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Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, March 30, 2017
The Editor’s Editorial
Views expressed in The EMERALD STAR NEWS do not necessarily reflect those of the
“The Wolfe’s Den” publisher. The staff of The EMERALD STAR NEWS pride ourselves in our efforts to
Hello everybody!! I apologize for the absence of this ensure accuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of
all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third
newspaper (the past month). I had a circumstance party); therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 2500 copies printed bi-weekly.
arise beyond my control. I will elaborate upon it
some as I have been always straight-up with my This newspaper is your voice to the county and all city or state employees, or
readership over the past 9yrs. You! The reader, are the reason for this Newspaper here in whomever it may concern. Have something to say? Good or bad? Let’s hear
Freeport. I sincerely appreciate all of the E-mails, calls and messages of concern during it!! Don’t hesitate to make suggestions or send in your comments to us anytime
our absence. on any subject. Did you ever want to be a writer? Have an investigative mind?
As many of you may re-call over the years I have spoke about my battle with Bi-Polar Here’s your chance to be recognized. Or you can help anonymously, like most.
and PTSD issues and the medical battles with the adjustments of the medicines involved. I Send any and all inquiries to the address listed below. Like the beaches?
know I have even stated facts of other people’s issues with Doctors concerning their
health and welfare. It is a serious situation indeed! My own personal Dr. prescribed addic- We have made several contacts in S. Walton now offering our
tion nearly cost me my life-mid Feb. That is why the newspaper and I were out of com- FREEPORT NEWSPAPER, The Emerald Star News ,out there
mission, not by choice but by a 6 Dr. panel from the Veterans Administration for the past
25yrs of my life! The doses kept increasing, for my symptoms were getting worse the last Color online: theemeraldstarnews.blogspot.com
couple years. Think it could have been triggered by the conflict of the med’s in me as is?
Oh yes! Do you think I was aware of my health when I was a walking “overdose” of Mail invoices and other information to:
med’s? NO. I was existing only by God’s Blessing to live. I don’t re-call much I had done
for most of the past year in total. How was that possible for no one to recognize the
changes of me from within? (No one said nothing to the nature). Any of you ever feel like
P.O. Box 1133
this too? It is not YOUR fault, we listen to the drugs, ordered by a trusting Dr. who says
he is helping you feel better. Is he really? You are just another client to keep them giving Freeport, Florida 32439
you a need to come back again, make another appt. check-up, change med’s, increase or
decrease? Wait till you are on your deathbed to find out the TRUTH? That is what exactly
happened to me. Un-announced to my kids, family and friends. How would you feel? Quote of
I have even stated facts about the benefits of medical marijuana, yet this County is the week :
against helping those folks who can benefit from it? Maybe because the reap more cash Frank Wolfe Jr.
from arrests, jail, fines and attorney fees? The court system is rigged to do massive You know they
amounts of revenue from innocent people who get caught up in a illegal drug raid upon
your privacy of Dr. prescribed medications. Is this sinking in your brain yet?
say to Pray unto
the Lord God.
(850) 585-0262
How do you know what pills will work for you? Not until you are given the advice from Check us out on FACEBOOK!
There is ONLY
your Doctor to take a certain medication? Then, you are instructed to take them as
prescribed for at least 3 weeks, then report back to and inform the Dr. of how you feel. 1 TRUE God
for us
E-mail info. to:
Just to see if they helped or hurt you, to feeling better or not? As crazy as that may seem. Emerald_star_news@hotmail.com
The Dr. asks YOU, “how do you feel”? Even though you go to them for assistance of a Christians. No
direction for to get better? Didn’t they go to extensive College to know what is best for matter your
your symptoms? Nope, they too, are also at a cross-road of new medications that we all belief it is Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
see on TV commercials that have so many side effects that you wonder if it is worth the Contributing Editor - Ret. Col. Mark Barren
important to be
risk for the small benefit of depression? Really. Resource Director– Bethany Phillips
at peace within
The pharmaceutical companies have dealers just as a street drug dealer. They may dress Web Designer – Lee Cox
yourself with
better and get commission for pills sold to each Dr. They too get kick-backs for prescrib- Health Post– Dr. George Roll PPA
ing new drugs to the public. Notice you don’t have the same drugs as a few years ago?
Contact any
Do most of the elders realize this game? It is all at your life’s risk of living. YES! Special “Thanks” to our advertisers, show support.
There is NO PILL that CURES YOU!! If so, there would be a shortage of patients Local church or
needing medication. Just as they have a cure for Cancer, yet look at all the drugs, therapies Preacher, pray
and more that would cease if they DID cure you? Imagine if. Was Aids a real disease? for a better you.
HIV is real. They have cures for it too. The amounts of profit from selling pills are now A healthier you.
outstanding so much to those manufacturers that they must keep a lid on it. It is all possible
Why is the same medicine you pay through the nose for here in the US so much cheaper with the power
and more available in other countries? Think of the monopoly involved all at our risk of of prayer as
dying. No pill cures, it only delays the inevitable, death. How many of you have been on long as you
the same medications for so many years that you have led yourself to believe that you believe in God
cannot live without them? You are Now an addict! So many of us take exactly what the
and spread his
Dr. prescribed that we are unaware the complications from mixing drugs. The health
effects from mixing, causing you other ailments from the “drug cocktail” prescribed by love among so
your Dr. Don’t heroine addicts feel the same desire? Meth heads, same desire. The drug many people
leads them into crap they do not know what is really happening to them. We all suffer for who no longer
their addictions. Our society as a whole has suffered in so many ways, it seems there is no believe or those
help of curing them. Just build more jails? That is the pattern across this country. on drugs need-
What happened to the “War on Drugs”? How in the Hell has the problem escalated so ing a way to be
drastically? Think they really have your best interest in mind? Think again! saved by the
Whether it is Blood pressure medicine, it is still up to “YOU” to say if you think it helps power of Jesus
you feel better or not. They guess? Just as you would in the pharmacy isle what is best to Christ! Spread
cure your cold or fever. Thanks to dope-heads, even that is now a hassle to find good
the word, for
medicine for they cook it up for an illegal high. What has this world come to? Back in the
day, they used Cocaine and Morphine to cure almost 80% of any ailment you may have the world is
had. Society was addicted. Now weed is a problem? Get real folks. The system is bad. becoming less
From my own experience. I have stopped all medications from the VA, not even an aspi- and less
rin in me over 5 weeks now. Am I better? I don’t know. I feel different for a pill has been conscious of his
prescribed ever since my military days. Try breaking the Dr. addiction. Fix your brain! name! AMEN.
Thursday, March 30, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 3

