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Research Project
Project 1 Individual Research Project:
Immersion Trip are designed to with give students the opportunity to go on short study immersion trips to
cities in USA, Europe and Asia where they will learn more about other cultures and the challenges of
doing business in a global context. These immersion trips aim to inculcate a global mind-set among
students as well as provide a platform to learn outside the classroom. During such trips, students will visit
companies, attend seminars as well as interact with industry players.

Given the importance of Immersion Trip, School of Business Management constantly seeks
for ways to further improve or enhance our immersion program. With this objective in mind,
as part of the individual research project, students are required to embark on a
comprehensive Research Project to propose a suitable immersion trip from conception to
solution recommendation.

Project will consist of the following sections:

Primary Research
Secondary Research
Analysis and Recommendations
Primary Research
Conduct an online poll, observation or interviews (Must be approved prior to fieldwork)
to collect the following (but not limited to):
Consumer Profile & Habits
Effectiveness of marketing efforts

Secondary Research
Student to research on the following Information :
Activities covering the 3 key areas:
Educational aspect
Company visits
Cultural visits
In addition:
Accommodation / Hotels
Analysis & Recommendations
Based on all the information collected (primary & secondary), analyse and
proposed your selected destination and appropriate marketing strategy
(Product, Place, Price, People, Promotion), which may includes the
Destination of the immersion trip and rationale for your selection;
Program of the immersion trip (itinerary) such as duration and types of
activities and the rationale for your selection;
Marketing activities - Target market and how to market the event to the
Any other relevant insights and recommendation
Project Deliverables
Based on all the research done earlier, student is to prepare a sales pitch to
Marketing Director on their proposed immersion trip. Sales pitch should cover
the following:
Itinerary of the immersion trip
Marketing and promotion materials (E-poster)
5 Mins formal presentation

Formal presentation will be graded on:

Creativity of slides
Story-based flow of results
Presentation Skills
In-depth analysis
Completeness of content