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NIMAE TALK Private Bag 30383,Kanengo (on the M1, 400m passed Kapani, before the Salima turnoff), Lilongwe (+265 995 027 815 © ‘www 24 HOUR EMERGENCY NUMBER +265 994 682 900 FOLLOW US! Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals aCe yearly the LSPCA team to provide vital veterinary care and animal welfare education in our community outreach programmes. Adopt; Don’t Shop Stncayazt KAMINjOLO. id you know that selling Downe on the side of the road is illegal? These animals, usually very young puppies and kittens, are exposed to extreme weather conditions, suffer from severe dehydration, malnutrition and are taken away from their mothers before they’re even capable of opening their eyes. This in turn leads to medical and behavioural implications later on in life. In extreme conditions, some of these animals can test positive for rabies. Furthermore, this practice is contributing to Malawi's overpopulation of unwanted and abandoned animals. Adoption is the process of finding your new pet through an animal shelter, such as LSPCA. Because we receive dogs and cats which have been surrendered by owners or been confiscated due to neglect and abuse, we have a variety of breeds and ages all of which are screened and cleared through quarantine before —_ being eligible for adoption. The main aim of our rehoming shelter is to promote responsible pet ownership as well as provide a high standard of medical care and animal welfare, which means thet sll of pur enirmels are sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed. Moreover, when a dog or cat is adopted from LSPCA, instead of buying from illegal road-side vendors, you are giving a healthy animal a new home whilst providing space for another animal who would otherwise be a victim of neglect, poor health and low welfare