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Sunrays of Radiance:

The Eloists


Most people do not realize that they receive impressions that

emanate from the realms of spirit on a frequent basis. Most people
do not realize that they frequently have feelings and impressions that
are caused by the presence of human spirits. Most attribute these
thoughts, urges and sensations to physical causes, but as they come
to understand the facts of the spiritual worlds and realize that their
own spirit selves are already living in the realms of spirit, they begin
to realize that they have been suffering under an illusion of
separateness. Once this is fully realized then, and only then, can
they fully appreciate the importance of studying and practicing the
things we teach. The details of the path may be varied, but in a
general sense there is no other way to become a spiritual success in
conquering the destructive influences caused by the presence of a
world of undeveloped spirits.

When they go into a shopping center, for example, they encounter

the mental atmosphere created by a multitude of earth plane spirits.
When conditions are particularly vexatious for whatever reasons, it
can leave them feeling weakened or depressed for hours afterward
because they have clothed themselves unconsciously with the
mental atmosphere of those they contacted. If there are twenty

people greedily excited at a bargain counter, there are about the
mental atmosphere of that group perhaps hundreds of greedy spirits
enjoying the same excitement and living again in contact with those
mortals who are on the same mental wavelength. Only a well
organized pleroma of angels, whose protection can be gained only
through faithful co-operation with their Purpose, have the power to
shield mortals from the debilitating effects of the lower spiritual

When mortals enter any area or building where the frenzy of

mundane excitements can be found, they will also be subjected to
the presence of earth-bound spirits. This can include anything from
the obvious, such as casinos, bars and mardi gras to the not-so-
obvious, such as banks, stock exchanges and boardrooms. The
hordes of spirits who passed their time while in the body with just
such excitable daily activities are drawn into that mental atmosphere
and they continue their old habits of living over again from day to day
the same mental life they had in the past. As a result, hundreds of
such spirits may attach themselves to mortals that frequent the same
haunts. Spirits of gamblers, for example, are the source of many of
the hunches, impressions and dreams that mortal gamblers
experience. The problem is that these spirits are in a state of
declension that affects their astral bodies in a negative way, almost
like a disease. As a result they absorb vortex-ya (or the life essence)

from the mortals whom they are with, and so the people who
habitually follow these activities gradually become depleted of the
vitality necessary for the spiritual health of their astral beings. As a
result of this depletion of mental energy they often begin to
experience depression, nervousness, neurosis, or even chronic
physical ailments such as neuralgias, fatigue, lowered resistance, or
autoimmune diseases. The specialized work of our organization over
the years has made us acutely aware of the devitalizing influence of
the hordes of undeveloped spirits who remain in the mental
atmosphere about the places in which they worked, dined or played
while they were in mortality.

In the atmosphere of a bank, for example, you will find the spirits of
bankers who are still concerned with the affairs of this world for they
have never learned to appreciate anything else. Those who did not
develop aspirations and desires above a greed for gain naturally
remain in the same state of mind in which they were in this world.
The spirits of gluttons and drunkards will be found in the mental
atmosphere of the places devoted to feasting and drinking. Dance
halls and palatial hotels which are materially grandiose and imposing
often house a spiritual atmosphere that is tainted by the presence of
countless multitudes of sensual, gluttonous and excitement craving
spirits. In such an atmosphere people are often swayed by the desire

for self-gratification because of their close proximity to the mentality
of such spirits.

It is unfortunate that most religious leaders and institutions are

unaware of the reality of these conditions and have therefore been of
little use in raising people's awareness of this important spiritual
principle. It is also an unfortunate reality that those who are most
ignorant of the circumstances are the same ones who are most
subject to the detrimental effects of these mental and spiritual
conditions. Because these principles are not understood by the
teachers of ethics, metaphysics, religion, or psychology, there is no
effort made to educate and protect children and adults from these
universal and commonplace darkening spiritual conditions that breed
much of the distress under which most of humanity suffers both
mentally and physically.

These pictures of the spiritual condition of the world in which we live

will help you to understand how important it is to help raise the
awareness of others to appreciate the influence of the unseen realms
on our quality of life. The work we do strives to not only reveal the
spiritual causes of human suffering, but also to reveal the cure as
well. We also work to open people's awareness of their potential to
create on earth as the angels create in heaven. The world's people
need to be made aware of their own Inherent Divinity as co-creators

with their Creator. They need to become aware of the Host of Angels
who stand ready to help when we learn to recognize their presence
and work cooperatively with them in unity of Purpose.

