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Published in July 17, 2010
Revised in Nov 07, 2015


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books

International Blunder
Sometimes in July 9, 2010 Indian Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri said:Brazil, Germany, India and Japan has a common viewpoint. They should hold
same status of ‘The present permanent members’, US, UK, Russia, France
and China’. (Hardeep Singh Puri is a retired Indian Foreign Service officer who served as
the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013.)

Brazil, Germany, India and Japan are not yet UN Security Council permanent
members. They have to become permanent members and should hold vetopower. These nations will not use veto power for the next fifteen years if they
become permanent members with veto power.
Does it sound like a big deal?
In India if you want to keep a gun legally, you need a license, which is a very
long hectic procedure. Finally it has to be approved by the District Collector,
who has the status of a second class Magistrate (Civil authority)
A gun license is given: -1) For self defense,
2) Sports,
3) Agricultural purpose.
1) You can shoot another person when your life is at stake
2) Sports purpose, “shooting efficiency” is proved on the targets. This is one
of the Olympic sports.
3) Agriculture purpose – This is to drive away animals and birds, who destroy
the crops
You must be a taxpayer, landowner, having agriculture and must have
several certificates including police clearance to get the gun license. With all
these the District Collector who is the Final Authority could refuse the
License. To my knowledge no one has challenged this District Collector’s
authority in a court of law so far.
Suppose, the district collector is not confident of the applicant’s self-control
and presence of mind, the license could be at stake. Then the applicant gives
an affidavit, he will not shoot with his gun for the next fifteen years if the
license is granted.
Will he get the license? Should he be given a gun license?
If you get a gun that cannot be used for the next fifteen years, why should
you have a gun at all – to give it to the opponent to shoot you?


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books
You can apply for the gun-license after fifteen years, is it not fair?
This is what the Indian Representative is offering in UN !!!!!
Why should you go for a permanent UN membership and Veto power on
deferred conditions which itself is not certain?
UN membership is not free; member countries pay heavily for the function of
the UN. India is one of the biggest Democratic and heavily populated vast
countries in the world. India has every right to have the equal rights of
present permanent members, not at somebody’s mercy.
Indians should have the true grit to demand such rights with authority. If
they cannot get it, just walk out of UN.
Who in this world have the authority to rule, manipulate and control such an
ancient country like India?
What do we have to learn from the west, drug and alcoholic addiction,
adultery and nudity?
Let them learn from India what is morality and ethics. Now India has become
more corrupt than any other civilized country because of the long association
with the west and Europe.
After all who is running UN?
Why India should knuckle down before any country in the world?
Developed nations are yelling loudly for other countries’ democracy, human
rights and freedom. They are running the United Nations Organization as an
Empire ruling other countries.
UN will never come to a compromise regarding Veto-Power; developed
nations will try to retain it to themselves only, on the other hand, they are
against it.
If democracy dominates, Veto is out of place. The truth is there is no
democracy in UN but US’ dictatorship. When George Bush Junior could not
get his plans approved by the UN to run over Iraq, he said, he would make
another UN and get it done. Eventually he invaded Iraq without UN approval
and without making another UN. US, Israel and Pakistan, commit biggest
crimes like genocide, human rights violation, war crimes, ethnic cleansing
and terrorism.
Once Russia was powerful and stood against US strongly, so as China. Often
they also remain silent and soft over many international issues.


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books
If my memory is correct, Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh also made
similar offer of fifteen years like Hardeep Singh Puri few years ago.
Nothing will happen for many years to come; again they will keep on offering
fifteen years from time to time till the end of the world.
What kind of numerological importance is controlling, number fifteen?
Indians are world famous superstitious believers. Some Astrologer must have
advised them to hang on to number fifteen.
Ever since, visual media has come in to full effect, politicians are on the
screen with big promises and debates with all their cinematic makeup.
As usual the politician’s wealth increases immensely leaving the Indians in
the slums as dogs.
Finally they created a movie namely “Slum Dog
Millionaire” and said Jai-Ho and got the Oscar award. Till the end of the world
‘The Slum Dog Millionaire’ terminology will last. In future if you want to refer
a millionaire call him ‘Slum Dog’.
If anymore member is added in the UN Security Council, the kinetics of
power could change and US’ dictatorship might be weakened.
It would be interesting to know that several small countries like Pakistan and
Israel have lot of leverage in the UN by staying in developed nations’
What is needed?
Afro-Asians countries should unite, break away from UN for a new world
order and speak for themselves, so that their voice will be heard.
The authority of UN must not be more than an International Diplomatic
Organization and no military games and trade sanctions.
Recently there was an uproar over the remarks by Joel Stein, who published
an article in – in US, ‘Time magazine’ regarding the “GUINDIANS in Edison”
New Jersey.
Joel Stein’s original article is in following website in full text:--

Joel Stein said what he felt in Time Magazine on Monday, July 05, 2010. If you look
at US Television shows, you can see they make lot of fun, which goes far beyond its
limits even about US citizens. When it comes to jokes and cartoons they don't spare
anyone including their President and The First Lady. When some one speaks of another


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books
country or tribe they get so furious and agitate whereby giving more publicity to the
original article.

