lesson be and
Why? This lesson uses LoTi level 3 because it requires higher order thinking and student engagement.

Importance of technology: Why is using a website-creation tool critical to the project? Could the project
be completed without this technology? What would be lost without using it? What other types of
technology, if any, are going to be used in the learning experience?

Using a website-creation tool is critical to the project because it promotes online interaction. If we were not
using a blog the students would not be able to look at one anothers ideas. The project could be complete
without this technology but it would not be as engaging. Student engagement would be lost without the
Inspiration (optional): If you used existing example as a model for your project (whether in part or
whole), include the URL(s) so we can visit. Explain what concepts you borrowed from others.

Internet Safety and Student Privacy: Briefly discuss some possible issues surrounding Internet safety and
student privacy that could arise while implementing this learning experience and explain how you would
(1) minimize risks to students/yourself; (2) alleviate any fears by parents/administrators, and (3) follow
common Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policies.

There can be some privacy issues that could arise during this learning experience, yet using a student
password for the blog each student will have their own account for the blog. Students names will not be
posted and there are also students privacy forms for parents to fill out and turn in that provides permission
for their work to be posted.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity. What are you trying that you have not tried
before? What do you hope to learn from this activity? How do you hope it will help students learn?

My personal learning goal for this activity is allowing students more independence when working online
and on the blog. I hope to learn how students respond to online work at home, and whether or not it is more
beneficial than traditional homework. I hope it will help students learn through more engagement and
Other comments about your proposed activity: