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The Writers Club

Le club des crivains

The Writers Club
Creative writing workshop
The Writers Club. Creative writing workshop and support group and support group
Le club des crivains. Atlier litraire cratif et group de soutien
Centre Wellington, Montral 2015-2016
Bruno Debruille
Fernanda Prez Gay Jurez Le club des crivains
Bertrand Poupart
Tony L.
Atlier litraire cratif
Matthew Peters
Mathieu Bouchard
Daniel Scott
et group de soutien
Michael Menezes
Karl Fontaine
Nathalie Sguin
First edition Centre Wellington, Montral
(CC) Kodama Cartonera, 2016
Montral, Qubec 2015-2016
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Twitter: @Kodama_Quebec
Design: Aurelio Meza
Kodama logo: Careli Rojo, after a character from Mononoke
Hime (Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, 1997).
In Japanese mythology, kodamas are forest spirits. Their name can mean
echo, tree ghost, small ball, or little spirit. In Miyazakis film,
kodamas would only reveal themselves when the forest is pure. When pol-
luted by men, they die and fall from the trees like ghostly leaves.
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IV The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Fernanda Prez Gay Jurez Who Are We?/Qui sommes nous ? V

Who Are We? Qui sommes nous ?

In July, 2015, thanks to the initiative of Dr. Bruno Debruille, we got En juillet 2015, grce linitiative du Dr Bruno Debruille, nous
together as a group of people interested in literature and creative ex- nous sommes rassembls comme un groupe de personnes int-
pression as a catharsis from everydays issues. At first, it seemed as resses par la littrature et lexpression crative comme cathar-
if we did not have too much in common: All of our lives had been sis. Au dbut, il semblait que nous navions pas trop en com-
touched by mental illness and we were all interested in writing, read- mun: Toutes nos vies avaient t touchs par la maladie mentale et
ing and debating ideas. We were just strangers with some common nous tions tous intresss par lcriture, la lecture et la discussion
interests. dides. Nous ntions que des inconnus avec des intrts communs.
From July 2015 to September 2016, we gathered month- De juillet 2015 septembre 2016, nous nous sommes runis
ly around a table at The Wellington Center. In each of our ses- mensuellement autour dune table au Centre Wellington. chaque ses-
sions, we brought pieces of our writing to share and discuss sion, nous avons apports des textes pour les partager et discuter avec
with the group. Each text was a small window to its writers inner le groupe. Chaque pice dcriture tait une petite fentre au monde
world. Interesting discussions and personal confessions would fol- intrieur de son auteur. Des discussions intressantes et des confes-
low. By sharing the ideas and emotions elicited by others texts, sions personnelles suivaient la lecture. travers des ides et des
we built a powerful empathy machine: in each meeting, we have motions suscites par les textes des autres, nous avons construit une
found relief and inspiration in our words and the words of others. puissante machine dempathie: chaque runion, nous avons trouv
Since we started to meet, our lives have kept transforming, sometimes for du soulagement et de linspiration dans nos mots et les mots des autres.
better and sometimes for worse. I would like to believe that, despite the Depuis que nous avons commenc ce club, nos vies ont chang par-
adversities and changes we might have gone through, being part of The fois pour le meilleur et parfois pour le pire. Je veux croire que, mal-
Writers Club has been a common guiding thread in the lives of its members. gr les adversits et les changements que nous avons vcu, faire partie
Our first medium term goal was to work during one year and ac- du Club des crivains a t un fil conducteur commun dans nos vies.
cumulate enough material to assembly a small literary anthol- Notre premier objectif tait de travailler pendant un an et accumuler
ogy. We have arrived to this point: It has been more than one year suffisamment de matriel pour assembler une petite anthologie. Nous
of sharing stories, ideas, joys and pains and this collection is a sommes arrivs ce point: Aprs une anne de partager des histoires,
simple of what we have lived during our meetings this last year. des ides, des joies et des douleurs, on imprime ce recueil comme
Finally, I would like to dedcate this common effort to Karl chantillon de ce que nous avons vcu pendant nous runions.
Fontaine, a close friend, poet, painter and member of The Writers Pour en finir, je voudrais ddier cet effort commun la m-
Club who left us for good two months ago. I am sure that those who moire de Karl Fontaine, ami proche, pote, artiste-peintre et membre
met him will always remember his brilliant discourse full of metaphors du Club des crivains qui nous a quitts il y a deux mois. Je suis sr
as explosive as his laughter. que ceux qui lont rencontr se souviendront toujours de son brillant
discours plein de mtaphores aussi explosives que son rire.
VI The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Fernanda Prez Gay Jurez Who Are We?/Qui sommes nous ? VII

Karl once gave me this piece of advice: Never drop your pen. Avant de partir, Karl ma donn ce conseil: Ne laissez jamais
Write, just write. Do not care for now who is going to read you: Take tomber ton stylo. Il faut crire ! Ne te proccupes pas pour linstant de
a typewriter and turn that blue vertigo of the world into magic. Karls qui va te lire. Prends ta machine crire et utilise-la pour tourner ce
words still resonate in my mind. I hope that, through this small book, vertige bleu du monde en magie . Ses paroles rsonnent encore dans
his wise counsel will also echo in the minds of all its writers and read- mon esprit. Jespre que, grce ce petit livre, ses sages conseils feront
ers. galement cho dans lesprit de ses crivains et ses lecteurs.

