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Individual Proposal

WRIT 200
Perri Schultz
March 28
DATE: March 28, 2017
TO: John Mclean
FROM: Perri Schultz
SUBJECT: Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to inform and give insight on the benefits of corporate
fitness centers. Through the many resources that we have researched, we have found
that corporate fitness centers are worth the money for employers. We want to update
the reader of the relevance and accuracy about the topic of an on-site gym facility within
a company. As well as, notify you of the different stand points of employers and
employees on the topic.

I agree with the majority of the information my group and I have found, that corporate
gyms are in face worth the money. Therefore, a solution for companies for having a lot
of employees calling in sick, one example, is to invest in an on-site gym facility for
employees. I assume that if companies had a gym for employees to use, it would help
and encourage employees to become healthier, causing less sick days.

The initial audience for this proposal is John Mclean, the instructor. This can also be for
business owners because I will be discussing whether having corporate gyms are worth
the money or not. Therefore, the proposal could be useful to that audience as well.

Topics to Investigate:
There are a few topics/ questions we would like to discuss in our group report. Those
Is a healthier workplace more productive?
Are on-site gym facilities worth the money for businesses?
How on-site gym facilities bring a company more together.
The challenges to keep employees motivated and have constant involvement to
go to the gym.
Does the happiness and health of employees play a role in the growth of a

We have found a list of reliable resources to use:
1) Christie, J. (2012, October 9). Onsite Gyms Show Firms' Commitment to
Health. The Globe And Mail. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

2) Fickensher, L. (2004, March 8). Employers Finding Corporate Gyms Work Out
Well. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

3) Love, J. (2014, September 15). Why You Shouldn't Build a Corporate Fitness
Center Without a Strategy. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

4) Marsden, V. (2009, April 16). Working In. Benefits Canada. Retrieved


5) On-Site Corporate Fitness Facilities: Are They Worth Your Money? (2016,
November 1). IncentFit Fitness Magazine. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

6) Pridham, S. (2013, October). Corporate Fitness Centres A Popular Amenity To

Attract And Retain. Retrieved March 13, 2017,

7) Vitullo, J. (2012, April 16). A Gym at the Office Benefits Employers and
Employees. The Toronto Star. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

I believe my team and I have some skills and knowledge that can help towards this
topic. One reason I think this is because I have a family member who works for a
company that provides on-site gym facilities for their employees, which would help with
getting actual opinions/ results on our topic. I also believe that since we are all students
who have access to an on-site school gym this could help with our topic. If we need
extra help or information, we will go to the library to get extra knowledge on the topic.

Work Schedule:

Assignment Time Spent on Due Date

Group Contract Memo (1 - 2 weeks February 27
per team)
Annotated Bibliography - 1 week March 14
Proposal (Individual) - 1 week March 28
Informal Report (1 per - 1 week April 14
Presentation - 1 week April 18
E- Portfolio - 1 week April 18

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me with them, email: I would love to hear any feedback you may have. Thank you,
Perri Schultz