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About Galvanic

ACCUCHROME SPECIFICATIONS Choose the AccuChrome GC thats Right for Your Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. solves
PERFORMANCE Specific Application Needs critical process-analysis and measure-
Accuracy by 0.5%/F.S (range 50) ment problems for customers world-
component 1%/F.S (5<range<50) ADD neo-
MODEL ANALYSIS CONFIGURATION ADD H2S wide with our full line of rugged,
2%/F.S(range 5%) pentane
fit-for-purpose gas- and liquid-mea-
Accuracy by heating +/- 0.25 Btu/scf per 1000 Btu/scf surement systems. We engineer all of
value AccuChrome C6+ Methane, Ethane, Propane, iso-Butane,
our systems and components to deliver
Repeatability +/- 0.25 Btu/scf per 1000 Btu/scf n-Butane, iso-Pentane, n-Pentane, Hex- uncompromising accuracy, reliability,
Sensitivity 200 ppm anes Plus, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide
and long-term value to users, even in
Linearity +/- 2% F.S.
Response time: 4 to 5 minutes
the most-challenging process environ-
AccuChrome C6+ Methane, Ethane, Propane, iso-Bu-
ments. Thats why multinationals and
ENVIRONMENT Plus Oxygen & tane,n-Butane. iso-Pentane, n-Pentane,
small companies alike turn to us again
Ambient temperature -20C to + 60C (-4F to 140F) Carbon Monoxide Hexanes Plus, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon
and again they count on our atten-
Dimensions 686 mm W x 838 mm H x 318 mm D (27 W x 33 H x 12.5 D) Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide tion to detail, applications know-how,
Weight Division 1: 54.4 kg (120 lbs)
and exacting quality standards. We
Division 2: 38.6 kg (85 lbs) AccuChrome C7+ Methane, Ethane, Propane, iso-Butane,
work with customers to tailor each sys-
UTILITIES n-Butane, iso-Pentane, n-Pentane, Hex- tem to meet their site-specific process
Power & 24 VDC, 100 watts startup, 50 watts running anes. Heptanes Plus, Nitrogen, Carbon

requirements and to provide unpar-
consumption 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 100 watts startup, 50 watts running
Dioxide alleled support through installation,
Sample flow 100 cc/min, 1 barg (0.21 SCFH, 15 psig)
training, and long-term product main-
Gas requirements Helium or hydrogen carrier gas 5.5 - 6.9 barg, 20 cc/min (80 - 100 psig,
0.042 scfh)
AccuChrome C7+ Methane, Ethane, Propane, iso-Butane, tenance. A private company headquar-
Plus Oxygen & n-Butane, iso-Pentane, n-Pentane, Hex- tered in Calgary, AB, Canada, with a
Carbon Monoxide anes, Heptanes Plus, Oxygen, Nitrogen,
facility in Lowell, MA, USA, Galvanic
Digital Outputs Modbus RS232, Modbus RS485, Modbus TCP/IP
Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide supports a global network of dedicat-
Digital Inputs 2 dry contact, 2 wet contact (12/24 VDC)
ed sales and service engineers, as well
Analog Inputs 3 universal inputs, user programmable (RTD, 4-20 mA, transducer)
Analog Outputs 4 x 4-20 mA, user scalable, user selectable loop or self powered
AccuChrome for Hydrogen Not Not as value-added distributors to serve
Relays 4 x SPDT relays, 8 amp @250 VAC Hydrogen Only available available the needs of customers.


CSA (C, CUS) Class 1 Division 1, Groups BCD AccuChromeTM GC
CSA (C, CUS) Class 1 Division 2, Groups BCD
Btu & Hydrocarbon