ALABAMA SUBSTITUTE TEACHER; Walton County Master Gardeners Offer Scholarship
CHAPERONE ARRESTED IN WALTON The Walton County Master Gardeners will award a scholarship to a Walton or
Dear Editor, COUNTY FOR SPRING BREAK OPEN Holmes County Florida high school senior or Walton or Holmes County
Many of us followers of this HOUSE PARTIES BACK-TO-BACK Florida resident currently attending college or technical school and interested
newspaper are concerned in furthering their education in Floriculture/Horticulture. Specific areas of
about where it had disap-
NIGHTS interest may include landscaping, nursery/ garden center management,
peared to? We hope and pray A senior trip ends in the floriculture, forestry, grounds and turf management, parks, environmental
that you are fine and will be arrest of a substitute teacher sciences and natural resources and/or other agriculturally related fields.
back printing for we miss it out of Montgomery, Alabama Award(s) will be paid jointly to the student and the school. A good scholastic
so much after so many years. following a complaint of a record, special interests, and commitment to a floriculture/horticulture career
I speak for hundreds of folks naked female in the roadway are considerations when awarding the scholarship.
I know just from our groups early Friday morning. Applications are available for the 2017 - 2018 school year in the Guidance
and neighbors. We miss you! March 24th at approximately Counselors’ Offices at Walton or Holmes High Schools, on-line at http://
Sincerely, Betty Alford 12:35am deputies responded walton.ifas.ufl.edu/, and at the University of Florida/Walton Extension Office
to the area of Sandcastles located at 732 N 9th Street in DeFuniak Springs (850/892-8172). For more
Editor, Court, in reference to a young information, contact Daniel Leonard at d.leonard@ufl.edu or
On a trip to the sandy naked female in the roadway 850-892-8172. The deadline to apply is April 3, 2017.
beaches of Santa Rosa Beach with two males. When
Florida, I was in need of an deputies arrived they
eye exam and a new pair of observed two highly WALTON COUNTY DEPUTY ARRESTED
glasses (both reading & intoxicated individuals
sunglasses). exiting the house at 43 School Resource Officer Denied Bond
I thought about finding a Sandcastles Court.
Pearle Vision, a Lens Crafter A Walton County Sheriff’s Deputy has been
One of the men, Mr. Walton
or a Walmart location to get arrested following a domestic violence incident at
McClendon Johnson, 28,
my new glasses. I then came stated he was the guardian a church in FWB.
across Marx Coastal Optical and there were underage Deputy Aaron Ross Bigham, 30, of DeFuniak
located in Freeport, Florida. students inside the house Springs, was apprehended by Okaloosa County
I was introduced to a drinking in their rooms. He advised he was aware of the Deputies Sunday afternoon after his ex-wife called
gentleman named Marc illegal consumption of alcohol by minors, but that he did not 911 when he allegedly attacked her in the parking
McClendon of Marx Coastal provide the alcohol to them. lot of Ss. Markella & Demitrios Greek Orthodox
Optical..by The owner of this The deputies approached the home and noticed several open Church in Mary Esther. Deputies also took the
newspaper, Frank Wolfe. containers of alcohol visible through the door’s window. The woman’s cell phone to recover text messages he
This gentleman offered me deputies knocked and were allowed inside and located had sent to her. The couple divorced in February.
Top Quality Eye Wear and several cases of beer and several bottles of liquor. All of the According to an Okaloosa County Jail spokesman, the officer is charged with
Eye Care Services. alcohol was in plain view and accessible to everyone in the domestic related battery and was denied bond pending an appearance before a
(A great connection)! house. Everyone in the house knew the alcohol was there and judge Monday.
At unbelievable prices. was participating in the party. Marijuana smoke was present Deputy Bigham is the School Resource Officer at Walton Academy in
Whether keeping with the in the home and several containers of marijuana and DeFuniak Springs. Walton County Sheriff's Public Information Officer Corey
classics or wanting the controlled pills were located throughout the kitchen and Dobridnia said Bigham has been placed on administrative leave pending a full
newest design you need to living room. criminal and internal affairs investigation.
go to Marx Coastal The deputies on scene arrested 21 people for minor in “Sheriff Adkinson is adamant about taking these charges seriously and holds
Optical. possession of alcohol, mostly boys, and all were transported his officers to the highest professional and personal standards, said Dobridnia.
The turnaround time was to the Walton County Jail. Thirteen other juveniles were Deputy Bigham has been employed at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for
just one day and the prices released with a notice to appear. Thursday morning a
just over 2 years.
were unbelievable ! Saved chaperone from the same school district, Misty Dell Brooks,
hundreds ! If you look good ! 42, was also arrested for open house party after deputies
You feel good ! found several underage students, mostly girls, with alcohol.
Thank you! J. O’Connor
Mr. Johnson was charged with 13 counts of contributing to
Dear Editor, the delinquency of a minor and open house party.
My neighbors and I have
been looking everywhere for
this newspaper. We certainly
Pays to have
hope it hasn’t ended for we
your Name in
have been looking forward to
This Freeport
each edition for so many
years now.
The style you posses and the
Don’t be a
way you write is a pleasure
fool for it’s
to many of us folks around
ONLY a mere
Freeport and Walton County.
few bucks to
If there is anything we can
let us do your
do to help get this running
coverage for
again, please call me. There
are way too many folks
NEW Hamburger, Fries and a Drink
around here who are tired of
the typical DFS Herald. 585-0262 Only $6.99 /get two for $12.99
SSDD. William Clancey 16” 1 Topping Pizza for ONLY $10
Page 4 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, March 30, 2017

