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Community OutReach English (CORE) Class C

, 2017 March 17th

January 17th , 2017

Instructor Information

Instructor Email Class Location & Hours

Mr. Escalante UPC 205 4:20-5:25PM

Mrs. Kwok Monday-Thursday

Class Description
This is an integrated skills English class. We will focus on listening/speaking, reading/writing,
and vocabulary/pronunciation. The various topics covered in class will be based on the interests
and needs of the students. A weekly routine will be implemented in order to facilitate learning.
Monday and Wednesday classes will focus on reading and writing practices. Tuesday and
Thursday classes will focus on listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice.

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Students will work with their instructors to identify specific English learning goals in order to make
real life projects.
2. Students will produce an authentic resume, cover letter, professional and personal emails, personal
letter, college level paragraph, professional presentation and more.
Course Materials


Folder/Binder to keep work in

Positive Attitude

Class Rules

*Only those who have 80% attendance will receive a certificate.

CORE Winter 2017 Calendar

Dates Class Topics Weekly Activities

Week 1: Balancing your Life Interview a neighbor
Monday-Thursday Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Learn your reading rate
Jan 17-19 Pronunciation, and Vocabulary Practice Write your weekly schedule in English

Week 2: Jobs Learn how to find a job

Monday-Thursday Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Write a professional email, cover letter
Jan 23-26 Pronunciation, and Vocabulary Practice and resume
Have a job interview in English

Week 3: Academics Practice academic writing, reading,

Monday-Thursday Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, vocabulary, grammar, and presentation
Jan 30-Feb 2 Pronunciation, and Vocabulary Practice skills

Week 4: Relationships Practice writing emails and letters to

Monday-Thursday Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, friends and family
Feb 6-9 Pronunciation, and Vocabulary Practice Practice various phone conversations

Week 5: Public Speaking Practice public speaking and

Monday-Thursday Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, pronunciation
Feb 13-16 Pronunciation, and Vocabulary Practice class presentation at Midterm Potluck
Feb 16th Midterm Potluck