Fernanda Prez Gay Jurez Fernanda Prez Gay Jurez

Member and Organizer of TWC Membre et organisateur de TWC
September, 2016 Septembre 2016
0 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Dan Scott Zero 1

If we understand that the sole property of nothing is that it

amplifies then we can say that zero is multiplication and that this is
how we can multiply zero by infinity and get infinity with any number
[it becomes zero or infinite]. Its the Master of all the numbers because
Zero its the sum total of every number and no number at the same time.
by Dan Scott It can make, it can unmake it can turn any number into itself or turn
itself into any number. Examining numbers like this we can see how
During crusades thousands of people were massacred to acquire liter- good the unknown is at covering itself up with the ordinary. Most
ature. That happened to contain this information at its pinnacle. Some people werent aware that zero is infinity and most mathematicians
people feel that the Holy Grail is this information and not a literal cup. would also disagree with this. The same way I cangive infinity names
Its ridiculous, however plausible, that people would kill for an object so I can talk about nothing [although its utterly nameless], mathemati-
although it would have made more sense that they killed for useful/ ciansdescribed zero as a numberin order to define negative numbers
powerful information. Its true that Jesus was a real guy although Im [incorrectly]. I heard people talking about some stupid debate that ac-
guessing he drank from many different cups. The Holy Grail itself, tually took place in the 90s as to whether 0 was actually a number. I
the most important information discovered during the crusades is the laughedbecause scientists and most of us try to explain the metaphysi-
knowledge that ordinary reality is an illusion. Using math and logic to cal away as something ordinary on a regular basis.
demonstrate how powerful and versatile nothing is, I want to explore A professional mathematician would state that infinity is 1/0
this mathematically. Because we can count them, we can say numbers that zero wouldnt be the same as infinity. They would also talk about
are things on the island that is ordinary reality. Even if on the sur- negative numbers being less than zero when theyre clearly more than
face it looks like numbers come from other numbers [matter makes zero because theres an amount left and any amount is alwaysgreater
matter], the truth is that all numbers essentially come from and re- than zero. They would have to take zero into account as infinity to
turn to nothing. We can scrutinize numbers and scratch the surface of stop making that error. Theres no such thing as less than zero because
the ordinary by dividing them, like when I was a kid and first divided zero is nothing and nothing is infinity [its final]. Scratching through
1/3 and I reckoned something unusual had happened. I thought it the surface in this way we can see how every number has zero at its
was strange after learning to count up from zero to be able to end foundation, indicating that we live in a paradox and that the ordinary
up with separate infinities unless everything was made of infinity and worlds an illusion. We can become nothing by becoming everything
basically nothing at the same time. I wondered how three infinities and we can become everything by becoming nothing. Theres never
come from one number unless infinity worked backwards in time [to truly a beginning or end and infinity just imagines all the numbers into
talk in a linear sense] and kind of hiding behind every number, no existence to tell a story if every path leads nowhere and no path leads
matter whether you counted up or down. I had a funny and inquisi- everywhere. Its easy for somebody who understands this to see why
tive feeling that something paradoxical had to be happening under the scientists have been talking about harnessing zero point energy [limit-
surface of the mundane and if it was taking place it was all of the less power from any location in ordinary reality].
time. I had many questions I kept to myself,like assuming that noth- Getting more in depth, its said that the sum of all real num-
ings everything then what and who are we, what if were all nothing bers is undefined but logicians and mathematicians made a mistake in
andourselves at the same time and what if no number is really greater formulating the rules concerning zero. The hypothesis that all numbers
than any other number so all of us could have limitless power. What might sum to zero was tested using a mathematical system where the
if nothing matters. It would be inextricably related to us at all times. value of zero is pre-set to be nothing. In ordinary math, all values are
2 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Tony L. Stigma 3

relative to zero as nothing, so of course we would discover that all

real numbers do not sum to zero. If it were not so, the logical consist-
ency of mathematics would be destroyed. Because we develop math
to count and zero represents nothing, it makes sense that we dont
commonly switch into a system where zero is the sum of all numbers, Stigma
although it can be doneit just cant be done half way. As the saying By Tony L.
goes, its all or nothing. Either we can see zero as every number or we
can see zero as nothing. Je suis prisonnier, tant de la psychiatrie comme de mon rve.
Its only logical that a test of the value of zero has to be a Karl Fontaine
genuine consideration of the value of zero. If we test zero as the sum
of all numbers we must allow its usual value of nothing to change Growing up I heard the word used a few times: Stigma against race,
to a value equal to the sum of all numbers. This means that we would stigma against homosexuals, stigma against the handicapped. When
accept zero to have a value greater than all other numbersmost of us hearing these, I just laughed them off... calling them a bunch of weak
can understand how this is a bit radical. If we sum all numbers instead complainers.
of cancel all numbers, we alter the entire value system, and suddenly Little did I know that years later it would completely backfire
we have what appears at first to be nonsensical. If zero is the greatest on me. I applied for a job, the interview went perfect, but they didnt
value; i.e., the sum of all numbers, what then is the value of the num- accept me because they wanted to ensure they had someone stable. I
ber one, or two? Which is greater, one or twoif zero is greater than remember walking on the street and throwing my jacket on the floor
both? The simplest most straightforward way of summing all numbers out of anger, almost screaming in the air at the injustice. Then I once
is to sum the equal but opposite numbers. So for a moment we will dated a girl, we had 3 dates and they were absolutely perfect, not even
imagine that the correct sum of all numbers does sum up to and equal Hollywood could have scripted them better. But on the third date, feel-
zero, except this means that we need to change the value of zero away ing we were really close at that point, I decided to tell her about my
from being no things. We need to treat zero as the largest value in past mental health history. Afterwards she didnt answer my calls for 3
the mathematical system and this includes the two already vast infini- days and I had no idea why. Then finally she texted me, saying she was
ties of positive and negative numbers. Suddenly zero has become an scared and frightened that what happened to me would happen again,
infinite whole that contains all other numbers. Every positive and every and she wanted to build a future with someone more stable. It broke
negative number on the real number plane is summing or combining my heart, I was so sad and found it such a shame, a perfect relationship
together to form an ultimate number of absolute value. Obviously this destroyed by someone who is scared and doesnt understand.
is not math as we know it. This is math without false limitations, with- Then finally, in a facebook group chat of about 40 people, an
out process, math of principle and truly infinite values. online bully said I must have made a certain statement because I hear
voices in my head. Not only did he publicly make fun of me, but he
claimed I hear voices in my head which isnt even true. I was never
angrier in my life, I saw only red, I wanted to kill him... but I kept my
composure, stated that I do not hear voices in my head, and left the
chat permanently.
I now know the meaning of the word Stigma, I have experi-
enced it in the most personal way possible. And all this anger inside of
me is not forgotten... I vow to fight this stigma for the rest of my life.
4 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Mathieu Bouchard Disturbed 5