Health Post Business Ads as
George Roll P.A.-C low as $25,
Seagrove Medical Clinic call today to find out
Call # 850-231-6200
Walk-ins and Appt.s how! Resolve to take closer
Send health questions or
comments to: P.O.Box 1133 look at retirement
Freeport, Florida 32439
A new year gives you a
The Florida Department of Health in Walton is united to end TB 850-835-2028 chance to develop new
Tuberculosis is one of the world’s deadliest diseases and it is caused by a habits.
bacterium called mycobacterium tuberculosis that usually attacks the For 2017, may I recom-
lungs, but can attack any part of the body, including the kidney, spine mend this resolution? I
and brain. Latent TB can live within the body without making you sick. will learn more about my
People with latent TB do not have symptoms, are not infectious and retirement account.
cannot make others sick. With that in mind, I asked
TB is spread through the air and symptoms of the disease include: author William A. Bird-
· A bad cough that lasts three weeks or longer; thistle to answer some reader questions left over
· Pain in the chest; from a recent online discussion. His book "Empire
· Coughing up blood or sputum; and of the Fund: The Way We Save Now," reveals how
· Weakness or fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, chills, fever and little investors know about how their 401(k) and
sweating at night. other retirement plans work.
Through its statewide TB program and its support of the Florida System Q: Could a major mutual fund company suffer a
of Tuberculosis Care, the department is making significant strides scandal similar to Bernie Madoff's? (Madoff ran
towards its goal to eliminate TB in the state. Cases of TB in Florida have one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history.)
gone down by 35 percent from 988 cases in 2007 to 639 in 2016. Birdthistle: Major fraud at mutual funds is highly
The department has implemented improved testing and treatment Freeport’s Best Lil’ Pharmacy unlikely. Unlike Madoff's private funds, public
technologies, making it easier for clients to successfully complete funds like mutual funds are heavily regulated by the
therapy. Investment Company Act of 1940, which is en-
To explore resources relating to TB and lean more, visit the We will make space for you to
forced by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
dept.’s website. Advertise with us! Call Frank today.
Specifically, mutual funds are obligated to retain an
For additional information about World TB Day 2017, visit the 585-0262...thanks for reading this!
independent custodian (usually a major bank) to
CDC’s World TB Day page. hold custody of the fund's assets (such as cash and
About the Florida Department of Health the portfolio investments).
The department, nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation
Does that mean that collusion between adviser and
Board, works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in
custodian is impossible? The subprime debacle of
Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts.
2008 taught us that lots of previously unthinkable
Follow us on Twitter at @HealthyFla and on Facebook. For more
behavior is no longer impossible. I think the
information about the Florida Department of Health please visit
extremely small risks associated with investing in a
mutual fund — particularly a reputable one — are
**If you are NOT FEELING WELL, come stop in or call our office vastly outweighed by the harm you might suffer
for to make an appt. We do welcome Walk-in’s. I am here to help putting the money anywhere else.
you get back to feeling better and get back to you being you! Q: "Empire of the Fund" is part "the financial
Tell me you saw my article in this Newspaper, I love the feedback! system is corrupt" and part "you have to invest
within it to support yourself through old age."
Yikes! Would it be inadvisable to park our nest egg
If you live to exclusively in government securities for the next
chase the four years? My husband and I fear bad effects from
Dollar: you a Trump administration. We're lucky to have our
will miss out money in the Thrift Savings Plan (for government
on the simple employees and military personnel) but, after the
pleasures of election, we moved all of it to the G fund, (a
living life. government securities fund exclusive to the TSP).
Advertising here, helps people know where you are! Do you just ASSUME they find you? Enjoy the Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?
family time We probably have 30 to 40 years of retirement
for it goes by ahead of us. After Trump is gone, our plan is to
Show support
way too fast. diversify and invest a little more aggressively to
Let us help maintain our lifestyle.
by Advertising
you get the Birdthistle: First, lucky you to be in the TSP. It's
your business in
word out for practically impossible to find fees as low as the
you about TSP's anywhere.
your business
NEWSPAPER! If you're worried that the federal securities in the G
and place an fund will perform poorly, bear in mind that many
advertisement Treasury securities are already at rock-bottom
We work hard
with us. interest rates, so although negative rates are
keeping this
Best RATES possible, rates are more likely to increase in the
in the COunty
available to years ahead, generating greater returns for you.
Thursday, March 30, 2017 The Emerald Star News, Inc. Page 5

Bike Lane closure…

On March 28th County Highway
30A at Alligator Lake will
remain closed. This closure will
include the multi-use path.
This closure of the multi-use
path is necessary as repairs are Trump signs order gutting Greetings from the Mayor’s The Mayors Post
Office….. Spring is finally in the
being made to the box culvert on
County Highway 30A in the
Obama-era climate policies air- at least for this week! Hope
Russ Barley-Freeport Mayor

vicinity of Alligator Lake all of you are ready for the Spring Please send any and all comments to
Declaring an end to what he's called "the war on The Emerald_Star_News@hotmail.com
between County Highway 283 and Summer months ahead.
coal," President Donald Trump signed an execu-
and County Highway 83. tive order Tuesday that eliminates numerous re- The City Council has voted on a new software agreement which will help with
Motorist and Pedestrians are strictions on fossil fuel production, breaking with upgrading our systems and making the computers easier to navigate. We are currently
encouraged to use alternative leaders across the globe who have embraced working on updating our website and that should be up and running in a couple of
routes during this time. cleaner energy sources. months and it too will be much easier to navigate to help you find information you are
The order makes good on Trump's campaign looking for.
A press release will be sent out
upon the opening of the road and pledge to unravel former President Barack The council has adopted an ordinance for a temporary moratorium of Medical
bike path. Obama's efforts to curb global warming, eliminat- Cannabis and will address at a later date. The council will be holding a workshop on
If you have any questions or ing nearly a dozen measures in an effort to boost March 30, 2017, at 6:00 pm, to discuss the CIP Revisions for adoption for the city and
need additional information; domestic energy production, especially oil, natu- the public is invited to attend in the council chambers. We welcome two new
ral gas and coal. businesses to our business community that being the reopening of Best Friends Pet
please do not hesitate to contact
Environmental activists, including former Vice Doctor and the new Vivid Fitness Studio, the pet doctor is located on Old highway
Walton County Public Works at
President Al Gore, denounced the plan. But 331 just past the People Bank and the Vivid Fitness Studio located in the building
Trump said the effort would spark "a new energy next to JB’s Buffet and Bend the Bar Fitness. Another new business opening will take
place with a ribbon cutting on April 8th at 11:00 a.m. for “Bootleggers Mercantile”
Public Notice: Construction revolution" and lead to "unbelievable" American located beside New-Stalgia on old highway 331. Councilman Eddie Farris and City
to Begin on Walton Bridge
"That is what this is all about: bringing back our Planner Latilda Hughes-Neel are working on plans for extending sidewalks from
Road jobs, bringing back our dreams and making highway 20 up to the Village Apartments just below the high school, we will keep
America wealthy again," Trump said during a you informed as we progress on this project. We are currently in receipt of a grant to
Crews are scheduled to be onsite signing ceremony at the Environmental Protec- acquire the parcel of land next door to city hall for the City Center Barrier Free Park
at Walton Bridge Road on Mon- tion Agency headquarters, where he was flanked and information will be forthcoming on this as well. Dana Weiler and Kasey Cuchens
day March 27, 2017 in conjunc- on stage by more than a dozen coal miners. have been working with Florida Communities Trust-Department of Environmental
tion with the paving and stormwa- Throughout the election, Trump accused the for- Protection to obtain this grant. A report of installation of grinder pumps and the cost
ter improvements project. mer president of waging "a war" against coal as of the pumps has been presented by Councilwoman Janice McLean and the council is
This is a three hundred day con- he campaigned in economically depressed swaths in the process of doing a study to make the correct decision on this project and
tract that has been awarded to of states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Councilwoman Elizabeth Brannon has presented to the council legislative information
Roberts and Roberts, Inc. Ohio. out of Tallahassee for this legislative session. Craig Haley has been appointed to the
The limits of the first phase are The miners "told me about the efforts to shut Freeport Recreation Board as a member and we look forward to having his input in
Rock Hill Road north 2.8 miles to down their mines, their communities and their the park matters. A Boy Scout Troop is in the making for Freeport and will soon
very way of life. I made them this promise: We begin their troop and will provide information to those who may be interested in
approximately Doctors Road.
will put our miners back to work," the president joining and they will be meeting in the old city hall building at the end of Madison
Users should expect lane closures th
said. "My administration is putting an end to the Street. The date for the “Bayfest” has been set and that will be on September 16 and
and delays. the date for the Mayor’s Ball has been set for October 21 . st
war on coal."
For more information, contact But Trump's promise runs counter to market The annual Easter Eggstravaganza in conjunction with the annual Spring Festival will
Walton County Public Works at forces, including U.S. utilities converting coal- be held on April 15th, beginning at 9:00 am- 3:00 pm, so mark your calendars bring
850-892-8108. fired power plants to cheaper, cleaner-burning the kids and come and enjoy a day filled with arts/crafts and entertainment- Destiny
natural gas. And Democrats, environmental Worship Center is working with the city on the presentation of the 12,0000 eggs
Let’s all ‘chip in’ and make this groups and scientists said the executive order being dropped from the helicopter as well as the drop in of the Easter Bunny, other
CITY GREAT! ignores the realities of climate change. characters will be there throughout the day for the kid’s enjoyment. Also, the annual
Let people know where you are, "There is much our nation can do to address the Easter Sunrise Service presented by area churches will be held behind the City Hall
what do you sell? risks that climate change poses to human health and more information will be given a little closer to Easter Sunday. Remember any
What do you offer? and safety, but disregarding scientific evidence comments, concerns or questions please give me a call at 850-835-2822.
5000 copies puts our communities in danger," said Rush Holt,
Per Month! chief executive officer of the American Associa-
Unless tion for the Advancement of Science, the nation's
You have largest general scientific society. Emerald Coast flowers & gifts
enough business California Gov. Jerry Brown was more blunt.
and don’t want New "Gutting the Clean Power Plan is a colossal mis- & The prissy hen
Customers to stop in? AD! take and defies science itself. Erasing climate 137 Hwy 20 West— Freeport
change may take place in Donald Trump's mind,
but nowhere else," Brown said. "check out our weekly Cash & Carry specials”!
While Republicans have blamed Obama-era envi-
ronmental regulations for the loss of coal jobs, Store hours are Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-2.
federal data shows that U.S. mines have been
shedding jobs for decades from natural gas. Owners Russ Barley and Tim Ard, invite everyone to stop on in!

