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Installation Instruction for R0000037 Sof-Sound TM Kit

Kit includes:
Quantity Part Number Description
5 685366 Foam Tape .................. 25s/4 '' X 3/4'1 X 13/16 '1

4 40106001 Foam ........................... 4" x 22" x 1/2"

3 40106101 Foam ........................... 6" x 13" x 1"
1 40106201 Foam ........................... 8" x 23" x 1/2"
1 40106301 Foam Pad .................... 5" x 5" x 1/2"
3 40106401 Sound Foil Material ...... 6" x 20"
1 40094201 Tub to Pump Hose
1 R0000038 Instructions

To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death; disconnect power to washer before servicing, never
start washer with any guards or panels removed, and always reconnect ground wires after servicing.

1. Remove screws securing both front panels. 11. Remove protective backing from one 6" x 20" of
2. Remove two screws securing cabinet top panel to sound foil material. Place on left side of cabinet at
cabinet assembly. a 35 to 45 degree angle. Sound foil material
3. Tape loading door to cabinet top panel and should be angled with high end at front of cabinet.
carefully swing top panel to a vertical position. Press mastic firmly in place.
See illustration on page 2.
NOTE: A small chain or wire may be used for
12. Use remaining sound foil material and repeat step
additional support.
11 on right side.
4. Check all inside surfaces of cabinet panels base 13. Remove the protective backing from one of the
edges and cabinet for any dirt/oil/grease residue. 6" x 13" x 1" foam material and install on the
bottom left inside of cabinet as shown. Install the
IMPORTANT: All residues must be removed or foam
remaining 6" x 13" x 1" foam material on the
material will not adhere to cabinet.
bottom right inside of cabinet.
5. Remove top front panel brace. 14. Remove protective backing and install three
6. Remove protective backing on one piece of pieces of 25" x 3/4"x ls/16"foam tape to top cabinet
6" x 20" sound foil and center it on the top front flanges. Install remaining two pieces to front
panel. Press sound foil firmly in place. flanges starting at top. See illustration on page 2.
See illustration on page 2. 15. Tilt washer back and install the four 4" x 22" x 1/2"
NOTE: All sound material has a protective backing, pieces of foam material around the outer edges of
which must be removed before installation. the washer base.

7. Re-install top front panel brace. NOTE: When removing tub to pump hose, water will
8. Remove brace from bottom access panel (if be present. To avoid damaging property
present) and place 6" x 13"x 1" foam inside of place a thin pan or towels down to catch
access panel. Press foam sheet firmly in place. excess water.
See illustration on page 2. 16. Loosen hose clamps and remove tub to pump
NOTE: Brace removed in step 8 can be used to hose. Place hose clamps on new tub to pump
press foam sheets in place. hose and install new hose on the washer.

9. Pull tub away from back of cabinet and install NOTE: Later models already have the new
corrugated tub to pump hose assembled at
remaining 8" x 23" x 1/2"foam sheet over louvers
located in left side of cabinet. Press foam sheet the factory.
firmly in place. See illustration on page 2. 17. Reassemble all panels; remove tape from loading
10. Remove protective backing from 5" x 5" x 1/2" door and test run washer.
foam pad and install over louvers located in lower NOTE: Before reassembling, check for missing or
right rear corner of cabinet.
loose hardware and foreign objects inside
See illustration on page 2. washer. Verify motor wires are not touching
motor mount brackets.

NOTE: Brace removed in step 8 can be discarded.

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Installation Instruction for R0000037 Sof-Sound TMKit

40106401 Foam Tape Foam Tape
Sound Foil 40106201
8"x 23"x 1/2"

6"x 20"-each side_

Foam - each side
Foam Tape
6" x 13" x 1"

Foam Tape

Sound Foil 40106301
6"x 20" Foam Pad
5"x 5"x 1/2"

Front Panel
Under edge of
Base (4 pieces)
Foam Tape 40106001
40106101 4"x 22" x 1/2"
6" x 13" x 1"

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