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Driving Growth through Strategic FOR INFORMATION

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Todays leaders face continued pressure to sustain competitive advantage while
also pursuing new initiatives. Options for growth have always included innovation, Visit
consolidation, geographical expansion, and diversifying into new businesses. for dates and tuition information.
However, with disruptive shifts in the external and competitive environment, the
growth of technology-based industries, the rise of activist investors, and the
blurring of industry boundaries, companies need to increasingly look at strategic
partnerships as their primary growth mode.
Those partnerships, however, are easier said than created. Many fail to achieve the
desired growth objectives, even destroying value instead of creating it. In Driving
Growth through Strategic Partnerships, participants will learn how to enhance their
capabilities for both identifying the best partnering opportunities and designing and
managing them in ways that create maximum value for all partners.

Growth Strategy and the Role of Partnerships and Ecosystems
further evaluates the latest strategic insights in determining the factors that
influence both the financial and organizational success of strategic alliances.
Participants will identify the processes needed for effective management of
the combined firms and resources.
Creating Competitive Advantage takes an in-depth look at the need to
reframe traditional views on developing strategy and achieving competitive
advantage, and explores new views on competitive advantage and strategy
Alliance Structure and Dynamics examines the key elements that make
up alliance design, dynamics, and structure, including alliance scope, partner
roles and responsibilities, governance structure, alliance management, plans
for sharing profits/returns, objectives, concerns, and relative bargaining
Negotiating a Partnership provides a highly interactive and personalized
experience in which participants negotiate in teams and explore the
key drivers of successful alliance negotiations. They will gain a better
understanding of their negotiating style; learn to better assess positions,
issues, and interests; see how assumptions drive values, beliefs, and norms;
and learn how these factors may affect behavior.

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EXECUTIVE Driving Growth through
EDUCATION Strategic Partnerships


Leveraging Innovation Ecosystems provides an Executives with responsibilities for growth initiatives, whether
alternative way of thinking about growth and strategy that introducing innovations, finding new markets, or looking at
goes beyond the firm and its capabilities and customers. new technologies, will benefit from this program. Additionally,
Participants will identify the ecosystems their companies
those who manage alliances and work in business or corporate
are a part of, understand the inherent challenges of those
ecosystems, and learn tools and frameworks for navigating development (including general managers, strategic planning
and orchestrating them to maximize growth potential. managers, and marketing managers) and financial officers
involved with financing new ventures or mergers and acquisitions
Corporate Strategy and Acquisitions explores the key
drivers of successful implementation strategies, as well as can also benefit.
challenges to managing the post-acquisition process, such
as cultural differences and power struggles.
Driving Growth through Strategic Partnerships teaches research- Academic Director
based techniques for designing and forming alliances, showing Mack Professor of Management; Co-Director, Mack
Institute for Innovation Management; Vice Dean for
you how to apply them to your firms real-world challenges and
Global Initiatives, The Wharton School
experiences. Through lectures, case studies, experiential learning,
advice from industry experts, small group work, and hands-
on exercises, you will uncover a better way to adapt, respond
Harbir Singh has served as past chairperson of the Business
to new market opportunities, facilitate time to market, find
Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management and
complementary resources, and gain new skills and technologies
as chairperson of Whartons Management department. He has
through partnerships.
served on the editorial boards of several leading management
This program will help you build your firms alliance capability, journals. His research on the role of cultural distance in explaining
making you an alliance partner of choice. You will learn how the choice of entry mode by multinationals won the JIBS Decade
to identify and offset your companys unique liabilities, develop Award, presented by the Journal of International Business
a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, and find ways to Studies. He has also received the Strategic Management
add value to an alliance. You will also discover how to determine Societys Award for Outstanding Research. He is a fellow of the
when to enter into a partnership andjust as importantwhen Strategic Management Society, the premier professional body
to leave one. Conflicts and the evolution of alliances, as well as for research in strategy, and was named its dean in 2015. Harbir
managing networks of alliances and understanding how they has taught extensively in Whartons multiple degree programs.
affect overall corporate strategies, are also explored. He is on the Academic Advisory Board of the Indian School
Session topics include: of Business, and has been a visiting professor at the London
Growth Strategy and the Role of Partnerships and Business School and Bocconi University, Italy. He has worked
Ecosystems with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Verizon, Cisco, and the
Creating Competitive Advantage Aditya Birla Group on issues relating to strategy, alliances, and
Alliance Structure and Dynamics acquisitions.
Strategy and the Role of Alliances
Negotiating a Partnership (Lecture and Exercises)
Leveraging Innovation Ecosystems Prashant Kale, PhD
Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Jesse H. Jones Graduate
Corporate Strategy and Acquisitions School of Business, Rice University
Rahul Kapoor, PhD
Associate Professor of Management, The Wharton School

CP-STA-0316 +1.800.255.3932 (U.S. or Canada) +1.215.898.1776 (worldwide)

EXECUTIVE Driving Growth through
EDUCATION Strategic Partnerships


Alliance Development Manager Abaqus, Inc.
Area Manager Abbott Laboratories
Assistant General Counsel ABZ Group BV (An ADP Company)
Asst. Vice PresidentStrategy and Business Development Alianza Team
Business Unit Manager
CFO Arla Foods
Director Chamberlain Manufacturing Corporation
General Manager HP
Global Retail B2B Strategy Manager IBM
Manager, ISS External Relations Office M2, Inc.
Officer, Strategic Planning and Business Development NASA/Johnson Space Center
President/CEO Nationwide
Procurement and Alliance Manager Nextel
Regional Channel Manager Novo Nordisk A/S
Senior Business Development Manager OKI Data
Senior Director, Wireless Data Organon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.
Senior Program Manager Plymouth Tube
Senior Vice PresidentStrategic Planning Roche GmbH
Shell Oil
Strategic Results Alliance
Symbol Technologies
TW Perry

CP-STA-0316 +1.800.255.3932 (U.S. or Canada) +1.215.898.1776 (worldwide)

EXECUTIVE Driving Growth through
EDUCATION Strategic Partnerships

Breakfast Harbir Singh, PhD

Academic Director
The Mack Professor Professor of
Program Introduction Group Case Alliance vs. Acquisition Group Case Management; Co-Director, Mack
and Opening Exercise Preparation: Preparation: Cisco Toys Case Institute for Innovation Management;
R Us Vice Dean for Global Initiatives,
The Wharton School
Group Photo & Alliance Design and
Prashant Kale, PhD
Lunch Creating Growth Associate Professor of Strategic
Creating Competitive Opportunities: Management, Jesse H. Jones
Toys R Us
Advantage Managing Corporate
Graduate School of Business, Rice
Group Case Alliance Negotiations: University
Introduction and Case Discussion
Phillips Case Individual Team Rahul Kapoor, PhD
Preparation Associate Professor of Management,
Managing Multiple
Alliances and Program The Wharton School
Building Alliance Summary
Group Photo
and Lunch

Strategy and Role of Lunch Lunch (optional)

Leveraging Business Alliance Negotiation
Ecosystems between Teams
Group Case
Otis Elevator Case

Otis Elevator Case

Discussion Negotiation: Debrief
and Discussion
In Classroom

Free Time


Individual Evening Preparation: Assigned Readings

SAMPLE AGENDA: Program start and end times are subject to change. Please DO NOT make travel arrangements based on this agenda.
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