Fifty or a hundred years from now, perhaps this Stigma against

mental illness wont exist anymore. But it has to start somewhere. And
its us, the peers and community friends, who will have to fight for this
cause, because no one will do it for us, and this Stigma has to end once
and for all. Disturbed or Disturbing?
By Mathieu Bouchard
Tonight, I am asking a question: Is psychiatry addressing the problem
of being disturbed, or is it rather addressing the problem of being
disturbing? In other words, is the nature of mainstream biomedical
psychiatric practice closer to that of other medical specialities, or is it
closer to that or correctional agents and jailers? I think to anyone who
has been psychiatrized at any point in their lives, the question eventu-
ally comes up. So I argue that this is a legitimate question to ask around
this table tonight.
Despite the medical rhetoric surrounding the core of psychiat-
ric practices of diagnosis, medication, and internment, there is limited
evidence to support the medical benefits of those practices. After a
small group of psychiatric survivors held a hunger strike in the sum-
mer of 2003, demanding that various groups, including the [American
Psychiatric Association], produce scientifically valid evidence for the
biological basis of mental illness, the APA eventually released a state-
ment that admitted brain science has not advanced to the point where
scientists or clinicians can point to readily discernible pathologic le-
sions or genetic abnormalities that in and of themselves serve as reli-
able or predictive bio-markers of a given mental disorder or mental
disorders as a group (Coleman 2008: 343). So basically, what the APA
acknowledged is that there is no scientific basis to explain emotional
distress as brain chemical imbalance.
Many who, like me, have been interned in psychiatric facilities,
are wondering how such a traumatizing experience as being deprived
of liberty, denied citizenship rights, and forced to ingest often wildly
excessive amounts of various drugs, is in any way medically beneficial.
In the perspective of a patient, the discrepancy in power, authority, and
legitimacy that is construed in the relation between a psychiatrist and
his patient through the professional act of diagnosing is truly scary.
Psychiatric diagnosis is legitimated through an unsubstantiated medical
metaphor. Diagnosis results in the social delegitimation of patients.
6 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Matthew Peters Migraine 7

Social delegitimation leads to stigmatization, marginalization, and ex-

clusion. Again, hardly medical benefits.
The prevalent evidence-based practice movement within
medicine and psychiatry is highly illustrative of this extreme power
imbalance between psychiatrist and patient. The evidence-based prac- Migraine; or Strife
tice paradigm promotes a hierarchy in the validity of knowledge. It is by Matthew Peters
claimed that best psychiatric practices should be informed by the
most valid forms of evidence. In this hierarchy, systemic reviews in- This poor weak matter consumes
cluding randomized controlled trials are presented as the most valid every thought, wish, and desire
form of evidence, while the opinions of service users and careers are rampantly, devours with cavalier haste
considered the least valid form of evidence. recognition raging against wayward doubt.
The key takeaway of evidence-based practice is simple: the pa-
tient doesnt know what is good for himself since he is mentally ill. Words flounder and arms jiveglistening
Therefore, the only person who can legitimately determine the appro- in orange lightsmoke rises in the night,
priate treatment is the psychiatrist who has his file, because he is the dispelled by eyes glancing and smiles
one who knows about systematic reviews and randomized controlled flickering. Swaying passions exhaust
Once you accept those assumptions, you basically give the keys and staccato rhythms give way
of your life to someone else. to contemplative notes sounded once, twice,
Again, how is this radical form of disempowerment medically thrice, and the moment of the present
beneficial? carries the obviousthe very novel thing.

Coleman, G. (2008). The Politics of Rationality: Psychiatric
Survivors Challenge to Psychiatry. In Kavita P., de Costa,
B. (Eds.), Tactical Biopolitics. Cambridge: MIT Press.
Glasby, J., Beresford, P. (2006). Who knows best? Evidence-based
practice and the service user contribution. Critical Social Policy,
26(1): 268-284.
8 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Bertrand Poupart Sortir ce soir 9

Sans titre Sortir ce soir

par Karl Fontaine par Bertrand Poupart
Hibou perch Cest drle, sortir ce soir, ne me dit pas
du haut Jai comme trouv la calme la maison chez moi
dun coupe cheveux Je devrais sortir, dpenser largent
en mme temps coupant mais je nen ai tellement pas normment
le temps a ne me tente pas de jouer, jouer
dun pic--bois je prfre crire ma sagesse divulgue
qui sveille Mes amours sont dj connues
la lisire alors pourquoi entretenir linconnu
dune frnsie Je sortirai encore du
dans laquelle de me voir sortir dchut
se trouve toute mlodie
qui quelque fois Sans pourquoi je suis maintenant
retombe Mon itinraire sans pour autant
et parmi ses cendres ne rflchir que les espoirs grandissant
les couleurs me laissent les choix soffrant
dans la valise Mais rien narrive encore
du temps cest comme le tison qui se veut mort
Jexiste que dans ma tte
et si combien Et je nai plus peur des ftes
o tant perdue Sortir ce soir
je visite tout de mme Avec toi on fera la foire.
le sage
qui me conseille
de boire une gorge
toute liquorifiante
de cette pleine gaiet.
10 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Michael Menezes Flowers Sellers 11