FREEPORT Presbyterian CHURCH, located on Hwy 20. Next to Frank’s Cash & 850-835-5200 or 850-267-2616
Carry. We are extending an open invitation to come to our quaint little church to give
thanks and praise to God. ‘Small town feel’ and children’s services also available too.
Sundays at 9am Bible study….10am church service. Come meet Pastor Gene.
Page 6 The EMERALD STAR Thursday, march 30, 2017
The Baytowne Melt is Moving and Expanding
Early Summer 2017 The Baytowne Melt
Will Become Baytowne Provisions
DeFuniak Springs Seeks to
Coming early Summer 2107, The Baytowne Melt will be taking over the
location formerly occupied by Graffiti's Funky Blues Shack. You can
Uncover More History
expect the same delicious melt sandwiches you know and love, along Property Owners Urged to Help Reveal Their Home’s Historic Stories April 3
with an expanded menu and a full bar with a beautiful Marina view
from upstairs as well as a market with local goods and take away items. Property owners in the Historic District of DeFuniak Springs are invited by city leaders to a
Sometime this year we will also add a general store with every day special public workshop to learn how to contribute vital information about their historic
necessities and groceries. Stay tuned for details on the store. properties on Monday, April 3, 6pm-8pm at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center, 361
North 10th Street in DeFuniak Springs.
About The Baytowne Melt: Information provided by property owners will be used to update a 1990 Historic Properties
Survey to enhance the records on many homes and structures which are currently on, or need
Mmmmmmmmm is our secret ingredient. The Baytowne Melt offers a
to be added to, the National Registry of Historic Places. The Historic District of DeFuniak
casual and family-friendly environment, serving breakfast at 8 a.m., Springs attracts thousands of visitors annually for Christmas Reflections in December, Snow-
lunch at 11:00 and throughout the day, and happy hour 4–6 p.m. We
bird Day and the Florida Chautauqua Assembly in January, GrasFest in February, LakeFest
have large selection of craft beers and wine, and gluten-free and
(festival) in May, Independence Day Celebration in July, as well as numerous other public
vegetarian options. The space is available for birthdays or special
activities throughout the year. “The popularity of our Historic District for all of these events,”
events. The Baytowne Melt is located north of Sandestin in the Village
says Mayor Bob Campbell, “is rooted in the beauty of the spectacular homes and structures
of Baytowne Wharf across from the playground overlooking the lagoon. built collectively during the Victorian era and on the outer banks of our perfectly round
spring-fed lake.”
KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION The Historic District of DeFuniak Springs is comprised mostly of an old campus built for the
annual historic Florida Chautauqua Assemblies which lasted from 1885 to 1927. The campus
Kindergarten registration for the 2017-18 school year will be held at all was a planned community surrounding Lake DeFuniak which included a train depot, glorious
Walton County elementary schools during weekdays from Monday, April hotel, lecture halls, a library, art department, churches, and plotted properties for homeown-
17th, 2017 to Friday, April 28th, 2017 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and ers within the gated grounds. An association called the Florida Chautauqua Association
2:30 p.m. To be eligible to enter Kindergarten, a child must be five (5) years maintained the grounds and designed the annual multi-week assembly season attracting
of age on or before September 1, 2017. visitors for one-week long stays.
An official proof of birth is required at the time of registration. Hospital Leaders marketed the campus as “The Education Resort of the South” and the assemblies as
certificates are NOT official birth records. Parents who do not have their “The Florida Chautauqua: Winter Assembly in the Land of Summer.” The resort attracted
child’s birth certificate can obtain a certified copy by making a request to the tens of thousands of tourists annually to see, hear and possibly meet such notable speakers as
state in which the child was born. Ohio Governor William McKinley (before he became president,) Woodrow Wilson’s vice
Because this is often a lengthy process, parents needing to obtain a certificate president Thomas Marshal, famous American orator and politician William Jennings Bryan,
are urged to do so now in order to receive it prior to this registration period. American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, Battle Hymn of the Republic author Julia Ward
Children born in the state of Florida may obtain an official birth certificate at Howe and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, not to mention
the Walton County Public Health Unit, 362 State Highway 83, DeFuniak attend classes or sessions divided into categories (aka pillars) of art, education, recreation and
Springs. religion.
Before entering school in August, each kindergarten child must have the fol- Although records show that the assemblies ended in 1927 and that the Association had
lowing: dissolved around 1935 and sold most of the main buildings to the City by that time, many of
official birth certificate (required for registration) the Victorian-era structures and original homes on the grounds still stand. Some of these
structures are on the National Register of Historic Places.
social security number * City officials last conducted a historic survey of the properties in the Historic District in
health examination** 1990, and the scanned PDF version can be viewed at www.defuniaksprings.net, the City’s
official website. However, local citizens recently requested that the 27-year-old survey be
current immunization record (DOH 680)** updated and to include newly acquired information.
In 2016, DeFuniak Springs resident Bob McKnight, PhD, authored and secured a state grant
You’ve tried the REST, NOW CALL THE on behalf of the City from the Florida Division of Historical Resources which enabled the
City to hire professionals from NW Florida Regional Planning Council to design a new
BEST! Solid 30+ exp.. Solid Crew, Reliable database survey, collect copies of historic photos and documents relating to each structure in
the historic district, and to provide a way for property owners to submit new information.
The workshop is designed to unveil the database and the information needed from each par-
ticipating property owner. Architects, local historians, survey experts, a representative of the
Walton County Clerk of the Courts office and historic property preservationists will be on
hand to answer questions and guide other homeowners on what is needed to help update the
City’s historic properties records for a new electronic survey.
Questions about the workshop can be directed to Grant Administrator Christopher Mitchell at
Www.ajsplumbinginc@embarqmail.com (850) 892-8500, ext. 234, grants@defuniaksprings.net
Thursday, March 30, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 7

