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Project 1 Broadband Access

Cheah Cheng Lai
What is Broadband?
Broadband is defined as a high bandwidth
connection to the Internet.
Broadband is easier and faster to use than the
traditional telephone and modem as information can
be sent and downloaded much quicker.
An access technology is needed to connect the user
to the network.

Project 1
You are required to produce a You are required to produce a
presentation project proposing the presentation project proposing the
deployment plan of a broadband deployment plan of a broadband
access technolgy as listed in the next access technology as listed in the
slide. next slide.
Group project - Maximum 5 members Group project - Maximum 2 members
per group per group
The total mark for this project is 15%. The total mark for this project is 20%.
Each group should submit the Each group should submit the
presentation slides and provide a 20 presentation slides and provide a 20
minutes presentation in the class minutes presentation in the class
Due date: 27-7-2015 (Monday) by Due date: 27-7-2015 (Monday) by
6.00 pm 6.00 pm

List of Broadband Access Technologies
1. Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL)
2. Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)
3. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)
4. Long Term Evolution (LTE)
5. Passive Optical Network (PON)
6. Metro-Ethernet (Metro-E)
7. Broadband over Power Line (BPL)
8. Satellite Broadband Access e.g. Ka Band
9. Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC)
10.Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWB)
11.Free Space Optics (FSO)
12.Any other broadband technology proposed by you .

The slides 33 %
Presentation skill
Other groups 33%
Lecturer 33 %
Peer evaluation you must submit the peer
evaluation form as in the next slide to get additional
marks for outstanding members in the group.

Peer Evaluation Form For Teamwork &
Leadership (PO9)

Name: ____________________

Name: ____________________

Name: ____________________

Name: ____________________

Name: ____________________
Student ID: ________________

Student ID: ________________

Student ID: ________________

Student ID: ________________

Student ID: ________________

Please rate each of your team
members (and yourself)

Member 1 (Yourself)
according to the criteria in the
next slide using the 1 5 scale

Member 4
Member 2

Member 3

Member 5
whose descriptors are shown on
the following page. Provide
comments at the bottom of the Criteria

table to justify/support your Commitment

ratings for each member.
(If you award high scores to
everyone regardless of their Responsibility
contribution, team members Personality
who have worked unduly hard or
provided extraordinary Contribution
leadership will go unrecognized,
as will those at the other end of
the scale who need your
corrective feedback.) Comments

Teamwork and Leadership (PO9 Affective Level 1,2 &3)
Rubric Scale 1 2 3 4 5
Blooms Level 1(Receiving) 2(Responding) 3(Valuing)
Criteria Poor Acceptable Excellent

Awareness to Participate Active Participation

Poor attendance of meetings (less 70 % of meetings attended but Valuing Participation
A.Commitment than 50% ), mostly late, comes to occasionally late and unprepared but Always attend meetings, punctual,
meetings unprepared and unaware shows effort to be on time and ready to prepared and ready to work.
of meeting objectives. work.

Acknowledge Leadership
Active Leadership
Awareness is there but passive, Valuing Leadership
Occasionally volunteers to do work and
waits for tasks to be assigned, just Takes initiative with commitment,
B.Leadership give suggestions, shows concern on
follow orders without providing makes suggestions, provides focus,
team focus and attempts to encourage
suggestions, does not care about sparks creativity and energy.
team direction, demoralizes others.

Awareness of Responsibility
Not committed in performing tasks Perform Responsibility Valuing Responsibility
assigned, always giving excuses for Perform responsibilities most of the time Take initiative with commitment.
C.Responsibility not being able to complete them, and on some occasion fail to complete Gladly accepts work and gets it
cannot be depended on, and in most tasks assigned. Meets deadlines most of done, dependable and reliable,
occasion fail to accomplish tasks on the time. meets target deadlines.

Undesirable Personality
Negative attitude, thinks everything Fairly Desirable Personality
Desirable Personality
is impossible and cannot be done, Attitude fairly positive but sometimes on
Positive attitude, encourage others,
D.Personality prefer to make decisions alone the fence, tries to seek opinion of others
always seeks consensus, easy to
without seeking opinion of others, and provide encouraging remarks, easy
deal with.
difficult and problematic to deal to deal with most of the time.
Valuing Contribution
Awareness of Contribution Little Active Contribution
Provides ideas in discussions, and
E.Contribution contribution in providing ideas and Tries to provide ideas and, leaves
provide very significant impact
7 on
leaves little impact on final product. significant impact on final product.
final product.
Project Scenario
Future Telecom Bhd (FTB) is a telecommunication service provider in
Malaysia. It is currently migrating the legacy networks to the NGN.
The company sees a big market demand for broadband services and
would like to venture into providing the broadband service as well.
You are a team of engineers working in the network planning department.
You are asked to produce an oral presentation on the deployment plan of
a broadband access technology for the Peninsular Malaysia.

Your content should cover at least the following areas (not
Explain the technology in sufficient technical details
Explain how the technology can be used by the company for the broadband
Proposed and discuss the software and hardware needed for the following
system architecture
network design
Technical and commercial analysis, e.g.
Pros and cons,
references (both local and abroad),
business cases
return of investment (ROI) if possible

Project 1

Project 1 Presentation Schedule

Date Topic
3-8-2015 Group 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (Undergraduate)
6 to 9 pm
10-8-2015 Group 6 and 7 (Postgraduate)
6 to 9 pm

Thank you