Through the development of an intuitive perception of the Will of the

Creator and of the Purpose and Method of the "Government" of
Heaven, we have learned in some measure how to fulfill the spiritual
and physical conditions necessary to gain inspiration and protection
from the angelic realms of peace and order. Through cooperation
with the angels, one can learn how to bless and benefit others more

We believe that in the work we do, we are well protected by a Host of

Angels. Were we not protected, we would soon be depressed and
debilitated by the thousands of dark spirits who have been drawn into
our crescent as we work to lift them into the presence and influence
of more capable and loving hands above.

Early in our learning process, before we learned to attain to the

organized protective power of the angels, we too suffered from the
effects of selfish, hateful and opposing spirits of darkness who
thwarted our efforts to change the spiritual condition of low plane
spirits as well as their friends, families and even mediums on the
earth. These spirits did not want to be disturbed in their control of

human minds, nor did they want to be removed to purer realms more
conducive to their growth. At times their resistance can be vicious.
We both saw and felt the great opposition from the inhabitants of the
lower spiritual realms. We also saw people who tried to teach and
help humanity while not understanding these principles succumb to
the depressing or debilitating influence of these realms of selfish
spirits without ever discovering the cause of their failure. Seeing
these spiritual causes for many of the woes of humanity motivated us
to seek the Wisdom of the angels which would show us how to
overcome these realms of destructive spirits. We were shown
through a variety of avenues of spiritual revelation that there are
ways in which people who are yet bound to the limitations of the
mortal plane can work actively, consciously and cooperatively with
the Angelic Hosts. Such groups of people can function as an anchor
or conduit through which the Angelic Hosts may more readily contact
and influence the lowest states of human thought and feeling.

By years of devotion to the will and wisdom of the Creator, we have

found a mechanism that has the potential to significantly influence
one of the root causes of the chaos in our world. When enough
people become aware of the fundamental principles of Truth, of their
oneness with their Creator and the principles that logically follow
from this realization, then will our world be transformed into that
which we all know can be, but has as yet eluded our grasp.


We, the Angelic Hosts, are with you in all your endeavors. Our hosts
are divided into groups according to the time of rotation as well as
special tasks or activities. As always, we lend ourselves to your
service, as cooperative agents of Light, to the extent that you will
allow us, through your degree of commitment to the work and the
harmoniousness of your thoughts. We are well aware of your
mundane responsibilities and the worldly distractions you need to
deal with. We make our allowances and know the realities of your
world. Our priorities are not always the same as yours and we would
always prefer to have more of a response from your side. There is
always so much that needs to be done and always so few who can
do it. Our world is still in a painful state in spite of the promise the
Kosmon era already portends for us. This is an era that spans
thousands of years and the transformations within this cycle will roll
by more rapidly and drastically than has been the case in any of the
other eras throughout your past. Our purpose is to facilitate that
transformation, to ease the birth of humanity into that new world of
higher consciousness and expanded responsibility. We work to uplift
with other angels or spirits, both es'yans and drujas on our side, as
well as the whole spectrum of humanity on your side. It is easier for
us to intervene for good on our plane of being, but it is far more

difficult to reach mortals or even those spirits of darkness who reside
most closely with mortals. This is where we come to depend more
closely on you, our co-workers, and those like you who are aware of
our presence, who understand our purpose, and who are willing to
provide the conditions necessary for our cooperative effort. We
understand trying for you at times and you are not always able to
maintain awareness. All we ask is that you never give up, and if you
stray away at times do not shrug us off with thoughts of "What's the
use?" Just start over again from wherever you are, at square one if
necessary, and begin to work with us again. We will accept your help
at any time and under any conditions, and we will work with you to
whatever extent you will allow us. We are never discouraged and we
are always forgiving, for we know that we have shortcomings, too. All
we do is for Jehovih, and Jehovih's plan for spiritual progress. It is
never for us, and we are always grateful for your ongoing


What can we do to help suffering souls manifest their inherent


In the quietness of the council room in our Places of Radiance, we

concentrate all our faith and love to help others. Our spirits leap the
chasm of space through the subtle power of empathy and touch their
spirits with strength as truly as if they had been in the same room.
We have faith in the potential perfection of all spirits. We realize that
within their nature is locked power, strength, and intelligence
sufficient to reorganize every cell of their physical body. We have
faith that this inner power of their souls will respond to the
concentrated love of our souls, and will awaken from their latent
condition to positive activity. We believe that there is an image or
pattern of a perfect human being in their nature, just as there is an
image of an oak within the acorn. We believe that this potential
perfection will grow into actual perfection, if we vitalize it with our
realization of love, as the acorn is vitalized by the sun's rays.

Love is life and life-giving. It is our work as ministering spirits of love

to speak words of life to arouse those souls into activity and to feed
their awakening powers with the love of the Creator which we feel

surging forth from within the depths of our souls. By exercising our
love collectively, we call forth greater love. We feel that love which is
immortal life. We are conscious of that which is the Eternal in every
soul. We are lifted above the limited life of time and space. We are
immortals with the Glorious Immortals. We are consciously one with
the power of the Ever-Present within our souls and within all mighty,
immortal souls in a heavenly state of mind. We are not alone in our
effort to heal souls in distress. We feel the Ever-Present inspiring us
and the Glorious Immortals with us, and we can truly say, "It is not
we, but the Creator who doeth the work."