‘Happenings’ in DeFuniak Springs
The Walton County Economic Development AT AMVETS POST 178
Alliance (WCEDA) will hold its monthly board
meeting on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 12:00 PM Steak Dinners are $ 12.50 a plate. Includes steak,
at the Walton County Administration Conference baked potato, roll and dessert. Steaks are cooked
Room located at 76 North 6th Street, DeFuniak to order, dine in or carry out. Dinner will be
Springs, FL. from 5pm till 7pm. We are a nonprofit group that
Two or more County Commissioners may attend help local people. Please come out and help
this meeting. These meetings are open to the support the Sons Of Amvets Post 178. Located at
public. 4776 Hwy 90W in DeFuniak Springs, Fl. Contact
numbers are 307-3950 and 892-4594.

Please be advised that the Walton United
Broadband Initiative will hold a Meeting on
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 beginning at 12:00 Healthmark welcomes new Physician Assistant
PM at the Walton County Administration By Ron Kelley
Building located at 76 North 6th Street, DeFuniak An ever increasing number of people are utilizing Healthmark Regional
Springs, FL. Medical Center for their outpatient clinic and hospital needs. Gerald Beard,
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Chief Operations Officer, stated he is actively recruiting physician specialists
continued expansion of broadband services in to serve a variety of needs in our community. Mr. Beard specifically
Walton County. mentioned a Cardiologist, an Orthopedic Surgeon, Internal Medicine
Two or more Commissioners may attend this Physician and other health care professionals.
meeting. Please be governed accordingly. Mr. Beard said, “We were fortunate in
finding Jessica Stevens, a certified Physician
Walton County adheres to the American with MARCH 31 - APRIL 1 Assistant,” he said. “Ms. Stevens brings
Disabilities Act and will make reasonable
DFS Municipal Airport extensive knowledge of the latest trends in
modifications for access to the meetings upon
health care delivery. This, combined with
request. Please call (850) 892-8110 to make a "AIM HIGH, DREAM BIG AND her enthusiasm and dedication, makes her a
request. For hearing impaired, please call 1-800-
WORK HARD" great fit for us.”
955-8771 (TDD), 1-800-955-8770
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Ms. Stevens is originally from Nebraska.
(VOICE). Requests must be received at least 48
AIR SHOWS, FOOD, HELICOPTER Her family relocated to Florida and settled in
hours in advance of the meeting to allow time to
Destin. She attended Fort Walton Beach
provide the requested services. RIDES. Free Parking!
High School, and then went on to earn a
Bachelor's Degree in Biology at Marymount
Date change for back-to-school SPRING FLING Manhattan College in New York City. “After getting my fill of the big city, I
decided to move back to the Panhandle to be near my family,” she said. “I
tax holiday April 8th have four wonderful siblings that I love to be near, two younger sisters and
A bill to move Alabama's Back-to-School Tax 11 AM - 3 PM two younger brothers. We love to go to the beach, go fishing and ride horses.”
Holiday is headed for Governor Robert Bentley's Jessica says she became interested in health care while in college. “My
desk. A fun-filled day of music & interest in medicine began with my undergraduate education in biology. I was
The Alabama Legislature passed the bill last week. games! Slides, Jump House, fortunate enough to be involved in laboratory research concerning an enzyme
The bill will officially change the back to school Velcro Walls, Popcorn & Cotton that plays a role in Alzheimer's disease and Type II Diabetes. I fell in love
tax holiday to the third weekend of July. It was with the mechanics of life, but I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with just looking
previously held August 7th through the 9th. at cells forever, so I set out on a path to understand the big picture, the whole
Hot Dogs, Chips & Drinks human being.”
According to the Alabama Retail Association, the
date change ensures the tax holiday will happen Jessica first began as a laboratory phlebotomist. “I found that I loved
AMVETS POST 178 learning not only about a person's medical well-being, I enjoyed learning
before the start of the school year. They say this
4776 U.S. Hwy. 90 West about their lives as well. Everyone's situation is unique. I want to customize
will allow parents more opportunity to take
advantage of the tax savings. every treatment plan to each individual. If I can bring a little bit of joy,
Once signed, the 2017 tax holiday will now be knowledge and improved health into each patient's life, then I have achieved
Special Events MEETING my goal. If you come to see me for a sinus infection you're likely to get a
July 21st through the 23rd.
quick chat about the mechanism of allergies, proper ear hygiene or diet!” she
Stevens is already seeing patients at the Healthmark Clinic and says she has
Date: April 6, 2017
received a warm reception from patients and staff alike. “I have been so
Time: 5:00 PM impressed by how appreciative the patients are. It warms my heart so much to
Location: City of DeFuniak feel that I have made a positive impact in a person's life. The staff and
Springs Council Chambers physicians have also been warm, welcoming and supportive. They have been
Address: 71 US Hwy 90 West patient while I attempt to establish my routine. I could tell from the first day
Do you have a business? DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 that everyone enjoys a team-like atmosphere, and I have felt free to reach out
Lowest Ad Rates in Walton county! to anyone at all for help or support. I'm grateful to be a member of this
We’d like to see you advertise with us! wonderful team!” she said.
Page 8 The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Thursday, March 30, 2017