only one of me, and I got the feeling that they knew usthey knew
the city. They saw us with our blinkers on, living our narrow little lives
down our narrow little streets. But we knew nothing about them. They
were an unknown. I hadnt the heart the heart to tell him that, so there
The Flower Sellers I was, wandering down the portside searching for sunflowers in late
by Michael Menezes October.
It was remarkably easy to find, actually; it stood out among the
I guess I didnt know what to tell him at that point. What do you even thirty odd flower shops beside it like... a flower in a field. It felt some-
say in a situation like that? Do you tell him its over? That its done? how brighter, more vivid than its surroundings, as if the edge of every
Tell him to go out and gather some nice framed photographs and start petal of every perfectly arranged bouquet was individually singing into
preparing for the closed casket funeral? Because at this pointand the the dull, flickering lamplight. So I walked towards it. She was, she was
red-faced, breathless gentleman before me knew as well as Ithat boy lovely. She had flowers in her hair and a smile that played upon her lips
was long gone and lost to the world, stowed away under a trap door in like a musical instrument like a harp or a and I I mean itd
one of three to four hundred gypsy boat houses anchored along the been a while since Id last slept now that I thought about it, and maybe
southern port. Somewhere in that floating city, the boy, his son, was that was it. Maybe that was what was blurring everything, melding it
alive sure, but lost lost so far beyond finding.... all into a wave of bright and hazy colour and music. But I saw through
But he wouldnt have it. It was the flower sellers! he thundered it all, I realized even then that something was that something was
for the hundredth time. The flower sellers, he repeated quietly after a strange about this. My senses may have been swimming but my mind
long, stuttering breath. Theydjust listen to me, he insisted, he and was still as keen... as a tack and I asked her about the boy and I
his son had stopped by the portside market to pick up flowers for his followed her into the boats, through the thick, pearly curtain of salt-
wifes birthday. This was a grimy grey harbour town, you see, perched stained sails and into the floating city.
on an island. It was a centre for trade and nothing else. So grains, fruits, They were singing and dancing and feasting, makeshift stoves
produce or livestock of any kindwell that was all shipped in from at every other deck and great big cauldrons of aromatic soups and
fields and farms on the mainland. But herbs and teas, charms and trin- stews wafting perfumed poetry into the evening air. In every whirling
kets, and flowerswere peddled exclusively by the boat dwellers. They head of hair, a flower. Around every wrist a charm, a golden bangle, a
came in from the eastor no one really knew where they came from, coloured handkerchief. She had a seashell bracelet around her own; I
except that they were here, here en masse, and here to stay. He was saw it as she led me through the labyrinth by the arm, through a wind-
tired that day he said. Sleepy. And the girl who was manning the shop, ing maze of sails and sunburnt, smiling faces, with the lamplight danc-
she was she was very pretty, he added slowly. Hed turned his back ing off her dark, twisting auburn braids like a will o wisp in a mindless
for an instant to purchase a charming, golden bouquet at the only stand fog, for she was the brightest thing of all here. She led me to himthe
for miles stocking sunflowers in this fallalmost winterseason and boy: brown hair, green eyes, grey waistcoat and slacks. I clasped my
in that brief instant, the boy was gone. It was the flower sellers. hands around his wrist. He was seated at a stove. There were flowers
I hadnt the heart to tell him, I guess. You put on airs. You tell in his hair. There was a charm around his wrist. The shadow and the
yourself, you tell the world that life as a private investigator in a dark firelight crept about his features, swaying to the dull and heavy drum
and dingy, back alley city hardens you, but all it takes is a single missing beats calling out from two boats away. I asked if he was William, and
child, a single desperate, quivering, tearstained face, and youre making he said he didnt know. I told him that his father was searching for him.
decisions thatwell theyre questionable at best. You see, they scared He said he didnt want to stay, but also, he paused, that he didnt want
methe boat dwellers. There were thousands of them, and there was to leave. I didnt understand.
12 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Natalie Sguin Chanson 13

She asked me if Id like to dance with her and I but I asked

her about the flowers in her hairthat they were so, so golden. I asked
her about the firelight, and the perfume, and the crimson seashell
bracelet down her wrist. I asked if she was from the city, why her hair
was brown and her skin was fair. She frowned and kissed me on the Chanson sous le thmeTravailler,
cheek, and lead me back to the harbour. The city was so, so grey; I felt cest trop dur , de Zacchary Richard
as though I couldnt see at all. I woke up in my office with a bottle of
par Nathalie Sguin
whisky spilled across my desk. Jesus Christ, I dont know. I dont know
what to tell him. Do I go back? Can I go back? Where am I now? I
Savoir aimer cest se forcer
dont feel alive. I dont know what to do.
Cest faire des sacrifices
Moi je dis que la vie
Vaut la peine quand on saime.

Sans amour aux alentours

La tristesse est notre seule vitesse
Pis chial comme un veau
Ce nest pas a quy a de plus beau
Dans le vide, on se noie
Pis ya plus rien qui vaut de quoi
Cest comme a que je raisonne
Quand ya plus personne
Quand a sonne dans personne.
14 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Matthew Peters My Seasons... 15

