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PACESC Begins A New Year
The 2010-2011 membership period has begun.
Thank you for PACESC as your accountability
group. It is an honor to serve your family.
If you have not already re enrolled, you are
receiving your last newsletter from PACESC.
We understand that many of you may be intent
on joining us for another year and we would not
want you to miss this issue.
If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide if
you will re enroll, we hope the information in
this issue will help you decide.

You are receiving this newsletter from PACESC because you are a member of PACESC’s SC accountability association, have
purchased products from PACESC, or have requested information. PACESC does not rent, sell, or share our database with
anyone. Your privacy is very important to us. You may UNSUBSCRIBE to this newsletter group at anytime .


We are working to improve the look and feel of our organization
as we grow and add services and products.
Get a good look at what you can expect from PACESC as we move
Many of our long time member families will recognize the older
logo for our South Carolina accountability group (the state logo
now in blue). We will continue to use this logo to designate
services and products which are exclusively for our SC
accountability group.
PACESC, LLC provides many services which serve homeschoolers
that are not members of the accountability group and may not
even be in SC. So we needed an updated logo. We introduced
this logo last year.
PACESC is developing handbooks and products of our own. We
felt it was important to give these a consistent look that we could
build on. I hope you like the new magazine-like look.
We are still... PACESC… At Your Service!

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P A C E S C m o v e s f o rwa r d
PACESC: SC Handbook
This handbook is being prepared and is almost complete. It will be
made available online for all members of the SC Accountability
Group. In it you will find all of the information and forms you will
need to be compliant with the 3rd option law.
Price: $FREE
Members Only

The PACESC Store & Catalog

Many of you have purchased your curriculum from PACESC. While
our store site is still being worked on, we can get you many of the
materials you need. We carry many of the publishers you have
grown to love. Many customers still prefer the catalog. So we are
developing a catalog you can access online and download.

Item: Catalog Visit the PACESC Store Website or call us

Price: $FREE


PACESC offers a Record Keeping Service beyond our normal
accountability services. This service is offered to all homeschoolers
throughout the US. This service also includes evaluation of high
school records for preparation of an official transcript and diploma.
*Subject to availability under state homeschool laws where participant presides.

Price: $Varies


PACESC will soon be found on FACEBOOK. We are looking
forward to connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Watch our website for more information. We will also be sending

information through a future newsletter.

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We are very excited to announce that PACESC will be offering
classes beginning in September 2010.
Class offerings will be two-fold…
 First… The online format: The online teacher-led
program will be offered to any homeschooler wishing to
take them.
 Second… The blended format: Those wishing to
participate may join us for weekly contact classes to
support and enhance the online learning experience.

PAC E S C N e e d s Yo u r I n p u t …
 Have you participated in a Co-op in the past?
 Are you presently part of one?

 Would you travel to Moncks Corner for classes? How about the Dorchester Road/
Ashley Phosphate area?

 Have you ever taught as a classroom teacher, or in a homeschool cooperative?

 What did you teach?

 Has your child taken online courses in the past?

 Would you use online courses for any of your children?

 What classes would help you in your endeavor to homeschool your child?

We are currently working on the following classes…

Physical Science / Biology / Chemistry / Anatomy & Physiology
Middle School Math / Pre-Algebra / Algebra 1 / Algebra 2
College Prep Reading Readiness / Writing

We are willing to add others. PACESC wants to know how best to serve you.

Please complete the short survey on our website…

Go To Survey

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T h e pa c e s c C l a s s e s
Online Teacher-Led Classes
These classes are available fully online through our PACESC School portal. All
instructions and grading including assignments, discussions, and evaluations will be
directed by the teacher.
Parents are required to check the parent email account for notices from the teacher and
administrator; proctor quizzes and tests as needed; return forms and paper assignments
when needed; and hold the student accountable to the assigned work.

Students enrolled in online classes:

All necessary materials.
Direct access to online courses and resources 24/7.
Direct and private access to the teacher.
Participation with fellow students in discussion groups.
Support services: record keeping, transcripts, grade reports,
and a personal academic advisor.