4BR/3BA 3,350 square foot home on approx. 3 acres. Double
garage, detached workshop, dock, boat launch, grape vines &
Beautiful trees. Main floor features 3BR/2BA, Large Kitchen, Furnished 2BR/ 1BA Waterfront Home! Screen porch overlooks
High Ceilings, FP & Wood Flooring. MBR features a balcony & Canal. Dock w/view of Black Creek. Open Living Rm & Kitchen.
MBA w/Cultured Marble & Walk-In Closet. Downstairs has Living Storage & Laundry Room includes W/D. This home would be
Rm, Bedroom, Bath & Full Kitchen. Ideal for guests or as an fantastic for making years of great fishing memories! Ideal for a
In-Law Suite. Great location on Camp Creek! $399,900 weekend get-a-way or permanent living! $159,900

Residential, almost half-acre wooded lot on Happy Hollow S/D - Restricted, Wooded
Paved road w/City water available. No HOA homesite. 100’ x 200’ (.50 Ac). Convenient
fees or dues! Easy access to Beaches of location close to Hwy 331, 20 & 98. CW&S
South Walton and Highway 98! $32,500 avail. Fisherman’s Paradise! $44,900

100' OF HWY 331 FRONTAGE - Adjoins the NEW PUBLIX
SHOPPING CENTER! Access from Hwy 331 & Hwy 20 via Blue
2BR/2BA @ 924 sq. ft. Turn-key ready! Home BLACK CREEK FISHING GET-A-WAY! Ridge Pkwy. City W&S are available. Ideal for hotel site, fast food,
on 2 - lots, on a canal leading to Black Creek Well-maintained, 2BR/2BA, 14x70 MH on office complex, retail center & more! Consider this site for your
w/views of adj. lake. Large screen porch over- private lot. Ready for new owner to enjoy
looking the water. Detached metal workshop. the River Life! Hurricane shutters, separate new venture in Walton County & be a part of the City of Freeport’s
Bring your boat & fishing gear! $119,500 carport & 10’x10’ yard bldg. $79,500 growing community! $695,000
Ph: 850-835-4153 www.freeportwaterfront.com
Thursday, March 30, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 9

WILDFIRE DANGERS What it would take to build Jackson's Corner
After battling numerous wildfires spurred from Trump's border wall ?
burning yard debris, the Florida Forest Service 23278 5th Avenue Florala Al 36442
reminds citizens to exercise caution in order to
reduce the likelihood of accidental fires. US President Donald Trump's plan to build a wall on
The Florida Forest Service Wildland Firefighters the Mexican border has nothing on India. The South
Asian country wants to secure two borders that, in
(334) 574-0111
are strategically placed throughout to respond and
quickly contain fires. However, in the last week total, are more than double the length of the US-
firefighters have been dispatched to numerous fires Mexico boundary. Indian Home Minister Rajnath
Singh reaffirmed the country's intent Saturday to Antiques, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Collectibles,
where rapid growth of 100 acres or more is being
seen. These wildfires are the cause of escaped yard completely shut its borders with Pakistan and Bang- Handmade Items, Candy & Handmade Fudge
trash. ladesh. The government said says around 90% of the
Follow us on Facebook! As you come North, stop on in!
border is currently fenced, but they claim that there
are still terrorists are still trying to infiltrate the www.facebook.com/JacksonsCorner36442
"We have decided to seal the border between India Its a place for vendors to sell stuff, in a booth and such!
and Bangladesh as quickly as possible. I know that
some obstacles may arise in this work, as some areas
are mountainous, some have jungles, and others have
Hedge fund exec whose former firm
rivers," Singh said at a graduation ceremony for was linked to Madoff jumps to his
India's Border Security Forces. "We will also work as
“People have become accustomed to the wet quickly as possible to seal the border between India death
weather patterns we have been experiencing the last and Pakistan."
4-5 years. They don’t expect to have wildfire issues An executive whose former hedge fund invested $7 billion
especially in March and April, a time when India shares land borders with six other countries, a in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme jumped 20 stories to his
residents are cleaning up their yards, burning leaves, total of more than 8,600 miles (13,000 km), according death from a high-rise Manhattan hotel, police said.
twigs, and brush,” stated Chipola Forestry Center to the CIA World Factbook. Charles Murphy was found dead on the fourth-floor terrace of
Manager, Johnny Sabo. “It’s been several years the Sofitel hotel on Monday, according to a police source.
since we have had elevated wildfire activity, so we Delhi's chief concerns though are over its boundaries "We are extremely saddened by this news," said John Paulson,
are urging caution when burning yard trash as this is with Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the north lies the the president of Paulson & Co., a separate hedge fund where
predicted to be a very dry spring.” highly disputed region of Kashmir, over which India Murphy worked at the time of his death. "Charles was an
Specialists have predicted that specific weather and Pakistan have been fighting since 1947. extremely gifted and brilliant man, a great partner and a true
patterns would warrant a bad year for wildfires. friend."
As with any prediction, we all must exert extreme In the east, years of illegal immigration from Bangla-
desh "have proved to be a huge challenge for India Murphy once worked for Fairfield Greenwich, which invested
caution. about $7 billion with Madoff and was later sued by investors
Here are a few tips to ensure your ‘outdoor spring with serious implications for its resources and national
security," according to Sanjeev Tripathi, an analyst who lost money. The fund agreed to an $80 million settlement.
cleaning’ doesn’t go up in smoke:
with Carnegie India. Madoff was arrested in December 2008 for running the world's
largest Ponzi scheme and defrauding investors of $20 billion.
· NEVER leave a fire unattended Tripathi estimated there may be as many as 15 million He pleaded guilty to fraud charges. Now 78, he is serving 150
· Keep water and yard tools handy, in case your illegal Bangladeshi immigrants living in India . Much years in a federal prison in North Carolina.
fire escapes of the existing border is already secured, Dhatwalia
· Never burn on windy days One of Madoff's two sons, Mark, hanged himself on the second
said. The current effort is to seal off the remaining
· Build fires in an open, clean area away from anniversary of his father's arrest.
10% which the government has yet to be able to
other debris, trees or overhanging branches secure. "It's a very difficult terrain," he said, adding Related: Madoff haunted by son's suicide: 'I live with that'
· Utilize designated fire rings or burn barrels, that the government plans to finish the project by the "I was responsible for my son Mark's death, and that's very,
whenever possible end of 2018. very difficult," Madoff later told CNNMoney from prison. "I
· Make sure you meet required setbacks live with that."
After India and Pakistan signed a ceasefire agreement Shortly after Madoff's arrest, a French businessman whose firm
If you have any questions or concerns about open over Kashmir in 2003, Sahni said, India constructed lost $1.4 billion to Madoff's Ponzi scheme killed himself at his
burning, don’t hesitate to call the Chipola Forestry wire fences along the highly-militarized "line of desk in his Manhattan office.
Center Dispatch Office at (850) 373-1801. control," significantly cutting down on the flow of
Preventing wildfires is the responsibility of every- illegal migrants. A spokesman for the Indian Border
one. Each year in Florida there are hundreds of Security Force -- which jointly patrols the "line of
wildfires caused by escaped fires; individuals who control" with the Indian army -- said that it has more
burn carelessly. If a fire escapes your property, you than 250,000 troops, making it the world's largest
can be held responsible for the cost of suppression border force. "Infiltration does continue, but it's not as
and damage to your neighbor’s property. easy as it was," Sahni said.
Just as the US has seen President Trump address the
very same issues from the lack of Border Patrol and
insisting on a Wall to be built in his recent presidential
Bid. The man was elected for his factual data of the
need to ‘Vette’ Illegals entering our country from the
southern border particularly. Time for ACTION!
We have been invaded by a Muslim culture with
thousands of men between the ages of 16– 50 without
any knowledge of their criminal history or even ties to
a terrorist organization.
The US cannot afford to allow the influx of
immigrants crossing our borders. Period.
Page 10 The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Thursday , March 30, 2017