We have not been satisfied to offer a temporary happiness to

people. We have sought for the permanent healing of the woes of
humanity, physical, economic and spiritual. We can see that most of
the sufferings of humanity are due to the very small degree of love
which human beings have for one another, and that they will be
saved from suffering when they forsake selfish desires in the effort to
create more ideal conditions for all. Selfishness is the spiritual cause
for human suffering. Love will create a world of peaceful, prosperous
homes when it is expressed through and organized by human

Because we see the great need for cooperation by those who can
learn to be lovers of humanity, we urge all to develop a Place of

Radiance on earth like that of the Angels in Heaven, in which all
serve together for the good of all.

By focusing daily in spirit to uplift those who are suffering, we

develop the spirit and power of love within our souls, and make
ourselves a channel through which love can flow to others. This
stream of love has grown in the act of joining together in thought for
greater service to others.


If mortals could see the spiritual side of life, they would see the spirits
of those who have passed on. They are everywhere, and they are no
more advanced, or enlightened, than mortals; for they think the same
and desire the same.

Spirits are attracted to people of the same habits and tendencies as

their own, and by living near these people make themselves a
burden and a limitation, so that it is harder for the mortals to
overcome their limitations and causes of suffering.

The good aspirations of mortals help them to rise above their psychic
world, and this influences the spirits for good. But mortals who are
drifters, without purpose or aspiration, or who are evilly inclined,
attract many spirits who become rulers over their actions.

Mortals actually have a superior power to rule over the spirits. Where
spirits rule, it is only because of the mortals' acquiescence or

By affirming the Presence, Power, and Benevolence of our Creator

and His plan of progress to higher worlds for all His children, mortals

can clear the spiritual atmosphere about them, and extend their
influence into many hells in which spirits are bound. This cannot be
done by a single mortal working alone, for there is too much
opposition for one person to handle. But mortals working together in
a group for the purpose of upliftment gain the help of higher beings,
and can do a successful work of liberation.

Bless the spirits? Why not?

Thou art inspiring and strengthening us as we give them our love, O


You have our recognition as divine souls, all ye spirits. Your Creator
loves you and watches over you. You are His children. You are
potential angels, instruments of His will, wisdom and love. We praise
the Creator's Presence in your souls. We give our faith to the Star of
Jehovih within your natures. You are destined to blossom into
beautiful creatures of light. We sing songs of praise to the beauty and
perfection that lies within the centers of your being. We love you
because you are children of the Almighty, just as we are. We do not
love the darkness or evil or bondage, but we love the essence of
your natures, your true selves. The light of the higher heavens is
reaching you, and lifting you up. We do not condemn, nor reprove,
nor despise any one of you, no more than we would our neighbors

here in the corporeal world. Rather do we see the good in you, praise
you, and wish you joy in your awakening to the reality of your
oneness with the Creator.

We, your co-workers while on earth, join with you and the angels of
Jehovih as instruments through which spirits in darkness and chaos
can be gathered together on our plateau for their education and
growth. The spirits who are brought to us are mostly souls who have
reached a place of desire to progress. We also deal with children of
all ages from babes up through childhood to young adults. It is a joy
to be of service to those who seek light. This plateau is a happy place
for all to grow and expand in service to Jehovih, as well as to learn
the unlimited aspects of our Creator's unlimited universe. All of us
are learning to create in our small endeavors, and are constantly
improving our abilities as we grow.

Words alone will not awaken souls. It is the way you express
yourselves outwardly, moment by moment. It is your awareness of
the Creator's Almighty Presence expressing in all your activities that
opens the doors, giving the Hosts of Light the avenues through which
to express the Creator's quickening power. It is the harmony and
responsiveness to His Presence within your soul, mind and heart that
will arouse your brothers and sisters and awaken them. Be love and
compassion. Be understanding. Be joy and happiness, and the

Creator's awakening power will flow freely through you to touch all
who can receive it. You are the quickener. You are one with all life.
You are a soul of mighty power doing His will for all souls