La Patience aux jeux My Seasons Harvest

par Betrand Poupart by Matthew Peters
Depuis 2 ans, chaque semaine, plusieurs fois par jour, je joue au To be on the far seas
Scrabble, un jeu de socit pour tous ges. at liberty
Facile daccs, je me dois de dire les instructions et de vous dcrire le in a well worked craft
gout de jouer maintenant.
Il faut ramasser les lettres; sept huit, par hasard, que je choisis sans journeys long accent
regarder. having crested
Dans le sac noir et qui se referme laide dune ficelle. arcing back towards home
Jessaie de faire des mots avec les voyelles et les consonnes.
Et je peux changer des lettres the known and the comfort
pour une meilleure loterie tout en passant mon tour, si voulu. of familiar
Il faut jouer le mot sur la carte de point de mire faces and places
en calculant les points que les lettres nous donnent
sur le plan dj indiqu. all among a constellation
Le partage des lettres, en se touchant, forme un genre de domino qui gathered
se conforme from the wonders and the new
et sattache ensemble. Le jeu souvre et communique le tout avec des
mots qui se juxtaposent. my seasons harvest
Les limites que la chance nous donne nous laissent rflchir,
ce nest pas toujours vident que certains mots ne se jouent pas et
ou souvent, un sept-lettres parfait, que lon appelle (Scrabble), ne se
place pas,
et il faut donc sacrifier des plus courts mots pour se dbrouiller avec
des lettres
difficiles manquer.
Avec jusqu quatre partenaires va une partie de une deux heures et
de mise.
Bonne chance au jeu.
16 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Natalie Sguin Les rves... 17

notions de conscience.
Ce nest pas amusant vraiment, ni gratifiant. La distance avec le
rl que cause les pertes de contrle et de sens drive en une maladie et
la folie la longue.
Les rves du promeneur solitaire La rverie chez Rousseau qui rgit ce vagabondage de lesprit
(fragments) est labsence de liens psychiques et affectifs. (Il ne se dit plus soumis
limpratif moral de lexamen de conscience).
par Nathalie Sguin Ne plus se sentir soumis la morale, ni lexamen de conscience
dans son cas, pour vrifier et juger si les penses sont tangibles avec le
Rousseau rel dans lendroit o il se trouve et si elles sont positives et efficaces
comme outil de progression et datteintes de nos objectifs de vie ; cest
Les rveries du promeneur solitaire tomber dans un panneau darrt de penses, de dsquilibre et la perte
sont des bribes dexistence dont lintensit de lucidit assure.
sera fixe par lcriture. Lorsque lesprit est dans cet tat dapesanteur, la folie guette.
Cest ce travail de recomposition Ainsi, Jean-Jacques retrouve un contact pur et innocent tel qu
du pass que Rousseau appelle Rverie. son jeune ge. Cest dpass les limites que de regresser constamment
et dun ridicule abhrant.
*** terme, la rverie exprime la dgustation dun bonheur bien
(mrit) ?!
La rverie me dlasse et mamuse, Et la puret que les autres ne pourront latteindre, ni le dfaire
la rflexion me fatigue et mattriste quimporte la manire prise.
penser fut toujours pour moi Ce nest plus une question de carapace quand on est dans un
une occupation pnible et sans charme tel tat, ce sont des traits de caractre et de personnalit difficile et cest
Quelques fois mes rveries finissent Rousseau va donc mler les poques dans un prsent quil veut
par la mditation ternel.
mais plus souvent Quel high !
mes mditations finissent par la rverie. Il adopte une attitude et un comportement diffrents des
normes individuelles et sociales, surtout.
*** Jean-Jacques Rousseau nest pas ce quon pourrait appeler un
tre fonctionnel pour lui-mme comme pour la socit et il a du nar-
Vous est-il dj arriv de vous assoupir dans un fauteuil bien confor- cissisme revendre. Tout ceci du un manque total dingrence mo-
tablement et de vous laisser envahir par la dtente et le sommeil ? Si tionnelle. Ses besoins ne sont jamais assouvis et ses passages sont trs
votre rponse est positive ; il est probable que la rverie soit agrable intenses.
et bienfaisante. Cest un tre isol et renferm dans sa bulle. Il ne devait pas
Dans le cas de Rousseau, ces mditations qui lamnent rvas- avoir dami(s) pour dialoguer. Quel tat mlancolique, il doit vivre
ser sont si nombreuses et dnivels quil en perd le sens du rel. Cest lextrme, par moments.
un jeu trs dangereux quand il ny a pas de contrle et quil en perd des Cette qute intimiste du bonheur na-t-elle pas de fin ?
18 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Natalie Sguin Les rves... 19

motions ne sont pas coordonnes, surveillez vous, car les dborde-

Sa vie est trs routinire mais pour lui remplie par lextase. Est- ments affectifs et linsouciance de lhypocrsie dune maladie peut trs
ce seulement la botanique qui laide et le supporte sur ce point ? bien vous surprendre et vous accabler.
Cest son choix. Quelle jouissance pouvait-il avoir Jean-Jacques ? Sinon que
(La fuite dans limaginaire). sadmirer dans la glace.
Et la rverie centre sur ltude et la jouissance du moi. Cest un Cet idal nest pas enviable.
tre extrmement introverti et distant par le fait mme des autres hu- Lamour propre est un sentiment naturel quand il est bien dos
mains prsents dans son environnement. Il est loign des sentiments pour chacun de nous, mais il peut devenir un handicap car il devient un
rels au temps prsent avec ceux qui le ctoient sur le trottoir, dans les principe dgocentrisme, dhypocrsie et de toute forme de mchance-
parcs, dans ses environnements physiques. t. Il se nourrit de lestime de soi des autres, ne loubliez pas et prenez
Il est trop infantile et immature avec ses contemporains. Cest garde. Il est la base de toute ingalit individuelle et sociale et de pr-
une dimension gotiste. Jean-Jacques a trop de penses intimistes, pas jugs. Il mne une attitude et un comportement diffrents.
assez soutenues et partages. Ses rflexions dbordent du cadre nor- Ce jeu dans le miroir est trs dangereux.
Rousseau est trs motif et hypersensible au moindre petit d-
tail. Il en sort dsquilibr la longue et sendurcit malgr son amour
pour les autres. Rousseau devient insensible,froid et distant. Etc.
Le rveur ne renonce pas dcrire ses fantaisies , mais il
subsiste la cration littraire, une activit psychologique qui le tiendra
debout ; en vie.
Cest troitement li au pays de la folie , du vide intrieur trs
intense et delincomprhension quasi totale.
Le fantasme avatar moderne. La qute du moi intrieur.
Sil place son livre sous le signe de lintrospection :
(Que suis-je moi-mme ?
Voil ce qui me reste chercher).
Loin du polmique seule demeure celle de converser avec son
Le que suis-je ? introduit au changement dobjectif par rap-
port la question :
qui suis-je.
Cest le besoin de soins quil aurait du recevoir cette poque.
Car Rousseau a le cur clat et la tte en mille morceaux. Si un in-
dividu rve de devenir aussi imprgn par les songes durant le jour,
son imagination dbordera du rel et il pourrait devenir trs malade
et trs dangereux pour lui ou la socit, si il nest pas soign et appuy
dans son recouvrement. Se croire tout seul au monde et plus fin que
les autres comportent des risques. Et si le contrle des penses et des
20 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Michael Menezes The Horizon 21