Blended Course for Local Students

Students will be enrolled in the online class and have the
added benefit of meeting weekly for review, tutoring, testing,
and lab work. The activities and experiments will compliment
and support the learning taking place through the online class.

Don’t Delay… Complete Our Survey

Class Offerings Depend On What We

Here From You.


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PA C E S C A C C O U N TA B I L I Y R E M I N D E R . . .

Year End Compliance provide a transcript. We can prepare that for

Statement: you, but we will need information and time.
Don’t forget to return your Year End Compliance Please do not wait until the last minute. Call our
Statement once you have completed your 180 days office and we can help you and your child make
of instructions. This is required by PACESC to the transition.
complete your records for the 2009-2010 school
Have A 2010 Graduate?
year. We must have this form on file for each year.
We can provide transcripts and a handsome di-
If you have already done so, Thank You. ploma for your graduate. Our transcripts have
If you have not… To continue to count homeschool been accepted at colleges throughout the United
attendance days beyond May 31st, you must renew States. Call our office to get the forms sent to
your membership. you.

Once you complete your school days, return the

Guidance Office is
If you have any questions about homeschool in
general or about you high school student and
Renew Today…
If you still need to renew your membership, visit credits…. Do not

the website today to complete the online member- hesitate to call us

ship form. You can also print out the re enrollment today.

form from our printable forms page and mail it in.

Returning to Public
If you plan to return your child to public school,
contact the school early. They may require that you

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T h e pa c e s c s t o r e
P H o m e s c h o o l R e s o u r c e s

From Kindergarten to College by Deb Edson

Packed with over 130 pages of tips, aids, resources, examples, and
personal stories about how they homeschooled their 3 children for 18
years and were able to send them to college by the grace of God with
over 30 scholarships.

Price: $25.00
Type: Soft cover, spiral bound

Discover Your Childs Learning Style - Here’s The Key To

Every Childs Learning Success
by Mariaemma Willis
Help your child discover the joy of learning. Does your child learn best in the
morning, afternoon, or evening? Does his reading comprehension increase or
decrease when music is played in the background? Does she prefer to study
alone or with others? According to nationally respected educators Mariaemma
Willis And Victoria Kindle Hodson, our children process information in a
multitude of unique ways. What works best for one child is often
counterproductive for others. By trying to force all children into the same
learning mode we unfairly short-circuit their education as well as their Price: $19.95
intellectual development. Discover Your Child's Learning Style shows how to Order #: 9780761520139
assess and nurture your child's individual learning potential based on his or her Type: Trade Paper
talents, interests, disposition, preferred environment, and more.

Gifted Children At Home - A Practical Guide For

Homeschooling Families
by Janice Baker
Written by three Christian moms who have chosen to home educate
their intellectually gifted children, this book will not only guide you
through those perplexing doubts and questions but also wholly
encourage you with discerning and dependable answers. The goal of
this book is to provide the information and resources that will enable
Price: $24.95
you to make important educational decisions with confidence and
Order #: 9781892427014
success. Topics extensively covered include: assessment; characteristics Type: Paperback
and learning styles; curriculum considerations; techniques;
acceleration/skipping; and much more.


(843) 899-4333 Page 7


T h e pa c e s c N e w s l e t t e r PLACE



PO BOX 1767
Mailing address:

Phone: 843.899.4333
Fax: 843.899.4350

Our Purpose
PACESC was created from a desire for our own family to have legal accountability, while
maintaining maximum freedom and flexibility to select our own educational methods,
materials, and school schedule.

PACESC is committed to providing quality service, support, information, and the

resources and services that homeschooling families need to be successful.

Permission IS NOT granted to copy any information from this Handbook without express
written permission of the association. Forms may be printed in their entirety for their in-
tended purpose by current members only. Do not copy our logo for your own use!

Nothing we say or post is intended to be legal advice, and is distributed for information purpose
only. It is not intended to be and does not constitute the giving of legal advice. For more information
about the laws and regulations in SC, please contact HSLDA or your own attorney.