Please note: we work continuously to improve the performance of our products all specifications are
subject to change without notice. 2015 Galvanic Applied Sciences, Inc.
BR5201 | June 2015 toll-free:+1.866.252.8470 +1.403.252.8470
Look Inside ... the AccuChrome GC delivers all you need for fast, accurate Btu analysis and remote monitoring Selected Industries &
Rugged and reliable, the AccuChrome GC Applications
analyzer delivers a rapid return on investment Rugged Thermistor-Based Detector Easy Analyzer Networking & Data Commu- Intuitive Operator Interface
Less susceptible to fouling than micro-ma- nications The AccuChrome GC Windows software provides a
When it comes to gas analysis, the slightest inaccuracy in measurement
can have a significant effect on a companys bottom line. So can sys- chined technology, the AccuChrome Remote login and troubleshooting is easy via the powerful tool for operation, diagnostics 40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja
GCs thermal-conductivity detector AccuChrome GC Ethernet connection. The Ac- and data handling. View and save flare gas emissions
tem downtime. Thats why the AccuChrome CGs development team
devoted equal attention to optimizing performance in harsh, real-world
FEATURES is able to withstand corrosive com- cuChrome GC will support Ethernet Modbus chromatograms and analysis re- monitoring
pounds such as H2S. Plus, Galvan- TCP/IP and up to eight additional serial ports. sults, review or modify analysis set- ~~Natural Gas Pipeline
applications and to simplifying and ruggedizing the design. The result: ~~ Accurate analysis with ics detector will not burn out on Select a standard industry-compliant Modbus tings, set up networking, generate
a highly reliable, low-maintenance analyzer that delivers the utmost in 0.25 Btu per SCF Custody transfer
loss of carrier gas! list, generate customized Modbus lists, or cre- reports, and control several other
precise measurements and consistent, field-proven performance. ate and access multiple Modbus lists via Scada. parameters. ~~Natural Gas
~~ Rugged field-proven con- Airless Heat-Sink Oven Processing
You can operate the serial port as either master
struction & full auto calibra-
Galvanics third-generation Btu and hydrocarbon gas chromatograph, the Accu- An airless heat sink oven maintains a constant tem- or slave. The Ethernet port can support up to 16 40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja
tion & validation capabilities
Chrome analyzer is designed and built for critical process-monitoring and control perature of columns, valves, and thermal-conduc- masters. flare gas emissions
for full stand-alone operation
applications in the harshest environments. Whether youre performing Btu and tivity detector for reliable and accurate results. No monitoring
constituent analysis of natural gas for custody transfer, process optimization during ~~ Airless heat sink oven & external air source required!
natural gas fractionation, or 40 CFR 60 Subpart JA flare-gas emissions monitoring industry-leading, low-mainte-
for regulatory compliance you need precise, real-time measurements you can Auto Calibration & Micro-Packed Columns On-Board Data Archiving De-butanizer
nance injection valves
count on. With auto calibration and validation capabilities to enable fully hands-off Validation Galvanic manufactures its columns in The AccuChrome GC has expandable memo- De-ethanizer
operation and the utmost in ease-of-operation, consistent, field-proven perfor- ~~ Thermal-conductivity detec- Calibration and val- house to assure the utmost in quality ry capability up to 32 GB to store individual De-propanizer
mance and value, Galvanics AccuChrome analyzer can help you optimize your tor will not burn out with idation is simple on and consistency. This translates into re- analysis, hourly averages, daily averages and
processes for better quality and lower costs. loss of carrier gas and can NG fractionation
the AccuChrome GC sults you can count on for the lifetime chromatograms. Calibration / validation chro-
withstand corrosive H2S system. Auto valida- of the chromatograph. NG plant inlet/outlet
matograms can also be stored for later viewing.
On rare occasions when there is a problem, its easy to address right then and tion lets you analyze the gas
there the design enables ready access to all components, each of which are fully ~~ Designed for easy serviceabil- A complete audit trail is also incorporated.
ity throughout
Xcalibration standard with- Peak shaving
field-serviceable reducing downtime and the need for costly module replacement. out adjusting response factors or retention times.
~~Oil & Refining /
~~ Multi-stream capability (up The AccuChrome GC supports two calibration stan- External-Keypad-Driven
Flexible, headache-free installation & operation to 8 streams) dards for enhanced measurement of streams with Display
widely varying hydrocarbon concentrations.
40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja
The AccuChrome GC is custom-configured at the factory to integrate seamlessly An intrinsically safe external key-
~~ High-resolution local display Fast and Easy Reporting flare gas emissions
into your existing infrastructure. Galvanics expert support team will calibrate pad provides full menu access
& user-friendly software Produce printable reports of measured and monitoring
one analyzer or dozens to your exact specifications, mimicking sample condi- for the high-resolution display,
enabling at-a-glance status and calculated values based on GPA or ISO ~~Power Generation
tioning and outputs of your current system, as required. ~~ 32 GB expansion storage ca-
Durable Valves results. View chromatograms, anal- standards. Customize them to include
pacity & complete audit trail Gas turbine control
Retire old analyzers individually as necessary, or start an entire new line in the ysis results, previous calibration infor- location, technician name, and com-
of all results The chromatograph uses (compositional analysis
most cost-effective way possible Galvanic makes it easy to standardize your mation, and alarms on the spot, without ments. The AccuChrome report gener-
industry-leading valves. of NG)
training protocols, operating procedures, and service processes at all your facil- ~~ Standard or customized Tough and long lasting, the opening the enclosure a feature unique to Gal- ator makes it fast and easy.

ities worldwide. reports, including location, valves are rated for up to vanic systems.
technician, & comments 1 million injections. Simple
mechanical design makes it
easy and inexpensive to service.