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Sia Announces Integration with Nextcloud to Enable Seamless Decentralized

Private Cloud Storage

Boston, MA, April 11, 2017 --( Sia (, a Boston-based subsidiary of Nebulous Inc., has
announced their integration with popular open-source Dropbox/Google Drive alternative Nextcloud
( to provide users with seamless decentralized private cloud storage.

Sia and NextCloud share the vision of giving customers full control of their data. A partnership was
obvious, said David Vorick, CEO and co-founder of Sia. For the first time, Nextcloud users can expand
their capacity with decentralized cloud storage through the Sia integration. We are excited to support and
improve this integration over time.

The Sia-Nextcloud integration allows Nextcloud users to add Sia as an external storage app. Once
installed from the Nextcloud app store, users can easily configure the integration and start saving files to
Sia's decentralized storage network. With current prices at $2 per terabyte per month, Nextcloud users are
able to save money with Sia while ensuring privacy and redundancy.

Users can learn more about setting up the Sia-Nextcloud integration on the Sia Blog.

About Nebulous Inc.

Nebulous is the parent company to Sia. Nebulous' focus is reliable, decentralized infrastructure to help
bring forward the future. Sia is currently the primary project of the Nebulous team.

About Sia
Sia is a blockchain based decentralized cloud storage platform that provides users with increased security
and privacy at hyper-competitive prices. Since our June 2016 launch, tens of thousands of storage
contracts have been successfully executed on Sia's platform. Further information can be found online and on the official Sia forum

About Nextcloud
Nextcloud offers a unique-in-the-industry fully open source solution for on-premise data handling and
communication with an uncompromising focus on security and privacy. Nextcloud brings together
universal access to data with next-generation secure communication and collaboration capabilities under
direct control of IT and integrated with existing compliant infrastructure. Nextcloud's open, modular
architecture, emphasis on security and advanced federation capabilities enable modern enterprises to
leverage their existing assets within and across the borders of their organization. For more information,
visit or follow @Nextclouders on Twitter.

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