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Andrew Romano:

CapGemini Project Alex Dometrius:

Nader Ahmed:
Chris Ponmanissery:
Darrell Bowdon:
Recipe for failing ESPs: High Vertical
Vibrations and Deep Wells
Based on similar data points, KNN prediction
models can reveal possible failures with 87%
Our Findings accuracy.
Regression models can predict individual ESP
failures at 82.6%
Decision based models can evaluate failure
scenarios by identifying key reporting
Repaired missing and mistyped values
Created data visualizations to better understand
the data
To solve this problem we used KNN, logistical
regression, and decision trees.
Techniques K Nearest Neighbors aka KNN: an algorithm that
finds patterns within given data and then uses that
Used data to make predictions for new data
Logistic Regression: a method that takes one or more
independent variables and searches for patterns. The
result is measured by the outcome accuracy of a
single dichotomous variable
Decision Tree: a decision tool that uses a graph with
multiple binary breaks based upon key dividing
features within data
Visualizations separated the data by ESP, vendor,
oil field, and block.
By grouping ESPs in similar environments we gain better
precision in identifying problems.

Other Visualizations: Box Plots and Histograms

Data Box Plots: Identifies statistics that had high variance or
Exploration Histograms: Identifies data spread.

To create our models we used a variety of different

testing approaches
Overall testing sets: For a general look at the data
Vendor segmented sets: To evaluate quality of each
vendors products for future purchases
Sets of metrics with different weights: To differentiate
based upon importance of certain variables
KNN Classification Results
Vendor #1: 96% Prediction Accuracy
Vendor #2: 95% Prediction Accuracy
Vendor #3: 87% Prediction Accuracy
Vendor 1 Offers a More Consistent Product

Classification Logistic Regression Classification Results

Logistic Regression: 82.6% Prediction Accuracy
Methods Lets Us Generate a Mathematical Formula to Predict
Failures with High Accuracy
Decision Tree Classification Results
Failure Determining Factors: Vertical Vibrations and
Crude Model Shows That Vertical Vibrations Greater
Than 32.4 g and Depths Greater Than 2365 m Lead to a
Higher Chance of Failing ESPs.