TIME responds: We sincerely regret that any of our readers were upset by this humor
column of Joel Stein's. It was in no way intended to cause offense.
Joel Stein responds: I truly feel stomach-sick that I hurt so many people. I was trying to
explain how, as someone who believes that immigration has enriched American life and
my hometown in particular, I was shocked that I could feel a tiny bit uncomfortable with
my changing town when I went to visit it. If we could understand that reaction, we'd be
better equipped to debate people on the other side of the immigration issue.
Joel Stein’s feelings is understandable, when he saw the face of his home town has
changed completely to another country’s after few years from the time he was gone,
what else should he feel?
May be he could use little more soft language to express his feelings. It is better for the
Indian immigrants to live in the mainstream. If they want to keep their traditions and
practices should be in their home which is their business but not outside their home.
What did the original American Natives (called Red-Indians feel) what the immigrants
have done to their land. Virtually they were wiped out. At least these Guindians have
legally to US. What about 13 million illegal residents now occupied in US?
I knew an English man very closely, in mid-eighties. He was a thin six footer who spoke
in a soft language, he was The Heathrow Airport Manager once. After being in intoduced
to each other, the first thing he said to me was “we speak same language” not meanig
english but ‘we undestand each other’.
He had two subjects to speak 1) Commercial ethics 2) The Face of England
He said he was very much disappointed over the immigrants’ groupism in England.
People of same origin occupy each area and establish their own culture and life style,
isolating from others. Every where in the world people are like that only.
US has mostly European culture after wiping out Red-Indians. Now the East Indians are
doing same thing as far their culture is concerned.
People from each European country also do same thing in US. Many are running away
from their roots and get mixed with others, creating mixed race.
It is not worth to live in disputes and differences, human life span itsef is very short. At
the end, most people would regret over the path they chose because it was wrong. Just
don’t give much importance to some simple unpleasant remaks and harp over it.
Developing nation people are considered as
1) Barbarians,


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books

Dumb and

If this is the attitude of developed nations like Europe and Western countries,
you cannot change it, even if you abuse them. You have to prove, how far
you are better than them in all respect. In due course they will feel sorry
over their bad remarks.
Even after sending rockets to moon, setting up satellites, nuclear tests, India
stands nowhere before the world community.
Achievements are on one side and miserable downfalls on the other side, are
beyond description.
Average and below average Indians life could not be improved because the
politicians and officials are plundering the Government funds. India is far
behind its basic needs because of the stupidity of the politicians.
(Stupidity=Poor capability to understand and to profit, due to inability and
On the other side the religious groups and political parties are extracting
money from the public and using it for their own benefits. Their wealth runs
in millions of dollars. For whom and for what purpose such wealth is
accumulated in India and also in the Swiss banks, “The international thieves’
All that illegal wealth must be confiscated and deposited in the Government
Treasury. Then there will be no more poor and uneducated people who are
starving for their everyday needs including health-care, housing and food.
The UN people also consider India as third class citizens, though they don’t
say anything in public. For the same reason India is not considered as: -1) Nuclear power country
2) They don’t have a permanent membership in UN Security Council with
Veto power and they are not going to get it easily.
3) India should obey everything US and UN says
4) European countries, England, Australia, Canada and US will always have
identical views; after all they are birds of the same feather.
Often cattle and sheep are led by, showing some green leaves by the
shepherd, when they could not be led to the destination. They will not give
the green leaves, but will only show to the animals so that the animals will
follow the leaves to reach the terminus.


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books
At present the international community is leading India like the shepherds
leading the cattle and sheep. They promise many things; occasionally they
praise Indians and finally, humiliate and cheat India.
These dumb Indians knowingly follow the developed nations obediently.

Whiteman’s supremacy and Superiority complex and non-whites’
submissiveness is something I can never understand.
In the long run where supremacy was exercised, it has led to civil war and
revolution. French revolution, Bolshevik revolution were the resultant of such
humiliation and persecution of the rulers and upper class over the lower
class. The revolutionaries beheaded the Lords and the priests and plundered
everything they had.
Indians are not demanding anything in UN but begging for a permanent seat.
This approach must change. India should stand before the world boldly with
credibility in all respect because Indians are legitimate children and habitants
of the motherland unlike other countries; then UN will come to India with
what India expect and need.
Once Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were international figures, but
their achievements were poor. They drowned in domestic problems and failed
to elevate India before the world. If your heart and soul is not in everything
you perform, the outcome will be hopeless. They failed to resolve several
major issues. Kashmir became an issue due to Nehru’s negligence. Either
Indira Gandhi or Prime Minister Desai could not resolve Kashmir Issue. US
have been the biggest troublemakers in Indo – Pak - Kashmir issues. India
must behave and face openly to US for their continued mischief.
Indira Gandhi refused East-Pakistan – present Bangladesh to unite with
India. The fact is Indira never wanted Bangladesh to loose its identity as a
Muslim nation. She was a woman who married Muslim groom twice.
Once V. K. Krishna Menon made a long speech in the UN, could he achieve
anything? He was hitting the floor millions of times with his famous walking
stick until his last day? When V K Krishna Menon was the defense minister,
Indian Military did not have even its skeleton. They were saying Indo-China
Bhai-Bhai and finally China ran over India.
So far none of the Indians have told Pakistan – Kashmir is none of their
East and West Germany has resolved their problem so as Northern and
Southern Ireland.


A TSDT Publication By the author of The Simple Divine Truth Books
Why Indians can’t tell Pakistan, let us unite and avoid all problems?
Who will lead India to such a celestial point of recognition and achievement?
Will you contribute what you can, morally and ethically for the betterment of
Great India?
Your comments are very valuable.
Published in July 17, 2010
Revised in Nov 07, 2015

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