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Delhi International School (Edge)

Creating global heads with hearts

Sector 18.Dwarka
DIS Edge aims to empower every young scholar who enters its threshold with an
unquenchable thirst for knowledge, an indomitable spirit of reasoning, a higher level
of consciousness and above all to evolve into complete human beings.

The School aims at all round development of a child's personality by providing

education of a high quality, an atmosphere that is friendly and relaxed and a setting
that furnishes all the necessary tools of learning.

It aims to guide the students through a system beyond pure academic achievement
into development of the total personality. The focal point in this development process
is the inculcation of attitudes that leads the child to unfold naturally into a well-
balanced individual, to meet the challenges of the world, as well as contribute
responsibly to global growth. Environment provided by the cultural and religious
diversity, which is the policy of the school, is an important factor in fostering universal
''School is a building with four walls and tomorrow inside it''.

Recognized by the Delhi Administration, the school follows the CBSE Syllabus. Delhi
International School is situated in a spacious ultra-modern campus. The school
building is state-of-the-art and has all the requirements of a progressive institution-
well equipped computer and science labs, a well stocked duplex e- library,indoor
swimming pool, Audio-visual room, a huge play field for all the major games(Cricket,
Football, Skating, Karate, Taekwondo, basket ball, horse riding etc.), provisions for
various co-curricular activities and spacious classrooms conforming to international
standards necessary for the holistic development of the child.

In addition to above, A Maths Laboratory per the CBSE curriculum is available.

DIS believes that a healthy body promotes a sound mind. There are facilities to deal with the routine health
problems of the students. Regular medical checkups are organised by the school to ensure good health and
well being of the students. Physical fitness and oral hygiene camps are an integral part of our health education.

Parents should inform the school authorities regarding children with physical disabilities. Special attention can
be paid to the concerned child. All parents are requested to impart Health Education to their children.

Maintain personal hygiene such as trimming of nails/hair and being neat on regular basis.
Exercise regularly.
Sleep at least eight hours daily.
Have a balanced diet, nutritionally rich in proteins and milk.
Drink water, which is boiled or filtered.
Avoid consumption of ice creams, other milk products and eatables from roadside vendors and kiosks.
All children should also be:
Dewormed at least once every year, on the advice of family physician.
Have a dental and ophthalmic check-up once every year by a well qualified dental surgeon and
Students suffering from infectious diseases such as Conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, and Scabies etc. should not
be sent to school until they have fully recovered.

- School timing for Pre-Nursery - 9a.m to 12:10 p.m

- School timing for Nursery & K.G - 8:10 a.m to 12:10 p.m
- School timing for 1 to 5 - 8:10 a.m to 2:10 p.m
Thank you!
Sector 18, Dwarka, New Delhi 110 077, (India)
Tel.No. : +91-11-28089999, 45677610, 45522883
Whatsapp No. :+91-9599964446
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