+++++++ We Thank the Lord ++++++for giving us this day alive. For all our friends, family and community.
Please help us guide FREEPORT in the best direction so that we all, can grow& prosper, to become all we can become, for the Let us help !you…...Advertise with us!
near future and of the futures of our children’s children. Amen! IN GOD WE TRUST 850.585.0262

Letter to the:
Walton County Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper is reminding citizens NEW CODE ENFORCEMENT
Dear editor,
As a long standing resident in Freeport.
March 31 is the deadline to pay property taxes without penalty. To MEASURES
ensure your payment is received on time, please remember in person
I wonder if the Council truly has the
payments must be received in the office by 4:30 p.m., mailed in The DeFuniak Springs City Council approved news code
citizen who pay their wage has the best
payments must be postmarked by the deadline date, and online enforcement measures at their regular meeting.
interest of the older folks here?
payments made before midnight will be credited the March Council members heard a report from Code Enforcement
As we age into our later years we see so
amount. Officer Dusty Beck and authorized code enforcement
much drastic changes to our daily
Accounts delinquent as of April 1, will require payment in certified violations of up to $500 a day per violation in an effort to
environment as of late. U.S. funds in the form of a money order, cashier’s check or cash.
Such as when we purchased our homes clean up the city and rid it of blight. The measure passed
Personal checks cannot be accepted for delinquent accounts and will unanimously.
in the 60’s we still are infringed upon by
be returned. This is something that Freeport should also look into
new people to our area taking it upon
“I encourage taxpayers to take the time before the March 31 st enforcing for the Code enforcement lacks enforcing
themselves to create such a nuisance that
deadline to make sure your taxes have been paid. Each year I have violators unless someone actually calls to complain.
many of us search for help to address
citizens who come after the deadline asking for penalties to be
and halt! We don’t get to live our last removed,” said Skipper. “Unfortunately, the office is unable to do Which only instigates the violators to retaliate against the
days in the same peace as we once lived. person(s) who called. Why don’t they take it upon them-
that. To verify your taxes have been paid, please visit our website
We bought our homes, retire, vote and selves to their job as they drive throughout the county and
where you can view your account and payment history, or give us a
yet no one supports our request to limit approach it as is? They drive in “tax dollar paid” new
these selfish rude neighbors who come vehicles, yet the citizens suffer from commercial identities
All accounts unpaid as of April 1 are assessed a 3 percent penalty.
to invade our area. What can we do? My taking place within residential plotted lands? Fact.
Unpaid real estate accounts as of May 1 are assessed a 3 percent
husband would have been in jail years penalty, plus advertising fee and tangible accounts are assessed a 1.5 Code enforcement sees the violations but will not address
ago if he were alive to defend our sanc- any issue unless a formal complaint is made. That imposes
percent penalty, plus advertising fee. These properties are then ad-
tity of peace we once lived in. neighbor-vs-neighbor, which they have seen many times
vertised in the paper as required by law. If still unpaid by May 31,
I am hoping that many of my old school before over the past several years. Some even leading to
these properties are included in an online Tax Certificate Sale on
friends who are still around to stand up folks having to sell homes at a discouraging amount just to
June 1.
to the machine of so-called progress During the Tax Certificate Sale, investors bid to purchase the tax avoid the harassment from the violators. Others to be jailed
within this county, especially around for handling the situation themselves for the Code Dept.
certificates issued on certain delinquent properties. The winning
Freeport. does little to nothing to end the discrepancy, if at all.
bidder on each property immediately pays the owed taxes and
Are we just expected to fade away and In other action, the council authorized grant writer
receives his or her money back, with interest, once the property
die off inside a home for elders because Christopher Mitchell to proceed with applying for a $50K
owner pays his or her taxes.
we cannot care for our homes as once grant for historical information panels for the city. The
If you are unsure of the payment status of your tax accounts, please
did when spouse was alive? This is get- visit WaltonTaxCollector.com and click on the “Search the Tax panels would be installed at various points of interests and
ting ridiculous. provide the public with information on relative unique
Roll” tab. The search feature is easy to use and you can quickly pull
I hope many people will continue to call landmarks.
up your account (s) to see if they are paid.
in to Dept.’s until our rights are heard. Council members also voted to waive the facility fee for
Not all of us have transportation to make the Pierce Family Children's Advocacy Center for a
For more information, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at
those meetings. provider funded fair at the community center on May 23rd.
(850) 892-8121
I had my G-daughter send this to you for However, local resident Cathy Mosley made the generous
I don’t know how to use a computer. The offer to pay the fee personally. The council and the center
amount of influx in Freeport may be expressed their appreciation to Miss Mosley for her
good for income to County, but what generosity.
about us citizens who were hear long We could use more people to help call on violations within
before this so-called Gold rush to the the County. Whether it be in city limits, the County has
beaches? laws on the books to prevent citizens moving into home
Bothered daily, Ms. S. Hampton areas creating a nuisance of a business that interferes with
sanctity of peace designed by plotting a residential
With the shear number of complaints made and the viola-
tors just dancing cat and mouse across this county. Even
the state has Laws to prevent such activity, check them.

