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1 Ultima Forte: GSM Analysis and Optimization

1.1. General Information

Duration 3 Days

Target Audience RF and Optimization Engineers

Course Level Entry

Max # of Participants 15

Training Method Classroom, Instructor-led, Hands-on

Material Handout Presentations & Workbook

1.2. Course Prerequisites

Experience in optimizing RANs.
Experience in working in Window OS environment.

1.3. Course Description

Ultima Forte: GSM Analysis and Optimization is a course targeted for RF and optimization
engineers who need to analyze and optimize their GSM/Edge/GPRS network. In this course
we will review the process for creating a network in Forte, and explore the tools for network
quality evaluation, as well as the workflow for neighbor list and frequency optimizations.

1.4. Main Goals & Objectives

By the end of the course the student will be able to:

Describe the process for creating a network environment and model in Forte.
Import a network cluster from the server.
Evaluate the networks quality and design using mobile measurements statistics.
Run handover and frequency optimization plans.
Compare optimization runs and identify the best plan for implementation.
Export optimization scripts ready for OSS implementation.
1.5. Classroom Requirements
PCs for course participants up to 2 students per PC.
Ultima Forte Installation on all Class PCs.
LAN connectivity to the Schema server.
Data projector.
Marker board / Flip charts.

1.6. Course Outline

Following is the suggested course outline:

Da y M ain T opi cs
Forte Introduction
Network Import and Design Analysis

Network Quality Evaluation

Network Optimization Plans

3 Network Optimization Plans (cont)

1.7. Course Lessons
Day 1

# Le ss on Na m e Cont ent
Forte Introduction

Introduce Forte and Key Features

Describe analysis tools and optimization plans
1 Forte Introduction
Review the optimization workflow
Discuss Forte clients and server architecture

Network Import and Design Analysis

Describe network environment and model in Forte

Network Review environment and model creation
2 Environment and
Model Import Explore the workflow for importing from the server
Analyze import reports

Introduce the main client window and structure

Review the main panes
3 Forte Workspace Explore general map activities
Create sectors selection sets
Describe main customization features

Introduce the Design Analysis tool

Network Design Review the wizard workflow
Analysis Describe the analysis types
Explore the available reports and layers

Day 2

# Le ss on Na m e Cont ent
Network Quality Evaluation

Introduce the QE module

Describe the QE analysis modes
Network Quality Review the Evaluator wizard workflow
Evaluation Explore QE reports and layers
Compare QE results
Set a recurring scheduled task

Network Optimization Plans

Describe handover optimization objectives

Review the workflow for running GSM handover optimization
Handover Plan
6 Explore handover optimization layers and report
Apply and export the plan results
Discuss the workflow for GSM-UMTS handover plan
Day 3

# Le ss on Na m e Cont ent
Network Optimization Plans (cont)

Describe frequency optimization objectives

Discuss optional optimization goals
Network Frequency Explore the workflow for running frequency optimization
Optimization Review the frequency optimization progress window
Analyze optimization reports
Describe BSIC optimization

Describe RAN features optimization objectives

RAN Features Explore the optimization types and goals
Optimization Review the workflow for running the optimization
Analyze optimization report

Course feedback
- Course Summary
Evaluation forms