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Canyon Ministry Leaders

Andrew Gutierrez, Elder, Pastor-Teacher

Jason Drumm, Elder, Associate Pastor

Dave Lutz, Elder

Small Group Ministry

Brad Penner, Elder

Josh Farmer
Music Ministry

Rob Leahy
Security Team

Jeff Nordyke

Joe Sapko
Childrens Ministry

Chuck Schafer
Needs Ministry

Jeff Timm
Set-Up, Tear-Down & Sound

Kristy Tracy
Womens Ministry

Canyon Bible Church // Prescott

Church Office: 122 N. Cortez Street, Ste. 317
Phone: 928.277.0017
A Shocking Betrayal
Scripture: 13:18-20

April 9, 2017

Prayer Meeting: 8:40 in Mrs. Sobos Classroom

Welcome and Announcements

Scripture Reading: Psalm 118
Pastoral Prayer
Song: Look and See

Confession & Assurance of Pardon

Song: Amazing Grace

Song: All Creatures of Our God and King


Sermon: A Shocking Betrayal
John 13:18-20

Offering & Song: How Deep the Fathers Love for Us
Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24
Closing Prayer

Application: Are there examples to follow? Commands to obey?

Errors to avoid? Sins to forsake? Promises to claim?
Thoughts about God? Principles to live by?
Friday Canyon Announcements
Friendship Folders
Pray for the Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission. Please pass the Friendship Folders, for prayer requests and praise
At its core is Christ and they seek to spread the gospel reports please also register your attendance. If there is no one
through their ministry. Pray that as they serve those, in sitting at the end of an aisle, please make sure the worship guide
need of their services, that Christ is proclaimed and those gets passed.
hearing the gospel would believe and repent.
Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday
Good Friday service, April 14th, will be held at Prescott High
Schools Ruth Street Theater from 6 to 7 p.m. Childcare will be avail-
able for children 0-2 years. Resurrection Sunday service will take
place during normal Sunday service times 9-10:30 a.m.

Sunday, May 7th Service

On Sunday, May 7th there will be an evening worship service in
place of the normal morning service. Service time will be 5:30 p.m.
to 7 p.m.

Get to Know Canyon

For anyone who would like to know more about Canyon Bible
Church of Prescott, or considering church membership, we will be
having our next Get to Know Canyon Class on Sunday, April 30th at
Prescott High School after the worship service. Lunch is provided.
If you would like to attend please R.S.V.P. to admin@canyonprescott.
Saturday org.
Resources: Student Ministries
Book of the Month: Save the Date! High School Summer Camp, Camp Regen will be
Thoughts for Young Men by J.C. Ryle from June 29July 3, 2017. The cost will be $450 and scholarships
are available. Registration will open soon. More details at: Can-
Theres a reason this is the recommended book for the en- or email with
tire congregation. This is one of those books that speaks to questions.
a wider audience than the title suggests. Thoughts for Young
Men can teach us all about time an opportunity, sin and re- James Gems
pentance, and a life lived to the fullest. -Pastor Andrew James Gems widows group will be meeting for a Lunch Bunch
outing on Tax Day, April 15, at 11:30 a.m. We will share a Mexican
food fiesta at Casa Bonita, 1317 E. Gurley, located near the curve of
Blog: Highway 69/89. Please RSVP to Lynn Penner, 928-778-2734, or
Five Ways to Grow a Culture of Trust by J.D. Greear. Go to by April 13. and scroll down the page to read this
post. Church Website Resources
The church website has multiple resources, from blog posts to
elders videos and more. Go to for the lastest
available resources.

Please remember water bottles only in the Ruth Street Theater.

Monday Wednesday
Hebrews 11 is commonly known as the Hall of Faith. The
Consider Judas. Judas was fine to follow Christ as long conviction ofthings not seen (v1)is at the heart of what it
as he benefitted immediately. Judas regularly took money means to have faith.Noah built the ark because of a flood
from the moneybag and as Christ talked more and more he had not yet seen (v7). Thats faith. Abraham left home and
about His own death, Judas betrayed Him. Judas did not familyfor a land he had not yetseen (v8-9). Thats faith. Isaac,
live with a grateful heart. He obviously thought about what Jacob, and Joseph, as they died, told their family of future
fulfillment of Gods promises they had not yet seen(v20-22).
he didnt have more deeply than he thought about how Moses Rahab David SamuelAll of these people made
blessed he was to be around Christ. Ask the Lord to help life-altering decisions shaped by a conviction they had about
you focus more on what to be grateful for, rather than something they had never seen. Thats faith. They believed
focusing on what you lack. Christ is our greatest Treasure - that what God said was true, even though they could not
Judas missed that. see it yet. There are many things God has promised to you,
Christian: hope, forgiveness, life transformation,the future
heavenly city, righteousness,a place at his table, his near-
ness through this lifes trials,friendship with him, eternal joy,
and so much more. These are real things that will happen, so
like the saints of old, let all of yourdecisions beshaped by a
conviction thatwhat God has promised is true, even though
you cannotsee it yet. Let your life be characterized by a trust
in him that changes everything.For here we have no lasting
city, but we are seeking the city that is to come. (Heb 13:14)

Tuesday Thursday

Read Romans 5:1-11. In this passage, we see that through Read over Psalm 145, and take note of the way the Psalm-
Christs substitutionary death on the cross, those who are ist blesses God.Every day I will bless you and praise your
justified by faith, have a hope that is completely unshakable. name forever and ever. Ps 145:2.Every human heart will
This is because they know they will be saved from God wrath spend the day blessing something. Each of us will look
on the day of judgment. Pray and thank God for the peace to something todayas the ultimate desire-controlling,
we have with Him and the assurance of hope that is through heart guiding object of our affection. Scripture reminds
Christ. us that all too often, we exchange the glory of God for
lesser things (Romans 1). All too often, we attempt tofind
our ultimate delight in something that is not ultimate. God
created us to find our greatest hope, our greatest satis-
faction, and our greatest fulfillment in him. It is therefore
only in him that we can be truly satisfied. He is worthy
of our praise and adoration. Thats why verse 3 of Psalm
145says, Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and
his greatness is unsearchable. You cant even fathom the
greatness of God. Spend your day blessing him today.
Praise his name.