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Right: Lubbock junior Carolyn Key fills cups

of water for runners in the Bearathon. This
year's Bearathon attracted more than 500
runners, the most in its six-year history.
"StuFu is a unique group of individuals
who all serve each other, the Baylor
campus and most importantly the Lord. It
is a heart filled commitment to share your
love of helping people and making Baylor a
better place," Key said.

Top right: Student Foundation members

Southlake senior Lauren Hazledine Photo by Lindsay Harrison
and Dallas senior Justin Stohner hand
out trophies to the winning runners
in each age division. For the first time,
Student Foundation also organized a
noncompetitive 5K fun run sponsored by
The Grove in addition to the traditional
Bearathon's half-marathon.

Bottom right: Kerrville junior Sarah Taylor

holds a giant check for first-place winner
Ernesto Caballero, 42, of Dallas. Top three
placing male and female runners in the 40
and older masters division, Baylor student
division and overall received checks. The
first place prize was $300, second place
was $200 and third place was $100.

Photo by Lindsay Harrison Photo by Lindsay Harrison

Courtesy photo
Student Foundation officers: Front Row: Ashley Westbrook, campus promotions
co-chair; Molly McIntyre, co-president; Natalie Foster, financial affairs co-chair and
Danielle Nicholson, student recruitment co-chair. Back row: Will Simmons, campus
promotions co-chair; Taylor Williams, co-president; Justin Stohner, financial affairs
co-chair and Tate Barrett, student recruitment co-chair. Courtesy photo
Student Foundation members do a sic 'em on the football field at Floyd Casey Stadium. "I have many favorite parts of StuFu. The first is
Revelation at the beginning of the year. It's when we are notified that we have gotten into Student Foundation and it's always a special time.
It's so much fun meeting so many people from different walks of life and knowing that the upcoming year you are going to make so many
great friendships out of the crowd," Lubbock senior Brittany Heath said.

324 Organizations
Student Foundation
Upperclassmen work for
past, present and future
Every Baylor student has seen them around campus. Whether they are
leading tours, setting up for events, riding bicycles in the homecoming parade,
awarding students scholarships or selling Baylor Pride T-shirts, their green-
and-white-striped rugby jerseys stand out in a crowd. Student Foundation
also stands out as an organization. This group of 100 juniors and seniors is
divided into three committees: financial affairs, campus promotions and
student recruitment.
Financial affairs raises money for student scholarships. Through events and
donations, Student Foundation has helped more than 5,000 students afford a
college education in the 39 years since it was founded.
Campus promotions focuses on events the organization is known for.
The committee keeps students informed of Student Foundation events by
maintaining a billboard, posting fliers and chalking around campus. Freshman
Follies, held at Bear Park, united freshman in a mass food fight on Oct. 3. Their
largest event, however, was Bearathon. The weekend began with a pasta
dinner for the runners the evening before the race. Student Foundation
members worked through the night posting road markers and met at 5
a.m. to construct a balloon arch marking the starting line. The certified
half-marathon started at 8 a.m. in Fountain Mall on campus, eventually
leading runners through Cameron Park and back to Fountain Mall. This
13.1-mile run drew more than 500 participants and raised $17,000
toward endowed scholarships.
Student recruitment travels to college fairs, senior receptions
and high schools to represent Baylor to potential students.
This committee is also responsible for hosting Invitation to
Excellence, a special weekend program for National Merit
semi-finalists to visit the university, in addition to hosting Sic
'Em days and premiers throughout the year.
When asked why they are involved in Student Foundation,
nearly every member said it was reciprocation for all they had
been given.
"I wanted to give back to the university. Student
Foundation works with current students, alumni and
potential students," Nick Wigle, a San Antonio senior,
Though it is his first year in the organization, Spring
junior Jason Dagley echoed this sentiment.
"We learn so much through Student Foundation:
planning, coordinating, time management. Every
member does it because of a passion for the university.
It's what we do. We love it," Dagley said.
Jenna DeWitt
Organizations Editor
Photo by Jenna DeWitt

Left: Lubbock senior Brittany Heath and Denver senior
Taylor Williams sell Baylor Pride T-shirts to Pilot Point
freshman Brynn Carlile and Lytle freshman Maria Lara
as they leave Chapel. Student Foundation sold the
T-shirts to promote the men's basketball game against
Texas A&M University and to raise money for student
Right: Student Foundation member Nick Wellborn, a
Southlake senior, holds up a Baylor Pride T-shirt.
Photo by Jenna DeWitt Photo by Jenna DeWitt

Student Foundation 325

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