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UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS UNIVERSITEITSEKSAMENS UNISA less TR ETH203Q OctoberiNovember 2013 GUIDANCE, COUNSELLING AND LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Duration 2 Hours 100 Marks: EXAMINATION PANEL AS APPOINTED BY THE DEPARTMENT. ‘Closed book examination. ‘This examination question paper remains the property of the University of South Africa and may not be removed from the examination venue. ‘This paper consists of 2 pages ‘Answer all questions QUESTION 1 Indicate whether each of the following statements 1s true or false 11 Acceptance 1s concemed with all aspects of learning 12 Observation is an exploratory technique that should be part of every educator's role 1.3. Corrective teaching means that the educator points out the mistake to the leamer as soon as possible 14 — Gardner differentiates between the following pnnciples of decision making aims and value, information, solution and decision making 15 — Wecan differentiate between three different types of thought development. 16 Indrdual counseling is predommantly used as a mode of counselling in school settings 17 An individual's personality 1s unique Leamers should take their uniqueness into consideration when choosing a career 148 Assessment should only focus on the leamer's intellectual abilities. 19 Life onentation 1s an umbrella term which encompasses all work that teachers should be doing with leamers and includes school guidance, counselling and Ife skills. 110 In educational support leamers' presence in the class 1s more important than their interest and cooperation [110X220] [TURN OVER] 2 €7H2030 OcTNOV 2013 QUESTION 2 Explain your understanding of the following concepts: 21 Assessment 22 Life skills 23 Observation 24 Personality 25 Educational guidance 26 — Self-knowledge [6X5=30) QUESTION 3 31 Explain the four pnnciples of personal and social guidance ® 32 Name and discuss the guidelines a teacher should follow when handing leamars with behavioural problems (12) [20] QUESTION 4 41 Discuss the short-term counselling model by Gilles under the following headings Preparation stage b Meet and greet stage é Exploratory stage d Action stage e Termination stage (10) 42 Name any five skills that are essential for the counsellor to possess in order to establish a successdul counseling relationship and mottvate the importance of these skills (10) [20] QUESTIONS There 1s a difference between assertiveness and aggression Explain what assertiveness is and flame the charactenstics that assertive people usually have [19] Total: 100 marks First Examiner’ Dr R Tabane ‘Second Examiner: Mr M Mavuso niga 2013,