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My Philosophy of Education

The attitude and demeanor of all educators vary to some degree whether it
be that they are polar opposites or similar with a few differences, but everyone has
their own fire pushing them to be the kind of educator that they want to be. I am
beyond eager to be able to help instill a love of learning into my students and help
them gain the building blocks that they need to learn to the best of their ability. I
believe that education is a vital part of a person’s life and should be treated as such
because if someone does not have a good foundation then the rest of the structure
is going to be weak.
Education is important because it allows the educators to help guide
students through the important childhood years to help prepare them for the
important adult years and there are certain conditions that help children learn to
the best of their ability. I believe that the perfect environment for children consists
of a clean, organized, welcoming, and quiet space where they feel safe and can
learn freely without worries. They do not need to be in a room that is dark and has
clutter throughout because they will not be able to focus. The student’s world that
surrounds them during their moments of learning is just as important as what they
are learning.
The curriculum is the program that a school uses to meet its educational
goals and goes further than just what the books show is needed. The basics include
everything from the books that are read to the behaviors that are learned in the
classroom and the physical aspects they can learn in and outside of the classroom.
In my classroom, I want to engage them in learning and allow them to get as
excited about learning as I am about teaching. I want them to be eager to come to
class and not want to miss a single day because they enjoy what they are doing. I
hope to give them an affective perspective to what I have to teach them. I want to
meet them where they are when they enter my classroom and help them get to a
place that is much further than they ever dreamed they could go. I plan to treat my
students with respect and expect the same from them in return. They will know the
rules and be expected to follow them without questions asked. I intend to be candid
about what I expect from them and give them every opportunity to grow; after
school tutoring, extra work for practice, or answering more questions as needed.
Children not only learn by hearing, but by seeing.
Teachers should present themselves in a way that if a child sees them
outside of a classroom, their reaction would be the same. I believe as an educator it
is important to a child’s wellbeing that you be the example that they need. A lot of
students do not have that home life that they need, so they need a good role model
when they can get one. Being kind and caring is something that I always teach my
own children to do and is something that I always try to show them as well. It is not
enough to have set rules for students or your own children if you are not going to
follow them yourself.
Teaching is something that I have always wanted to do and have always had
the urge to want to do well. I had my share of good and bad teachers and they have
all either taught me what I should do or what I should not do as a teacher and it has
helped me to see what children really need in their lives. I hope to be the teacher
that makes learning fun and exciting and keeps them coming back for more.