850.835.2558 ‘gdy ‘...yes we do
odd jobs, deck builds,
901 Hwy. 20 East junk removal
landscaping projects
Florida Hours : We appreciate our readers. Thank our Advertisers, if not
Tues– Sat. 9am-5pm for them, there is no Printing. It’s been a great 8years together Free estimates 850.419.6959
A FREE offering of FREEPORT News and more. Thank You !!
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AD Only
$10 per issue For Sale
We see you! Mail or E-mail
Classifieds List your FOR SALE ITEMS only
$10…….mail to P.O. Box 1133
Advertising space is available Are you in FREEPORT, looking SERVICES Freeport 32439
for conversation and an ICE Cold
within this newspaper! Call now! 24’ above ground swimming Pool
Pool tournaments on Thursday Home/Condo repair work and Sand filtration system. 4’walls.
A NEEDED REQUEST from Now Wii-Bowling tournaments, call Call 765.527.7013/ Gary Liner 2yr old. Works great. Empty.
for more details. Lots of fun! Needs taken down…..and set-up at
an AVID READER The LUCKY STAR BAR your place. $500/obo 585-0262
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of a Van or vehicle that may have a wheelchair or Karaoke weekends @ 9pm List for FREE AD’s A lot of Lots & places for Sale in the
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This man has been restricted by his health to drive past Freeport Café, turn right. Call or E-mail the information ! Our Realtors inside this Newspaper
and being on an income so low that transportation work very hard and know the area
has become almost impossible. Are you up in DeFuniak Springs? very well. It helps to say our Name!
The Emerald star News is asking that if anyone can Looking for a great BBQ dinner/date Rentals? Listed here only $10ea.
donate and or sell a vehicle for to help this Man of Adult Beverages, Beer, Wine…. Rooms for Rent? Only $10ea. Explore nature in and around
his needs. Please contact ASAP, we will forward his Stop in @ 4C BBQ Housing for Rent? Help local Walton County Florida with Walton
information to you to assist him in getting such a Big screen TV& several other TV’s folks afford to stay here, if you have Outdoors. For more information, go
vehicle. Even if you are capable of helping this Man Karaoke most every Sat. a place to offer from Rent or Barter. to: http://www.waltonoutdoors.com
get to Dr. appt’s please contact us here and we will Feel like shooting some Darts? Shoot me an E-mail
contact him immediately. Sat. 6pm sign-up/7pm start tourney I will place it ASAP.
We recognize there are many elderly folks in need Hdcp singles ……...10 people =
of help in this county and especially just in the Free- $100 1st place / $50 2nd place
port area. 20 people, pot goes up to $200 for 1st Support FREEPORT’s
Any and all requests will be handled as best we can ‘ONLY NEWSPAPER’
to assist in helping the Elders around here. Let us get your name out
Check both Bar websites for
Please call 850-585-0262 or e-mail with contact
Specials upcoming Parties and such
info. We can forward to people such as this. Visit the BIOPHILIA CENTER
during the Holidays.
Thank you all. Help them for one day you may be this year. A very Special place in
4C BBQ located in behind
Old needing help with simple tasks too. Karma!! FREEPORT off Hwy. 20E
Walgreens (past Wal-Mart) on right
East of Hwy. 331…. 2 miles down
FOOD PANTRY for DFS FOOD donations Great Music/
Start off 2017 with a great
accepted here in Freeport at Marx Coastal Optical. Great Food Deal Advertising with us.
Please drop-off Food for the Needy.
Call 850-880-6778 or stop in across from Frank’s Short or Long term, it helps us
cash & Carry in Freeport and drop-off. 4C BBQ Caters Too! print and more.
We can take care of
the running around
this county for you.
Just call or e-mail for
Ad info., pricing is
the Best Deal in the
entire county! 765-527-7013
Help us,
So we can

What does it matter to you, the reader?
I would like you!
(The reader) to become a part of this
As you know we use the Advertising dollars to pay for the
newspaper’s history, as we grow with
PRINTING of this (Free to you) FREEPORT Newspaper.
FREEPORT and the surrounding
**We do accept donations as well. Checks or CC welcome We also Cater! areas into the future. Send in your
To keep this around, we could use more Advertisers and
comments anytime! E-mail to:
common folks alike, to Help us grow! Voice of the People! Hwy 331 S, next to Cypress Cattle & Produce Emerald_star_news@hotmail.com

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The only versatile newspaper that
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11am to 6 pm offers both sides of discussion. Let the
people in charge = read your opinion.
Like us on Facebook They work with your tax dollars!
Along Hwy. 331 S. just past Hwy20 on RH side……..
No need for “PC” here. Live!
FREEPORT”s Best Pork Sandwich, take some to the beach!
Page 12 The Emerald Star News, Inc. Thursday, March 30, 2017

cabinets w/Granite countertops, Marble tile floors & Granite vanity
tops in both bathrooms. Loft/Computer area at the top of the
**AIR FORCE LOCATION SPECIAL** stairs. Home has New Paint & New Carpet. Great Room &
4BR/2BA, 1,768 sf. Brick home, close to Eglin AFB, Tom’s Master Bedroom w/Balconies overlooking the Bay! Screened
Bayou, schools & shopping! Renovated kitchen! Versatile Gazebo, Covered Deck & Outdoor Storage Room for enjoying the
floor-plan has main home w/3BR/1BA on 1st level, + guest Backyard. Perfect for a primary home or as a vacation home.
quarters w/kitchenette & bathroom on 2nd level. Chain-link Ready to Move-In Condition. Enjoy the Beautiful view & Awesome
fenced backyard & storage bldg. NEW PRICE! $184,900 Sunsets across Choctawhatchee Bay! $224,900

.50 acre lot on a Paved road w/City water 3BR/2BA, 1,140 sf. Like new manuf. home! Built-
available. No HOA fees or dues! Many new in buffet & center island in kitchen, Spacious Mas-
attractions for the Freeport area such as the ter suite. Garden tub, shower & double vanities in
Master bath. 12’x12’ storage bldg. Open deck.
New Publix Shopping Center! $30,000
Close to Black Creek. Great Price! $84,900

Canalfront 2BR/1BA Cozy Cabin. Extensive renovation with a 3BR/2BA Brick Home w/Super views of the 3BR/2BA @ 1,514 sq ft. Spacious Master BR
Seaside flair! Unique woodwork throughout home. Metal roof. Choctawhatchee River! Oak floors, Brick w/his & hers closets. New carpet in bedrooms.
FP, FR & more. Yard bldg. Artesian Well & New interior & exterior paint. New Roof. Dock
Excellent location for fishing on Black Creek, Rivers and Bay new Pump. Guest House w/new carpet & w/power & water, fenced yard, & covered deck.
or just a weekend get-a-way! $139,900 vinyl for family or as rental. $268,000 GREAT BUY! $314,900

Ph: 850-835-4153 www.freeportwaterfront.com