mand. Wed fallen into taking the darkest hours of the night under our
watch, during which time he would regale me with stories of Keplers
Laws of Planetary Motion or Mesmers Animal Magnetism, for which
the maddening, hovering mists were more an eerie backdrop than any
The Horizon agent of our undoing.
by Michael Menezes Yes, it was during that sixth hour, as we spoke of St Augustines
Journey of the Soul that the mists, they thinned at last, and not a half
Until then, at least from my quarters at the stern of our vessel, the RLS a league ahead of us- it was a mountain, it was a great craggy yawning
Horizon Catcher, and from really every which way, from every angle monolith that rose up from the ocean surface like the rocky maw of
on deck and in the crows nest and in every cabin porthole, the sea: it God. We stood in silence for many minutes, each wordlessly daring the
stretched on endlessly, smothering the eye for as far as could be fath- other to speak, to acknowledge it, to fall to their knees and cry into the
omed. Wed been at sea two months now. Three if you include the first air in praise.
few weeks collecting supplies from ports along the West African Coast. It was I who finally spoke. I asked him if he indeed saw what
Two months then, since myself or any other living soul aboard I saw, and what he made of it, and would he run down into the cabins
the Big Dipper, for that was what the men had taken to calling it in their and alert the men and set a course, and unfurl the damn sails himself
song and in their reverie below the decks; the joke was that any coming if he had to and- Sir, he said. Perhaps, sir, if I would calm myself for
day now, the Horizon Catcher would up and do just that: wed catch the a moment, the rock, the monolith, he said, its plateau was at least two
horizon. Wed dip, bow down, stern up, down a long, endless waterfall, hundred or more feet from the ocean surface below, and we had not
down over the edge of the world. Believe me, if wed encountered any nearly enough rope nor provisions to make such a climb. Perhaps, he
sign of it, any whirlpool, any maelstrom or great thundering gale, any said, the rock might prove to be just that: a singular, though awesome
sirens on the rocks, leviathans, krakens or winged, looming monsters protrusion on all four sides without a shore for us to make a landing.
of death, youd have before yourselves a long and very detailed account Perhaps the men, if they were to wake, would not hear reason as I
of it. did- they would mutiny, tear down at the rigging in a frenzy, in a mass
No, all wed seen for two months now on every side of us was hysteria to climb to reach Perhaps the plateau of the monolith
miles and miles, leagues and leagues of calm, unending sea. I hadnt might seem to them the surface of the sea, and ourselves, our vessel,
come to crave the land so much as I- craved anything, anything at all. two hundred feet below, and drowning.
Two months or so, two months and eleven days it was, we en- I steadied myself. He made a good point, William Wright. Per-
countered the mist. Dense. Impenetrable. Like a thick white curtain in haps, natural philosophy aside, His Majestys Service could make a cap-
a high society parlour. Spotless. We passed two nights and three days tain of him yet. I sent him down into the cabins to retrieve four of our
unable to see any further than a single ships length ahead in any direc- most seasoned sailors of whose state of mind and sanity he could be
tion. On the sixth hour of the third night, it was I and the first mate, sure. The six of us on deck, we plotted a course toward the monolith
William Wright, up on the bow of the Dipper taking watch as had be- and around it.
come our custom. You see, no man could stay on deck any longer than And as we drew closer to rock, again it was William who saw it
a few, fleeting hours now before hed slowly descend into madness, first. Around the base of the monolith what we thought had been a
snow blind from the fog, and it was especially so during the nights. reef it was rope. It was miles and miles and miles of tangled, knot-
William was a strange lad indeed; hed taken up the seafaring ted rope, floating smiling and serenely in the gently, swaying ocean
profession in the hope of financing a life of scholarship in natural currents. And drawing into view around the corner, around the hidden
philosophy- a far cry from the drunken, whoring rabble under his com- eastern edge of the rock, we saw the graveyard. Scores, hundreds of
22 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Mathieu Bouchard Toxicomanie 23

vessels moored against the face of its cliff, each in pristine condition,
unscathed, having floated in the breathless waters for eternities. Old
crafts, with dragon figureheads, and unmanned oars protruding from
their hulls and sides, and some, strange sail-less and unnatural behe-
moths, clad in iron and in stone yet floating still, unmoving, empty.
Again I was the first to speak. William, I said, plot a course
south. Away, get us away, man! Turn the wheel! I ran, II stumbled
down, across the Dippers godless deck and over to the stern. The
wheel! South! Away!
That night we swore that to no man but the King should we
ever breathe a word about that lone, accursed rock in the heart of the
Pacific. Many brave vessels, many captains, many crews have set out
since to find the rock, to find the monolith of which we spoke unto
His Majestys pale regal lips, and to his courtiers condescending glow-
To my knowledge, two of these vessels have returned, report-
ing not to have encountered any such expanse of mist, or looming
monolith. The other seven Perhaps at the horizon, at the edge of
the world, it is not the waters of the sea that fall, that dip down into the
void. Perhaps it is the sanity of men that slows that moors itself by
the cliffs and floats in still, in tranquil waters by the monolith for all of
24 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Karl Fontaine Being Sober 25