Do you feel you are being guided by forces outside of yourself, by

spirits, or by angels? We who are angel workers for Jehovih do not
want to advise you or preach to you. We want to leave you free to
follow your own highest light. We try to give you uplifting ideas,
inspirational thoughts and descriptions of life in the heavenly
worlds. You are to judge for yourself everything that comes to you
by means of words or by impressions from within. You must decide
whether or not it is from the All-Highest source. Do you have an
ideal, a vision of perfection, a dream of the divine person you want
to be and the beautiful world you want to live in? If the inspiration
that comes to you does not harmonize with your own ideals, you
are free to reject it. Hold to your ideals, and the Creator will give
you what is best for your development. We are not dictators, telling
you that you must do this or do that. We offer you a pathway, but
you do not have to follow it unless you want to. We want you to use
your own will and judgment. If you are already clear in judgment
and highly motivated, perhaps you do not need what we have to
give. Our purpose is only to help you grow in light and develop your
soul's potentialities. We will not give you anything that is
detrimental to your spiritual advancement. You have the capability
to do as we are doing; that is, you can help to uplift your fellowmen;

you can help to make the world better for everyone; you can be an
instrument of the Creator's will, wisdom and love.


Praise be to Thee, O Jehovih! We are thankful for the beauty and

perfection of our surroundings. We make comparisons with other
situations we might be in; and we see that this is heaven. We
would keep before our minds how fortunate we are, how greatly
blessed, materially and spiritually. We have moments of aloneness
and idleness when we are apt to be bored. But we are never truly
alone. Though we do not see spirits and angels, we feel that they
are present. The All Seeing Eye is watching over us every moment.
Are we living so that we are a help to Thy angels, and a means of
uplifting the earth-bound spirits? It is every mortal's lot to be drawn
to the higher Light through Thy Angels, and drawn to the lower by
the undeveloped spirits. One is neither to be blamed when one
does a wrong thing, nor overly praised when one does right. We
are like little babes who need to experiment, and learn by trial and
error. We would live our praise and thanks to Thee, O Creator; not
just speak the words, but demonstrate in our every action that we
appreciate the gift of life and the' right to choose our own course.
Somebody has a lot of faith in us, else we would not be where we
are today, but in a hell instead. Bless them. We are determined to
justify their faith.


Humanity can outgrow its limitations while in this world.

There is a definite science of regeneration or soul culture by which

this can be done.

There is a scientific method by which the causes for disease,

poverty and crime can be overcome.

The practice of this method will bring to humanity the inspiration

and protection of the benevolent Immortals of heaven.

We are entering a New Age in which children will know more of

divine love and express it more fully than the wise men of the past.

Unprogressive souls do not leave their earthly associations after

death, but remain earthbound.

Earthbound souls hinder the intellectual and moral development of

souls on earth.

Myriads of earthbound spirits must be lifted from the mental

atmosphere of the planet before humanity will outgrow its selfish
propensities and express its divine nature

The elders of the races of humanity are now returning from their
exalted abodes as a vast angelic organization of Light.

The present purpose of the Immortals is to cleanse the lower

spiritual worlds of earthbound spirits, to reveal spiritual principles
and extend their protective power to all who will cooperate.

The Immortals have established Places of Radiance on


As human beings cooperate with the Immortals to fulfill the

Creator's purpose, they will establish a harmonious and
prosperous social order which will be of a higher caliber and unlike
anything we have known in the past.


You don't need to keep your mind closed to information of events

taking place in the world. Learn all you can about the earth. Thus you
will be more fully developed when you pass on to the next world. You
have to go through different grades of learning, just as you do in
schools. You cannot go forward into more complicated grades until
you have passed those in the corporeal world. Babes who die in
infancy, by abortion or other means, are brought back to earth under
angelic protection to learn about the place of their birth. Earth is
really a beautiful planet, and you can be grateful you were born upon
it. There are many ugly things about it, to be sure, created by spirits
in darkness who are influencing people to harm one another and
make war. This will go on until the light of the Creator takes over and
comes into positive expression through many awakened souls. You
don't need to tune in with anything in the news that depresses you,
but you can pour light into the dark conditions as you keep your
awareness with the Creator at all times.

Of the trillions of souls who need to be brought in the way of

resurrection, fully a hundred million are infants, most of whom are the
result of abortions and stillbirths. With the widespread acceptance of
the heinous act of abortion, we have been flooded with these poor

souls, and though it is true that they are without sin, yet that does not
lessen the burden placed upon our workers or upon the lower
heavens as a whole.


There are invisible powers at work in the affairs of mankind. The

dead are not really dead. Some are progressive in pursuing high
ideals, others are not. Spirits of both high and low degree have an
effect upon the minds of mortals. World leaders as well as ordinary
people are affected and, according to their character, they are led
to carry out their various programs. Some heads of state have high
ideals, but there is a preponderance of pressure on them to act
as instruments for carrying out materialistic aims, rather than to
serve lofty, god-like purposes. It is not the leaders of mankind who
will change the world for the better, but the common people who
are inspired with the light of heavenly worlds, who have a burning
fire of divine will within their souls. Through them will our Creator
accomplish a transformation of great magnitude and the world will
become a place of peace, goodwill, love and cooperation.