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Adhania Nurul H (16/394106/PA/17197)

Ardelia Okty N (16/394112/PA/17203)
Aulia Rahmi A
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Stepanus F. M (09/283557/PA/12606)

1. In scientific books, journals or articles, please find 10 sentences

which utilize comparative and superlative adjectives.
2. Make 8 sentences containing adjective clause using conjuction
(2 of each): which as subject, which as object, where, when,
Which as subject
1) - A snake bites me
- Its still wild
A snake which bites me is still wild.

2) - The flowers grow in the yard

- Theyre very nice
The flowers which grow in the yard are very nice.

Which as object
3) - Sarah gives me a cake
- I cant eat it
Sarah gives me a cake which I cant eat.

4) - The surgical operation gave me the ability to see

- I went through a surgical operation
The surgical operation which I went through gave me the ability to

5) - She doesnt forget the village
- She was kidnapped there
She doesnt forget the village where she was kidnapped

6) - I still remember the place

- I met you there
I still remember the place where I met you.
7) - My grandma died in year 2000
- In that year, my sister was born
My grandma died in year 2000 when my sister was born.

8) - Lala always remember the day.

- On that day, she won contest
Lala always remember the day when she won contest.

9) - The husband is ill
- His wife will call the doctor
The woman whose husband is ill will call the doctor.

10) - The green pen belongs to the woman

- She as old as my aunt
The woman whose pen is green is as old as my aunt.

3. Make 8 sentences (2 of each): using adverb of time, adverb of

place, adverb of frequency and adverb of manner.
Adverb of manner
1) She tells the truth bravely.
2) He stared at me curiously.
Adverb of place
3) She lives away from her parents.
4) My house is near the mosque.
Adverb of frequency
5) I often forget to do my homework.
6) I have told you twice.
Adverb of time
7) Lets begin to eat now.
8) Nia finally found a solution to solve her problem.

4. Find 10 different nouns and convert them into corresponding

verb, adjective, and adverb.
No Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
1. count counting countable Countably
2. respect respect Respectful/ Respectfully/
Respective respectively
3 intention intend intentive Intentively/
4 diligence diligence diligent Diligently
5 Success succeeded successfull successfully
6 solution solve solutible Solutibility
7 judgement Judge judgeles judgely
8 Calculation Calculate Calculative Calculatively
9 Harm Harm Harmful/ Harmfully
10 Thought Think Thoughtful/ Thoughtfully

5. Practice
1. Geothermal power refers to the generation of electric power from the tapping of
heat sources found well below the earths surface.
2. As most people know, if a whole were to be drilled deeply into the earth,
extremely hot, molten rock would soon be encountered.
3. A further consideration is the amount of risk involved in successful setting up a
new geothermal power production facility.
4. The drilling that must be extended 2000 to 3000 m below the surface should be
5. To achieve this, extensively surveys, drilling expertise and time are needed.
6. Clearly then, further progression need to be made in the development of
geothermal energy.
7. The station, built in 1996, pointed the way to the future when the country was
affected by two global oil shock.
8. In certain area, where the earths surface has been altered over time, temperatures
exceeding 300c can be found at depth of a mere 1 to 3km, which can be feasible