Goodbye Addictions On Being Sober

By Tony L. by Karl Fontaine
Games, you were always good at killing time: days, weeks, and months Becoming sober like finally putting my two feet in a long lost soul
would pass by and I wouldnt notice. house with a new guest, feeling of a new horizon and for once
Poker, you would give me an artificial high when winning tem- grasping reality, embracing it instead of the old runaway train.
porarily before inevitably losing everything. Now going somewhere, finally my wheels on solid tracks, my
Binge eating, you would give me emotional relief: giving me a soul newly washed and rinsed; my heart devoted and crisp for the
sugar rush that would make me forget my problems for a little while colors of my production.
before I came back with a poisoned body and mind. Drawing with a new childs wisdom, like business colors ap-
Sleep, you could make me forget and take away hours of my pearing real and simple, although deep in the roots of my still youthful
painful days. After a month of sleeping, I was asking myself what I had eyes.
done with my life. Amusing myself in new ways to think and not stabbing my re-
Addictions: I never learned how to live without you but ality as if everything was due to me but more like an attentive gardener
now I have no choice. If I enable you it will eventually lead to an- to the plants and trees to be loved so they can flourish and grow their
other psychosis and I cant let that happen to myself or my loved radius of vibrant life.
ones. I have always escaped the present and present-oriented ac-
tivities. Its now time to choose health, to choose the present, and
to build a real future. I dont know how I am going to do it, but
Im choosing reality over manic excitement, and it has to work.
Im not giving it a choice.
26 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Matthew Peters The Hour... 27

Les nuages noirs sont partis et ont fait place au soleil; que je regarde
en biais afin de lapprcier sans my aveugler. Douce brise du matin.
Tranquillement, sinstalle en moi une confiance sereine en un avenir
dont je ne sais rien. Je ne sens plus le besoin de voler vers le soleil, de
Sabotage my bruler les ailes. Dsormais, sentir la douce caresse du soleil sur ma
par Mathieu Bouchard joue me satisfait.
Libr de la tyrannie du quotidien.
Politique de la terre brle. Maintenant, changer le monde, un jour la fois.
Jai construit une maison, qui tait belle au got des autres,
dans le but de my loger et dy vivre une vie respectable, une vie con-
forme; une vie soumise, une vie range. Faire plaisir aux autres pour
se sentir accept, valoris, approuv, normal. Renoncer ses passions,
rprimer ses instincts, mourir de lintrieur, steindre petit feu. 9 6
The Hour as it Fades
au bureau, payer lhypothque et les comptes, aller au gym rgulire- by Matthew Peters
ment. Obligations de toutes sortes pour satisfaire aux attentes; pour
tre quelquun de bien, comme ils disent. The faded book covers stand
La tyrannie du quotidien. by the old magazines
Mlancolie du soir, parce demain matin une nouvelle journe near where the dogs sleep,
commence, sans doute aussi morne, grise et froide que les prcdentes.
Vertige du dimanche soir, parce que demain matin une nouvelle semaine the decks stretch around three sides
commence, faite de cinq jours sans doute aussi mornes, gris et froids and with nine
que les prcdents. Un scotch, puis un deuxime. Ma guitare devant is where we eat, sit, and talk;
moi, qui ramasse la poussire, parce que je nai plus lenvie dy jouer.
Puis un jour, je dploie mes ailes, pour voler vers le ciel. Je the talk is short, in bursts,
monte, toujours plus haut, jusquau soleil, pour my brler les ailes. largely what is needed,
La tempte souffle, se rapproche dangereusement. Je pilote au radar some thats appreciated,
travers les nuages noirs, magntiques, lourds et effrayants. Insomnie,
panique, dsespoir. Les inquitudes tourbillonnent dans ma tte, toujo- but with the ocean just below
urs plus vite, toujours plus fort. Je vole vers le ciel. Je monte, toujours we listen to it lapping
plus haut, jusquau soleil, pour my brler les ailes. Je traverse les nuages and watch the suns trajectory,
noirs, japproche enfin le soleil. Puis arrive le moment tant souhait:
je touche le soleil et je my brle les ailes. Chute vertigineuse; boucle over and between the trees,
pique; dmolition annonce. which tells us all we need to know
Limpact au sol est brutal. of the hour as it fades.
Je me relve, dmoli et soulag. Enfin, jai tout sabot. Je suis
maintenant libre. Enfin libre. Radicalement libre. Je me suis vad de la
prison dans laquelle je mtais enferme. Libre. Libre de me rinventer.
28 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Tony L. Strangers Eye 29

public, the people surrounding you cannot see the other side of you
when youre with your friends. It is thus a secret, a mystery. And when
youre with your friends, you cant see the way they are with strangers.
This is why, when I saw my friends frustrated driving, I had that strange
The strangers eye feeling, finally explained 15 years later.
by Tony L.
Life is absurd, but amazing at the same time. Life
is ultimately meaningless. but is also the most pre-
cious thing in the universe. Stop living in the con-
fusing cobwebs of the gray area and realize that
its both white and black at the same time, while
taking advantage of the fact that humans are de-
signed to be happy, and just let it happen.

Once, I was sitting on the balcony of my ex-girlfriends place in the

McGill ghetto, waiting for my friend to come over. He was and is a very
close friend of mine, the type of friend you dont even need to look in
the eye when you talk to him.
Anyway, while I was on the balcony I spotted him driving
around, looking for parking. I couldnt say hi to him because he was
far away in his car. So I just continued watching him as he went up the
street, frustrated to not find parking, then turned left to the next street
and continued searching.
At that moment I had a strange feeling that to this day I cannot
describe. It was in the way that I was seeing him. It almost felt as if I
was intruding. I saw a side of him that I have a never seen before, be-
cause he never showed that frustrated face with me. Also, it was weird
because this was the first time I ever saw him without him knowing I
was looking at him.
I effectively changed my identity towards him from a friend to
a stranger. It was a weird feeling like I was invading his privacy by see-
ing a side of him that he would normally never show to me. Yet he was
in public and thousands of people can see him this way for free and as
long as they want to.
It also shows that we have two types of behavior towards oth-
ers. One is an adopted behavior and expression when in the presence
of people you know, and the other is an automatic, lifeless expression
when you are in public and surrounded by strangers. When youre in
30 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Karl Fontaine Bric--brac 31

Alimentation Bric--brac
par Bertrand Poupart par Karl Fontaine
Super march, Bric--brac,
lensemble visuel de la nourriture barraque
qui fout le trac,
Lemballage me renverse
et ce qui nest pas emball. glantine et vers de soie
Premire approche en vitrine ou sur les alles. qui me pique et me lisse,
Dvelopper le gout de femme enceinte, me peigne les cheveux
bien photographier la marchandise pour un meilleur rsultat dans sa et jeton
cuisine de ce parchsy qui se croise
bien lire les dates dexpiration. au mouchoir dune hirondelle,

En choix qui sunissent : fruits et lgumes, boulangerie, fromagerie, et li de ces lilas,

produits laitiers, viandes, volailles, produits des commis la viande, vins tournoie et fragonne,
et spiritueux, huiles, sucre, sel, mlanges desserts repas dshydrats, le gouli goula
caf, chocolats, crales, conserves en bote de tous genres, en vrac. dune limonade
Papier de toutes formes et
Liqueurs et boissons par son zest ail
Sauces de toutes envergures picotte les narines du monstre
Produits naturels emballs et produits bio, produits asiatiques que jai vu l-bas,
De mers et produits surgels de toutes consistances qui sendort comme un enfant
Ptes et pts de maison pour voir gazouiller les oiseaux
Accessoires de cuisines au soleil matin;
picotte les doigts
Donc frquence des visites lpicerie gnrale du quartier, de la truite mouchete.
une deux fois par semaine selon les recettes suivre et des circu- Attrappe, gule et tournoie
laires si inspirants dans londe du sable,
Le tout est agrable mijoter dans une belle cuisine quipe jonc qui slance et touche lazur,
Vos amis adoreront et vous remercieront de votre dbrouillardise en rayonne ta mini-jupe
service culinaire. qui danse lt
Avec 3 repas par jour, les personnes table avec vous o le soleil te souffle
trouveront ce qui est bon et solvable votre fort intrieur. la perruque.
32 The Writers Club / Le club des crivains Mathieu Bouchard Farewell, Karl 33

Perrochet et bon vinier

ml sur les eaux
o le marin prpare ta fte
et si encore se rejoint lalle
dune danse sur le sillon dun rosier, Farewell, Karl
que son ptale par Mathieu Bouchard
boucle le costume du clown
qui verse une larme de tendresse Karl a t une toile filante dans le ciel du Club des crivains et dans
pour un vers sur une feuille celui de ma vie.
qui devient papillon.
Karl tait un chacal un ornithorynque et un hibou, ce qui nest pas
Rebours de ta manche donn tous. Karl tait un lion, un alligator et un albatros. Karl tait
o le bouton droule un urubu tte rouge qui vole en cercle au-dessus du centre-ville.
larc circonflexe Il tait aussi un pervier.
dun basse de latex
pour un appartement des citadins Karl tait Diogne, le philosophe itinrant.
couchant dans le jardin
et couvrant les murailles de la ville La peinture tait pour Karl un mode de vie. Ou tait-ce la posie ?
Des vieilles bouteilles de vin. En fin de compte, nul ne saura jamais si Karl tait peintre ou pote.
De toute faon, je ne crois pas quil faisait la distinction. Les mots
Fric, froc taient pour Karl des couleurs. Et les couleurs des mots.
et pas un sous Les mots taient pour Karl un mdium visuel lgal du charbon,
par un air de jardin. du pastel ou de lhuile.
Trouvant le billet du train
oh fortune, Dans son carnet bleu, Karl a crit le point final.
qui mne au cirque mme
des confins. Karl Fontaine, une toile filante en route vers lternit.

Bidule et pendule
Vric, Vroc!
le Pantoche,
une gazelle bondit
sur le nuage zebr du temps,
pouls cardiaque dune grenouille
tandis que la fourmi cri:
Tout le monde
Au bain!.
Table of Contents

Fernanda Prez Gay Jurez,

Who Are We?/Qui sommes nous ? IV
Dan Scott, Zero 0
Tony L., Stigma 3
Mathieu Bouchard, Disturbed or Disturbing? 5
Matthew Peters, Migraine; or Strife 7
Karl Fontaine, Sans titre 8
Betrand Poupart, Sortir ce soir 9
Michael Menezes, The Flowers Sellers 10
Nathalie Sguin, Chansons sous le theme... 13
Betrand Poupart, La patience aux jeux 14
Matthew Peters, My seasons harvest 15
Nathalie Sguin, Les rves du promeneur solitaire 16
Michael Menezes, The Horizon 20
Mathieu Bouchard, Toxicomanie 23
Tony L., Goodbye Addictions 24
Karl Fontaine, On Being Sober 25
Mathieu Bouchard, Sabotage 26
Matthew Peters, The Hour as it Fades 27
Tony L., The Strangers Eye 28
Betrand Poupart, Alimentation 30
Karl Fontaine, Bric--brac 31
Mathieu Bouchard, Farewell, Karl 33
This book was finished on September 20, 2016
in Montral, Qubec. Kodamas will account for it.